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THIS DEED OF LEASE MADE ________day of_______________between NATIONAL

FERTILIZERS LIMITED, hereinafter called the lessor of the first part and
___________________________ hereinafter called the lessee of the second part.

AND WHEREAS at the request of the lessee, the lessor do hereby allot and grant by way of
lease Quarter No. ____________ in N. F. L. Colony Bathinda, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD
the same to the lessee for a term of eleven months on the term and conditions herein
appearing. NOW THESE PRESENTS witness and it is hereby agreed by and between the
parties hereto that this lease shall continue on the terms & conditions; viz:
1. That the lease shall be for a period of eleven months with effect from___________
to ____________ However, the lease period can be extended at the discretion of
lessor. The lessee will have to request the lessor for extension of lease, fifteen days in
advance before expiry of lease agreement.
2. That the lessee shall pay to the lessor the rent, @ Rs.________ per sq. ft which comes
to Rs._______________ per month. The rent can be revised from time to time by the
Management without any notice.
3. For supply of water and electricity, the lessee shall be charged the commercial and
domestic rates respectively, as fixed by the lessor from time to time.
4. The lessee shall ensure deposit of rent by 7
of the month, and in case default, he
shall be charged penal interest @ ____% above the bank rate. In case of default in
payment of rent beyond three months, the same shall render the lessee liable for
vacation of house.
5. For unauthorized occupation, the lessee shall be charged penal rent @ Rs.
___________ per sq. Ft. per month i.e. four times, the rent fixed under clause 2
above. Simultaneously, eviction proceedings under the Provision of Public Premises
(Eviction of Un-Authorized Occupants) Act shall also be initiated.
6. The lessee shall keep and maintain the said premises clear, tidy, healthy in all reasons
and shall also maintain peace and tranquility in the township. In case the lessee or his
dependent member, residing in the companys house creates any nuisance, which
affects the peace and tranquility of the township, the lease shall immediately be
cancelled, without assigning any reason there-for.
7. The lessee shall not make any alteration/modification to the companys quarter. The
lessee hereby indemnifies the lessor for loss to any property and gives irrevocable
authority in favour of the lessor that in case of default in payment of dues, on account
of allotment of houses, the same shall be recovered from the dues whatsoever,
including gratuity at the time of retirement, payment to him.
8. The lessee shall use and occupy the premises as a private dwelling house for him and
the members of the family and shall not keep any paying guest and shall not carry on
or permit to be carried on any trade or business or activity in the premises.
9. The lessee shall not assign his interest under the deed nor sublet or part with the
possession of the same or any part thereof without the consent in writing of the lessor.
10. The lessee shall permit the lessor, his servants/representatives at reasonable hours to
enter and to inspect the condition and to point out defect, if any, to the lessee.
11. The allotment of accommodation in NFL Colony on lease basis does not entitle the
lessee to claim or get any concession or facility granted to the employees of the
12. The lessor reserves the rights to terminate the lease at any time before the expiry of
agreed/extended period without assigning any reason there-for. However, one
months notice in advance will be given by either of the parties.
13. On the expiry or earlier determination of the lease, the lessee shall deliver peaceful
and vacant possession of the leased quarter to the lessor without any hindrances.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set and subscribed the respective hands the
day and the year first herein above mentioned.