Design log Floor plan

From my questionnaire I learnt that my chill out zone has to be 4m x 5m. With this information I gathered I put it all in to my floor plan. I have scaled it down to 1:20.

The 1st step I did was create the canvas size width= 2900 and height= 2100 and I had to set the resolution to 100 pixel/cm so it is easy for me to scale it down.

The 2nd step I did is to create the walls and put in the measurements, I also added doors which are 500mm wide (scaled down) to create the arch I made a full circle which was 500mm wide.

I used the vector line tool to create the door and to create the arch of the door I first drew a vector circle and then used the slice tool to get the quarter of the circle.

The 3rd step I did is add my windows in and position them in the right place , then I had to add accurate measurements so I can

see if my windows will fit on my wall. I also have to add accurate measurements to help me create my visualise it.

The last thing I did is to add in all the measurements which are between me windows and doors then I hade to add it all up and see whether I had the right size of the wall.

In the wall elevation I had to create an elevation of 1 of my walls I also had to add in all the measurements to show the gap between the door to the ceiling and the gaps in between the corner of the wall to the door. The first step I did was to create my wall which was 2000mm↑and 2500mm→. 2000mm↑

Wall elevation

2500mm→ The second thing I did was to create the door which was 1000mm↑ and 500mm→ and put in the measurements.

I had token a exact measurements of a door knob then I created 1 my self

The final thing I had to do is to measure all the gaps from the ceiling to the top of the door and then I had to measure the distance from one wall to one side of the door

I had used vectortext tool also to used the tools to used the to show my rectangle floor plan create my to create and measurementsmy my wall elevation I have doors and e.g. 2000mm walls used the line tool to create my arrows

The first thing I had to do was to create my design for my wall paper. I started of by putting in 6 blank squares side by side I drew the squares with the vector tool.

The second thing I did was to fill the squares according to my hand drawn design my main colours were different shades of blue and white I done this too all my squares.

The third thing I did was creating a rectangle and filling it in the same way as done my other squares.

Finally I added the circles to help it reflect my theme.

The first thing I done was find a picture of a cartoon penguin to help me get an inspiration.

This is my inspiration

The next step is that I got a vector tool and selected the circle

I used this tool called the freeform tool to create the outline of the body After I selected the circle tool and traced the stomach of the penguin then I used the free form tool (vector) to help me get the right shape and the right size. I had to get it the right size but I had to make it bigger so it would fit my cushion.

The next step I did was to get the outline of the head I used the same tools as I created the head.

The next thing was to make the eyes I made this using a different method to the ones before I used the reshape tool (vector) this tool helps to reshape the original shape in to something more desirable e.g. eyes I added a shadow effect to make it look a bit 3-D.

Then I drew the inner stomach which was just a simple circle which I filled in white

After have getting all the main parts to create my penguin I put it all together in to my own page I added my own colour and my own shadow to help it look like the original.

Then I added all the main parts e.g. eyes, feet this would help me make my penguin look a lot like the original I started off by creating the feet. First I got the circle tool to make the foot then I got the reshape tool to help get the shape of the foot. To get the other foot I just simply copied the one I made and then pasted it and then flip it.

Then I made the eyes which I traced from the original and pasted it onto my design I used the circle tool and then stretched the circle.

Finally I created the nose, by getting the circle tool and tracing round the Original penguin and then I filled it in with the radial fill tool.

After have creating my penguin I exported it as a JPEG I went to “file” and clicked on “image preview/export preview”

Then you have to go to where it says format and then click on “JPEG”

Finally you have to put the quality 100% and click on “Export” and then I saved it where I want it to be save

Visualise It
In my visualise it I had to get my wall elevation and make it into a 3D room, I had to put all the furniture, paste the wall paper on all the walls and put in my cushion. I had to start off by getting my wall elevation and scale it down by 10 so I could add the other walls, ceiling and floor.

To create my door I first put in my door’s shape and also to create my TV so it can view my screen saver so I put in the TV. and selected my wall and used the punch tool to punch the shape through

this is how my back wall looks know I could place my door and my TV.

Then I started to create my furniture, I started of by making the sofa first by using the vector tools mostly I used the rounded rectangle tool and also the rectangle tool. After I finished making the sofa I added colour to the sofa. After I finished the sofa I started to add the table in I used the circle tool to create my table top filled it in with a radial fill then I started to create the legs of the table using the rectangle tool

And finally I imported my cushion in to the chill out room as a JPEG then I got the magic wand tool and got rid of the white background. I copied the cushion and then pasted it in around the room.


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