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BALANGAY: Designing a Flood Resilient House in Philippine Setting

Hypothesis/Thesis Statement:
The study begins with the issue of what our country experiencing during rainy seasons most especially during typhoon. Being an archipelago and a Pacific country, our country experiences flooding during high
tides, rainy season and most especially typhoons and it cause a lot of destruction and casualties in our country. This proposal will give a design strategy in housing for the flash flood prone areas in the country
that will adapt with the flooding situation and lessen the destruction and avoid a number of casualties most especially for urban poor.
Problem Statement Research Questions Research Objectives
How can I achieve this
Techniques Resources

The country needs a design
strategy in housing during
flash flood that will last for
longer years and lessen the
destruction and avoid a
number of casualties
concerning most especially
the urban poor.
What are the situations of
residential areas in the
flood prone areas?
To understand the housing
Interviews from key
resource persons will be
valuable as a source of
basis for the need of the
project, and first-hand
information about the
Key research person

Needs Identification
To determine the need of
housing in flood prone
Ocular visit/ observational
-Flood prone areas
What are the ways of living
of families in flood prone
To examine the present
image, situation and
condition of families in flood
prone areas
-Survey involving the
affected families on how
they live during flooding.
Random survey
observational tools
-Affected population
How can a home adapt the
flooding situation?
To determine the
architectural approaches on
designing a flood resilient
house as well the needed
Look for literatures/ case
studies and sample
structures that display such
relationship, and analyze its
application to the project.
Review of related articles,
projects and research
-Worldwide web
Space programming
Utility and structural system
Study of forms
Material identification
Where are the possible
locations for this proposal?
To generate a map that
locates and identifies the
flood prone areas and
affected population in the
Initial survey, listing, and
categorizing of different
flood prone areas
Stratified random sampling
-Flood Hazard Map
-Google Earth

Site Identification
Population plotted on the
map drawn to determine
the most number of
affected people.
Site inventory/mapping
What forms and materials
can be used for a house
that can cope up with
typhoons and adapt in
To determine the suitable
shape form, building
materials and construction
type in typhoons and
Studying houses in typhoon
and flood prone areas and
evaluating its forms,
materials and construction
Structured survey and
Review of related articles,
projects and research

Software simulation
/ Scale Modeling
-Affected population
-World wide web

Software simulation
/ Scale Modeling
Research on different
disaster resilient materials
and shape and material