Have You Thought About Your

Portion Sizes?
In this news article you will be informed about the dangers of eating white rice, bread, and pasta, soda and sweets and why you should limit the portions of these in your diet. I have found that white rice, pasta, and bread have bran and germ removed from them during processing. Germ and bran are rich and dietary fiber, omegas, and essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin E, phosphorous, zinc, and fatty acids. White pasta and bread are made out of white flour. White flour is bleached using potassium bromate or chlorine dioxide gas to remove any color. It also makes the baking properties more predictable. Bleaching also gives a product such as bread a longer shelf life. When they are processed essential nutrients are removed. With just raw starch left most bacteria won’t eat it. Law in the United States states white rice must be reenriched with vitamins B, B3, and iron before being sold. I also have found that white rice breaks down faster than brown rice, which causes a more drastic insulin reaction. This can cause weight gain, diabetes, and heart

disease. These reasons above tell you why eating white bread, pasta, and rice are dangerous to your health. Starches in moderation can be helpful to your health. If your diet contains a high amount of refined sugars, then your insulin levels could rise. The digestion rate of starch is faster now than it was before breads and cereals were processed. The high insulin level is caused by this high rate of digestion. The pancreas is forced to produce more insulin to digest the starches. In marshmallow or gummy candy, starches can sometimes replace gelatins. Starches contain very little fat, saturated fat, or cholesterol.

In the article Demolish the Food Pyramid (http://harvardmagazine.com/2001/11/de molish-the-food-pyrami.html) states that refined grains are not healthy for you. Instead, they suggest whole grains. The USDA recommends 6-11 daily servings of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta. Since the USDA does not specify whether you should be eating whole grains or refined grains, their suggestion is not necessarily the healthiest one. The Harvard food pyramid suggests that you eat whole grains at every meal and refined grains, soda, and sweets sparingly. These foods are rich in starches. As stated earlier in

our newsletter, the starchy foods can raise insulin and blood glucose levels. Over time this can create diabetes. Sources Cited

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