Jeff Harmon Centennial, CO 80121


A leading industry professional with extensive experience in database administration, development, process
standardization and optimization. Excels at creating top quality, timely solutions to technical challenges.
Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, expdp, impdp, rman, Pro-C
Sybase, isql, Transact-SQL, OpenClient/CT-Library, bcp
SQL Server 2005/2008, SSMS, Transact-SQL, sqlcmd, replication
Unix (Solaris, AIX), Windows Xp, C, C++, ksh, csh, perl, sybperl, php, HTML, Windows Powershell

Database Administrator, Contractor, TEKsystems. Inc. April 2011 – February 2014
On assignment at McKesson Provider Technologies in Westminster, CO. Responsible for performing upgrades of
McKesson Horizon Clinicals product utilizing Oracle RAC/ASM databases and Quest's Shareplex replication product
at client hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. Responsible for debugging and troubleshooting
database problems encountered during upgrade process and ensuring successful upgrades of multiple databases in
QA, training and production environments. Work involved supporting multiple customers simultaneously in
deadline-driven, time sensitive environments.

 Created auxiliary scripts and tools to automate/facilitate upgrade process.
 Provided direction/feedback to DBA development team regarding troublesome components of upgrade
 Produced code fixes for DBA development team for malfunctioning scripts.
 Resolved data issues, constraint violations and invalid database objects resulting from upgrade process.
 Provided timely responses/solutions to client trouble tickets created during upgrade process.

Data Architect, CSG Systems, Inc. January 1998 - December 2010
Was responsible for administration and development of database (Oracle, Sybase) components of CSG products,
automation and standardization of DBA functions, optimization of database procedural code and
investigation/implementation of new database technologies. Earned yearly bonus for outstanding performance
which is normally paid only to management.

 Performed Oracle database installs, upgrades and CPUs in development and QA environments, resulting in
more functional, secure, up-to-date Oracle database environments for CSG products.
 Performed complete development DBA support of assigned CSG products, including design
consultation/review and creation of DDL and support files for development, QA and production databases,
resulting in streamlined, trouble-free product database builds and maintenance.
 Created/maintained database scripts for installs, patches and upgrades of CSG single/multiple schema
products residing on Oracle databases, resulting in a powerful standard, flexible environment which simplified
and reduced time required for builds/updates and facilitated DBA cross-product training.
 Created/maintained DBA operational scripts for database instance maintenance, schema object and table data
comparisons, backup/recovery and Oracle database component startup and shutdown functionality, resulting
in significant time savings for DBAs and more reliable database environments.
 Created stored procedure packages, functions and triggers for CSG applications and called upon to optimize,
troubleshoot, tune and re-code application developer's database procedural code resulting in increased
functionality, performance, parallelism and maintainability.
 Automated install process in SQL Server 2008 to Oracle replication environment (encompassed replication
object creation through subscriber schema data initialization), which eliminated all DBA manual interaction,
resulting in increased client satisfaction with overall process and more reliable installs.
 Led database conversion project of CSG product Workforce Express from Sybase to Oracle, resulting in
reduced product cost and allowed utilization of existing Oracle DBA staff.
 As group senior technical member, evaluated and prototyped Oracle technologies: RAC, Streams and
Advanced Queuing, Virtual Private Database (VPD), HTML DB, partitioning, materialized views, external tables.
Database Consultant, Information Mechanics January 1996 - December 1997
On assignment at Telecommunications, Inc. (TCI), Englewood, CO, was responsible for database administration and
database tools development in Sybase System 11 environment.
 Automated SQL server build, database build and patch processes. Automated generation of replication
definition and subscription processes.
 Performed server builds, database builds and patches and associated data migrations in both development
and production environments.
 Developed stored procedures and triggers to implement database functionality. Optimized stored procedures
developed by application programming teams.

Senior Member of Technical Staff, USWEST Marketing Resources Group (MRG) May 1994 - March 1996
Was responsible for database administration, data distribution and data access services for company
resystemization project (Quantum). Joined MRG at request of DBA manager.
 Identified need for, designed, developed and implemented database application programming interface using
Sybase Open Client/CT-Library for use by Quantum application programmers using Sybase System 10.
 Designed, developed and implemented stored procedure generator program to provide insert, delete, select
and update access to database tables. Developed Quantum application-specific stored procedures.
 Designed, developed and implemented programs for data conversion from legacy systems to Quantum

Senior Member of Technical Staff, USWEST Communications Company (USWC) May 1991 - May 1994
In Corporate Data Deployment (CDD) and Corporate Data and Reusable Transaction Services (CDART), was
responsible for database administration, data distribution and data access services for corporate data program.
 Provided database support of Sybase database environment for corporate customer service application
prototype. Automated database administration tasks. Developed and implemented stored procedures and
application code (C) to provide database functionality. Reworked existing application code to improve
efficiency and eliminate memory leaks.
 Assisted in development of corporate standards for development of reusable database transactions.
Instigated development of and provided consultation for stored procedure generation program to provide
data access capabilities to corporate database in Oracle 7 environment.
 Implemented optimized database tables, referential integrity, business rules and stored procedures for data
access for Product corporate subject data area.

System9 Customer Support Engineer, Prime Computer Company, System9 Support
Principal Consultant, McDonnell Douglas Communications Industry Systems
System9 Product Specialist, Wild Heerbrugg Systems Company, System9 Marketing
Software Consultant, Intergraph Corporation, Electric and Piping Utilities Group
CAD/CAM Applications Engineer, General Electric Company, Major Appliance Business Group

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT Bachelor of Science in Design and Computer Graphics
Barrett Academic Scholarship, Dean's List, Student Teacher, BYU Baseball