Running the boys in Offense

Go Big Green lets go O-FF-ENSE
Here we go Green Knights Score six again
P-E-N-A-R-G-Y-L Offense that’s right
To the G to the O Offense (clap clap)
Cheers SC-ORE
Get on up Who wants a TD
Step back Six is what we want
Hey what do you say 1,2,3,4 score lets score
Anytime Cheers We want six more
Green (clap clap) White S-C-O-R-E lets score
Everybody yell Take it to the End Zone
Who are you yelling for
Green Knights get tough Defense
Go Go Go, Go Green Defense (clap clap)
Let’s hear it for the best D-EF-ENSE
Green Knights in the stands Defense tighten up your stuff
L-E-T-S-G-O Defense hold em
Knights if you’re proud T-A-K-E
Clap your hands Hit em again
3-2-1 HO-LD
Hey Hey lets go Green Defense attack
We are PAHS Get it together
Go Go Get it Get it Push em back
K-N-I-G-H-T-S Push, push, push em’ back
Go Green Knights, don’t stop H-i-t-em Hit em Hit em
BE-AT Dances
Knights lets rock it Louie Louie
W-I-N Lion King
Hey Song
On Pen Argyl
Go Big Green
Bad Romance
My Cherona