Parking Lot Rules


Driver’s license: Student’s must present a valid driver’s license at the time a parking permit is purchased.
Hang Tag placement: All cars must display the appropriate permit on the rear view mirror. Otherwise, a
ticket of $15 will be issued for each violation.
Upon entering: When entering the parking lot, students are to leave their cars and go directly onto the main
campus. There is no loitering in the school parking lot.
Proper parking: All vehicles must be properly parked within their assigned parking spots within the
designated student parking areas at all times. Failure to comply will result in a $15 penalty fine.
Bus area: Driving in the bus area is not permitted. Students are not allowed to pass a bus that is stopped to
load or unload students or a bus that has a stop sign out anywhere on campus.
Re-admittance to parking lot: Once students enter the main campus area, they are not permitted back into
the parking lot unless they obtain a pass from an administrator.
Un-allowed exiting: Students who use their cars to leave campus without prior permission and/or without
signing out in the front office, will have their parking privileges revoked or disciplinary action will be taken.
Marching Band: Cars in spots 102-228 must be removed from the parking lot by 2:30pm for marching band
practices. Failure to do so will result in a $15 fine payable to Southeast High School Marching Band.
Overnight Parking: Overnight parking in any of the school parking lots is not permitted. Cars parked
overnight will be towed at the owner’s expense.
Search: Cars parked on school campus are subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion of a weapon or
illegal substance.
Lost Hang Tag: Should the permit be lost, the student will be required to purchase another hang tag at the
price of $20, and must park in the new designated spot.
No Sharing: There will be absolutely no sharing or transferring of hang tag. Both parties will lose parking
Failure: Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will result in fines, the loss of driving privileges,
the immobilization of your vehicle until fines are paid and/or other disciplinary action.
By signing, I have read and understood the terms presented and consent to all fines if I don’t abide by said

________________________________________ ________________
Student Signature Date
!"#$%&'($ *+,% !-%"". /'01+2, 3"2$0'-$

,,,,, ./"+ 0123456 )0(*) 7#%889 ,,,,, .&"+ 0123456 )0(*) 7#"!%!!:9
,,,,,.&/+ 0123456 )0(*) 78;%#"#9

All students who plan on driving to school are required to register their vehicle to obtain a parking hang tag
in order to park on school premises. To register, all applicants, parents/guardians, and the Southeast High
School bookkeeper are required to sign the contract. Students may not have any school debts and must have
a valid Driver’s License to apply for a parking decal; driver’s permits will not be accepted. Students who
drive are permitted to park in the designated parking lot only. Students parking in other lots, such as the
teacher parking lots may have their car towed at the owner’s expense or be fined. All checks must be payable
to Southeast High School. Students may purchase a parking hang tag in the box office of the auditorium on
any school day from 7:15-7:35.

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