This survey aims on the investigation about the importance of hair product especially hair-serum and
gel used by students of Seberang Perai Polythecnic.
Our Valued Respondents, we are students of Diploma Mechanical Engineering from Mechanical
Department, Seberang Perai Polythecnic. We are conducting a survey to complete a mini project for
AE501-Communicative English 3. Our objectives is to survey about the importance of hair product
especially hair-serum and gel used by students of Seberang Perai Polythecnic. The purpose of this
survey is to identify the importance of hair product in students’ daily life and also to compare
students’ responses from all the departments towards the importance of keeping the hair clean and

Instruction: Please provide answers by ticking or marking (/) at the appropriate box.

1) Gender Male Female

2) Semester Sem 1-2 Sem 3-4 Sem 5 & above

3) Race Malay Chinese India others:

4) Department Commerce Department

Information & Communication Technology Department

Electrical Engineering Department
Mechanical Engineering department

Instruction: Please provide answer by circling the best response.
Strongly Disagree = 1 Disagree = 2 Agree = 3 Strongly Agree = 4

No Questions Strongly
Disagree Agree Strongly
1 I like to try new hair care product. 1 2 3 4
2 I like to experiment with new hair-
serum and gel product.
1 2 3 4
3 Once I find hair-serum and gel that I
like, I will stick with it.
1 2 3 4
4 I will turn to other hair-serum and gel
each time after finishing my existing
1 2 3 4
5 I don’t mind spending more money in
buying the expensive hair-serum and gel
for good quality.
1 2 3 4
6 I buy the hair-serum and gel based on
the quality.
1 2 3 4
7 I only buy hair-serum and gel advertised
in media.
1 2 3 4
8 I need to use hair-serum and gel every
day to make my hair shiny and bouncy.
1 2 3 4
9 I need to use a suitable product hair-
serum and gel to strengthen my hair
1 2 3 4
10 I am often going to saloon to get hair
1 2 3 4

We can assure that all the answers provided by you will be treated confidentially and used for
academic purpose only. Here, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your precious
time in giving us your feedback in this questionnaire. We really appreciate it. Thank you for your