March, 1987
Dear Ones,
We send our greetings to you in Jesus' name. This year of support raising has
been a stretching time for us--stretching in a good sense as God is teaching
us more and more about Himself and our relationship to Him. What a joy it is
to be in that positionl We pray that it may be so in your lives, also.
When we first started this year, people would ask us what we were doing and we
would tell them that we were on 'duputcitCon,' Then, of course, they would
want to know what in the world that was. We've thought a lot about that.
Webster defines it as "a group of persons, or one person, appointed to
represent others." For us, it has come to mean the following:
[) Depending totally on God to meet our needs and
the needs of the Baraguyu people.
E Enabling, by God's Spirit, to do the task that He
has laid out before us.
p Putting on God's full armor to be able to stand
against the wiles of the devil.
U Understanding that we are not alone in our
concern for the Baraguyu—that God and His people
T Timothy asking, "Which church are we going to
today. Dad?"
A Attitude adjustments.
T Thankfulness for the partners that God has joined
with us to reach the Baraguyu people.
I Inoculations.
0 Our WHOLE family is going to Tanzania!
N Nearer and nearer to our goal.
We have been busy traveling the state of Kansas meeting with churches and
church leaders. At this time, we have commitments for 70% of our sustaining
support and 55% of our outgoing support. We are so thankful for these
commitments and for those who are prayerfully considering being a part of this
ministry. Please join us in prayer asking the Lord of the Harvest not only to
raise up workers, but, also, to raise those who are willing to send the
workers into His fields.
Our sea container arrived in February with the help of Jack Dunham, Harold
Miller, and Stony Point Christian Church in Kansas City. To us it is a large,
metal representation that we are coming closer and closer to our date of
departure. We hope to ship the container to Tanzania in May so that it can
arrive in the port by Christmas.
Jack Dunham arriving from Kansas City
with the container on Harold's truck
Unloading the container.
Packing has become a way of life. Our apartment is quickly taking on the
appearance of a warehouse as we work at gathering supplies for a four-year
term in Tanzania. Sometimes it seems very overwhelming trying to figure "how
many" and "of what." We are so thankful for the helpful suggestions and
guidance from the field team in Tanzania and from the home office. It helps
to make shopping for four years a reachable task. We have also received lots
of help from friends and family members--they, and people like them, will make
it possible to complete our packing on time. May God bless each one of you.
1. We thank God for the safe travel we have experienced.
2. We thank God for the support and encouragement from our supporting
churches and individuals
3. We are thankful for our good health.
4. We are especially thankful to the Doug Priest, Jr. family and to Dennis
and Mary Reid for their help and encouragement from the field in Tanzania.
1. Pray that we might be alert and energetic as we meet with various churches
and mission committees to present our work.
2. Pray for God to lead us to those churches who will be willing and able to
become involved as partners in our ministry.
3. Pray for positive responses from the churches which we approach in our
support raising.
4. Pray for the receipt of one-time gifts to finance the large expenditures
which will need to be made soon. These include the ordering of our
vehicle in March so that it might be there when we arrive in Tanzania in
August; and, the outfitting and shipping of our sea container in May, so
that it might arrive in Tanzania by Christmas.
5. Pray for Doug Priest, Jr. as he selects a language study site for us and
arranges for a language helper.
6. Pray for the Baraguyu and their receptivity to the Gospel.
Y-our partxiers-in mission,- .. ^^~-
Co>/yujO .
The Shuarts
Perry and Connie
Phillip and Timothy
Perry picking up a load of flour that
was donated by Cargill Industries.
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