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P.O. Box 59322
Nairobi, Kenya
June, 1988
Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers
and letters of encouragement. They
have held us up many times during the
last five months. We are thaniJul that
God's vision is greater than ours and
that we can trust that He is still in con
Beginning on December 20, 1987, our
team in Tanzania became involved in a
long process of negotiations concerning
the continuation of our ministry
among the Baraguyu. On that day, we
were asked to leave our bush locations
with the reason given that proper pro
cedure had not been followed upon the
team's entry into Tanzania. In fact,
our locations were well-known and
had been reported in the appropriate
During the next few weeks, following the
advice of officials, we attempted to get per
mission to return to our work locations.
Then, on February 10, 1988, we were given
24 hours to leave the area. This we did. At
that time, we felt confident that we would be
allowed to transfer to a new region and con
tinue our ministries.
Negotiations continued over the next few
weeks. During that time, however, Tanza
nia had a change in emigration policies.
On March 30, 1988, we learned that we
would not be allowed to return to Tanzania.
It is difficult to explain what we went
through after that. On one hand, we want
ed to be totally available to God's leading
and yet, we felt completely out of energy.
We had a sense of disbelief mixed with a
heavy burden of reality. We hurt, and, at
times, we were ready to quit because it just
seemed too hard to pick up the pieces and
Timothy with Baraguyu friend.
begin again. And, yet, we wanted to do
what God wanted us to do.
God has been busy! He is healing our
hurts, restoring our strength, and replac
ing shattered dreams with new vision. We
still do not see how it all fits together be
cause we have sat and talked and laughed
with Baraguyu friends. But, we can trust
Him with His plan and His timing and His
care and nurturing of the new church at
With much prayer, we are now in the pro
cess of appljdng for permission to stay and
work among the Maasai in Kenya. Perry
also has the responsibility of making ar
rangements for the property that had to be
left behind in Tanzania. At first, it seemed
everything would be lost. Now, although
nothing is certain, it appears we will be able
to recover most personal items and house
hold goods. However, many things will
need to be sold since Tanzania will not re
lease them for shipping. Hopefully, this will
raise some of the fonds needed to cover
transportation fees on the container and
custom duties for Kenya.
The procedures are complicated and com
munications are difficult and time-
consuming. But, if current plans hold, we
hope to receive permission to re-enter Tan
zania for two weeks in June in order to re
pack and ship the property left there by our
four families. Once this has been accom
plished, a house has already been found tiiat
we can move to and continue our language
learning. It is located on the edge of the
Maasai Mara Game Reserve and is close to
the Maasai church at Talek. We are anx
ious to go!
We close for now with these thoughts from
Do you not know? Have you not
heard? The Lord is the everlasting
God, the Creator of the ends of the
earth. He will not grow tired or
weary, and his understanding no one
can fathom. Isaiah 40:28
P.O. BOX 26306, 5674 CAITO DRIVE
I make known the end from the be
ginning, from ancient times, what is
still to come. I say: My purpose will
stand, and I will do all that I please,
Isaiah 46:10
In Christ,
Perry, Connie, Phil, and Tim
Prayer Praises:
the new, young church at Twatwatwa,
physical safety for our family,
our family in Christ who continue to pray
and lift up God's will among the nations,
the love and patient caring we have
received from the Kenya Field Team.
Prayer Needs:
speedy processing and approval of our work
permission to re-enter Tanzania and
to recover our property,
permission to import our vehicle from
continued safety while we travel.
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