Perry &Connie
KENYA P.O. Box 229
Narok, Kenya
August, 1989
Greetings from Kenya.
As some of you know, we recently moved
from our language study house at Talek
to a house at Endoinyo Erinka. This is to
be our ministry site for the next year.
We will continue to study language, but
it isn't our primary job at this time.
Perry has a busy schedule overseeing the
churches and teaching points in this
area, as well as overseeing two clinics lo
cated 40 kilometers apart. He usually
goes to five or six churches or teaching
locations each week. Connie is also
helping with a women's Bible study that
meets weekly at our house.
Recently, the missionaries of the Chris
tian Missionary Fellowship Kenya/
Maasai team completed a series of train
ing courses held over a four-month peri
od. These courses were designed to train
Christian Maasai men to go out two-by-
two as evangelists, to take the gospel to
villages where there are no Christians.
As I write, we have three two-man
teams preparing to go to Olkoroi to assist
the missionary working there with an
evangelistic campaign.
Also, as a part of this training program,
we are developing a simple picture book
to be used by non-literate Christians to
help them in sharing the gospel. In the
past few days, I have observed several of
our men using this picture book to share
the gospel with both groups and individ
uals. What a wonderful thing to seel
We are enjoying our present house.
Connie often forgets that we now have
electric lights (12 volt). Sometimes I
catch her cooking in the dark.
At this writing, we are preparing to get
the boys since they completed their sec
ond year at Rift Valley Academy and
look forward to a rest. Phil will be a Sen
ior and Tim a Freshman when the new
school year begins on August 28.
Phil, Tim, andfriends ai Endoinyo Erinka house,
mid-term break from RVA.
Preparing to go to Two-By-Two training course.
Lesson time at women's course.
As always, we and the work here in Maasailand are dependent upon your prayers. We ask
you to join with us in lifting these prayer requests to the Father:
Struggling young church at Kawai. Pray for discipline, commitment,
and consistency among the elders.
Tupapa Ole Parmuat who has been set apart by the churches in this area
to work in fiilltime evangehsm. Pray for faithftdness and fruitfulness
in his ministry.
Two-By-Two evangeHsts: Kamaamia Ole Poyie
Menye Loyan (Ole Taki)
Ole Sarkot
Oronkae Ole ntika
Ole Kima
Tupapa Ole Parmuat
Noah Ole Siaroa
Olonjoni Ole Kaatuo
Menye Moyasu
That the teaching points located at Ole Sere and Engirgir will become
initial stage chmches within the next year.
That the goal of 60 baptisms will be reached.
That the churches at Endoinyo Erinka^ Talek^ and Olpurkil wiU continue
in their growth towards disengagement.
Phillip -as he chooses a college to attend after graduation from RVA.
Connie—as she works with the ladies' Bible study.
Tim -lOr wisdom and discernment as he witnesses to his non-Uhristian
room-mate, Sanji. Also, that Sanji will come to know Jesus as his Savior.
Perry —for energy and health to maintain a busy schedule.
Please read this letter as PRAISE to the One who makes it all happen. We are excited about
what the Lord is doing here in Maasailand and how the Good News is being heard.
We praise God for each one of you and the part you have in the ministry here.
Your partners in Christ,
Perry and Connie Shuart
Phil £md Tim
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