Chapter 1

1. The Background of Study
Language is a means of communication. Therefore the mastering of English is
something which is very essential for everybody who wants to increase his or her knowledge
and technology. English is an international language, almost people from all over the world
use English for their communication that is why English is very important language. People
use the language to express their emotions, feelings, and ideas. No one will be able to
communicate internationally without using English since almost of scientific books are
written in English. For that reason in Indonesia, English is the foreign language taught at the
formal schools. Furthermore, the teaching of the language starts from the kindergarten.
English as a subject matter in school covers the four basic language skill: reading,
speaking, writing and listening. In every subject, students learning activities involve reading.
Reading is one of the complex ways in learning English. It is kind of activity to comprehend
the writer’s idea or the way the writer communicates with the readers by way of the written
or printed words. Reading is important for everybody in order to cope with new knowledge in
the changing world of technological age.
The reading skill becomes very important in education field, students need to be
exercised and trained in order to have a good reading skill. Reading is also something crucial
and indispensable for the students, because the success of their study defends on the greater
of their ability to read. If their reading is poor they are very likely to fail in their study or at
least they will have difficulty in making progress. On the other hand, if they have good ability
in reading, they will have a better chance to success in their study.
Reading is the process of constructing meaning trough dynamic interaction among
readers in written language, in line with the reading situation. It is clear that, reading is an
important activity in any language class, not only as the source of information and pleasure
but also as a means of consolidating and extending one’s knowledge of a language.
Teaching reading for junior high school students must be differed from children in
elementary school because of their different characteristic of psychological background. Peer
approvals maybe considerably more important for the student than the attention of the teacher
which, for younger children is so crucial. It is important for considering their classmates as
the motivation in deep learning of improving teaching learning process of reading. Students
must be encouraged to respond the text and situation with their own thoughts and experience,
rather than just answering question and doing abstract activities. English teacher must give
them tasks which they are able to do, rather than humiliating risk.
In Indonesia, some English teachers still use traditional or conventional method to
teach reading. Conventional method usually makes students bored because the method is
monotonous, so it makes the learners get bored. One of the ways to make the teaching
reading effective is making the student active. So they enjoy learning and they can improve
their reading skill.
Classes always consist of good students and weak students. These weak students sit in
isolation as they lose confidence in their ability in learn English. Warming up the reading
before the lesson begin, is believed to help solve the problem. Students who don’t like read
the material or anything with this technique they have to read before doing the task.
When the teacher uses the traditional setting, or model, they begin with an objective
and presents primary instructions to the class. Primary instruction is mostly presented in the
form of lecturers, text book readings, teacher-lie discussion or possible combination of any of
these procedures. The traditional setting is just with rows of desks and teacher’s desk at front.
Warming up for reading has recently been at the focus of educational research.
Warming up for reading is very simple to apply. It is observes that warming up for reading
effects increasing the academic success in addition to the social and intellectual abilities of
the students. Various research have shown that especially at the primary, secondary and
university level that discussion technique is effective in learning process of theoretical
course, in the development of critical thinking process of students, not only in their ability to
express themselves, but also in their communication skill. In warming up for reading the
students only doing the task every morning before the lesson begin. They have to read the
material before doing the tasks who given by the teacher. By seeing the problem, it is
important that study English especially reading should be done. The writer hope there will be
an improvement in teaching of English.
At MTs N Karanganyar, English subject is taught aside from the other subject. Many
reading methods have been used in teaching English in classroom alternately. The result
show that some are successful with some students but some are not. Many teachers use the
monotonous method like only teach in front of the class and then explain about the material
of lessons. So, the students feel bored and not interest with the lesson. Sometimes the teacher
do not want to review about the lesson before.
Based on the background above, the writer tries to raise the case of her thesis en title:

2. The statement of problem:
Based on the background, the researcher finds some problem as follow :
1. How the reading ability at the eight grade students of MTs N Karanganyar?
2. How the method of using wer (warming up for reading) at the eight grade students of
MTs N Karanganyar?
3. How to improve the reading skill using wer ( warming up for reading ) of eight grade
the students of MTs n Karanganyar?

3. The benefit of the study:
The benefits of research are as follows:
1. For the students:
The research intends influence of discussion technique in teaching reading
comprehension will give good impact to the students. Students can optimize their
reading ability and more motivate in learning English.
2. For the teachers:
The result is expected to be useful for the writer herself and for the entire English
teacher who might use this technique when they teach reading. The teacher should
plan their teaching program.
3. For MTs N Karanganyar:
The school should give the media and also complete the facility in order to make
better progress achievement of English and make teaching learning more effective