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Nautca Allen entered Employment Connec-

tons WIA Youth Program, a collaboraton with
the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment,
as a 20 year old homeless youth with litle work
experience. She obtained housing with the Annie
Malone Transitonal Housing Program where she
lived in one of the scatered houses. Nautca then
moved to the St. Louis Job Corps Campus, where
she contnued to work on independent living
skills and learning a trade.

Nautca went on to partcipate in the Home Builders Insttute (HBI) Program at Job Corps. She
began her employment journey with People's Health Center in April 2013, a work experience
work site where she worked as a human resources assistant. There, Nautca was able to take
the skills she learned as a photographer and apply them in a diferent feld. In partcular,
Nautca liked the fact that she was able to learn more about working with computers. Next,
she gained experience working part tme at CDC New Vision Learning Academy as a teacher
assistant/youth leader and at K Cee's Tasty Treats as a banquet server.

Nautca has been through a lot in her
short life, things that a young person
should never have to experience. No
mater what was asked of her, she
never said No or I cant do it.
She was determined and persistent
to make it in spite of circumstances
around her. Nautca successfully
completed the goals of the WIA
Youth program, and the confdence
and skills she gained will assist her
as she moves on to the next chapter
of her life. Shes been an inspiraton
to us all.
Meet our 2013
Client of the Year:
Nautica Allen
532 clients secured employment.
67% retained thei r employment for a mi ni mum 90 days.
2013 Programs and Outcomes
Supportve Housing Programs
Permanent supportve housing,
case management, and job
training for Disabled Heads of
Households in the County and
U.S. Veterans in St. Louis City.
Employment Program
Provides job readiness training,
life skills, literacy, educaton,
case management, job place-
ment, retenton, and other sup-
ports to assist clients.
Supportve Services
for Veteran Families
Provides supportve services to
promote housing stability for
low-income U.S. Veterans and
their families.
Pathbuilders Initatve
Services for families to break
the cycle of child maltreatment
and assist them in ataining
self-sufciency, provided in
collaboraton with Family
Resource Center.
Youth Employment Program
Training, work experience, and
job placement for bot in and
out of school youth assistng
with literacy, mentoring, educa-
ton, life skills and employment.
East St. Louis
TANF and SNAP Program
Serving families on public
assistance by ensuring they
receive benefts and job
placement services in Illinois.
Back to Health, Back to Work
Cognitve behavioral therapy
program addressing depres-
sion, anxiety, PTSD, and other
mental health disorders to
assist clients in obtaining and
retaining employment.
Managed Work Services
Social enterprise program that
provides oversight to job
candidates for 90 days, giving
employers the ability to assess
apttude and make informed
hiring decisions.
Pathways to
Responsible Fatherhood
Assistng low-income fathers
transiton from non-custodial
parents into actve fathers
through parentng classes,
educaton , and relatonships.

1,757 individuals received indirect services at Employment Connecton this year. 956 atended orientaton,
with 815 atending our World of Work employment training program. 735 clients completed the training,
and 532 were successfully assisted into employment. Those placed into empl oyment earned an average
hourly wage of $8.79 per hour, with 67% maintaining their employment for a minimum of 90 days.
Union Pacific Gives Back
$10,000 Grant to Assist U.S. Veterans
Union Pacifc generously contributed $10,000
in grant funding for Employment Connectons
Compettve Employment Program to provide
services for homeless U.S. veterans in the St.
Louis region. We are grateful for Union
Pacifcs support, which will provide skills
training, fnancial literacy, case management,
mental health services, housing assistance,
and other needed resources to help local
Veterans atain employment and self-
On behalf of those we serve, thank you to
Union Pacifc for your wonderful gif!
We couldnt
provide the services
we do without the
dedicaton and
service of the
wonderful volunteers
that donate their
valuable tme.

Thank you
to all our
incredible volunteers
throughout the year!
Edward Jones
Express Scripts
Community Volunteers
Donating Time and Making a Difference
CEO Brenda Mahr (center), with Union Pacifcs Kelli
Dunn and Ben Jones at the Awards Recepton.
Thirty Years of Helping Others
Dedicated Career Specialist Pat Brown Retires
Career Specialist Pat Brown has retred afer
working at Employment Connecton for thirty
years, dedicatng her career to helping others.
During her tenure she served as a Directed Job
Search Facilitator, Trainer, Employment Specialist,
Career Specialist and Case Manager, working both
onsite at Employment Connecton, at Family
Resource Center, and with other collaboratve

A graduate of St. Louis University and Certfed
Workforce Development Professional, Pat served
for many years as Unit Leader and as the Manager of Client Services. In her various roles,
she provided opportunites for a wide variety of people, including ex-ofenders, recovering
substance abusers, New Americans, welfare recipients, and youth. She had an uncanny
ability to communicate with people in all walks of life, including those who spoke very litle
English, and was always ready to help with a smile and a kind word.

She also worked as Facilitator of the Employment Connecton Advisory Council and was a
member of the Department of Labor's Job Liaison Commitee. "Pat was treless in her
dedicaton of fnding ways to help people and
connect them to needed services, and truly
epitomized Employment Connecton's mission of
'assistng people with limited opportunites to
self-sufciency,'" said CEO Brenda Mahr.
Thank you Pat
for your 30 years
of dedicated service!
Enjoy retrement!
J.D Luhning, Esq.
Pitzer Snodgrass P.C.

Prevost V. Foushee
Anheuser-Busch Inc.

Al Sears
Director, Fixed Income
Buckingham Asset

Roy Anderson, Jr.
Local Sales Manager
Clear Channel

Mart Bloodsaw-Foggie
President and CEO
HR Performance
Strategies Group

Richard E. Buckley
Grants Development
Saint Louis University

Trent B. Chambers

Karen A. Davis
Community Frameworks, LLC

Bill B. Dorothy II, Esq.
Professor of Practce
Washington University
School of Law

Vanessa Howard Ellis, Esq.
Assistant Atorney General

Elicia Eskew
Accountant/Internal Auditor

Rodney Gee
Principal, Human Resources
Edward Jones

Kem Mosley
Minority Contractor Initatve

Michael Novack
Chairman, President, and
Chief Executve Ofcer

Ryan Rakestraw
MBA Candidate
Olin Business School
United Way Board Fellow

Walter Robinson
Human Resource Consultant

Lisa Shelley
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Client Advocate

Frank A. Simmons
Mainline Informaton

William Watkins
Watkins Building Group, LLC
Our Board of Directors
Leading through Experience and Dedication
Employment Connecton Club <$100
Thomas Brooks
Richard Buckley
Felicia Childs
Darron Collins-Bey
Catherine Davis
Nora Davis
Nathaniel Dempsey
Tracy Fortenberry
Lawanda Gibson
Bailey Gilliam
Dollaree Glasper
Gerald Harrison
Catherine Hawkins
Steve Hoven
Vanessa Howard Ellis
Joe James
Jesse Lane
Tiya Lim
Peggy McKinney
Minnie McRoberts
Stephanie Muirhead
Pat Riles
John Robertson
Sarah Robinson
Thomas Rhodenbaugh
Ron Tedder
Veronica Travis
Richard Wahlbrink
Tamara Williams
Emily Woodruf
Georgeta Young
Stephen Zegel

Wiley Smith Club $100+
AmVets Post 67
Jeanne Anderson
Carol Burkholder
Capacity Development Associates
Erb Equipment Company
Elicia Eskew
Prevost Foushee
Rodney Gee
Tracy Gellman
Violete Hawkins
Holly Head
Roger Macon
Elizabeth Mesker
Christne Pesout
Suzanne Poggio
Ryan Rakestraw
Walter Robinson
John Shields
Halbert Sullivan
Rich Unnerstall

Directors Club $250+
American Highway Products, Ltd.
Pat Brown
David Kessel
Leslie Scheuler Associates
Brenda Mahr
Charles Newman
Frank Simmons
Watkins Building Group

Founders Club $500+
Joseph Arndt Foundaton
J.D. Luhning and Aisling A. Murphy
Michael Novack

Opportunity Fund $1,000+
Trent Chambers
Fox Family Foundaton
Jordan Foundaton
Michael Lockete
Al and Joy Sears
St. Louis Philanthropic Foundaton
Art Weiss
Visionaries Club $5000+
Boeing Employees Community Fund
Emerson Charitable Trust
Pot Foundaton
Simon Foundaton
St. Louis Afordable Housing Commission

Community Builders $25,000+
Daughters of Charity Foundaton
Illinois Department of Human Services
Lutheran Foundaton of St. Louis
Missouri Department of Correctons
St. Louis Agency on Training and
Employment (SLATE)
St. Louis City Department of Human
St. Louis County Department of Human

St. Louis Mental Health Board
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
U.S. Department of Labor/VETS
United Way of Greater St. Louis

2013 Donors
Advisory Board
Gail Dickson

Oval Miller, Sr.

Bridgeway Behavioral Health
Alecia Deutch

Catholic Charities Housing
Resource Center
Jane Schoeck

Center For Life Solutions, Inc.
Cheryl Gardine

Center For Women In Transition
Sandy Sperino

Christian Friends for New Americans
Rev. Dr. Allan Buckman
Rev. Dr. Stanish Stanley

Criminal Justice Ministry
Society of St. Vincent DePaul
Sr. Carleen Reck

Division of Workforce Development
Donny Carroll

Family Support Network
Sue Didier

Fathers Support Center
Cheaster Deanes

Gateway Free And Clean
Shelly Wims/Karl Pickens

Gateway 180
Toni Muhammad

Gateway Parents Support
Group Healthline
Martha Sylvester

Hope House
Vanessa McLaughlin

Edwin Muhammad

Justine Petersen
Kristen Schell

Loaves and Fishes
Debbie Push

Moorish Science Temple Of America,
Bro. Todd Irons-El

Neighborhood Outreach Center
Linda Thompson

New Beginnings
Carrie Williams

Oasis International Ministries
Mark Akers

Our Ladys Inn
Jennifer Reinbold

Preferred Family Healthcare
Kim Feaman

Project Cope
Adrienne Denson

Providence Inn
Angela Hamilton

Queen of Peace
Margo Adams

Rape And Violence End Now (RAVEN)
Janeen McGee

Salvation Army Rehabilitation Cen-
Alan James

Soaring Spirit Ministries
Janis Frick

Timothy Evangelical Lutheran
Rev. Bill Wilson

St. Louis Community Release Center
John Young

Transfiguration Lutheran Church
Donnell Jackson

United States Probation and Parole
Quincy Fountain
Jo Cooper

Urban League
James Smith

Womens Safe House
LaDonna Howard

Youth Empowerment Services (YES)
Joseph Prophet
Eddie Stallings

Crystal Small

Tawanda Adams
Denise M. Anderson
Andrea Barry
Bret Beer
Nathan Bell
Taevosha Blackwell
Taylor Bloate
Corm Boss
Gregory Boston
Tifany Boyd
Christna Brewington
Paul Carr
Trent Chambers
Michael Chropswilt
Domiano Cohns
Patricia Cole
Darron Collins-Bey
Jesceener Curry
Cornelius Davis
Deandre Deenes
Walter Dillworth
Percy Dobbins
Nancy Droesel
Anton Farrell
Harold Fields
Emily Freund
Darryl Gates
Herbert Gladney
Willie Halliburton
Alexander Hall
Sarah Harl
Dominique Hartield
Lonnie Hill
Kathy Howell
Frank Hunter
Jermaine Hutchinson
Curts Huton
Osereme Imeokparia
Barry Jackson
Lili Jiang
Lacey Kindells
Catherine N. Kong
Connie Lamka
Darwin Lane
Ricky Lane
Cindy Luna
Robert Massey
Glen Matha
Antonio McGrudy
Jonathan McNiel
Earl Mets
Joshua Meyer
Aigner Miner
Steven Minner
Levi Nelligan
Marquita Nixon
Edmond Ray
Samuel Render
Ronald Romas
Rayenell Rushing
Herbert Russell
William Sexton
Beverly Shaw
Bryan Shelton
Alonzo Simmons
Jerry Smith
Yolanda Stevenson
Lamar Stf
Febe Strickland
Thomas Strubberg
Charles Sutherland
Donald Swink
William Tate
Harold Taylor
Alexander Tigner
Eric Times
Virice Turner
Edward Vaughn
Eddie Walker
Stephen Walther
Lisa Washington
Frank Weems
Joyce Weisler
Lisa Weiss
Jon Welzbacker
Fred White
Avis Wilder
Edward Wills
Donell Wilson
Michael Wilson
Yavonda Winston
Eddie Wright
Jonathan Young
Xidan Zhang
The following volunteers donated
a total 4,179 hours at Employment
Connecton this year, giving of their
tme and talents to help others.

You are all very much appreciated!
Brenda Mahr
Chief Executive Officer
36 years
David Kessel
Chief Operating Officer
18 years
Nathaniel Dempsey
Executive Assistant
8 years

John Robertson
Development Associate
1 year
Accounting Services
Sarah Robinson
Sr. Manger, Accounting Services
11 years
Nora Davis
11 years
Managed Work Services
Jessie Lane
Site Supervisor I
11 years
Meredith McDuffie
Site Supervisor
1 year
Client & Training Services
Peggy McKinney
Manager, Client Services
11 years
Dollaree Glasper
Client Services Specialist
10 years
Housing Services
Yusef Scoggin
Manager, Housing Services
3 years
Supportive Housing Program
Harry Little
Housing Specialist -SHP
11 years

Catherine Hawkins
Housing Specialist SHP
1st year

Joe James
Housing Specialist SHP
1st year
Supportive Services
for Veteran Families

Andre Alexander
Housing Specialist SSVF
1 year
Stephanie Shaw
Housing Specialist SSVF
1 year
Emily Woodruff
Housing Specialist SSVF
1st year
Competitive Employment

Steven Hoven
Manager, Career Services
10 years
Ex-Offenders, Veterans,
Youth, and Adults

Minnie McRoberts
Career Specialist
36 years
Tamara Williams
Career Specialist
14 years
Michael McCoy
Manager, Career Specialist
6 years
Veronica Travis
Career Specialist
6 years

Ron Tedder
Career Specialist
1st year
Jessica Aldag
Career Specialist
1st year
Darron Collins-Bey
Online Career Specialist
1st year
Pathbuilders and New Americans

Pat Brown
Career Specialist
30 years
Back to Health/Back to Work

Stephen Zegel
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
6 years
Illinois TANF & SNAP

Whitnee Jones
Career Specialist
1st year

Custodial Staff

Oscar Selfe
7 years
Steve Wilkins
2 years
Dedicated Staff