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Ref.No. HR/Cont.Cell/2013-14/A-2 Dated: 21.02.2013


Tenders in envelopes properly sealed with wax on all joints with tenderers
stamp made individually are invited from the registered / experienced contractors
having their Licence, PAN, PF & ESI Codes to carryout different contracted works of
semi skilled category inside the factory premises for the period of one year from
01.04.2013 to 31.03.2014. Interested parties may collect the tender forms and related
documents from the office of the Incharge of Contract Cell in HRM Department, HMT
Machine Tools Ltd., Pinjore on all working days upto 15.03.2013 between 9.00 hrs to
1200 hrs at the cost of Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only) in cash or through demand
draft in favour of M/s HMT Machine Tools Ltd., Pinjore payable at Pinjore / Chandigarh.
The tender forms / documents can also be downloaded from the Cos website In case tender form/document is downloaded from Cos
website Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only) has to be deposited along with the
Technical Bid in the form of DD payable to HMT Machine Tools Ltd., Pinjore.
All Tenderers must ensure the compliance of the following points:-
(a) The rates should be quoted on per manday basis covering all different applicable
rates not below the declared rates for different categories of labourer by Haryana
(b) The final quoted rates for each category of works should be mentioned with full
break ups of all applicable statutory payments such as amount of contribution of PF,
ESI, Welfare Fund etc. and other service charges / Service Tax as are applicable under
various existing statutes / Acts.
(c) In case, the firm comes under the norms of payment of Service Tax, the tenderer
should mention his Service Tax No.
(d) The Technical and Commercial Bids duly filled in and sealed with wax as
mentioned above in Separate Envelopes Superscribed as Technical Bid for work
contract with Reference No. and Date of Tender Notice and Commercial Bid for
works contract with Reference No. and date of Tender Notice should be dropped in
Tender Box (Machine Tools Division) kept for the purpose in RECEPTION HALL of the
Company or alternately should reach on or before 15.03.2013 upto 1400 hours, if sent
by post only.
(e) Technical Bid envelope will be opened first in HRM Department at 1430 hours
on 15.03.2013 in the presence of available tenderers or their authorized representative
who wish to be present. After evaluation of the Technical Bids, the Commercial Bids
will be opened only of those tenders whose Technical Bids are found suitable and the
parties will be informed accordingly.
(f) The demand draft of the amount of Earnest Money Deposit as shown below
against the contract should be attached with the Technical Bid only and which should
be in favour of M/s HMT Machine Tools Limited, Pinjore, payable at Pinjore /
Chandigarh. The Technical Bids found without EMD will be rejected outrightly.



(g) The demand draft of Earnest Money Deposit in case of unsuccessful tenderers
would be refunded to the party after final decision is taken. The earnest money
deposited by the successful tenderer will be retained and converted to as security
deposit. The security deposit will not carry any interest and would become refundable
only after successful completion of the concerned work contracts.
(h) HMT Machine Tools Limited, Pinjore reserves the right to accept or reject any or
all tenders without assigning any reason thereof.
The detail of work contract is given in the following table:-

1 2 3
Category and Description of Work
SEMI-SKILLED Category works to be contracted out
for different computer / data entry related works in
different departments of the factory and other works i.e.
fettling etc.
7500 10,000.00


(P.K. Sinha)
Dy. General Manager (HRM)
All Notice Boards,

DGM(MM) With a request to display on Website, along with other attachments.
AGM(Vig.), HMT Machine Tools Limited, Pinjore for kind information.

Copies to:
Municipal Committee, Kalka, Pinjore, Municipal Corporation, Panchkula.
Block Development and Panchayat Officer, Pinjore, Barwala, Morni with request
to kindly arrange to place this notice on your respective notices boards.

N.I.T. Ref. No.: HR/Cont.Cell/2013-14/A-2, dated 21.02.2013


1 The contract will be governed subject to compliance of all the terms & conditions.
2. The contractor will have to execute an Agreement on Stamp Papers worth Rs.
15/- within a weeks time from the date of start of work (copy of text will be provided with
the Award Letter).
3. The contractor must present himself regularly to ensure smooth running of the
4. The contractor will deploy adequate manpower required for executing the job to
the entire satisfaction of the concerned section incharge.
5. If required, the contractor will have to obtain license from the Registering Office,
Appropriate Authority under the Act.
6. The contractor shall have to cover his employees under ESI, Employees
Provident Fund and Misc. Provision Act and Minimum Wages Act and the Rules
applicable to the employees of the contractor laid down under the above Acts. The
contractor should have his own ESI code & PF code.
7. It will be mandatory on the part of contractor to maintain all the records/registers
of PF/ESI/Muster Rolls/Attendance/payment of Wages or any other records/registers
required to be maintained under the Law / Statute and keep ready for inspection,
examination, enquiry or investigation by the appropriate Govt. and Companys
authorized representatives.
8. The contractor will have to pay monthly/daily wages to his employees in the
presence of departmental/sectional incharge and the Welfare Officer or any other officer
deputed by the Company by 7th of each month.
9. In case the contractor fails to make the payment of wages to his employees by
7th of the next month, the same will be made by the Company on behalf of the
contractor and the amount so paid plus 10% on account of Administrative charges shall
be recoverable from the contractor and no bill of the contractor shall be entertained till
the dues are cleared.
10. The contractor shall ensure that his employees while on job make use of all
safety equipments.
11 HMT would not in any case be responsible for any loss arising out of any
accident to the Contractor or to any of his staff/workmen.
12. In case of theft/damage to HMT property due to contractors or his employees
negligence, the amount shall be recoverable from the contractors bill/security deposit.
13. The contractors labour will have to work in any of A, B, C & D shifts as per
directions/requirements of concerned section incharge. Job entrusted is to be carried
out on all the working days including Sundays & Holidays (if required).
14. The contract may be discontinued at any time in case of sudden change in policy
regarding the contracts.
15 The contractor shall not engage any sub contractor without the prior written
permission of the Company.

16. In case of power cut/no power/lay off or no job for whatsoever the reasons may
be, the contractor may be asked to discontinue the work temporarily for a period to be
specified by the concerned section incharge.
17. The contract is valid for a period of one year and may be extended for a further
period of one year if the performance of the contract is found satisfactory by the user
department. The said contract can be terminated at any time by one of the parties by
giving one months notice. However, in the event of non-compliance of any term of the
contract or unsatisfactory working or subversive and prejudicial activities against the
interest of the company by the contractor or his employees, the Company has right to
terminate the contract without any notice to the Contractor. In case, the contractor
suspends the work assigned to him without notice, his contract shall stand cancelled
from the date he leaves the work and the outgoing contractor shall be liable to pay the
extra cost, the Company may have to incur due to the higher rate demanded by the new

18. Payment terms.
The contractor shall raise his bill along with receipt of PF and ESI Contributions
of both the contractors and his employees share deposited with the PF/ESI Authorities
of the Area by tenth of each month to the Incharge, Contract Cell duly verified with
satisfactory report from user department of the company latest by 7th of the same
month, without which the bill shall not be entertained. The payment will be made within
30 days by cheque from the date of submission of bill, subject, however to satisfactory
report of the concerned departmental/sectional head.

19 Supervision
It will be the contractors responsibility to ensure proper supervision and
coordination of the work entrusted to him.

20 Arbitration.
Any dispute arising out of this contract shall be subject to the decision of the
Arbitrator who shall be appointed by the Chief of the Unit (General Manager) HMT
Machine Tools Limited, Pinjore and shall be of the rank of AGM/DGM and the decision
of the said Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties.

21 Jurisdiction.
Any dispute arising out of this account shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of
Panchkula District.

N.B.: The job/ work offered through this contract is purely temporary basis depending
upon the requirements of the company and there is absolutely no claim for regular
employment for any of your workmen in this company.

Ref.No. HR/Cont.Cell/2013-14/A-2 Dated: 21.02.2013


FOR WORK CONTRACT as mentioned in above referred Tender notice

Name of Contractor with residential
Address & Tel. Nos.

Experience related to Contract
(With detail of work carried out)

Financial Position (Detail of
business carried out in the last 2/3
years with current bank a/c


Employer ESI Code No.

Employer EPF Code No.

Service Tax No. & Income Tax
Return proof.

Details regarding status of the Firm
& work done in last 2/3 years.

Copies of all documents as
mentioned above should be

If doing any other work/service/job
contract in HMT Ltd./HMT Machine
Tools Ltd., Pinjore, give detail.

Whether is in position to provide
labour or to do job of Highly Skilled/
Skilled/ Semi skilled/ Unskilled &
Date Entry i.e. having Computer

Detail of EMD i.e. DD No., Date,
Amount & Bankers name.

Date _______________________
Signature of Party

Place ______________________ Name in Full_____________

Ref.No. HR/Cont.Cell/2013-14/A-2 Dated: 21.02.2013


FOR WORK CONTRACT as mentioned in above Tender Notice

Name of Contractors with residential
Address & Tel. Nos.

Details of work area/experience

Detail of work areas: - As mentioned in the table of Tender Notice

Quotation for Semi-skilled Category of labour works
Wages *(for Semi-skilled A category) Rs.________ Paise_____
PF cont @ =
ESI Cont. =
Welfare Fund =
Service charges =
Any other Statutory charges like Service Tax etc. (as and if applicable)
Pl specify and quote rates:-
Grand Total = (Rs. per head per day)

The rates for Semi-skilled A Category of labourers is Rs.--------------- per head per day basis
as per above break ups & covering all statutory & other charges.
* Rate of wages as quoted for the desired category of Labour should not be less than minimum
wage rate as declared by Haryana Government.


Date _______________________
Signature of Party
Place ______________________ Name in Full_____________

Form for Submission of Tender for hosting on Website

Company: HMT Machine Tools Limited, Pinjore Unit / Division: MTP
Tender Particulars
Tender Type (Pl Tick) Open / Limited / Other (Pl specify)
Tender purpose (Pl Tick) Auction/ Buy/ Empanelment/ Sell/ Service contract/ Work
Item Category (Pl Tick) Materials/ Capital items/ Service /Works/ Other (Pl specify)
Tender Title Work Contract for Semi-skilled Category works
Tender Reference No. HR/Cont.Cell/2013-14/A-2 dated 21.02.2013
Product Category Work contract
Sub Category (Optional)
Tender issue date 21 02 2013 14 0
Last date/Time for collection 15 03 2013 @ 12 0
Last date/Time for submission 15 03 2013 @ 14 0
Tender opening date/Time 15 03 2013 @ 14 30
Tender Value* Rs. 19,86,833.79/- *Only in case of civil tenders
etc. where the estimated
value of Project is to be
EMD Rs. 10,000/-
Document cost Rs. 100/- (One Hundred only)
Work description
(Enter brief description of the
SEMI-SKILLED Category works for different computer /
data entry related works in different departments of the
factory and other works i.e. fettling etc.
(Enter the Pre-qualification
requirement, if any
License holder/experienced contractors having strong
financial conditions PAN No. and own ESI & PF Code
Submission Particulars
Details of Contact Person for any Clarification
Name: K.P. Tyagi
Design: Dy. Manager, Personnel
Phone: 01733-225650
Email: Fax. 01733-264114
Enclosures (Pl Tick)
1. Tender Notice 4. Technical Document Newspaper Advertisement : Yes
Unload Required by : 2. Tender Document 5. Any Other
3. Bid Document 6. Soft copies of all
Department Unit Level Remarks

Authorised Signatory

Authorised Signatory
P.K. Sinha R. Vimalesan

Tender Coordinate
Received on:

Uploading on:
Tender SN-


ecaemaTI maSaIna TUlsa ipMjaaOr

saMdBa- saM ecaAarkMTsaOla201314e2
idnaaMk 21022013

kaya- saMivada hotu inaivada AamaM~Na saUcanaa

fO@TrI pirsar maoM ivaiBanna AnaubaMiQat AQa-kuSala
EaoNaI ko kayaao-M kao ek vaYa- 01042013 sao 31032014
tk kI AvaiQa maoM krnao ko ilae pMjaIkRt evaM AnauBavaI
zokodaraoM ijanako pasa Apnaa pOna naMpIef kaoD evaM [-
esaAa[- kaoD hao, sao mauhrband ilafafaoM ma\oM ijasako
p`%yaok jaaoD, kao maaoma sao AcCI trh sao saIla ikyaa
gayaa hao tqaa ijasa pr zokodar kI maaohr (Seal) lagaI hao
mauhrbaMd inaivadayaoM AamaMi~t kI jaatI hOM. [-cCuk paiT-
yaaM [-Mcaaja- ka^nT/o@T saola ecaAarema ivaBaaga
ecaemaTI maSaIna TUlsa ilaimaToD ipMjaaOr ko kayaa-laya
sao iksaI BaI kaya-idvasa kao p`at 900 bajao sao daophr 1200
bajao idnaaMk 15032013 tk 100 $pyao ko nakd Baugatana
pr yaa baOMk D/aFT jaao ecaemaTI maSaIna TUlsa ilaimaToD
ipMjaaOr ko pxa maoM ipMjaaOr caNDIgaZ, pr doya hao dokr
inaivada p~ evaM sambainQat kagajaat p`aPt kr sakto hOM.
inaivada p~ kmpnaI kI vaobasaa[-T sao BaI
Da]nalaaoD kr p`aPt ikyao jaa sakto hOM. eosaI isqait maoM
inaivadaQaark kao 100 $pyao ka iDmaaMD D/aFT Aitir@t $p
maoM TO@naIkla ibaD ko saaqa jamaa kranaa haogaa.
saBaI inaivadadataAaoM kao inamnailaiKt ibaMduAaoM ka
Anaupalana sauinaiScat krnaa hO
e va@sa- ko zoko kI dr p`it maOnaDo ko ihsaaba sao ]wRt
krnaI hOM ijasamaoM saBaI laagaU droM Saaimala haoM AaOr
yao droM hiryaaNaa sarkar Wara GaaoiYat majadUraoM kI
ivaiBanna EaoiNayaaoM pr laagaU draoM sao kma na haoM.
baI va@sa- kI p`%yaok EaoNaI kI Aintma ]wRt droM saBaI
laagaU vaOQaainak BaugatanaaoM jaOsao ik pIef [-esaAa[
vaolafoyar fMD Aaid tqaa dusaro saovaa Saulk kr kI droM jaao
ivaiBanna saMivaiQa ivaQaanaaoM ko AQaIna laagau haoM
saivastar ]wRt krnaI hOM.
saI yaid inaivada Qaark kI fma- pomaonT Aa^f saiva-sa TO@sa
kI piriQa ko Antga-t AatI hO tao inaivadadataAaoM kao Apnaa
saiva-sa TO@sa naM ilaKnaa caaihe.
DI jaOsaaik }pr ]llaoiKt hO To@naIkla tqaa kmaisa-yala
baaoilayaaM ivaiQavat BarI hu[- AaOr vao@sa ko saaqa saIla kI
hu[- AlagaAlaga ilafafaoM maoM ijanako }pr To@naIkla ibaD
fa^r va@sa- ka^nT/o@T TonDr naaoiTsa kI saMdBa- saMAaOr
idnaaMk saiht ilaKa hao AaOr kmaisa-yala ibaD fa^r va@sa-
ka^nT/o@T TonDr naaoiTsa kI saMdBa- saMAaOr idnaaMk
saiht ilaKa hao kao TonDr baa^@sa maSaIna TUlsa iDivajana
jaao kmpnaI ko svaagat kxa maoM rKa huAa hO ko Andr Dalanaa
hO yaa ifr yaid Dak Wara Baojanaa hO tao kmpnaI maoM
idnaaMk 15032013 kao yaa [sasao phlao idna ko 2 bajao tk
phu^Mca jaanaa caaihe.
[- idnaaMk 15032013 kao idna ko 230 bajao ]plabQa
TonDrrja yaa ]nako AiQakRt p`itinaiQa jaao ]pisqat haonao ko
[cCuk haogaoM kI ]pisqait maoM To@naIkla ibaD ka ilafafa phlao
Kaolaa jaaegaa. To@naIkla ibaD ko maulyaaMkna ko baad ijana
TonDr kI To@naIkla ibaD AnaukUla payaI jaaegaI ]nakI kmaisa-
yala ibaD KaolaI jaaegaI AaOr tdnausaar paiT-yaaoM kao sauicat
kr idyaa jaaegaa.
ef poSagaI QanaraiSa Amaanat kI rkma ka iDmaaMD D/aFT
kovala To@naIkla ibaD ko saaqa saMlagna krnaa hO jaaoik
maO ecaemaTI maSaIna TUlsa ilaimaToD ipMjaaOr ko pxa
maoM ipMjaaOr caMDIgaD, pr doya haogaa. jaao To@naIkla
ibaD ibanaa poSagaI QanaraiSa ko p`aPt haoMgaI ]nho
AsvaIkar kr idyaa jaaegaa.
k`maSa.p` / 2


jaI Asafla inaivadaQaarkaoM ko iDmaaMD D/aFT
inaivadaAaoM ka inapTara haonao ko turnt baad ]nhoM laaOTa
idyao jaayaogaoM jabaik safla inaivadaQaark ka iDmaaMD D/aFT
bataOr zoko kI isa@yaaoirTI zoka samaaiPt kI itiqa tk kmpnaI ko
pasa jamaa rhogaa tqaa [sa pr kao[- byaaja doya nahI haogaa
AaOr saflatapuva-k zoko kI samaaiPt pr zokodar kao vaaipsa kr
idyaa jaayaogaa.
eca ecaemaTI maSaIna TUlsa ko pasa iksaI ek Aqavaa
saBaI inaivadaAaoM kao ibanaa kao[- karNa batae inarst krnao
ka AiQakar saurixat hO.
va@sa- ka^nT/o@T ka vaNa-na inamnailaiKt saarNaI maoM
idyaa gayaa hO:-
2 3 4
va@sa- kI EaoNaI AaOr vaNa-na maona
I jamaa
raiSa $
AQa-kuSala EaoNaI va@sa- ka zoka
fo@TrI ko ivaiBanna ivaBaagaaoM
maoM ivaiBanna kayaao- jaOsao ik
kMPyaUTr DaTa eMT/I sao
saMbaMiQat kayaao- ko ilae tqaa Anya
kayaao-M jaOsao ik fOTilaMga Aaid ko
ilae idyaa jaanaa hO.
7500 10,000.00
]prao@t maonaDoja\ eiryaa kI maaMga Anaumaainat AaOr
saUcak hO AaOr kayaao-M ka saivasatar ivavarNa va@sa-
Aa^D-r ka^nT/o@T doto samaya idyaa jaaegaa AaOr vaastivak
maaMga kmpnaI kI AavaSyaktanausaar ka^nT/o@T AvaiQa ko
daOrana GaT yaa baZ, saktI hO.
SabdaoM ko sahI Aqa- hotu AMgao`jaI BaaYaa maoM ilaKI hu[-
saUcanaa maanya haogaI.
]p mahap`baMQak (maanava saMsaaQana)
saBaI saucanaa p+.
DIjaIema(emaema) kmpnaI vaobasaa[-T pr iDsplao hotu..
ejaIema(ivajaIlaoMsa), ecaemaTI maSaIna TUlsa ilaimaToD
ipMjaaOr. saivanaya saucanaaqa-.
myauinaisapla kmaoTI kalaka ipMjaaOr myauinaisapla kapao-
roSana pMcakulaa.
blaa^k DvalapmaOMT evaM pMcaayat Aa^ifsar ipMjaaOr
barvaalaa maaornaI kRpyaa [sa saUcanaa kao ApnaoApnao
saUcanaa p+aoM pr Aama janata ko saUcaanaaqa- lagavaanao
ka kYT kroM.

inaivada AamaM~Na saUcanaa saMdBa- saM
ecaAarkMTsaOla201314e2, idnaaMk 21022013


1 yah saMivada saBaI Satao-M ko palana ko saaqa hI
p`BaavaI haogaI.

2 zokodar kao kaya- AarmBa krnao ko ek saPtah ko BaItr 15
$pyao ko sTamp popr pr ega`ImaoMT krnaa haogaa ijasako
ivaYaya kI p`it AvaaD- laoTr ko saaqa do dI jaaegaI.
3 zoko ko inaiva-Gna pircaalana kao sauinaiScat krnao ko ilae
zokodar kao svayaM inayaimat $p sao ]pisqat rhnaa haogaa .
4 zokodar kao saMbaMiQat saO@sana [-Mcaaja- kI
sampUNa- saMtuYTI krto hue kaya- inaYpadna ko ilae samauicat
maanava Sai@t kao lagaanaa haogaa.
5 yaid Apoixat hO tao zokodar kao AiQainayama ko AQaIna
]pyau@t p`aiQakrNa ko pMjaIyak kayaa-laya sao Anau&ap~
laonaa haogaa.
6 zokodar kao Apnao kma-caairyaaoM kao [-esaAa[- [-pIef va
ivaivaQa p`banQa AiQainayama nyaUnatma vaotna
AiQainayama tqaa [na AiQainayamaaoM ko AQaIna inaQaa-irt
inayama jaao zokodar ko kma-caairyaaoM pr laagaU haoto hOM
maoM kvar krnaa haogaa.
7 zokodar kao pIef [-esaAa[-naamaavalaI
pMjaI]pisqaitvaotna Baugatana ko saBaI irka^D- rijaYTr yaa
Anya kao[- irka^D- rijaYTr jaao kanaUna saMivaiQa ko
AQaIna maonaTona krnaa Apoixat hao kao Ainavaaya- $p sao
maonaTona krnaa haogaa AaOr ]pyau@t sarkar tqaa kmpnaI ko
AiQakRt p`itinaiQayaaoM Wara inarIxaNa prIxaNa jaa^ca yaa
AnvaoYaNa hotu ]plabQa rKnaa haogaa.
8 zokodar kao Apnao kma-caairyaaoM kao maaisak dOinak
vaotna kI AdayagaI hr maah kI 7 tairK tk kmpnaI ko
ivaBaagaaQyaxaaoM saO@sana p`BaarI AaOr vaolafoyar
Aa^ifsar yaa kmpnaI Wara p`itinayau@t Anya kao[- Aa^ifsar ko
samaxa krnaI haogaI.
9 yaid zokodar Apnao kma-caairyaaoM kao Agalao maah kI 7
tairK tk vaotna kI AdayagaI krnao maoM Asamaqa- rhta hO tao
vah AdayagaI zokodar kI Aaor sao kmpnaI Wara kr dI jaaegaI
AaOr Ada kI ga[- raiSa 10 p`itSat p`SaasakIya kaya-Baar saiht
zokodar sao vasaulaI yaaogya haogaI AaOr jaba tk doya imala
nahI jaata hO tba tk zokodar ko ibalaaoM pr ivacaar nahI ikyaa
10 zokodar kao yah sauinaiScat krnaa haogaa ik ]sako kma-
caarI kaya- krto samaya saBaI saurxaa ]pkrNaaoM ka ]pyaaoga
11 zokodar Aqavaa ]sako iksaI sTafkma-caarI kao duGa-Tnaa
ko karNa hu[- iksaI BaI haina ko ilae ecaemaTI iksaI BaI p`kar
sao ]<ardayaI nahI haogaI.
12 zokodar yaa ]sako kma-caairyaaoM kI laaprvaahI ko karNa
yaid ecaemaTI kI saMpi<a kI caaorIxait haotI hO tao ]sakI raiSa
zokodar ko ibalap`itBaUit jamaa sao vasaulaI jaaegaI.
13 saMbaMiQat saO@sana p`BaarI ko inado-SamaaMga ko
Anausaar zokodar ko kma-caairyaaoM kao e baI saI AaOr DI kI
iksaI BaI iSaFT maoM kaya- krnaa haogaa. saaOMpa gayaa
kaya- saBaI kaya- idvasaaoM AaOr ja$rt pD,nao pr rivavaar AaOr
AvakaSa ko idna BaI krnaa haogaa.
k`maSa: pR2

14 zokaoM sao saMbaMiQat naIit maoM Acaanak tbadIlaI
haonao pr zoka kBaI BaI samaaPt ikyaa jaa sakta hO
15 kmpnaI kI puva- Anaumait ko bagaOr zokodar iksaI BaI ]p
zokodar kao kama maoM nahI lagaaegaa.
16 pa^var kTnaao pa^varlao Aa^f yaa iksaI BaI vajah sao
naao jaa^va haonao pr zokodar kao saMbaMiQat saO@sana
p`BaarI Wara ]llaoiKt AvaiQa ko ilae AsqaayaI $p sao kaya- kao
raoknao ko ilae kha jaa sakta hO
17 zoka ek vaYa- ko ilae vaOQa hO. yaid ]pBaao@ta ivaBaaga
Wara zoko ka kaya- saMtaoYakr payaa jaata hO tao [sao Aagao
ek AaOr vaYa- ko ilae baZ,ayaa jaa sakta hO. zoka kBaI BaI iksaI
BaI pxa Wara ek maah ka naaoiTsa dokr samaaPt ikyaa jaa sakta
hO. tqaaip zokodar yaa ]sako kma-caairyaaoM Wara zoko kI iksaI
BaI Sat- kI Anaupalanaa na krnao yaa AsaMtaoYajanak p`dSa-na
yaa ivamauK va p`itkUla gaitivaiQa jaao kmpnaI ko iht ko iva$w
hao kI isqait maoM kmpnaI ko pasa zokodar kao ibanaa kao[-
naaoiTsa ide zoko samaaPt krnao ka AiQakar hO. yaid zokodar
ide gae kaya- kao ibanaa naaoiTsa ide inalaMibat krta hO tao
]saka zoka ijasa idna sao vah kaya- CaoD,ta hO ]saI idna sao
rd\d kr idyaa jaaegaa AaOr inagaa-maI zokodar ]sa Aitir@t laagat
kao Ada krnao ka ]<ardayaI haogaa jaao nae zokodar Wara ]ccatr
droM maagaoM jaanao pr kmpnaI kao ]zanaI pD,ogaIM.
18 Baugatana kI Sato-
zokodar Apnao ibala zokodar AaOr ]sako kma-caairyaaoM
ko pIef AaOr [-esaAa[- ko daonaaoM AMSadanaaoM ko
ihssaaoM jaao xao~ ko pIef[-esaAa[- p`aiQakarIgaNa ko pasa hr
maah kI 10 tairK tk jamaa hao gae haoM kI rsaId ko saaqa
]pBaao@ta ivaBaaga kI saMtaoYajanak irpao-T ko saaqa
ivaiQavat sa%yaaipt ike hue ka^nT/o@T saola ko [-ncaaja- ko
pasa ]saI maah kI 7 tairK tk jamaa kra doM ijasako ibanaa ibala pr
ivacaar nahI ikyaa jaaegaa. Baugatana ibala jamaa kranao ko 30
idnaaoM ko Andr caOk Wara ikyaa jaaegaa baSato- saMbaMiQat
ivaBaagasaO@sana p`mauK kI saMtaoYajanak irpao-T hao.

19 pya-vaoxaNa
saaOMpo gae kaya- ka ]icat pya-vaoxaNa AaOr samanvaya
sauinaiScat krnaa zokodar ka ]<ardaiya%va haogaa.

20 pMcainaNa-ya
[sa zoko sao ]za kao[- BaI ivavaad pMcainaNa-ya ko inaNa-
ya ko AQaIna Aaegaa ijasakao ik ecaemaTI maSaIna TUlsa
ilaimaToD ipMjaaOr ka [-ka[- p`mauKmaha p`baMQak
inayau@t krogaa AaOr jaao ejaIemaDIjaIema ko rOMk ka
haogaa AaOr ]sa pMcainaNa-ya ka inaNa-ya daonaaoM pxaaoM
ko ilae Aintma va baaQyakarI haogaa.

21 nyaayaaiQakar
[sasao ]za kao[- BaI ivavaad ekmaa~ pMcakUlaa ijalaa ko
nyaayaaiQakar ko AQaIna haogaa.

ivaSaoYa saUcanaa : [sa zoko ko Wara idyaa gayaa kaya-
pUNa-tyaa AsqaayaI AaQaar pr va kmpnaI kI maa^ga pr inaBa-r
hO AaOr [sa kmpnaI maoM Aapko kma-caairyaaoM ka sqaayaI
naaOkrI ko ilae ibalakula kao[- davaa nahI hO.


HMT Machine Tools Limited
(A Wholly owned Subsidiary of HMT Limited)
Pinjore 134 101.

saMdBa- Ref.No.: HR/Cont.Cell/2013-
idnaaMk Date: 21.02.2013

The Public Relations Officer,
HMT Limited,

Thru : DGM(HRM)
Dear Sir,

Subject: Publication of Tender Notice

Enclosed please find a copy of GM(MTP)s approval dated 20.02.2013 on Note
No. HR/Cont.Cell/2013-14/A-2, dated 18.02.2013 for publishing the enclosed Tender

You are requested to get the Hindi version of enclosed Tender Notice published
in Dainik Tribune (Hindi Edition) in single insertion, at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

(K.P. Tyagi)
Dy. Manager, Personnel
Encl: As above.



Ref.No. HR/Cont.Cell/2013-14/A-2, Dt. 21.02.2013

Sealed Tenders are invited for work contract of semi-skilled category in
HMT Machine Tools Ltd., Pinjore. Experienced & Registered Agencies may
contact our Contract Cell, HRM Deptt., Ph.No. 01733 225650 for obtaining
requisite information pertaining to the Tender. For details, please visit our
website on :
The last date for submission of the tenders is 15.03.2013 upto 1400 hours.
The tenders would be opened on the same day at 1430 hrs. HMT reserves the
right to reject or accept any tender without assigning any reason thereof.

ecaemaTI maSaIna TUlsa ilaimaToD ipMjaaOr
134 101, ijalaa pMcakUlaa.
inaivada saUcanaa

saMdBa- saM: HR/Cont.Cell/2013-14/A-2, idnaaMk 21.02.2013

ecaemaTI maSaIna TUlsa ilaimaToD ipMjaaOr maoM
AQa- kuSala EaoNaI ko ivaiBanna kayaao-M ko ilae
mauhrbaMd inaivadae maaMgaI jaa rhI hOM. AnauBavaI
evaM pMjaIkRt ejaoinsayaaM inaivada sao saMbaMiQat
Apoixat jaanakarI laonao ko ilae hmaaro maanava
saMsaaQana p`baMQana ivaBaaga ko saMivada kxa
faona na 01733 225650 pr sampk- kroM. ivastRt
jaanakarI ko ilae kRpyaa hmaarI vaoba saa[-T doKoM.
inaivada jamaa kranao kI Aintma itiqa 15032013
daophr 2 bajao tk hO. inaivadaeM ]saI idna daophr 230
bajao KaolaI jaaegaIM. ecaemaTI kao iksaI BaI inaivada
kao ibanaa karNa batae svaIkar Aqavaa AsvaIkar krnao ka
AiQakar haogaa.