Republic of the Philippines

G.R. No. 179948 December 8, 2010
EMN!NO "!RCEL! # MEDN!, Appellant.
!efo"e us is anothe" case of a #i"l $snatche% f"o& the c"a%le of innocence$
b( he" o)n fathe" fo" the sole
pu"pose of satisf(in# his %espicable an% %eviant se*ual behavio".
Factual Antece%ents
Fo" "evie) is the Decision
%ate% Ma"ch ',, +--. of the ou"t of Appeals /A0 in A12.R. R13 No. -'.4'
that a5i"&e% )ith &o%i6cation the Decision
of the Re#ional T"ial ou"t /RT0 of alaban#a, a&a"ines Su",
!"anch 47, in "i&inal ase No. -819'', 6n%in# appellant #uilt( be(on% "easonable %oubt of the c"i&e of
:uali6e% Rape a#ainst $AAA.$
The Info"&ation
containe% the follo)in# accusato"( alle#ations;
That on o" about the 8th %a( of <anua"(, +--8 at a"oun% 9;-- in the evenin# at !a"an#a( * * *, Municipalit( of
alaban#a, P"ovince of a&a"ines Su", Philippines an% )ithin the =u"is%iction of this 3ono"able ou"t, the
above1na&e% accuse% )hile a"&e% )ith an ice pic>, )ith le)% %esi#ns b( &eans of fo"ce an% inti&i%ation, %i%
then an% the"e )illfull(, unla)full( an% feloniousl( succee% havin# ca"nal >no)le%#e ?of@ one $AAA,$ an '' (ea"
ol% &ino", an% the accuse%As %au#hte", )hich act of the accuse% %ebase?s@, %e#"a%e?s@ an% %e&eans the
int"insic )o"th an% %i#nit( of the chil% as a hu&an bein# an% p"e=u%icial to the chil%As %evelop&ent, to he"
%a&a#e an% p"e=u%ice.
Appellant plea%e% not #uilt( to the c"i&e cha"#e% %u"in# a""ai#n&ent. Afte" the te"&ination of the p"e1t"ial
confe"ence, t"ial ensue%.
The Ve"sion of the P"osecution
On <anua"( 8, +--8, $AAA,$ then '' (ea"s ol%, )as at the "esi%ence of he" pa"ents in alaban#a, a&a"ines
Su", ten%in# to he" (oun#e" siblin#s. 3e" fathe", the appellant, a""ive% at a"oun% 6ve oAcloc> in the afte"noon
f"o& the !icol Me%ical ente", )he"e his p"e#nant )ife an% &othe" of $AAA$ )as left behin% to ta>e ca"e of
thei" t)o chil%"en )ho )e"e con6ne% the"eat. Afte" eatin# %inne" p"epa"e% b( appellant, $AAA$ an% he"
siblin#s )ent to sleep at a"oun% si* to seven oAcloc> in the evenin# )hile appellant atten%e% to his (oun#est
chil% )ho )as su5e"in# f"o& an asth&a attac>.
At a"oun% nine oAcloc> in the evenin#, $AAA$ )as a)a>ene% %ue to a pain in he" va#ina. She then notice% that
she )as na>e% )ith he" han%s tie% above he" hea%. 3e" feet )e"e sp"ea% apa"t an% tie% to the ba&boo poles of
thei" house. Dhile in this e*pose% position, appellant )as on top of he", inse"tin# his penis into he" va#ina an%
&a>in# a push an% pull &ove&ent. Dhile she )as bein# violate% b( appellant, $AAA$ c"ie% in pain. The"eafte",
appellant untie% he", use% a li#hte" to illu&inate hi&self an% the ice pic> po>e% at he", an% tol% he" to #o bac>
to sleep.
The follo)in# &o"nin#, $AAA$ =ust la( in be% an% continue% c"(in#. Appellant tol% he" to )a>e up an% )ash he"
bloo%staine% pant(. She #ot up, but instea% of obe(in# appellant, she bu"ne% sai% un%e")ea" to#ethe" )ith he"
&at to "i% he"self of an( "e&in%e" of the ho""ible fate she su5e"e% in the han%s of he" fathe".
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$AAA$ tol% he" &othe" about the appellantAs beastl( se*ual a##"ession on <anua"( +', +--8. The follo)in# %a(,
<anua"( ++, +--8, the &othe" of $AAA$ too> he" to the !icol Me%ical ente" fo" a &e%ical e*a&ination
con%ucte% b( D". Au#usto M. :uilon, <". /D". :uilon0 )ho issue% a &e%ical ce"ti6cate
con6"&in# that $AAA$
ha% ol% h(&enal lace"ations at t)o an% seven oAcloc> positions.
Dhen as>e% to cla"if(, D". :uilon e*plaine% that it ta>es about t)o )ee>s fo" a lace"ation to heal. In this case,
since the "ape too> place on <anua"( 8, +--8, the lace"ations )e"e al"ea%( consi%e"e% ol% an% heale% b( the
ti&e $AAA$ )as e*a&ine% on <anua"( ++, +--8, o" ', %a(s afte" the "ape.

The Ve"sion of the Appellant
Appellant %enie% "apin# his %au#hte", $AAA.$ 3e clai&e% that on <anua"( 8, +--8, at a"oun% nine oAcloc> in the
evenin#, he )as in his ho&e )ith $AAA$ an% th"ee &o"e of his chil%"en. 3e ha% =ust a""ive% afte" sta(in# fo"
th"ee %a(s in a hospital )he"e his )ife "e&aine% to ta>e ca"e of thei" t)o chil%"en con6ne% the"eat. Dhile in
his house, he atten%e% to the nee%s of his (oun#est chil% )ho )as su5e"in# f"o& an asth&a attac>. $AAA$ an%
he" othe" siblin#s slept si%e b( si%e at a"oun% &i%ni#ht. 3o)eve", his chil% )ho )as sic> )ith asth&a slept at
a"oun% t)o oAcloc> in the &o"nin#. The"eafte", he slept besi%e his th"ee chil%"en an% )o>e up at seven oAcloc>
in the &o"nin#. 3is chil%"en, inclu%in# $AAA,$ )e"e still in the house.
Rulin# of the Re#ional T"ial ou"t
On Au#ust '7, +--., the t"ial cou"t "en%e"e% its Decision, the %ispositive po"tion of )hich "ea%s as follo)s;
D3EREFORE, in vie) of the fo"e#oin#, the p"osecution havin# p"oven the #uilt of the accuse% EMINIANO
!ARECA ( MEDINA be(on% "easonable %oubt, he is foun% #uilt( of the c"i&e of Euali6e% "ape as cha"#e% in
the info"&ation. 3e is he"eb( sentence% to su5e" the penalt( of %eath. 3e is also o"%e"e% to pa( the p"ivate
co&plainant $AAA$ the a&ount of P,.,---.-- as civil in%e&nit(F P.-,---.-- as &o"al %a&a#esF P+.,---.-- as
e*e&pla"( %a&a#es. 3e is li>e)ise &ete% the accesso"( penalties un%e" A"ticle 8- of the Revise% Penal o%e.
No p"onounce&ent as to cost.
Rulin# of the ou"t of Appeals
On Ap"il 7-, +--,, the A p"o&ul#ate% its Decision that a5i"&e% )ith &o%i6cation the t"ial cou"tAs %ecision.
D3EREFORE, p"e&ises consi%e"e%, the assaile% Au#ust '7, +--. Decision of the RT of alaban#a,
a&a"ines Su", !"anch 47, in "i&inal ase No. RTH-819'', convictin# accuse%1appellant !ARECA of
incestuous "ape, is he"eb( MODIFIED in that; /'0 the penalt( i&pose% )hich shoul% be "e%uce% f"o& %eath
penalt( to "eclusion pe"petua pu"suant to Republic Act No. 9784 an% /+0 the a&ount of &o"al %a&a#es shoul%
be inc"ease% f"o& P.-,---.-- to P,.,---.-- to confo"& )ith cu""ent =u"isp"u%ence.
Pu"suant to Section '7 /c0, Rule '+8 of the +--- Rules of "i&inal P"oce%u"e as a&en%e% b( A.M. No. --1.1-71
S %ate% Septe&be" +G, +--8, )hich beca&e e5ective on Octobe" '., +--8, this =u%#&ent of the ou"t of
Appeals &a( be appeale% to the Sup"e&e ou"t b( notice of appeal 6le% )ith the le"> of ou"t of the ou"t of
The Assi#n&ent of E""o"
Still insistin# on his innocence, appellant 6le% an appeal an% a%opte% the sa&e lone assi#n&ent of e""o" he
a%vance% befo"e the A that I
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Ou" Rulin#
The appeal is un&e"ito"ious.
$In "evie)in# "ape cases, the ou"t is #ui%e% b( the fou" )ell1establishe% p"inciples * * *; /'0 an accusation fo"
"ape can be &a%e )ith facilit(F /+0 it is %i5icult to p"ove but &o"e %i5icult fo" the pe"son accuse%, thou#h
innocent, to %isp"oveF /70 ?consi%e"in#@ the int"insic natu"e of the c"i&e of "ape )he"e onl( t)o pe"sons a"e
usuall( involve%, the testi&on( of the co&plainant &ust be sc"utiniKe% )ith e*t"e&e cautionF an%, /80 the
evi%ence fo" the p"osecution &ust stan% o" fall on its o)n &e"its an% cannot be allo)e% to %"a) st"en#th f"o&
the )ea>ness of the evi%ence fo" the %efense.$
Thus, $the p"i&o"%ial consi%e"ation in a %ete"&ination
conce"nin# the c"i&e of "ape is the c"e%ibilit( of the p"ivate co&plainantAs testi&on(.$
In this case, the t"ial cou"t #ave co&plete c"e%ence to $AAAAs$ testi&on(. She positivel( i%enti6e% the appellant
as he" se*ual a##"esso" an% neve" )ave"e% in he" %ecla"ation on the %etails of the ho""ible e*pe"ience she
su5e"e% in the han%s of he" fathe". On <anua"( 8, +--8, she )as =ust '' (ea"s ol% )hen he" fathe" un%"esse%
he", an% tie% he" han%s an% feet )hile she )as asleep. 3e )as al"ea%( havin# ca"nal >no)le%#e of he" )hen
she )as a)a>ene% %ue to the e*c"uciatin# pain cause% b( the penet"ation of he" o)n fathe"As penis into he"
va#ina. This inci%ent occu""e% in the evenin# in the p"ivac( of thei" fa&il( ho&e. In a plain an%
st"ai#htfo")a"% &anne", she "ecounte% he" ha""o)in# o"%eal as follo)s;
:. Bou sai% (ou )e"e sleepin# then. an (ou tell us )hat ti&e * * * (ou ?)o>e@ up * * * that ni#htL
A. At a"oun% 9;-- oAcloc> o" '-;-- oAcloc>.
:. Dh( ?)e"e (ou a@)a>ene% ?at@ that hou"L
A. !ecause I felt pain ?in@ &( va#ina.
:. Afte" (ou )e"e a)a>ene%, )hat %i% (ou obse"ve on (ou" pe"sonL
A. I )as tie% an% al"ea%( na>e%.
:. Dhen (ou sai% (ou )e"e tie%, >in%l( tell us )hich pa"t?s@ of (ou" bo%( * * * )e"e tie%L
A. M( t)o han%s an% &( feet.
The )itness is illust"atin# ho) he" t)o han%s )e"e tie% b( placin# he" t)o han%s above he" hea%.
:. An% )hen (ou ?sa(@ that (ou )e"e ?in@ that situation, %o (ou "e&e&be" )ho )as * * * p"esent then )hile (ou
)e"e ?in@ that positionL
A. E&iniano !a"cela.
:. An% )hat )as the action ta>en b( E&iniano !a"celaL
A. 3e )as ?%oin#@ push an% pull &ove&ent?s@ on top of &e.
* * * *
O>a(. Bou sai%, (ou" han%s )e"e tie%, )hat else %i% (ou obse"ve on (ou" pe"sonL
A. I )as also na>e% an% &( feet )e"e also tie%.
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:. An% ho) ?)e"e@ (ou" feet * * * tie%L
A. M( t)o feet )e"e tie% apa"t f"o& each othe".
:. Dhen (ou sa) E&iniano !a"cela fo" the 6"st ti&e, )hat %i% (ou obse"ve * * * hi& ?%oin#@L
A. 3e )as ?%oin#@ push an% pull &ove&ent?s@ on top of &e.
:. Then, )hat %i% (ou feel )hile he )as in that positionL
A. M( va#ina )as in pain.
:. An% )hat action %i% (ou ta>e if an( )hile E&iniano !a"cela )as on top of (ou &a>in# push an% pull
A. I )as c"(in#.
* * * *
Sustaine%. Dh( is it that (ou" va#ina is in painL
A. !ecause his penis )as inse"te% ?into@ &( va#ina.
Dhen (ou sai% (ou" fathe" E&iniano !a"cela )as ?%oin#@ push an% pull &ove&ent, )hat else %i% he %oL
A. Afte" that he untie% &e an% then po>e% an icepic> ?at@ &e an% tol% &e to #o to sleep.
$?T@he 6n%in#s of the t"ial cou"t as to the c"e%ibilit( of )itnesses ?)ill not be %istu"be% on appeal@ consi%e"in#
that ?the t"ial cou"t@ is in a bette" position to obse"ve thei" can%o" an% ?con%uct@ on the )itness stan%.
Evaluation of the c"e%ibilit( of )itnesses an% thei" testi&onies is a &atte" best un%e"ta>en b( the t"ial cou"t,
?%ue to@ its uniEue oppo"tunit( to obse"ve the )itnesses an% thei" %e&eano", con%uct, an% attitu%e, especiall(
un%e" c"oss1e*a&ination. Its assess&ent is "especte% unless ce"tain facts of substance an% value )e"e
ove"loo>e% )hich, if consi%e"e%, &i#ht a5ect the outco&e of the case.$
Mo"eove", $?n@o sane #i"l )oul% concoct a sto"( of %eMo"ation, allo) an e*a&ination of he" p"ivate pa"ts an%
?the"eafte" sub=ect he"self@ to public t"ial o" "i%icule if she has not in t"uth been a victi& of "ape an% ?is@
i&pelle% to see> =ustice fo" the )"on# ?co&&itte% a#ainst he"@. It is hi#hl( ?i&p"obable that a #i"l )oul%@
fab"icate a sto"( that )oul% e*pose he"self an% he" fa&il( to a lifeti&e of %ishono", especiall( )hen he"
cha"#es )oul% &ean the %eath o" the lon#1te"& i&p"ison&ent of he" fathe". Bouth an% i&&atu"it( a"e
#ene"all( ba%#es of t"uth an% since"it(.$
onsi%e"in# that the victi& in this case un%e")ent a ha""o)in#
e*pe"ience an% e*pose% he"self to the "i#o"s of public t"ial, it is unli>el( that she )oul% %evise false
accusations a#ainst appellant, )ho is he" fathe".
Fu"the", the testi&on( of $AAA$ )as co""obo"ate% b( the &e%ical 6n%in#s of D". :uilon, the ph(sician )ho
con%ucte% the &e%ico1le#al e*a&ination on he". D". :uilon, %ecla"e% that he foun% heale% h(&enal lace"ations
at the t)o an% seven oAcloc> notches on the p"ivate pa"t of $AAA,$ )hich coul% have been cause% b( the
penet"ation of a &anAs penis. 3e also %isclose% that the h(&en of $AAA$ )as no lon#e" intactF she )as no
lon#e" a vi"#in. Dhen the testi&on( of a "ape victi& is consistent )ith the &e%ical 6n%in#s, su5icient basis
e*ists to )a""ant a conclusion that the essential "eEuisite of ca"nal >no)le%#e has been establishe%.
testi&on( of D". :uilon, the"efo"e, st"en#thens $AAAAs$ clai& of "ape a#ainst appellant.
In an atte&pt to e*one"ate hi&self, appellant i&pu#ns the c"e%ibilit( of $AAA.$ 3e ave"s that the testi&on(
that he tie% he" han%s an% feet )hile she )as asleep to facilitate the consu&&ation of "ape is unbelievable
consi%e"in# that thei" house is so s&all an% seve"al people )e"e sleepin# besi%e he" on the sa&e &at. 3e also
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clai&s that $AAA$ faile% to "esist the alle#e% se*ual a##"ession. Mo"eove", he casts %oubt on the testi&on( of
$AAA$ that he o"%e"e% he" to )ash he" bloo%staine% pant(. 3e posits that $AAA$ coul% not have staine% he"
pant( )ith bloo% since she testi6e% that she )as al"ea%( na>e% at the ti&e he )as alle#e%l( "apin# he" an%
the"e is no p"oof that she put on he" clothes afte" he satis6e% his lust.

AppellantAs asse"tions fail to i&p"ess. The testi&on( of $AAA$ that appellant tie% he" han%s an% feet to
consu&&ate the "ape in spite of the fact that thei" house )as s&all an% people )e"e sleepin# besi%e he" is not
inc"e%ible. It is a*io&atic that appellant tie% the han%s an% feet of $AAA$ to ensu"e the co&&ission of "ape an%
to eli&inate an( "esistance that she &i#ht use. Rest"ainin# $AAA$ )as also inten%e% to li&it he" &ove&ent so
that he" siblin#s sleepin# besi%e he" )oul% not be a)a>ene% an% )itness the c"i&e.
AppellantAs contention that "ape coul% not be co&&itte% in a s&all house )he"e seve"al people )e"e sleepin#
%oes not %ese"ve consi%e"ation. $Cust is no "especte" of ti&e an% place. * * * ?R@ape can be co&&itte% even
insi%e a house )he"e the"e a"e othe" occupants o" )he"e othe" &e&be"s of the fa&il( a"e also sleepin#. Thus,
it is an accepte% "ule in c"i&inal la) that "ape &a( be co&&itte% even )hen the "apist an% the victi& a"e not
alone. Fact is, "ape &a( even be co&&itte% in the sa&e "oo& * * * o" in a s&all "oo& )he"e othe" fa&il(
&e&be"s also sleep,$
as in this case.
AppellantAs alle#ation that $AAA$ faile% to "esist the se*ual assault is untenable. Obviousl(, $AAA$ coul% not be
e*pecte% to o5e" "esistance to the se*ual a##"ession of appellant since he" han%s an% feet )e"e tie%. Even if it
)e"e t"ue that $AAA$ %i% not se"iousl( "esist appellantAs o5ense, he" failu"e cannot be consi%e"e% to %i&inish
the c"e%ibilit( of he" testi&on(. $It &ust be st"esse% that the "esistance of the victi& is not an ele&ent of the
c"i&e ?of "ape@,$ an% $the la) %oes not i&pose ?on the p"osecution@ the bu"%en of ?establishin# the sa&e@.$

$As lon# as the fo"ce o" inti&i%ation is p"esent, )hethe" it )as &o"e o" less i""esistible is besi%e the point.$
In a%%ition, $in the incestuous "ape of a &ino", actual fo"ce o" inti&i%ation nee% not be ?p"oven@. * * * The
&o"al an% ph(sical ?%o&ination@ of the fathe" is su5icient to ?inti&i%ate@ the victi& into sub&ission to his
?ca"nal@ %esi"es. * * * The ?"apist@, b( his ove"po)e"in# an% ove"bea"in# &o"al inMuence, can easil(
consu&&ate his bestial lust )ith i&punit(. ?onseEuentl(@, p"oof of fo"ce an% violence is unnecessa"(, unli>e
)hen the accuse% is not an ascen%ant o" a bloo% "elative of the victi&.$

Dhethe" the bloo%staine% pant( actuall( e*iste% )ill not a%ve"sel( a5ect the c"e%ibilit( of $AAA$ as appellant
)ants to &a>e it appea". The fact that $AAA$ %i% not %ecla"e on the )itness stan% that she put on he" clothes
afte" the "ape %oes not &a>e he" testi&on( inconsistent. Neithe" %oes it &a>e the e*istence of sai%
bloo%staine% pant( i&p"obable. Dhat is essential is that $AAA$ cate#o"icall( testi6e% that he" fathe" as>e% he"
to )ash sai% pant( the &o"nin# afte" the inci%ent because it ha% bloo% on it. 3o)eve", she bu"ne% it alon# )ith
he" &at since it )as a "e&in%e" of he" ho""ible fate.
Fu"the"&o"e, the alle#e% i&p"obabilit( is an inconseEuential &atte" that %oes not bea" upon the ele&ents of
the c"i&e of "ape. The %ecisive facto" in the p"osecution of "ape is )hethe" the co&&ission of the c"i&e has
been su5icientl( p"oven. $Fo" a %isc"epanc( o" inconsistenc( in the testi&on( of a )itness to se"ve as basis fo"
acEuittal, it &ust "efe" to the si#ni6cant facts ?in%ispensable@ to the #uilt o" innocence of the ?appellant@ fo"
the c"i&e cha"#e%.$
As the inconsistencies alle#e% b( appellant ha% nothin# to %o )ith the ele&ents of the
c"i&e of "ape, the( cannot be use% as #"oun%s fo" his acEuittal.

AppellantAs %efense of %enial )as p"ope"l( "e=ecte%. All that is on "eco"% is the ba"e an% unco""obo"ate%
p"otestations of appellant that he %i% not "ape his &ino" %au#hte", $AAA.$ 3e %i% not p"o5e" evi%ence to
substantiate his ave"&ents. $?D@enial is inhe"entl( a )ea> %efense. To be believe%, it &ust be ?suppo"te%@ b(
st"on# evi%ence of non1culpabilit(F othe")ise, such %enial is pu"el( self1se"vin# an% has p"acticall( no
evi%entia"( value$
vis a vis the positive %ecla"ation of a c"e%ible )itness. $!et)een the positive asse"tions of
the ?victi&@ an% the ne#ative ave"&ents of ?appellant@, the fo"&e" in%isputabl( %ese"ve &o"e c"e%ence an% a"e
entitle% to #"eate" evi%entia"( )ei#ht.$
Thus, the positive i%enti6cation &a%e b( $AAA$ of appellant as the
pe"son )ho inse"te% his penis into he" va#ina plainl( p"evails ove" his %enial.1avvphi1
2iven the fo"e#oin# ci"cu&stances, )e 6n% no co#ent "eason to %eviate f"o& the 6n%in#s an% conclusions of
the t"ial cou"t, as a5i"&e% b( the A. The "eco"% in this case full( substantiates the inci%ent of "ape su5e"e%
b( $AAA$ in the han%s of appellant. The p"osecution su5icientl( p"ove% the #uilt of appellant be(on%
"easonable %oubt. The evaluation of the testi&on( of $AAA$ has been app"eciate% p"ope"l( an% the evi%ence is
ove")hel&in# to convict appellant of havin# ca"nal >no)le%#e of he".
The P"ope" Penalt(
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The "ape of $AAA$ )as co&&itte% on <anua"( 8, +--8. Acco"%in#l(, the p"ovisions of Republic Act /RA0 No.
)hich is the la) in e5ect )hen the c"i&e )as co&&itte%, shall appl(.
In this case, the ele&ent of ca"nal >no)le%#e )as p"oven b( the testi&on( of the victi&. $AAAAs$ &ino"it( )as
establishe% b( the p"esentation of he" e"ti6cate of Cive !i"th
sho)in# that she )as bo"n on Ap"il 7, '99+.
She )as onl( '' (ea"s ol% )hen the "ape )as co&&itte% on <anua"( 8, +--8. Notabl(, the appellant a%&itte%
that he is the fathe" of $AAA$ %u"in# the p"e1t"ial confe"ence an% the t"ial of this case. lea"l(, the &ino"it( of
the victi& an% he" 6lial "elationship to the appellant have been alle#e% in the Info"&ation an% %ul( p"oven
%u"in# t"ial. $The p"esence of the fo"e#oin# Eualif(in# ci"cu&stance?s@ "aise% the c"i&e of Statuto"( Rape to
:uali6e% Rape. Si&pl( state%, :uali6e% Rape is Statuto"( Rape in its Euali6e% fo"&.$
As a "esult, the t"ial cou"tAs i&position of the penalt( of %eath on appellant )as =usti6e%. 3o)eve", )ith the
passa#e of RA 9784 entitle% $An Act P"ohibitin# The I&position Of The Death Penalt( In The Philippines,$ the
penalt(, as co""ectl( i&pose% b( the ou"t of Appeals, shoul% be "eclusion pe"petua.
Pu"suant to the sa&e
la), the appellant shall not be eli#ible fo" pa"ole un%e" Act No. 8'-7, othe")ise >no)n as the In%ete"&inate
Sentence Ca).
The Da&a#es
In line )ith p"evailin# =u"isp"u%ence, $AAA$ is entitle% to an a)a"% of P,.,---.-- as civil in%e&nit(, anothe"
P,.,---.-- as &o"al %a&a#es an% P7-,---.-- as e*e&pla"( %a&a#es.
The a)a"% of civil in%e&nit(, )hich is
in the natu"e of actual o" co&pensato"( %a&a#es, is &an%ato"( upon conviction.
On the othe" han%, &o"al
%a&a#es is a)a"%e% )ithout nee% of plea%in# o" p"ovin# thei" basis.
Due to the p"esence of the
a##"avatin#NEualif(in# ci"cu&stances of &ino"it( an% the "elationship of $AAA$ to appellant, both of )hich
)e"e alle#e% in the Info"&ation an% p"oven %u"in# t"ial, the a)a"% of e*e&pla"( %a&a#es is in o"%e".
Thus, the A co""ectl( a)a"%e% $AAA$ civil in%e&nit( in the a&ount of P,.,---.--, an% anothe" P,.,---.-- as
&o"al %a&a#es. The a)a"% of e*e&pla"( %a&a#es &ust ho)eve" be inc"ease% f"o& P+.,---.-- to P7-,---.--
in line )ith p"evailin# =u"isp"u%ence.

D3EREFORE, the Decision of the ou"t of Appeals in A12.R. R13 No. -'.4', )hich a5i"&e% )ith
&o%i6cation the Decision of the Re#ional T"ial ou"t of alaban#a, a&a"ines Su", !"anch 47, 6n%in#
appellant E&iniano !a"cela ( Me%ina #uilt( be(on% "easonable %oubt of co&&ittin# the c"i&e of Euali6e% "ape
is AFFIRMED )ith &o%i6cations that the a&ount of e*e&pla"( %a&a#es is inc"ease% to P7-,---.-- an% that
appellant is not le#ible fo" pa"ole.
Associate <ustice
hief <usticeO
Associate <ustice
RO"ERTO !. !"!D
Associate <ustice
Associate <ustice
Pu"suant to Section '7, A"ticle VIII of the onstitution, it is he"eb( ce"ti6e% that the conclusions in the above
Decision ha% been "eache% in consultation befo"e the case )as assi#ne% to the )"ite" of the opinion of the
ou"tAs Division.
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hief <ustice
In lieu of Associate <ustice P"esbite"o <. Velasco, <"., pe" Special O"%e" No. 9', %ate%
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Associate <ustices <ose6na 2ueva"a1Salon#a an% Ra&on R. 2a"cia.
I%. at '71'8F penne% b( <u%#e F"e%%ie D. !alonKo.
The i%entit( of the victi& o" an( info"&ation )hich coul% establish o" co&p"o&ise he"
i%entit(, as )ell as those of he" i&&e%iate fa&il( o" househol% &e&be"s, shall be )ithhel%
pu"suant to Republic Act No. ,4'-, An Act P"ovi%in# fo" St"on#e" Dete""ence an% Special
P"otection A#ainst hil% Abuse, E*ploitation an% Disc"i&ination, an% fo" Othe" Pu"posesF
Republic Act No. 9+4+, An Act De6nin# Violence A#ainst Do&en an% Thei" hil%"en, P"ovi%in#
fo" P"otective Measu"es fo" Victi&s, P"esc"ibin# Penalties The"efo", an% fo" Othe" Pu"posesF
an% Section 8- of A.M. No. -81'-1''1S, >no)n as the Rule on Violence A#ainst Do&en an%
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PJRPOSES. Republic Act No. G7.7, othe")ise >no)n as T3E ANTI1RAPE CAD OF '99,, too>
e5ect on Octobe" ++, '99,F See People v. Pe"eK, 2.R. No. 'G+9+8, Dece&be" +8, +--G, .,.
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People v. 2lo"ia, 2.R. No. '4G8,4, Septe&be" +,, +--4, .-7 SRA ,8+, ,.4.
SE +. In lieu of the %eath penalt(, the follo)in# shall be i&pose%;
/a0 The penalt( of "eclusion pe"petua, )hen the la) violate% &a>es use of the
no&enclatu"e of the penalties of the Revise% Penal o%e.
/b0 The penalt( of life i&p"ison&ent, )hen the la) violate% %oes not &a>e use of the
no&enclatu"e of the penalties of the Revise% Penal o%e.
Section 7 of Republic Act No. 9784 p"ovi%es;
SE. 7. Pe"sons convicte% of o5enses punishe% )ith "eclusion pe"petua, o" )hose
sentences )ill be "e%uce% to "eclusion pe"petua, b( "eason of this Act, shall not be
eli#ible fo" pa"ole un%e" Act No. 8'-7, othe")ise >no)n as the In%ete"&inate Sentence
Ca), as a&en%e%.
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