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Preparation for Casting of the first block

Design/Specs/Method Statement
o Detail design approved?
o Drawings Issued and Approved by KBR?
o Concrete mix design approved? Concrete specs approved? Was the
concrete mix already tested in terms of workability, temperature,
curing and compression tests?
o Materials tested and approved according to design?
Concrete Adds
A/C ratio
Water analysis
Surface treatment for formwork;
o Method Statement approved?
Concrete mix sequence;
Check humidity and temperature of components. Is it in the
method statement?
Will ice or cold water to be used? How will it be mixed with
the concrete?
How the temperature of the mix will be controlled?
o Equipment
Batch Plant method of measurement of concrete
components (weight or volume?);
Loading equipment/ front loader?
Measurement instruments calibrated? Weighting of cement,
volume of aggregates and water? Tolerances previous
Mixer trucks ready? Check and test mixing accessories.
How concrete will be vibrated? Immersion vibration?
Formwork vibration? Is the method for the vibration of the
concrete established in the method statement?
Is the lifting system inserts included in the block drawings?
Gantry crane is ready for operation?
o Material
Is there sufficient stock of necessary material for the
programmed blocks? Are these materials tested and
approved in stock?
o Berths and Formwork
Design of formwork for stability and block plan faces
purposes was checked?
Are the berths for concrete pouring ready?
Was the plan of berths checked?
Were eventual settlements of berths checked?
Are the berths sufficiently anchored to the ground, which
will avoid berths to be lifted together with the blocks?
How formworks will be fixed/positioned? Cranes? Gantry
cranes? Lifting devices are installed on formwork panels? Is
there a rigging plan for formwork panels?
Will fixing rods be used? Are accessories for rods fixation
on site? Were they calculated and checked? Will they be
pre-stressed? Which tension?
Formwork panels will be sealed along the connection
between each other. How? Rubber strip?
Will there be external alignment supports? How
much/type, etc.?

Inspection Procedures approved? Forms for register
Periodicity? Sampling? Equipment and material for
sampling? Compression tests? Laboratory installation?
Calibration and certification of
Thermometers will be installed inside the mas during
pouring? Position is defined? Is there a temperature graph
prepared for controlling the temperature during pouring?
Is there a format for registering?
Dimension controlling procedure is already defined? So are
the tolerances?
How the measurements of formwork will be checked before
pouring concrete?
Format for blocks inspection is ready?
Are molds available for compression tests?
What is the minimum compression resistance of the
concrete allowing blocks to be removed from berth;

o Fabrication of Formwork including upper and bottom key ;
o Fabricate steel block-outs for lifting holes
o Precast bottom block-out for lifting holes
o Prepare bottom Formwork with corrugated plate;
o Fabricate access ladders;
o Fabricate working platform with proper handrails;
o Security Equipment (life lines);
o Miscellaneous items, lateral, inferior and superior tie rods;

o Install temperature sensors;
o Install refrigeration coil;
o Stockpile of sand
o Stockpile of aggregate
o Stockpile of admixtures 113m3 of concrete;
o 15 loads of Concrete Truck, 5 trucks per hour.
o Adequate vibrators;
o Concrete Pump;
o Adequate illumination for nocturnal casting;
o Geotextile;
o Water in abundance (7 days);
o Ladder with wheels for block inspection;
o Crane for Formwork removal;
o Gantry crane;
o Inland Lifting Frame;
o Inland Lifting hooks;
o Cables;
o Split Barge
o Floating Crane;
o Marine lifting Frame;
o Marine Lifting hooks;