Code green
Palisade systems
Trend micro
GTB Technologies
Network, Device,Discovery(storage) DLP
The offering supports network, endpoint and agent-based
discovery functions.
RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Datacenter , endpoint,
Network Monitor, Network Prevent, Network Discover,
Network Protect, Endpoint Prevent, Endpoint Discover and
DLP for Tablets.
comprehensive set of endpoint, network and discovery
endpoint, network and discovery capabilities. A new
managed service offering increases the appeal of the solution
to organizations that do not want to operate a DLP solution
It offers a good blend of endpoint, network and data
discovery capabilities
Trend Micro™ Integrated Data Loss Prevention extends your
existing security with single-click deployment of DLP
capabilities built into Trend Micro endpoint, email, web, and
messaging gateway security. It also includes USB device
control for endpoints. And with central management for
security and data protection, DLP policies can be enforced
across multiple layers of security to prevent data loss via
email, USB, and the web.
The practical approach behind eSafe’s Data Leak Prevention
enables inspection of all outbound traffic from the
organization to the Internet (web, mail, and FTP). With more
that 20 out-of-the-box dictionaries for over 150 file types,
and full Unicode support, the DLP module can administer
granular policies by user or group, and can generate actions
to report, block, archive, or alert, as well as create reports to
ease monitoring and administration.
GTB Technologies provides a complete content-aware DLP
solution set that offers capabilities to support both
regulatory compliance and intellectual property (IP) use cases
using endpoint, network and discovery. Most deployments
are within small or midsize businesses (SMBs) that rely on a
relatively small team of administrators to support their users.
DeviceLock DLP Suite v7 allows organisations to lock down,
take control of, and fully audit the use of all USB and other
removable devices such as iPhone, iPads, PDA's, smart
phones such as Blackberry, Windows mobile, Android,
CD/DVD drives, Tape Drives, Wifi, bluetooth, camera phones -
in fact ALL removable devices instantly.
ContentLock Module provides true endpoint Data Leak
Protection (DLP). Monitor and filter endpoint traffic for DLP
threats in files and data objects using context, regular
expressions, boolean operators, regular expressions and
control more than 4000 file types! Dozens of templates are
v7 NetworkLock Module. Selectively control hard to reach
Network Communications and applications for DLP threats.
Monitor, filter and control HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/Telnet, as well
as social network applications such as Facebook and Twitter,
Instant Messaging applications and more.
Close competitor - Cloud/ idea based .
Close competitor - Feature based and price based.
Pros Cons
channeled solution. Many SMB clients.
1)Appliance base only 2)Code Green's offering is
best-suited for small and midsize deployments
with low-complexity use cases due to weak
reporting capabilities and task-heavy quarantine
functions, which can necessitate manual
administrative intervention for each event.
Special hardware related deployments.
email encryption , ease of use, easy to
manage,captured SMB market not advanced and hance cannot upto Enterprise
Data discovery is great.All three DLP modules
are managed through a centralized management
console with more than 170 expert policies and
built-in incident management workflow.
The endpoint agent continues to be basic, and
clients reported performance and accuracy issues
with using some of the advanced content
fingerprinting capabilities on the endpoint.
Special hardware related deployments.
Content-aware DLP for tablets has been
significantly improved and is one of the top
capabilities discussed by clients.
Content extraction capabilities have also been
advanced and provide a more comprehensive
solution to address IP protection deployments.
High price and special hardware related
deployments. Long Roadmap for changes.
Integration required with existing Symantec
great management console and easy workflow
limited policies and not advanced. Special
Hardware related deployments.s
supports more than 1 OS, strong support for
virtualized environment deployments.Verdasys
has a managed service offering option for
organizations that do not want to operate a DLP
Because of deep integration of Verdasys
capabilities within endpoint OS and application
environments, Gartner clients report that
software updates & upgrades typically require
more testing than with other software offerings
to verify capability support and to ensure minimal
impacts of changes on operations.
strong policy engine with good remediation
options. Websense offers a full-featured DLP
solution that supports endpoint, network and
data discovery.
Its "drip DLP" feature monitors for slow leaks of
information over a long period of time.Its optical
character recognition (OCR) capabilities identify
sensitive content within scanned documents.
Its redaction capabilities are only supported for
data at rest.Websense has been in a leadership
role within the content-aware DLP market for
several years; however, it appears to Gartner that
its product road map is showing signs of slower
feature adoption when compared to those of its
competitors. This could impact its future appeal
to clients and its overall position in the market.
By combining threat and data protection in a
flexible, centrally-managed solution, it lowers
the cost and effort to deploy and manage while
closing critical security and compliance
gaps—for complete end user protection.
Trend Micro has been in the process of winding
down its stand-alone enterprise DLP solution and
has announced end-of-sale for this product.
Trend Micro has migrated to a strategy of
embedding its DLP capabilities within its endpoint
and gateway solutions, hence new customers
(who have not deployed trendmicro solution) will
have an issue.
eSafe's DLP module provides all the necessary
features that enable companies to be more
compliant and receive easy-to-manage basic DLP
Not end point related but focuses mainly on
Network DLP. Also available only as a part of a
complete Security suite which includes an
GTB's investment in enhancements to their UI
has resulted in improved ease of use when
deploying policies across any combination of
network, endpoint or discovery.
The vendor is focusing on making the solution
GTB's content-aware DLP capabilities for a
virtualized environment were highly rated by
Simplified non-process oriented usage, hence not
really Large enterprise ready. Reporting is only
basic and the look and feel of the software is very
heavy list of
eatures.html). Very competitive price. They give
a completely free Trialware prouct for a limited
time. Targets smb but can also scale to
Not easy to install. Its an completely on-premise
solution. The solution recognizes only 80 file
formats and data types as a part of its