Devan Patel

Chapter 5
Into the Jungle

1. What characteristics made Roy Chapman Andrews particularly adept at

Roy had a lot of experience outside with nature and with his father along side
with him. Andrews loved to fish, hunt and even camp out.

2. Why were experts in different disciplines vital to the expedition and its

The reason why they were needed is because each held a specific job or end.
They each focused on something major or what they are so called “masters”
in. With the knowledge of each of these people they could easily survey the
land with better outcomes rather than one person doing all the work.

3. What was the significance of the discovery of dinosaur eggs?

The discovery of the dinosaur egg led them to future things that had happen
like they had no idea that dinosaur’s themselves could lay eggs. These fossils
led to a new discovery of a dinosaur.

4. Why did the American Museum of Natural History scientists consider the
mammal fossil so important?

It was proof to the Age of Dinosaurs era had existed and that the dinosaur
fossils led the discovery of many new breed of species.