Statement by the State Information Services in response to the allegations

made in the report issued by Human Rights Watch
The Egyptian government has taken note of the report issued by Human
Rights Watch (HRW) on ugust !"# The report presents a highly negative and
biased account of the violent events that took place in Egypt during the year
"$!%& and totally fails to ade'uately report on the attacks carried out by the
(rotherhood& as a terrorist organi)ation& and its supporters#
The content of the report did not come as a surprise to the Egyptian
government& given the organi)ation*s +ell,kno+n biases& and the approach it
has consistently pursued# ccordingly& the Egyptian government utterly
re-ects the report and critici)es its biased perspective& +hich reaffirms the
organi)ation.s persistent lack of ob-ectivity to+ards Egypt# The report*s
portrayal of events that took place in /uly and ugust "$!% reflects a lack of
professionalism by the organi)ation*s e0perts as they relied on unidentified
+itnesses as +ell as biased and non,credible sources# The report e'ually
demonstrates an utter lack of understanding of the reality of the specificity of
the Egyptian society and its political and ideological orientations that have
developed throughout the past three years# 1oreover& the organi)ation does
not en-oy any legal status that may allo+ it to operate in Egypt# The
organi)ation has indeed +ithdra+n its re'uest for a permit to function in
Egypt according to la+ no#23 of "$$"# s such& conducting investigations&
collecting evidence& and intervie+ing +itnesses +ithout any legal backing are
activities that constitute a flagrant violation of the established principle of
state sovereignty under international la+#
The Egyptian government regrets the report*s deliberate omission of any
reference to the hundreds of police& military& and civilian victims +ho fell as a
result of the then and still ongoing violent and terrorist incidents conducted by
those described in the report as 4peaceful protestors4# These violent and
terrorist incidents continue to take place through coordinated and organi)ed
attacks and bombings by the (rotherhood& as a terrorist organi)ation& and its
supporters# The report overlooks the fact that the first victim to fall during
the dispersal of the sit,ins +as a policeman killed by gunfire as he +as guiding
the protestors through the safe passages of e0it designated by security forces#
5pon close scrutiny& the report reveals its clear bias and predisposition in
favor of the allegations made by the so,called 4lliance in Support of
6egitimacy4& +hich is merely another fa7ade of the (rotherhood& as a
terrorist organi)ation#
s is +ell,kno+n& the Egyptian government has established a national
independent fact,finding commission& headed by the reno+ned international
/udge 8r# 9ouad bdelmoneim Riad& to investigate the violent events that
took place during the dispersal of the Rabaa and :ahda sit,ins as +ell as all
violent events that took place since /une %$& "$!3# The ;ommission +as
mandated to collect evidence& in order to identify any violations or abuses that
took place and hold accountable those responsible# s such& the conclusions
and recommendations of the HRW.s report thus preempt the results of the
+ork of the :ational 9act,9inding ;ommission& and constitute a flagrant
intervention in the +ork of the national investigative and -udicial authorities&
and an attempt to impinge upon the independence and integrity of the
Egyptian -udiciary#
1oreover& the report ignores the evidence presented in other reports by
Egyptian civil society& including the report issued by the Ibn <haldun ;enter&
as +ell as the report issued by the fact,finding commission established by the
:ational ;ouncil for Human Rights# These reports ob-ectively tackled the
procedures undertaken by the Egyptian authorities& +hich clearly indicate
that the dispersal of the sit,ins +as conducted in accordance +ith the relevant
international legal standards& and according to an order from the =ublic
=rosecutor*s >ffice# It is also +orth noting that the participants of the sit,ins
+ere provided +ith safe passages and means of transportation to e0it the area#
The report also clearly fails to mention the fact that the dispersal came in the
+ake of the failure of all political and popular efforts aimed at persuading the
protestors to disperse peacefully and to preserve security and public order#
The dispersal also came follo+ing the escalating complaints raised by
residents of the area over the protestors* usage of the sites of the sit,ins as
launching points for non,peaceful marches and formation of criminal hubs&
resulting in terrori)ing citi)ens& in addition to targeting public facilities&
thereby constituting breaches of human rights and fundamental freedoms#
The Egyptian government calls on the Human Rights Watch to adhere to
accuracy and impartiality& and to maintain professionalism and neutrality in
dealing +ith the situation in Egypt# The non,adherence by HRW to such
standards casts serious doubts regarding its credibility& ob-ectives& and +ork
methodology# This is particularly relevant in light of the insistence of the
HRW.s representatives on visiting the country and issuing their report& a
move that came in parallel +ith dubious moves by the terrorist organi)ation
and its supporters& +ith a vie+ to carrying out further acts of violence and
terrorism against the Egyptian State and innocent civilians#
In conclusion& the Egyptian government reaffirms its full respect for the
promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms& as
guaranteed by the Egyptian ;onstitution of "$!3& and in accordance +ith its
international obligations under international human rights la+#