- Dr. Sandeep Goel
As an integral component for learning and evaluation the students are being assigned a
project. This is a group activity and it is expected that each member of the group would
actively participate in the exercise.
There are two parts of this:
1. Write-up in your own words in ! Word " app. around #$-%& pages'
(t should have:
o )ac*ground of the +ompany
o +onceptual ,verview
o -roblem with the +ompany
o Analysis ".inancial / !tatistical for measuring impact 0 relationship'
o 1ecommendations
o .uture outloo*
o 1eferences
o Tables2 3raphs4 if any
#. -ower point -resentation
!ample: Top #$ companies4 based on either profit or sales or mar*et standing.
Time: 5ast three years
1. !ervice !ector +ompany : +ash -roblem
#. anufacturing !ector +ompany : 5i6uidity -roblem
%. anufacturing !ector +ompany : -rofitability -roblem
7. +onstruction !ector +ompany : ar*et 1eturn
$. anufacturing !ector +ompany : ,perating efficiency
8. (T !ector +ompany : !olvency -roblem
9. )an*ing !ector +ompany : 5i6uidity -roblem
:. +ement !ector +ompany : -rofitability -roblem
;. -ower !ector +ompany : ar*et 1eturn
1&. ,il 0 gas !ector +ompany : ,perating efficiency

<ou can select from the above or have your own topic within the +ourse domain4 li*e
(.1!4 =ew +ompanies )ill.
Notes: !ubmit a !oft +opy in MS Word and Power point onl "in a +>' containing
the names of the students of that group.
!oft copy other than ! Word and late submissions will not be evaluated
1emember: This project is for your 5?A1=(=3.
@appy 5earningA
>r. !andeep 3oel
11. +onstruction !ector +ompany : !olvency -roblem
1#. 1etail !ector +ompany : 5i6uidity -roblem
1%. .ood !ector +ompany : -rofitability -roblem
17. +onsulting !ector +ompany : ar*et 1eturn
1$. Telecom !ector +ompany : ,perating efficiency
18. (T !ector +ompany : !olvency -roblem
19. +hemical !ector +ompany : 5i6uidity -roblem
1:. -harmaceutical !ector +ompany : -rofitability -roblem
1;. -ower !ector +ompany : ,perating efficiency
#&. )-, !ector +ompany : Wor*ing +apital
#1. B-, !ector +ompany : !olvency -roblem
##. +eramics !ector +ompany : 5i6uidity -roblem
#%. .ood !ector +ompany : 5i6uidity -roblem
#7. +onsulting !ector +ompany : ?fficiency
#$. Telecom !ector +ompany : -rofitability
#8. (T !ector +ompany : 5i6uidity -roblem
#9. @ospitality !ector +ompany : 5i6uidity -roblem