About the Author

Bernadine Torres was born in 1965 on a little island called
Trinidad and Tobago, and grew up in Siparia for a while as a
young child and then moved to Penal Rock Road where she grew
into a young woman. Her father lived in the US for most of her
childhood and her mother ran a small cooking business. The
author went through primary school and college and then later on
she graduated from The Holy Cross International School where
she pursued a career in healthcare/teaching for special needs
children, a profession in which she still works.


To my daughter and son who gave me the encouragement and
hope to go for my dreams to write. I love you Tessa and Gary.
Especially Ryan my dearest darling who stood by all of us (thanks
And my father (Mr Irvin Romanic Malco) who passed away while
I was writing this book (I miss you dad).
I thank God form giving me patience.
We did it guys. I love you all.

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First Published (2014)
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.
25 Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5LB

Printed and bound in Great Britain

Chapter 1

Oh my, my!
I never thought one thing could be so sweet, as I felt my
juices running and the warmth building up between my thighs.
I could only scream for more from my young lover Josh, who
kept me begging for more of his long, hard dick as he thrust in
and out of my warm pussy. My juices kept trickling out and
flowing onto my legs.
I knew that what I was doing right now was wrong., But I
could not help myself; at this point it had reached too far to
stop the heat I felt building up in me as I watched this young
and good-looking (man or stud) fuck the shit out of me. I
promised myself that I would have left Josh alone because he
was my husband’s best friend son, but gee whiz, he was hot.
Help me, please; I was talking to myself again. This sweet
son of a fucking bitch made me feel like a horny, screaming
whore in heat all the time.
Gosh, sometimes I didn’t even believe I was in my forties;
the way I was feeling was like I just wanted more of life all the
time. Most women my age are either afraid of getting older or
fear not being able to attract the opposite sex. We do think a
little negative sometimes!
But there is an urge inside of us that yearns to feel
younger. It’s easy to feel guilt, lust and temptation as we try to
feel twenty again, but life has its course and right now, I loved
every fucking minute of it.
Josh’s wet, hot, lean body brought me back to reality. I
knew I did not want him to stop .I could have gone on all day
as I felt like I was on top of the world someday, I would put
some of my sweet loving skills on Josh’s ass. As though he

could read my mind, Josh started passing his hand down my
back; I was trembling for more of him as we lay side by side.
I felt his heavy breathing on my back as his soft hands
went to my thighs. My pores started rising on my bare skin
between my thigh; I felt a tingling, hot sensation as my juices
wanted to pop right out from my pussy lips. I could not resist
at all; Josh and I had about one hour left and as Josh came over
me, putting his lips to work on my trembling body, he had
other plans in store for me.
Whoo, could he kiss!
As his tongue entered my open mouth I gasped for breath.
I started sucking on his sweet lips as he made his way to my
nipples and started nibbling on them like they were
honeysuckle buds. As that tingling feeling returned I just
wanted to spread open my legs for him to ram his hard dick in
my pussy; my heart was beating so fast as Josh kept working
his way pass my stomach until he reached my pussy lips. He
licked and sucked on them as I raised my butt, pushing my ass
of the bed and begging for his tongue to go further in.
As I wrapped my legs around his neck, my hands went on
his head, pushing it further down. I wanted to stick his whole
fucking head up my cunt. I screamed out in ecstasy, feeling
like I wanted to pass out from the sweetness. I felt like his
tongue was working magic in my pussy; I didn’t have the
words for it, but… Fuck!
I wailed, begged and pleaded with Josh to suck on pussy
harder. My juices were cumming in his fucking mouth; his hot
tongue moving deeper and deeper with all the moaning noises
I was making, and he licked up all of my cum like a mad man.
In my mind I wanted more as lust took over my body.
Josh raised his head and brought his mouth to mine so I
could taste my own pussy juices on his lips. I sucked on it for
dear life because it left a unique taste in my mouth; I have to
admit, I liked it!
Josh’s hands were parting my legs gently as he nestled
between them, and as his cock head sought out my pussy lips
he thrust his hard cock up in my cunt. I bit on his shoulders as
our hips started gyrating and moving in a uniform way.

As I felt his dick ramming into my pussy, I was loving
every minute of it; each thrust made my juices flow more, my
nails digging into Josh’s back.
My pussy felt like it was bursting open as his hard cock
head was hitting my “G” spot. I was in a frenzy as I screamed
for him: Fuck me harder, please baby, I want you to break all
over me!
As my body was getting weaker to his loving, as his body
started moving faster I knew he was about to cum and we
would be doing it together. I felt like I was going to heaven
and floating on air. As Josh’s loud scream filled the room as he
squirted all of his sweet cum in my pussy with a bursting effect
we just clung to each other as we lay there, totally satisfied and
wet with our body juices.
We were totally out of breath; not a sound could be heard
in the room, only our hearts beating in one rhythm. You could
have heard a pin drop in as I snuggled up to Josh; taking in the
warmth of his body because I knew that time was short. Our
hour had totally gone by fast; Josh had to go. We got up and
started to jump into our clothes as Josh had to leave before my
husband got home.
Our little secret was not ready for the world yet, and I
mean not ready!

After my steamy lunch with my lover Josh I got myself ready
for the evening ahead, taking my bath and putting on
something sexy and simple. As I made my way to the kitchen I
decided to cook pasta for dinner.
While I poured myself a glass of wine, a warm tingling
feeling hit my body; my memory of this morning filled my
mind and I had to rub my legs together to keep my juices from
seeping out of my cunt.
About an hour into making dinner, I heard Bob’s, my
husband, car pull up in our garage, and as he came through the
door I could hear him calling me.
“Didi? Where are you, hun?”
“In the kitchen, babes,” I answered.
“How was your day?” He asked.

As he came over to kiss me, I could smell his cologne and
masculinity in one; it got me all warm inside just smelling him.
Now, let’s get this straight. My husband is one sexy older
hunk of a man; he has a tattoo of an eagle spread across his
chest and my initials on his left arm, and he knows all the right
buttons to push and places to touch to drive me crazy. But
sometimes, you just need a little excitement outside of the
house; because life is a learning process, isn’t it?
You are never too old to try new things, after all.
“Bob, hun,” I asked, “would you like a scotch before
As he put his keys down on the kitchen table, he pulled a
chair and sat down, watching me as I came over with his drink.
My dress was very short and loose, and I had just a thong on
“Hey babe,” Bob said. “You look very sexy; come here
and give me a kiss.”
As I came closer to Bob he put his hands under my dress,
squeezing my fat pussy. The warmth made me shiver; I
grabbed Bob’s hand and pressed it to my pussy so that he
could caress me more, I knew I really had to play my part right
if I wanted to keep my little secret. I dropped to my knees right
there on the kitchen floor and started to unbuckle Bob’s pants.
His dick popped out of his boxers; my husband was not
carrying a big dick, but it was a good enough size. I put my
mouth to work and sucked on his dick till it was hard and
swollen in my mouth, my saliva dripping down to make it wet
and shiny.
As Bob groaned in excitement, he said to me: “Honey, you
are the best. I love you, babes; keep sucking on Hansen.”
‘Hansen’ was our little nickname for Bob’s cock. I sucked
on his cock, and going down as I deep -throated him he was
begging me not to stop.
Well I had no intention of stopping; his dick had me going
topsy-turvy. As I felt his cock head swelling up in my mouth
he got hold of my hair and pulled on it, I thought he would rip
it out as he was pulling so hard. But it just got me hotter to see
how I had my husband writhing with joy of ecstasy as my

sucking increased on his wet cock. He was about to burst in
my mouth; I kept my lips tight and took all of his cum in my
As Bob rammed my mouth, he kept on saying: “I love you,
sweet fucking bitch; take it all in your throat.”
I kept sucking and swallowing all of his juice down; as I
licked my lips, Bob kissed me, gloating.
“This is why I love coming home to you, Didi – you make
my hectic days at the office go away.”
“Thanks babe,” I said to Bob as I pulled myself up. I
headed straight to the bathroom to wash up and fix my hair
before I came back to the kitchen to finish making dinner. As
got on with my cooking I sipped on a glass of wine and Bob
went to take a shower.
While Bob was upstairs my mind strayed to wondering
what my young lover was doing. I knew I had Josh all to
myself; he was young and loved me a lot and believe me, I
enjoyed that feeling knowing that I had a young stud crazy
over me .But in my heart I knew I had to play it safe because I
did not want to lose my husband over this yet, even though I
felt good whenever I and Josh were together.
I had a carefree way with him, and I knew that one day it
would have to end as Josh was getting too comfortable with
our relationship. He had had girlfriends before we met, had
been in about two serious relationships. Even though he
considered me as his best friend and confided in me as he
never did before with his other women friends, Josh was still
25 only years old and though he knew women, this was the
first time he had had a relationship with an older woman 22
years his senior.
He was loving every bit of it for now, I supposed, and that
would do.

Chapter 2

I was so deep in thought that I did not hear Bob come into the
kitchen until he kissed me on the neck.
I jumped as Bob slipped his hands around my waist,
whispering in my ear how much he enjoyed me earlier and
couldn’t wait for to get some more of that sweet loving.
“Oh baby that smells good,” Bob said. “I am starved; let’s
As I got my mind back to reality, my husband and I sat
down to dinner across the table from each other. I watched
Bob as he drank his wine and ate his pasta and salad. I smiled
at him; reminiscing on how we met and were still going strong.
I was a young, Caribbean woman of mixed race when I
came to America to look for a better life, like everyone else,
and to further my education. While in New York I was staying
with my sister Sharon in Brooklyn. Her apartment was on
Franklin Ave; a very comfortable place, and I enjoyed staying
with her as I could always be myself were she was concerned.
It was my sister who invited me to a barbeque party over
one weekend. I remember I could not wait as it was my first
time to have some fun; Saturday came around really fast, and
we decided to turn up around 5pm that evening. Sharon and I
got ready, and then we went to pick up her friend Ann on
Strand Ave. Afterwards we headed out to the venue where the
party was on Warwick Ave.
When we got there, people were outside the front of the
house, on the sidewalk, and as we went inside there was a
crowd in the backyard where there was music playing, good-
smelling food and an open bar.
After we mingled a little bit with some friends my sister
met there, I decided to head to the bar for a drink. Just as I
turned to take my beer, I heard a male voice behind me asking
if I came here by myself. As I turned to see who was speaking

to me, I looked up into the most gorgeous pair of green eyes
and the most handsome face I had seen for a long time while
here in NY.
As Bob introduced to himself to me, I replied: “Hi, my
name is Didi, nice to meet you!”
As we drank at the bar, Bob told me that he would be right
back. The party was in his best friend’s back yard, and Bob
lived next door to him.
Leaving the bar, I walked around a little until I found my
sister, and they Bob was there talking to her.
“Hi again Didi,” he said. “I was just looking for you; I
wanted you to meet my friend Ken.”
As we shook hands, Ken let me know how nice it was to
meet me, and what a lovely lady I was.
But I only had eyes for Bob; he had me blushing, and I
liked what I saw and knew that Bob was what I wanted for
sure. I just hoped he was single! Well, after all the
introductions and meeting my sis and her friends. Bob asked if
I would like another drink, and then we would go and sit down
and talk, but Bob had a better idea. Since the place was so
crowded he took me over to his porch next door so we would
have some quiet time alone.
I could feel his presence next to me, as though we had
known each other for years. I felt comfortable speaking with
him as Bob started telling me about himself. Bob had been
living in America since he was a child, after his father moved
for work reasons. He, however, had been born in Puerto Rico.
He was one fucking good looking man; he looked so good
and I just wanted to eat him up. I was anxious to know all
about him and his family. Even if it took me the rest of my life,
I was willing to wait! I thought, as I grinned to myself.
Bob and I were so busy talking and enjoying one another’s
company we forgot that there were other people around us to
talk to. I guess we just hit it off at once; I knew it was love at
first sight for me. As my sis approached to let me know it was
time to go home, I felt suddenly empty inside at the thought of
saying goodbye. But, Bob promised that we would go for
dinner the next evening.

I went to bed that night and slept like a baby. I couldn’t
wait for the next day to come; I was like a young school girl
waiting up for Santa Claus!
Well, Bob kept to his word and picked me up at 7pm
sharp. As I got in the car next to him he smelled really good
again, and I liked that tingling feeling he gave me when we
came into contact. As he bent over and kissed me on the
cheeks, I wanted to grab the motherfucker and suck on his
tongue. I swear, this was one night I would lose it!
We went to a nice Italian restaurant in Manhattan for
dinner. Bob and I both had 4 glasses of wine each with our
dinner; we had fun laughing at every little thing that we said to
each other. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we both knew
this was forever; Bob said he was in love with my voice. It had
a huskiness to it that got him turned on just by listening to me
Fuck! I could talk to him all he wanted – a hunk like him
could ask me to do anything.
It was late already, so Bob took me over to his house for a
‘night cap’ as we got to Bob’s he opened the door for me to go
in and, as I made my way to the living room, Bob grabbed me
and started kissing me.
Ouch – the chemistry was outstanding!
As I started clawing at Bob I just wanted more of this
fucking man as we flung our clothes all over the floor; making
our way to the couch. My legs automatically opened for Bob’s
tongue to get to work on my pussy, as he bit on it sending his
sharp hard tongue deep into my cunt as my juices could not
wait to spray onto his tongue.
Sweet ‘L’ this fucking man was crazy!
He forgot my pussy and darted straight to my ass as he
licked on it, turning me on like a blazing fire; this fucker knew
his stuff, and I was loving every bit of it as I bit and sucked my
lips, begging Bob to fuck me now before I lost it.
He just raised his head and gave me a grin. I knew what I
had to do – I grabbed onto Bob with all my might and pulled
him over me. As I felt the tip of his hard dick going up in my
cunt I gasped in awe – out came my squeals as I pleaded with

Bob to fuck the hell out of my cunt. Even if I was getting on
like a ‘mother cunt mad bitch’, fuck – I didn’t care! This was
my time and I needed to be fucked really hard, so fuck that –
my pussy was on fire and I had no intention of fucking
pretending for no one.
I wanted to keep my juices cumming on his prick as he
fucked me with the force of a plower that made my screams
louder. Bob’s balls kept hitting on my ass, pegs making a
flapping noise as he fucked my cunt with all his might, yelling
out to me: “Open your fucking legs, baby, let me burst up in
your sweet cunt!”
As my legs sprawled out, Bob slam fucked all his cum up
in my pussy. My screams let Bob know my juices were on
their fucking way to meet his at the same time.
This was love, and as our souls interacted I knew then that
I had met the man I was going to spend the rest of my life
with. Bob and I really enjoyed the time we were spending
together and as Bob started kissing me again all the juices
inside started streaming out on to my legs. As Bob got me a
towel to wipe up I just knew he was not finished with me yet.
As he threw his body on me I could feel the hardness of his
dick pushing between my legs; all I did was push my hips up
to him so he could enter my pussy easier. As he slid inside my
warm pussy hole my juices began to flow again – again I had a
fun night after Bob took me home.
We were inseparable from then on, and after 31/2 months
of dating we decided that we could not live without each other.
Bob proposed just as I was thinking of going back home to the
Caribbean. My wish was to go home and open my own
business, but I really did love Bob and wanted to stay and
spend my life with him. Also all my friends were in New York
– Sam and Nigel most of all, all of whom I would have missed
dearly. My sister Sharon was glad for me also, and Bob wanted
me to stay as well.
So, I decided to put my plans on hold, and decided to work
on a plan in the near future. So I settled down, and married
Bob in a nice simple ceremony with close friends and family;
it was wonderful, and everything went according to plan as we

all had a ball. Afterwards I moved in with Bob and settled
down to be Mrs. Milan.
I loved my husband very much and he adored me for me
and I was happy for that.
My mind was so far gone again I did not hear Bob talking
to me until he repeated it to me again a second time.
“Didi,” Bob said, “did you think over what we discussed
earlier in the week?”
“Yes, hun. I did and I am putting things in place for the
end of the month.”
Bob and I always had a little fun every other month. Since
we had got married we would either plan a night out with other
couples or have an escort over at our home for a few hours. As
we had both learned of each other’s kinkiness after we got
married we decided to enjoy and explore our perversions, to an
extent, and even though I did some extras on my own time my
husband and I had a good relation so I did not want to spoil it
for him.
If he had found out anything about my new lover, Josh, it
would have crushed him.

Chapter 3

Josh made me feel so fucking good, and I did care for both him
and Bob.
This month, I planned a treat for me and Bob. I had seen
an advert in the newspaper: Sexy Adorable Chinese/Oriental
Escorts! It caught my eye; I had really wanted to have a nice
girl over for us this time.
I had it all worked out; because I needed someone who
could really eat my pussy for Bob to watch, since he loved
seeing me get my cunt sucked on and ravished by another
woman as she had her way with me. It made him crazy and
horny – he would smile the smile of a young boy in love.
Ladies, a little word of advice. I’m not saying that we’re
right all the time, but a little trust and fun in a relationship
won’t hurt a bit. Jealousy just brings confusion into your life,
and believe me, I have the experience.
After telling Bob what I had in mind, he told me that he
was really tired and was looking forward to a nice weekend. I
knew that Bob loved me and always gave me my own way; as
he retired to bed, I stayed back to clear away the dishes for the
night, and after getting that done I refilled my glass with wine
and went to the couch to relax awhile so that I could focus and
sort some things out in my mind before I went up to bed to join
But my ‘evil little mind’ was ticking now, and a warm
feeling came over as I remembered the first time my husband
decided to take me to a swingers club. I had never been to one
before then and Bob, as the older of us two, had had his full
share of life. Bob let me know up front that he had his way and
the person I fell in love with needed me to appreciate his way
of life as we learned things in the world together.

So my big test came for me one windy Saturday night out
on long island at Bob’s friend’s place. He had a night club,
which on the outside had been designed to look like a log
house. But when we got inside the place was nicely put away –
it was dimly lit, with candles all over, nice big rugs on the
floor and a bar at one end of the room. Soft music came from
the walls, and a buffet was beautifully laid out in the other
corner with finger food.
A young lady, no more than 28 years old, approached us.
“Hi,” she greeted, with a warm, sweet smile. “I’m Annie;
you two must be Didi and Bob. Welcome to our domain.”
Bob gave her the fee that we had agreed on. Annie invited
us over to the bar where she introduced us to her partner,
Garth, who to me looked anywhere between 48-51 years old.
As he shook our hands, you could tell that he’d been in this
game a long time now.
Garth gave us a little open lecture about the running of the
place as Bob and I had a straight scotch, and then another,
since we were a bit nervous – especially me. Bob had done this
before. But, I was determined to see this through.
After speaking with Garth, Annie took us down the
hallway to look around and to join in whenever we felt
comfortable. There was one couple already naked and having
sex on one of the rugs on the floor; they seem to be having a
good time, because the woman was making a lot of sweet
groaning noises.
Then there were men and women just talking and having
fun. I really liked what I was seeing as this made me feel more
confident. And hot! Just watching these naked men and women
fucking in front of me like I did not exist – it was nice to see
people so open and willing to share their time amongst each
other without a care in the world.
I fell in love with the idea and the place.
All these horny men and women, with their hard dicks and
sweaty bodies, clinging together, fucking as they cared not a
fuck who was watching… If only life was this simple all the
time! Then everyone would have fucked their partner with
more respect, pleasure and care for each other.

Bob and I met a couple in the 5
cubicle down. Their
names were Mickel and Chad; they had been married for 4
years and had been members for 2 years now. They always
came back for more, they said; you could hear in their voices
when they spoke that it was a joy for them to be here.
“Nice meeting you guys,” Chad said. He was in a rush to
meet with someone who he always saw when he came here –
later, we learned that it was a lady who gave him one hell of a
blow job. He was hooked on it, he said!
Mickel and Chad were so open with one another. I loved
As Chad left, we were left alone with Mickel. She was a
pretty redhead, and by the glow in Bob’s face I knew that he
liked her.
Mickel made the first move as she put her hands on my
waist. She turned to Bob and asked if she could join in with us
– we both shook our heads at the same time to show that we
didn’t mind. Most of all, I only wanted my husband Bob
putting his dick in my pussy – don’t think me selfish, but I did
not see any man here who appealed to me.
That said, I really was amazed at some of the huge dicks in
front of me – eight inches, nine inches… ten and a half inches!
I feasted my eyes on all of them.
I turned and focused my attention to Bob and Mickel so we
could get our session started. No woman ever really got my
attention before, but fuck – Mickel caught mine. She was a
nice, young white lady in her thirties, but really sexy with long
brown hair cascading down her back. It was an appealing look
– I wanted to eat her up as I placed my eyes on her.
Mickel made the first move and started to kiss me. I had
never kissed a woman before, but there was something sexy
about it as Mickel pushed her tongue deep in my mouth. I
sucked on like an ice pop. I got hold of Mickel’s hair as I came
in closer to her so that I could feel her body heat; Bob was
staring at us with his dick hard in pants.
I’m sure at this club that anything goes.
Bob came over to us and started to undress us as he played
with us; he didn’t need to go further as we took all our clothes

in a hurry. I was feeling funny at first, but when Bob stripped
naked I felt a lot more relaxed.
Then Bob and Mickel both went to my nipples, sucking on
them. Bob put his fingers between my legs and pressed them
into the opening of my pussy – as my juices flowed on his
fingertips he bought them back up to his lips and licked my
juices off of it. As Mickel followed suite and started licking
Bob’s fingers too, I watched in amazement. Fuck – I was going
fucking crazy with these two! Shit!
The sensation I felt was overwhelming. My juices just kept
flowing between my legs. I saw pleasure in Bob’s eye’s as he
looked up at me – I went down on the rug and settled myself as
Mickel nestled herself on the rug between my legs and started
licking the juices that were trickling down on my inner thighs.
Her tongue worked its way up to my pussy, sucking and
pulling on my pussy pegs like a suction pump.
My eyes were on Bob now. I could see him going to sit on
the sofa next to us with his hard prick in hands; dickhead I
could see his juices trickling out slowly. I really thought that
you only saw this in X-rated movies, but I was having my
blues right now. I couldn’t believe a woman’s tongue could be
so motherfucking sweet on my pussy!
As Mickel teased me with her tongue for more, she nibbled
on my clit. I felt my cum gushing in her mouth as she lapped it
up like a puppy lapping up milk for the first time – Bob came
back over to us but I was loving Mickel’s tongue so much that
I craved for her to keep on going. But, Bob came over and
kissed me and let me know he loved me and as I watched him
get behind Mickel she cocked back her hips and spread her
legs and positioned herself without even taking her mouth off
of my pussy.
I could see Bob going in from behind her with his dick in
his hand – as he centered and thrust it into Mickel’s cunt she
screamed with sensation. I thought I would have been jealous
when this moment came for me, to see Bob fucking someone
else, but as his eyes locked with mine, I saw that all the love he
had was for me only. I knew I had nothing to worry about

because Bob was mine and what we were sharing was special
to us both.
Bob’s eyes lit up light a 100 watt bulb as he started to pelt
some hard fuck on Mickel. The harder she got it, the more she
sucked on my cunt with a fierce and intense passion. As I
looked at Bob I felt a lot stronger and closer to him as I knew
what we were sharing was something special and precious. It
took a lot for a couple to do this, but we did had.
As I felt Mickel’s body responding to Bob’s cock up in her
cunt, I knew she was about to cum as my husband kept fucking
her mercilessly. You could tell she was enjoying it – she bit on
my pussy as her beautiful moaning intensified. I could feel the
heat in the room now as all were about to cum together. I
totally fucking forgot who was around us as I bawled out in
ecstasy as my husband exploded in Mickel’s cunt, her tongue
taking up my cum at the same time with one swift pull.
I honestly enjoyed watching my Bob and Mickel fuck in
front of me, and as we lay satisfied on the rug for a little while
to catch our breath it was soon time to go.
I thanked Mickel after for her sweet mouth and for having
me and Bob spend the evening with her. We promised to meet
again in the future; while Bob and I got ourselves set to leave
we thanked our hostesses and said goodnight. As we went to
our car to go home I snuggled next to my husband all the way
home. Bob told me he had a really good time and how sexy it
looked seeing me get my pussy eaten by Mickel.
And that was how our little adventures began! We never
turned on each other – that was our little secret to keep.

Chapter 4

Next morning after Bob left for the office, I decided to call
Ken’s wife Janice over for lunch. We had made plans last
week to meet, but… Well, I had been too busy fucking her
stepson, Josh.
Janice is my new-found neighbor since I moved in with
Bob. She’s Josh’s stepmom and pretty cool to hang out with, I
don’t really like having too many women friends – they like to
gossip too much, which has never been on my agenda. So I
keep away, but, Jan had a knack for being herself and a bit
reserved. I liked that about her, and my two best friends, Nigel
and Sam (who are both gay) got along fine with her also. I
loved them a lot, also, and my husband Bob had no problem
with them. He knew how dear they were to me. Sam, Nigel
and I had done some things together you would not believe!
They were always great fun, so I decided to invite them
over for lunch as Jan needed help in planning a birthday party
for her husband’s, Ken, 60
birthday. Sam was good at these
sorts of things – he was always well organized.
After getting all of them on the phone and we had a plan
for lunch, I went about making a Caesar salad and getting the
table ready for my guests. I had a brandy to calm myself – I
don’t what it was but I felt a bit nervous that day.
Maybe I had fucked too much! I thought to myself, with a
I choose the patio for our evening as the breeze was fresh
out there and the birds were chirping away nicely. I hurried
myself up and changed into slacks and tank, since the weather
that day was cool.
As I put some music on I heard my doorbell ring. I opened
the front door, and Jan came in with a big grin on her face.

“Good day to you Jan,” I said, as she came in and sat
“Didi,” Jan started saying to me, “I’m really glad for the
help you are giving me.”
“Oh, that’s quite alright,” I replied, as I told her that Sam
and Nigel would be joining us for lunch also. Jan was always
excited to see them and we fixed ourselves something to drink.
Sam and Nigel arrived 25 minutes after. There was no
need for introductions – everyone knew each other already.
After getting them something to drink we sat down to chat. I
always had fun speaking to Nigel because he gave me all the
juicy details about what I’d missed out on when I weren’t
hanging with them.
Together, we were a perfect match – put us in a tight spot
and we’d never back out or leave anyone behind! We were
friends till the end.
Jan no idea of our plan just yet, however. When she had
come over, all I had told her was that we were going out with
Nigel to a house warming party, because the last time we all
met Jan had surprised us by asking if we would take her to the
next all inclusive lime we might go to.
But, she didn’t know it was today! Sam had taken me to
some of the big bash parties and, take it from me – anything
goes on in there. This party tonight was for Kyle, a man who
worked with Sam. The party was being thrown by one of
Kyle’s friends, Junior.
This is why I like to hang with Sam and Nigel – they knew
of all the cool parties!
It was starting at 3pm so we had enough time to enjoy our
afternoon first.
“Come on, guys, let’s go and have lunch,” I said.
As Janice ,Nigel, Sam and I sat down for lunch, our
planning of Ken’s party was up for discussion. I promised to
help with the cooking and hors d’oeuvres, and Nigel offered to
cover the decorating. Sam would help prepare the rest of the
party and the bar.
As we continued to debate, I looked over to see why Jan
was so quiet, but she was staring at Sam. He had a glow to him

while we sat out in the open on the patio – I mean, Sam is one
gorgeous looking man. 6ft 4’, tall, blue ocean eyes and a
movie star finish. I almost believe he could have given rock
Hudson some competition in his days. Golly, he was damned
But, I knew that Sam loved Nigel with all his heart.
“What’s wrong, Jan?” I asked. “Have you seen a ghost?”
“No Didi,” she answered. “I was just looking.”
Hearing her, Nigel jumped up energetically and
proclaimed: “Have a good look, babes!”
We all burst out laughing at him. As I got up to get us
some more wine, I returned with the bottles to find Janice busy
chatting away with them. I sat down, watching them.
It was good to see my friends getting along like this. In
that moment, everything came back to me – I could clearly
remember how Nigel and Sam had met in the sweet Caribbean
It had been our carnival festival, in 1998. Sam came every
year to play with the big bands – this year, he’d come to play
with Legend.. Sam and some friends went to a party called the
‘Brass Fete’. It was one of the biggest fetes for the carnival;
anyone who was anyone would be there.
That was where he met Nigel, who was liming with some
of his friends. One of Sam’s friends shared a mutual friend
with Nigel and introduced them.
After that night, they went to every fete and even played
mas together. But after the carnival, Sam had to return to New
York to his business, and he and Nigel continued to have a
long distance relationship. It was only after 2 years of back and
forth that Sam invited Nigel to come and live with him in
America, and since we were friends from back home we
clicked and have never parted. Sam was family now: or, as
they say in the Caribbean, ‘friends for life’.
We all kept close. I was so glad to have their company out
here in New York, and my husband thought they were great
for me as he knew I missed my homeland very much.
Women must learn to say and share things with their
husbands, lovers, or companions. Don’t let him have to guess –

tell him what’s on your mind, so that you can live a better life
together. It’s your choice; I know I’m totally in love with my
gay friends so much. They make me happy and they’re for
real, Nigel and Sam. They always tell me the truth even though
it might hurt me and are honest about it.
As I tuned back into the conversation, Nigel was still
talking, and Sam turned to me. “Didi, are you okay?” he asked,
with an evil grin. He continued: “You look as though you were
studying something sexy. You look hot.”
I shook my head. “To hell with you, Sam!” I said.
Nigel was on his case immediately. “Leave Didi alone,
let’s just get out of here please.”
“Oh yes, that’s a good idea!” Jan said, getting up to
freshen herself up in the bathroom.
On her return we all headed out the door. We were going
in Sam’s car as I really was not in the mood to drive. The party
was on Jamaica Ave – a nice house with a downstairs
From the outside, you wouldn’t guess that people were
inside – it was a lovely neighborhood.
As we pulled up and got out of the car, Sam rang the
doorbell. A very handsome looking guy who I had never seen
before opened the door for us.
“Hi guys!” he said. “Come on in.”
As Sam introduced me and Jan to Ricardo, he started to
lead us down the corridor to the downstairs basement where
the bash was. It was dark when we entered, but as our eyes
cleared up there must have been about 35 plus people around
us and on one of the table a guy was giving a strip show to the
Oh my! His fucking body was gorgeous!
My eyes started surfing for more action – in one corner I
could see two guys having a fucking ball, sucking away at
each other’s tongues like it was a ‘do anything’ party. I looked
over to see what Jan was doing, and her mouth was open, as
though she was catching flies as she stared at the guy on the
table top undoing the button on his pants. As he stripped it off,
his throbbing prick was hard in his G-string. I wondered if that

could have held it because, well – it looked fucking huge to
I jumped a little as Jan grabbed on to my arms, pointing
and yelling.
“Yes Jan,” I said, “it’s real! And our surprise to you.”
As I whispered in her ear she smiled. “Oh Didi you guys
are great, thank you!” she said, and hugged me.
“You’re welcome,” I said: “enjoy!”
She was like a child on the loose.
Sam and I left Jan to go get some drinks at the bar. We met
Ricardo, Kyle, Garvin and a few more of their friends –
everyone was cool, but I did not see Nigel. I guess he had
disappeared to some corner of the room with his partner as
usual; I had no problem being in this sort of atmosphere; I
understood their homosexuality. It had nothing to do with what
was going on here – you could be lesbian, heterosexual,
transsexual or bisexual, whatever. Color or race did not matter
– everyone loved each other as much as you and me. We had
come here to enjoy ourselves. And that was the most important
After a while I returned to see what Jan was up to. I met
her on the same spot as if she was glued there. I got caught up
in the atmosphere too; everyone started throwing money at the
stripper's feet and he took off all for Jan to see. Man, was he
toting! Jan's eyes popped out with lust on her face. You could
tell she liked what was in front of her.
I needed to use the washroom, so I left, and as I got there
someone was making a groaning noise in a loving, horny way
that had an enticing sound to it. I still opened the door and
there were two lovers going at it. I just stood there watching –
I know they saw me, but who the fuck cared? They were
having a fucking good time, and me – I wasn’t going to stop
them. I liked the kinkiness myself. I’m all game for these kind
of things – each to their own, I say.
I did what I came to do and left. When I bumped into Jan,
this time she was kissing the stripper – believe me, I was either
shock or stunned as she bought him over to let me meet her
new-found friend.

"Didi…" she started, while blushing all over. She started to
fumble as she looked me in the eye – I know she was high and
I just wanted to laugh, but I held back. I was looking now at
Jan and her friend – his name was Ron, and I let him know that
I really enjoyed his show.
"You were fucking great," I said, looking him in the eyes.
He had rude and evil looking eyes. I looked on as Jan and her
friend hurried off: I yelled after them, "Don’t do what I
wouldn't, please!"
In my heart I knew she needed this because her husband
had no sex appeal – the man just a plain normal guy. Jan was a
sexy woman for her age even though she was 51 years old and
half Caucasian and Chinese. Wow, her bone structure was
great – I'd seen that in her today for the first time when she
The music started blaring out nice reggae sounds as
everyone was either engaged in talk, or kissing or making out
while having a ball behind closed doors. I made my way
through the crowd looking for Nigel and Sam as I had no one
to get on with. After joining them and having a few more
drinks, Sam said he was ready to leave. It was now 6.30 pm –
we got Jan and as she said her goodbyes to her new-found
friend as we got in the car. She was practically sparkling –
telling us how awesome we made her feel and how we were
her friends for life as she gloated about how hot she felt and
couldn't wait to do it again.
As we kicked off and enjoyed our ride home, we knew that
we would always cherish this day because what we do together
stays with us for life. Jan could not stay when we got home as
she had to go prepare dinner. Nigel could not help himself – he
was cracking up at Janice's behavior, and Sam was saying:
"Girl, I think she needs a good fuck with the way she’s
carrying on. I doubt she gets any good fucking at all because
she looked pretty hot to us!"
All we could do was wonder. It was nearly dinner time,
and I asked them if they wanted to stay for dinner, but they
couldn’t as they had plans to meet some friends for the evening
and they were in a rush.

"Okay guys," I said. "Goodnight – I’ll miss you all!"