To play soccer you need more than eleven people. There has to be eleven people in the
field. Soccer is a sport that you play in the fall and summer.
Here are some soccer tips-
Don't look at the ball when you are kicking it, try to fake out the goalie when you are
shooting a goal, and try to pass the ball to other team mates.

Here are some soccer rules-
o yelling at the referee.
o pulling peoples shirts.
o tackling the goalie when her or she has the ball on either of the teams!
Here are some soccer tips-
Soccer started in "ngland in the #$th century.
The greatest player was and still is %ele and his real name is "dson &rantes.
'Did you know that soccer is the most out grown and popular sport world wide(
Did you know that soccer is called football in other countries in the olden days(
'Did you know that soccer and hockey are the only two sports with goals(
The )ronts-

'The fronts are the only people who can go all the way up the field.

'&nybody else who does is cheating.

'The fronts are the people who kick the ball in the beginning.

'The fronts are the only people who can make a goal.
The Sweepers-

'Sweepers are the people who help the goalie.

'The sweepers can only go up to the half way point.

'Sweepers are not allowed to go into the goal.

'The *oalie-

'The goalie is the only person who can touch the ball with there hands.

'The goalie is the only person who can pick the ball up and kick it.
Soccer ball-
'The soccer ball is the main part of the game.

'+n the beginning the soccer ball is kicked by one of the )ronts.

'The Soccer ball is round as you can see above.

'+t can be any color.
Aerobic exercise refers to e,ercise that involves or improves o,ygen consumption by the body.

&erobic means /with o,ygen/, and refers to the use of o,ygen in the body's metabolic
or energy-
generating process. 1any types of e,ercise are aerobic, and by definition are performed at moderate
levels of intensity for e,tended periods of time. To obtain the best results, an aerobic e,ercise session
involves a warming up period, followed by at least 02 minutes of moderate to intense e,ercise
involving large muscle groups, and a cooling down period at the end.
& 3hristian based fitness program that uses contemporary gospel music as its motivation. +t encourages
health and wellness using dance praise and worship as its foundation.
The class is multilevel. +f you have never worked out before, the class is modified for you. +f you are
already fit and would like to be a part of a motivating and inspiring group, this class is for you too!
4eight 3ontrol is encouraged. 4eighs-+ns will be optional. & scale will be provided.
4ear 3omfortable work out attire and bring a note pad and pen. &nd don't forget that awesome
+t begins with an opening prayer and a 5*ood ews *ospel6 sharing and testimonial segment. This
provides those who have had victories a place to share and receive reassurance of their
accomplishments. Success breeds success.