Dear FVSEF Race Team Families

Welcome to the 2014-25 Season. We have some exciting things in store for you this season.
Thanks to some successful fund raising, we are planning on some major improvements to our
training venue at Whitefish Mountain Resort as well as renovations to the Team Room in
Hellroaring. At the Northern Division USSA conference earlier this month we bid on an exciting
combination of races and we are just awaiting confirmation that we have been awarded those
races to host.
Enclosed please find your 2014-15 FVSEF Registration Packet. Please read all the contents
carefully and provide all the information requested. This information is essential for us to
maintain a complete data base of all our families as well for building an effective communication
This year’s packet includes:
 Family Information Form
 Combined Registration Form
 Medical Release Form
 FVSEF Training and Racing Waver Form
 FVSEF Dispute Policy
 FVSEF Code of Conduct Contract
 FVSEF Photo Release Form
 FVSEF Volunteer Questionnaire
You will note that prices for each program have increased between 5% and 10% from last
season. We try to main as inexpensive a program as possible and the registration fees are
structured to cover primarily the cost of coaches’ salaries. Other costs like equipment, coaches’
travel, overhead, etc. are funded by our various fund raising activities throughout the year. The
primary increase in costs for 2014-15 was the decision to increase salaries for all our coaches. In
order to retain our great coaching staff we feel that it was necessary to provide modest salary
increases to keep them at a level that is competitive throughout the region.
Once again we are offering a 4-payment plan with payments due July 31, August 31, September
30 and October 31. Those opting for partial payments must be at least 75% paid by September
30 or a 10% surcharge will be applied.
Finally, this season we are requiring a volunteer deposit from all families including Junior Race
Team families. The per-family deposit amounts are $75 for Junior Race Team families and $150
for all other families. Deposits will be refunded when volunteer requirements have been
fulfilled. FVSEF has a great tradition in volunteerism, and volunteers and the real core strength
of our organization!
We are looking forward to a GREAT 2014-15 Season!

Tim Hinderman
Executive Director FVSEF

PO Box 623 Whitefish, MT 59937

2014/2015 Registration Packet
Program Goals
Our program goals are the development of sound skiing fundamentals for lifelong enjoyment of
our sport, a sound competitive experience that supports the athlete at all levels of competition
and personal development through a healthy sporting environment.
Coaches Vision Statement
Roy Loman, Program Director and Head Coach
It is our mission to provide the Flathead Valley with an environment that allows young athletes
to strive to reach their individual potential and pursue life's goals through the sport of
competitive skiing. Our primary goal is to help each athlete learn the skills necessary to be
successful in any aspect of life: whether it involves athletics, arts, education, occupation, or any
other personal interest. Teaching the techniques of ski racing is our means of coaching athletics,
sportsmanship and achievement as a way of life. FVSEF’s philosophies are based on the process
of setting individual goals and maintaining focus of long-term direction for accomplishing these
goals. We firmly believe that an athletic lifestyle includes characteristics such as confidence,
respect, honor, responsibility, trust, initiative, and dedication. FVSEF maintains that an
individualized, athlete-driven program offers a beneficial environment for developing these
FVSEF Board of Directors

Alpine: Bill Kahle (Pres.), Tim Hinderman (V. Pres.), John Steitz (Treas.), Valerie Kneeland
(Sec.), Mitch Eddy, Dave Elliot, Chris Hyatt; Freestyle: Greg Eaton and Kristin Voisin

Program Descriptions and Fees for 2014-2015 Season:
Program fees are based on purchase by September 30, 2014. A four payment option is available with
payments due on July 31, August 31, September 30 and October 31, 2014. July and August payment
amounts are optional but a cumulative total of 75% is due by September 30 and 100% by October 31. All
prices will increase by 10% on October 1 for those not meeting target dates on payment plan. Our
program choices and curriculum are built to follow the USSA Alpine Training System matrix as a
general rule
The descriptions listed below are the technical descriptions for each of our program offerings. It should
be noted that at every level we emphasize a fun, team oriented approach to every day. We encourage our
athletes to push their limits, expand their abilities but always seeking to include a fun factor in that
Junior Race Team USSA Alpine Training System, Phase1 & 2 Price $600*
The Junior Race Team is a weekly program running on Saturdays from December 20 through March 21
for young skiers ages 6 to 12 with previous skiing experience. Training is conducted on Saturdays
throughout the season plus a 4-day camp during Christmas break. Participation in the Tommy Moe Race
Series is encouraged. In this entry level program, coaches concentrate on teaching the fundamentals of
alpine skiing with a focus on developing the skills and confidence to ski all terrain and all conditions. An
introduction to gate skiing is included. Participants are divided by age and ability into groups of 8 or
fewer. A general breakdown of the season regimen is 60% all mountain skiing, 30% skill development &
10% gate training. Wednesday Night training is available on a case-by-case basis depending on age and
ability level, for participants seeking a taste of gate training and fundamental drills. Price for
Wednesday Night training is $275/ season or $ 35/ session.
Youth Ski League (YSL) USSA Alpine Training System, Phase 3– Price by group (see below)
YSL is a weekend program running from December 6 through March 22 primarily for U10 and U12
participants. U10 is age 8 and 9 (on or before 12/31/14), U12 is age 10 and 11 (on or before 12/31/14).
U14’s with little or no race experience are also encouraged to participate at this level. Training is
conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. The program includes dryland conditioning in the fall, and a 5
day Christmas Camp. Additional mid-week training is also available, and strongly encouraged. Please
see “Weekday Training Options” for schedules and pricing. Participation in the Tommy Moe Race Series
is strongly encouraged. Participation in United States Ski Association (USSA) Northern Division YSL
races is encouraged for most YSL program participants and coaching for these events is included. In this
program, coaches concentrate on developing and strengthening alpine ski techniques as outlined by
USSA. The training regimen includes a combination of drills, free skiing and an introduction to ski
racing, including competition at the YSL races and other inter-club events held in the area. Participants
are divided by age and ability into groups of 8 or fewer.
1) YSL 1 Day (Saturday) – $775*
This program is designed predominantly for U10 skiers making the transition from Junior Program to
the Youth Ski League competition. More emphasis is given to skill development and the basics of race
line and tactics rather than actual racing. Participants are encouraged to race in YSL competitions at
home versus those that require travel to other areas, however by the end of the season participants may
be ready for competition requiring travel.
2) U10-U14 YSL 2 Day - $950*
This program is designed for advanced U10, all U12 athletes. It is for those who prefer a 2 day weekend
program. This program is also designed for U14’s who are just recently experiencing the fun of ski
racing. An increased degree of race tactics and skill development is the goal. Participants are divided
into boys groups and a girls group. These athletes will be competing in a higher percentage of the full
YSL competition schedule.
U14-U18 Training Team, ATS (Phase 4) - $1,100*
This program focuses on training athletes to compete in races throughout Montana. Training is
conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. Dryland training (Oct-Nov), and the 5 day Christmas Camp is
included. Additional mid-week training is available for additional charge; please see “Weekday Training
Options” for schedules and pricing. Athletes are invited to participate in Academy Panorama Preseason

Academy Team ATS (Phase 4 & 5)- $2,700*
This program is for those athletes U14 and older whose goals include competing and excelling at
regional, national and international ski racing competitions. Throughout the season, athletes participate
in a combination of technique drills, exercises, free skiing and gate training. Athletes learn to train their
body and their mind for successful ski racing. This program includes 6 days per week for on snow
training, education, off snow training, travel and racing. This price includes all training fees for midweek
training, dryland training (summer and fall) and 4 Panorama Preseason Camps (lift, lodging, food and
transport extra). Mt Hood summer camp is not included in price but encouraged. This is our most
complete program.

Weekday Training Options:
A choice of Wednesday or Thursday 2 hour training session under the lights, 4-6 pm, 11 weeks.
(Available to AST Phase 3 & 4 U8-U18 and a select few Junior Race Team Athletes by invitation only)
A choice of Wednesday or Thursday 4 hour training session, 2-6 pm, 11 weeks. (Available to AST Phase 3
&4, U12 and older) $400*
Other training combinations are available for 2 weekday training sessions based on figures above.
Questions/ Alternatives should be addressed to Roy.

Panorama Camps (Available U14 and older) - $TBD*
The Academy camps are a series of on snow camps mid Nov. to mid Dec. staged at Panorama Resort. We
are planning for 4 camps totaling 15 ski days. These camps are planned as a progression. Our team will
be training with and alongside elite racers from US, Canada and overseas. If you are interested contact
John or Roy in August so you are included in the planning. Academy Program has coach costs included
and will be priced accordingly.

Masters/ Club - $500*
The Masters/ Club Program is a 10 week training program for mature racers. It is designed for those
who want to have some fun running gates and improving their skiing without the big commitment.
Video and timed training sessions are a part of the program. This is a terrific way to prepare for USSA
Masters or Wednesday Night Race league. The program meets Sunday mornings for technical free skiing
and afternoons for gate training. Program begins early January 2015. For those interested only in the
Sunday afternoon portion the price is $400 for the season.
Christmas Camp and Daily Training rates may be available. Please contact us for availability and
pricing for particular age and ability groups.
*Program fees are subject to change prior to November 15 based on significant changes in projected
participation, changes in Northern Division race calendar, Whitefish Mountain Resort operating
schedule or other significant factors beyond our control. Any fees paid prior to October 31 will not be
subject to price increase.

2014-2015 SEASON
Mail Registration Packet (Forms 1-6) to:

PO Box 623, Whitefish, MT 59937


2014-2015 FVSEF
Family Information Form

Family / Guardian Information:

Parent / Guardian Names: ____________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________City_____________________Zip____________

Father Home Phone____________________ Cell ____________________ Work ___________

Mother Home Phone____________________ Cell ____________________ Work ___________

!!! Email (PRINT CLEARLY): Write all emails that you would like information to be sent to.

_______________________________________ ____________________________________________

Parent Participation Deposit - FVSEF is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board that
relies on the support of all its members. A $150 family participation refundable fee will be collected
from each YSL or above family. Families with Junior Race Team athletes will submit a $75
refundable fee, at the start of the season. The fee will be returned if the family satisfies 8 hours of
volunteer work. Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to; gate keeping for home races,
help organizing our annual “Showcase of the Chefs” fundraiser, B Net installation and removal,
assist with administrative tasks, website design etc.

FORM 2 - Combined Registration Form
Prices valid through September 30, 2014. Prices increase 10% on October 1, 2014.
Four-Payment Plan Available – July 31, August 31, September 30 & October 31.

Participant 1 Participant 2 Participant 3 Participant 4 Total $
Last Name
First Name
Junior Race Team
$600/ $660
YSL 1 Day
/ $855
YSL 2 Day
$950/ $1,045
U16-U18 USSA
$1,100/ $1,210
Academy Team
$2,700/ $2,970
Wed. Train
4-6 PM
Wed. Training
2-6 PM
Thurs. Training
4-6 PM
Thurs. Training
2-6 PM
Training session
Masters/ Club
Full Day
Masters/ Club
Afternoon only
Family Teams
Participation Fee
$150 YSL
$75 Junior

TOTAL $ _________________

FORM 3 2014-2015 FVSEF
FVSEF Medical Release Form
Fill out 1 for Each Participant

Name of Participant __________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________City _____________________ Zip _____________

Phone ______________________ Date of Birth _________________ Contact Lenses Y N

Emergency Contact ______________________________ Phone __________________________

Physicians Name ________________________________ Phone __________________________

Address ________________________________ City _______________________ Zip ______________

Insurance Company _______________________________ Phone _______________________

Insurance Policy Number ________________________________ Group Number ______________

Insurance Company Street Address ____________________________________________________

City ______________________________________ State ______________ Zip ___________________

Does participant have any physical problems or allergies? Circle Yes No

If Yes, please explain in detail:



I hereby consent that, in case of emergency during FVSEF training, including but not limited to
dryland and on-snow season, (Participant) ___________________may receive care without contacting
or consulting me first

________________________________________ ______________________________
Signature of Parent or Guardian Date

FORM 4 2014-2015 FVSEF - FVSEF Training and Racing Waiver and Consent
Fill out 1 for Each Participant
I agree and acknowledge that skiing, ski racing and training involve risks. I know and understand that while participating in
alpine skiing, ski racing and training I can be injured, killed, or my property or the properly of others can be damaged.
Specifically, skiing, ski racing and training (including dryland training and physical conditioning) involves highly athletic
activities which may also include skiing or participating at high speeds and may include features that require a high level of
skill and focus and that also involve risks more serious and more frequent than those associated with the recreational pursuit
of these activities. I understand and agree that while participating in these activities injuries can occur, including but not
limited to, death, spinal injuries which may result in paralysis, head injuries which may result in brain damage, serious
injury to virtually all bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other aspects of the muscular skeletal system, internal
injuries, and serious injuries or impairment to other aspects of my body, general health, or well being and earning capacity.
With this knowledge and understanding, I agree to accept the risks and to participate in these activities.

As an athlete, or as the parent or guardian of an athlete, I am responsible for my own safety and the choices I make regarding
the risks I choose to embrace. I also have a reasonable expectation that safe skiing practices will be conveyed and emphasized
through FVSEF’s personnel and programs. I agree to responsibly follow all safe skiing practices and my own judgment and
common sense regarding both safe practices and the risks involved in skiing, ski racing and training. I also agree to take
those reasonable steps concerning the fitting and use of ski equipment addressed below.

Recommended Fitting and use of Equipment
Ski boots should be snug enough to give maximum control over the skis with one pair of socks, even if new boots must be
purchased every season. Ski helmets, approved by the USSA, are mandatory for all on-hill skiing activities. They must fit
snugly at the front, back and top of head. Chinstraps must be fastened and snug. Mouth guard, shin guards, slalom chin
guard and padded gloves are strongly recommended whenever striking gates in courses. Protective padding over the back of
hands, wrists and lower forearms, knees and shins along with face guards will minimize injury. Ski safety bindings are
critical to racers safety and proper annual binding care, adjustments, settings, inspection, and upkeep by a qualified
professional is necessary to avoid injuries; bindings must be checked thoroughly, serviced, and replaced as necessary by a
professional ski binding technician. Ski brakes are mandatory.

I, the undersigned, Parent/Guardian (circle one) of _____________________________ do hereby understand the risks set forth
above and consent to and request that he/she be accepted as a member of The Flathead Valley Education Foundation
(FVSEF) to participate in the activities and competitions of FVSEF.

___________________________________________________ ____________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian Date

Because of the dangers of participating in skiing, ski race training, and ski racing, I recognize the importance of following the
coaches’ instructions regarding skiing techniques and ski training, team and ski area rules, and reporting injuries as soon as
they occur. I hereby agree to obey all said instructions.

I have read all pages of the FVSEF Training and Racing Waiver and Consent and acknowledge that I have been advised,
understand, and appreciate that the dangers and risks of skiing, ski race training, and ski racing techniques may result not
only in serious injury to me but in serious impairment of my future abilities to earn a living, or engaged in business, social,
and recreational activities, or generally enjoy life.

________________________________________ ______________________________ _______
Signature Parent/Guardian Signature of Participant Date

Do you have any question(s)? Circle Yes No

If yes, state the question(s):

My question(s) has/have been satisfactorily answered.

_________________________________________ ______________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian Date

FORM 5 2014-2015 FVSEF
FVSEF Dispute Policy
Fill out 1 for Each Participant

In the event that an athlete is involved in a dispute, either while training or during an USSA sponsored race
the FVSEF Board of Directors will follow the following developed procedural guidelines.

Dispute During Training:

In the event that an athlete/participant is involved in a conflict while participating in FVSEF sponsored
training, the athlete/participant and/or parent/guardian should proceed as follows:

 The incident should be reported to the coach of the athlete/participant’s specific group.
 If the conflict is with the coach or the athlete/participant and/or parent/guardian is unsatisfied with the
resolution, a FVSEF Board representative should be contacted.
 The FVSEF Board will act to resolve the conflict at the next scheduled board meeting, or before, if

Dispute during a USSA or FIS Race:

USSA has specific guidelines for management of disputes (see your USSA manual), and FVSEF will follow
these guidelines:

 If a dispute arises during a race, the athlete/participant (parent) should report the dispute to the first
available FVSEF coach.
 It is the FVSEF COACH’s duty to present the dispute to the race officials.
 When a coach is not available or the athlete/participant and/or parent/guardian are unsatisfied with the
process, the incident should be reported to a FVSEF Board member.

Please keep in mind that all racers have 30 days to protest race results and ask for an official review. During
that period coaches and/or board members can assist in the protest process.

I acknowledge that under USSA Northern Division rules any parent, athlete, coach, volunteer or official that
physically or verbally assaults or threatens any volunteer, athlete or official shall be considered a minor
offense and given a warning. If the abuse continues, it will be considered a second offense. The person doing
the abusing shall be required to leave the race area immediately and not be permitted to return to the race
area for the remainder of the day. The race will be stopped until this person leaves. If this person refuses to
leave the race area, the ski patrol will be asked to remove this person from the hill. This shall be considered a
third offense and this person (volunteer, official, athlete or coach) will not be allowed at any race area for one

Any infraction of this rule will be included on the Technical Delegate report and a copy will be sent to the
USSA Northern Division Officials Committee. The only appeal will be through the USSA Northern Division
Board, but the penalty will stand until the USSA Northern Division Board decides.

I have read and understand the FVSEF Dispute Policy:

______________________________________ ____________________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian Date
FORM 6 2014-2015 - FVSEF Code of Conduct Contract
Fill out 1 for Each Participant
Page 1 of 2

As a member of the FVSEF Ski Team:

1. I will act courteous and cooperative to all coaches, gatekeepers, parents, officials, employees,
volunteers, customers and management of the ski area.
2. I will not use profane language at anytime.
3. I will respect and properly use the equipment and facilities of the ski area. I will not steal
equipment that does not belong to me.
4. I will follow the rules of the ski area at all times. I will ski under control, at a safe speed so as
not to scare or endanger other skiers.
5. I will obey all posted mountain signs and all verbal or written instructions received from the
ski patrol, coaches, or area employees or management of the ski area.
6. I will not be involved with any damaging or illegal activity such as shoplifting, obscene or
prank phone calls, destruction of property, or any online activities that do not represent the
values or ideals of the FVSEF race team.
7. I will not use illegal drugs, abuse prescription drugs, or use any banned performance-
enhancing drugs or supplements. As a minor, I will not drink alcohol.
8. Off the slopes, I will remain aware of the safety of my friends and associates. I will not engage
in dangerous horseplay, snowball fights, or hooky bobbing.
9. I will maintain a clean and neat appearance at all times so as to promote myself, FVSEF and
the community.
10. I will not loan or fraudulently use my season pass or lift ticket. I will follow the rules of the
ski area in regards to day passes.
11. I will not cut the lift lines. I will be respectful to others in lift lines and show my pass
courteously to the lift attendant as asked to do so. I will say thank you when loading and
unloading from the lift.
12. I will load and unload the ski lifts only at staffed and open lift ramps. I will stay on the track
of the T-bar.
13. I will respect and honor all FVSEF policies developed by the board or coaching staff.
14. I will handle all borrowed equipment with respect and appreciation.
15. I will handle my financial obligations to the ski community in a responsible manner.
16. I will take responsibility for my actions. I understand that any damage I cause either directly
or indirectly is my responsibility. If damage is done, I will reimburse property owners, hotel
management, ski areas, or ski clubs for any loss incurred because of my actions.

FORM 6 2014-2015 - FVSEF Code of Conduct Contract
Fill out 1 for Each Participant
Page 2 of 2

17. I will set a positive role model for all my fellow teammates (older and younger) by acting in a
polite, respectful, and positive manner.
18. I will take responsibility for the team room and for my ski gear. Always storing my gear in
my assigned space, and making sure to leave the team room better than I found it.
19. When competing in a race, I will obey the USSA Sportsmanship Guidelines as outlined in the
most current Skiing Competition Guide, as well as the USSA Northern and Intermountain
Division Code of Conduct.
20. I will be on time and ready to ski at the start of each practice.
WMRRT members are highly visible. Bring attention to yourselves by the way you ski, not by
acting obnoxious, loud, or disrespectful. Be on your best behavior on and off the ski hill, in the lift
I understand that as a member of FVSEF and while wearing a WMRT jacket, I have a
responsibility to set a positive example and be a good citizen. I fully understand that any
infringement of the 17 Code of Conduct rules set forth above may result in disciplinary action in
the form of suspension or dismissal from FVSEF programs.
First Violation: Warning
Second Violation: Suspension from the next scheduled race or program date.
Third Violation: Dismissal from the WMRT without refund of fees.

In addition, I understand that a violation of rule 3 (stealing equipment or property) or violation
of rule 7 (using illegal drugs, abusing prescription drugs, or drinking alcohol as a minor), will
result in immediate dismissal with no refund of monies paid to FVSEF.

I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the FVSEF Code of Conduct. I also
understand and acknowledge that, if disciplined, I may appeal before the FVSEF Board of
Directors at the next scheduled monthly meeting.

______________________________________ __________________________________
Signature of Participant Signature of Parent/Guardian
Date _________________________________

FORM 7 2014-2015 - FVSEF Photo Release
Fill out 1 for Each Family

I hereby authorize FVSEF to publish photographs / video taken of me and/or the undersigned
minor children, and our names, for use in FVSEF publications, media releases, marketing or use
on public websites.
I release FVSEF from any expectation of confidentiality for the undersigned minor children and
myself and attest that I am the parent or legal guardian of the children listed below and that I
have the authority to authorize FVSEF to use their photographs/ video and names.
I acknowledge that since participation in publications and website produced by FVSEF confers
no rights of ownership whatsoever. I release the FVSEF, its contractors and its employees from
liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation or the
participation of the undersigned minor children.

Print Name of Parent or Legal Guardian: ______________________________________
Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ______________
Street Address: __________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________________

Names and Ages of Minor Children:
Name: ___________________________________ Age: __________
Name: ___________________________________ Age: __________
Name: ___________________________________ Age: __________
Name: ___________________________________ Age: __________
Name: ___________________________________ Age:____________

FORM 8 2014-2015 - FVSEF Volunteer Questionnaire
Fill out one per family
Get Involved!
Dear Parent or Guardian:
Our goal as a team is to have 100% participation by our families. With your registration fees, each family
is required to pay a refundable Volunteer fee. If your volunteer hour requirement is met, we refund that
amount to you. Our goal is to make volunteering as easy and painless as possible. With that in mind, we
ask each of you to complete and return this questionnaire to us. We will contact you when the event that
you have indicated interest in arises.

Please fill out the information below so that we may contact you to help with the areas that you have
marked. Also please provide a valid e-mail address for us to contact regarding volunteer opportunities.

Name: ____________________________________________E-Mail: _________________________________
 Help with renovation of Team room
* Indicate special skills ____________________________________
 Help with renovation of Saddle Club
* Indicate special skills ____________________________________
 Help set up B-Net at beginning of season
 Help coaches dewinterize the race room
 Help organize one of our socials
* Running errands before event for supplies, set up, cooking, clean up
 Arrange for special guest speaker at social
* Who and topic? ________________________________
 Volunteer for Tommy Moe Races
* Registration, gate keeping, timing, etc.
 Help with Warren Miller night
* Hang posters, work the door, sell tickets
 Help with Showcase of the Chefs- preparation
* Obtain auction items, label auction items, print tickets, distribute signs
 Help the night of Showcase of the Chefs
* Take tickets at door, sell raffle tickets, last minute set up, auction administration
 Facebook support- design, implementation, updating
 Website support- design, implementation, updating
 Race Day Support (FVSEF is hosting 2 races again this year. Lots of volunteer help is needed.)
* Race volunteer, support volunteer, team volunteer
 Ski Heritage Days and/or Ski-A-Thon
 Loan us your special talent!
Do you have a special talent we didn’t list? Do you decorate cakes, calligraphy, sky write? Tell us what you would like
to do and we will make it happen!

Phone: _________________________ When can you be reached at this number? _______________________
Athlete Name:________________________________________