Do we really want a

representing us
in Albany?
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5911 Riverdale Avenue
Bronx, NY 10471
FACT: JEFF KLEIN cut a shady backroom deal, aligning himself with
the radical, right-wing Republicans in the Senate who blocked an increase in the
minimum wage, the Women’s Equality Act and the NY DREAM Act.
(Source: N.Y. Times- September 13, 2008/ N.Y. Post- March 11, 2012/ N.Y. Times- December 8, 2012)
FACT: JEFF KLEIN used his political connections to secure a
sweetheart, multi-million dollar contract with NYC for his private
law firm. The contract was later exposed and cancelled by the Comptroller.
(Source: N.Y. Post- December 12, 2011/ N.Y. Post- December 19, 2011/ NY Post April 22, 2012)
FACT: JEFF KLEIN scammed the city and got caught cheating on
his taxes. An examination of public records by the NY Post revealed that he failed to pay
his fair share of property taxes on his private law office. No wonder Klein walks around with a
diamond-studded Rolex and drives a fancy Mercedes.
(Source: N.Y. Post- March 11, 2012)
FACT: JEFF KLEIN went to court against the Moreland Commission
to avoid having to publicly disclose who is paying him for legal services while he is
supposedly representing us. Klein then collaborated to terminate the Moreland Commission itself.
(Source: N.Y. Times- April 16, 2014/ N.Y. Times- July 23, 2014)
Say NO to Jeff Klein.
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Coldblooded pol’s ethics gap
MARCH 11, 2012
“[State Sen. Jeff Klein is] as slippery as his pet iguana...
like his illegal reptilian pet, the Bronx lawmaker’s pattern of behavior is far more slick than his shining public persona. Klein has gamed the system — and possibly broken the law — for years, thumbing his nose at city zoning regulations, getting tax breaks he isn’t entitled to, and failing to disclose his assets to state officials. His ethical breaches range from a dubious mortgage and scandal-scarred political donors to questionable court appointments and renting his Senate office from a firm with alleged mob ties...”
Here are the FACTS about Jeff Klein: