Setting your body and your life up to be concentrated and focused and

/enhancement is a big theme in my life
/stripping down the fuf, get to the bare necessities, peel like an onion to the
heart of your purpose and existence./jack white, immy page, come to a
session and nothing is there, just keep at it, something will come out of it
//conscious streaming/
/dabbling in interests and diferent pursuits vs. complete and
thorough ravishing and commitment to an interest
////something recent has caused me , has brought me to be more
grateful for the moment, it has brought me closer to the moment.
!t might have been love. ! more often think about each and day
that passes and am grateful for each one more that may come
" gratefulness for almost any and every experience that life
//uploading several minds into your own, at the same time#
immy page, jack white, adam corolla.
///stream of conscious session#then review.
////thinking how my creativity and idea generation is stunted by
pressure///and thinking about time//how diferent factors
$recording, peers, pressure, self expectations,% afect mental
acuity and production
//the diferences between feeling like you are really living $buying
books on sex advice and using them to improve my relationship
and sex life% vs. instant grati&cation $masturbating to porn%
..the pain of regret vs. the pain of discipline. 'es '() vs '() .
however !n my brain, the pain of regret is more located in my
emotional sphere, whereas the pain of discipline is located in
some mystical part of my brain, some sort of logistics ,
operations, decision making area, that is very good at scattering
my thoughts and ambitions when discipline is needed. *hat ! am
trying to say is that the argument of feeling these +pains, of regret
and discipline would be better if these pains were in fact, felt by
the same part of the brain.
//---.part of the brain that feels pain of discipline is also coming
up with nonrelated distracting activities, and rationali/ing their
legitimacy.//! feel very con&dent that stream of consciousing
successfully, will help me to get to better know myself, my ideas,
and what is most important to me
///---. continued, and thus help to get my life organi/ed.000 ////you
can,t ponder on the great ideas, and things in life, until you have
a good handle on what is most important to you1 otherwise you
might be spending a lot of time just constantly struggling with the
mundane intricacies of your life within your own head.
///not everyone is looking for the abstract and creative, but often
unheard of practices and habits $that ! am so good at coming up
with% that will help them enhance their life long 2term1 they are
most likely just trying to go through life and achieve concrete
short or long-term objectives, and get through their life
objectives, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.
///3ow often is there going to be something that you would rather
be doing4 "lmost always4 !s it safe to say almost always4
5alancing act between choosing activities and sticking with
activities that may not be the most satisfying in the present
moment, but still doing them because they are part of your
continuously organi/ing and consolidating agenda. 6here also is a
part of your brain that can identify what you think you should be
doing. 3ow often are you doing what you think you should be
doing4 "s your sense of purpose increases in your vision of life,
does this also make it possible to better merge what you think
you should be doing with what you want to be doing4 (r is the
pursuit of your sense of purpose a road that might have no end4
" never ending chase1 how much time can you really devote to
discovering and feshing out your purpose4 #.before you,ve found
that precious time that should have been devoted to something
else has vanished4 (r worse yet, your opportunity to choose your
life,s path has vanished and/or your entire life has about
//!m 7uick to think about spreading the word to others when !
think ! have found a really great idea. *hen really ! should take a
look and a focus into my own &rst, get it handled, experiment and
tweak with my so +brilliant, discoveries, get some expertise on
them, and then decide to spread the word. ! think it comes from
really caring about helping others#.4 ! think of my loved ones
&rst. ! want those closest to me to lead happy ful&lling lives more
than others.
//5log8 ! might get loud.
//very very excited about my &rst interview tomorrow, ! wonder if !
will do a good job of preparing, and a good job of emotional state
control during the actual interview.
//! do have a passion and a yearning for the information
technology, and the progress we are making in the area and what
that will mean for health care 7uality and outcomes.
///!nformation systems is something that ! would like to make a
long term commitment to, and gain whatever experience ! can
//*hat are the conse7uences of a society getting more and more
productive4 "nd exponentially so4
///!s it possible to get so productive that you pass the point of
productivity4 *hat is the point of productivity4 "t some point to
stop accelerating towards in&nite productivity society will need to
be brainwashed to accept the status 7uo to avoid 96he
Singularity: ! say brainwash because it is in human nature to
want more and more, and it will be a di;cult thing to curb the
masses appetite for more and better things.
//*hat would the Stream of <onsciousings of the worlds greatest
achievers look like4 "nd what would they look like in diferent
scenarios, like times of stress, calm, and achievement4
//*hen do my best ideas come4 "t night. *hen ! am alone. "nd !
am relaxed.
//when you look down on others, and don,t give them a chance.
6hen you make it more likely that they will not fourish. 'ou box
them in. =ike a self ful&lling prophecy.
//interesting mix of love in my household/ family love and intimate
love $"manda%. ! feel like this is rare in the )nited States but
more often found in other countries.
//$>elphi group%, $debating the author%, $creating power point%,
$analogies-relatedness%, $absurd, ridiculous funny%, $review%,
$enthusiasm and positivity%, $consider importance purpose of
material- !magine it%
///?y habits and obsessions with enhanced learning and
knowledge manipulation and distribution are very suitable for the
changing times in a world that is shifting from service 2oriented to
//!f ! can just &nally get my speed reading, active reading, and
active learning desires to stick and grow, then my development
could really be something exceptional several years down the
//there are many things that !,d like to indulge my interests in and
get more depth of experience1 maybe ! should become more
organi/ed instead of crapshooting $examples of potential passion
invoking interests8 Shroomery, thc, exercise, yoga, meditation#%
///how would ! organi/e these speci&c desires4 *ith a goal sheet4
repetitive visioning4 "t &rst thought ! should just get it out there
somehow, fush it out somewhere, write it out in all its details,
then worry about organi/ing and achieving it as the next step.
//! believe ! have the passion and energy that having a purposeful
goal gives someone. ! have the 9what is after next4: mentality, !
have the 9how do ! get to the next level4: mentality#even though
my future goals and purposes may not be clearly identi&ed as of
yet, ! have a sense of direction and scope#.
//6he ex7uisite and e;cient precision with which you can use
writing to communicate#.!ncredible possibilities..,,,
<ommunication8 reading, writing, speaking, exchange of ideas in
diferent forms, persuasion, presentation, clarity, comprehension
/:6he fact that we don,t feel e;cient@that we feel@as <arr puts
it, like 9chronic scatterbrains:@is in a sense the source of new
e;ciencies1 the scattering of attention among lots of tasks is
what allows us to add value to lots of social endeavors. 6he
incoherence of the individual mind lends coherence to the group
//!,m satis&ed and very excited that ! was able to act on
inspiration and commit to &nally seeing someone who has
infuenced my life a great deal. "nd for a very good deal. Aven
though my motivation is most likely diferent from the majority of
the other people attending, this event will hold a special place in
my life.
//doing it for myself, self-amusing, living my dream. !f ! am going
to be xx in the future then shouldn,t ! be preparing to behave
accordingly4 !f ! am to lead the world in a health and
achievement neuro-tracking revolution and be at the frontier then
! must build my con&dence and poise. ! know what relationships
are most important to me and ! do what ! want and ! don,t give a
fuck. !mprov training, toastmasters, putting in major eforts to
live at my edge and put myself out there. Baroake, pick-up. !
must make a stand and put myself out there for those who ! care
about and for those who ! care about but can,t do like as ! can.
!,m the boss !,m the boss !,m the motherCCCng boss. ! feel the
fear and do it anyway, even if it is messy because ! am me, and
the self is always coming through.
//give and take paradigm
//take a step back and communicate the idea. " focus on the
communication of the ideas as best as you can
//<an do attitude, given messiness
//!,d really like to get a better hold of my ability to communicate. !
think part of my struggle with communication stems from my
tendency to not take a step back and grasp the ways the
boundaries of ideas are &tting together and potentially merging.
"nother reason may be my simple lack of attention towards
assigning importance towards communication. ! do however,
believe ! can build it with a +can do, attitude. 5ut this will take
time and patience.
//!ssue DE ?y fear about my girlfriend,s sel&shness and lack of
giving and willingness to please compared to other girls ! have
dated. ! am not saying ! am a giving person, but ! am used to
being more of a taker and ! have never met a woman lover as
sel&sh who can naturally take so much. ! feel it is more natural
for the woman to want to please and want to give. 6he woman,s
role is to please her man. "manda,s tendency is to want to be
pleased. " male who pleases becomes unhappy and worn out. "
woman who is told how to please in the right way can become
//!,ve met week F of my new job with a lack of focus and a lack of
successful activity. ! feel the deep rooted urge to be more
strategic and smarter, but ! need to coax the appropriate energies
out of my inner recesses. !,d like to melt away these nagging
frustrations with explosive energy/con&dence and satisfaction.
//!f ! could just get better and more disciplined at coaxing that
little bit of extra energy out of myself. "nd that little bit would be
all it takes to go that much further. "nd that energy is plentiful, it
is just di;cult to pull out.
//6oday ! have the dream of creaint a amalgam of the best
healthcare delivery strategies into one location for the best single
way to delivering and paying for care. Sort of like a double-blind
payment patient-provider relationship with a mix of payment
shcemes, an appropriate separation od futies.
//! am slowly &gruing out the things that ! can do faster and get
away with it, and trying to do them faster accordingly. ! have felt
a slight pick up in brain processing speed in the last few
//rifing and experimenting with minor principles of life e.g useful
ideas/useful information, not forgetting to have fun1 vs. the
steadiness of major principles1 the self is always coming through.
'ou are going to get out of the world what you put in.