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Love by the Signs
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Astrology Basics .............................................................................................................. 3
Elements and Qualities ................................................................................................... 5
The Elements .............................................................................................................. 5
The Qualities ............................................................................................................... 6
How to seduce the Signs ................................................................................................. 8
Aries [ ....................................................................................................................... 8
Taurus _ ................................................................................................................... 12
Gemini } ................................................................................................................... 16
Cancer C .................................................................................................................. 20
Leo p ........................................................................................................................ 24
Virgo ] ...................................................................................................................... 28
Libra - ...................................................................................................................... 31
Scorpio ] .................................................................................................................. 34
Sagittarius × ............................................................................................................. 38
Capricorn _ .............................................................................................................. 42
Aquarius ´ ................................................................................................................ 45
Pisces ) .................................................................................................................... 49
Love by the Signs
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Astrology Basics

Astrology is a system of beliefs and traditions in which the positions of various
celestial bodies such as the sun and moon at your birth provide insight into your

Most people only know their sun sign, that is, the sign that the sun was in when they
were born. You can learn a great deal about the basics of your personality from
looking at the details of your sun sign, but you are much more than just your sun
sign. To get your full astrological picture, you need to look at a detailed chart based
not only on the day you were born but on your birth place and time as well. This full
birth chart identifies the signs, degrees, and houses for all of the planets and other
celestial bodies at your birth, all of which affect your personality to varying degrees.
For example, your rising sign (the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon when
you were born) is a very important factor in your outward personality, how you
present yourself to everyone else; the placement of a planet like Neptune, on the
other hand, is less powerful because it takes so long (165 years) to cycle through
the entire zodiac that its effect is on generations of people.

With the basic information provided by your own sun sign, though, you can have a
fairly good idea of how you will react to a variety of situations. Likewise, you can
learn how best to approach someone else by knowing both your sun sign and
theirs, though you would need to see their full chart to see all of the influences on
their personality. You can use this information in a variety of settings, from business
to personal. And, yes, you can use this information to attract and seduce them.

Why use astrology to seduce someone you’re interested in?
The more you know about the sun signs and their traits, the easier it will be for you
to pick up on things and make the other person‟s personality traits work for you.
Love by the Signs
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Instead of relying on hit-and-miss by using the same seduction techniques on
everyone, you can tailor your actions to fit the personality of the sign you‟re trying to

Learning more about the compatibility between signs and the personality traits
associated with those signs can also help you to avoid wasting time and energy on
someone with whom you are unlikely to click.
Love by the Signs
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Elements and Qualities

The Elements
Each sign of the zodiac is associated with one of the four elements: fire, earth, air,
and water. These elements, also known as triplicities because there are three signs
in each element, confer traits that are common to the signs within it.

The three fire signs are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. They are very fiery and
passionate, and are more open than fire or water signs. You can be very direct with
them. They are also very expressive. They like to talk a lot and are very outgoing.
Because of that gregarious nature, they‟ll generally lose interest into someone who
is shy. You have to keep their interest by communicating with them.

The three earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. They are more grounded
than the other signs. You can‟t be direct with them like you can with fire or air signs.

The three air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air signs are intellectual; they
think before they feel. They have great ideas, though they aren‟t always good at
seeing those ideas through to completion.
As with fire signs, you can be more open with air signs than with earth or water
Love by the Signs
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The three air signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. They are very emotional and
feel things before they think them. As with earth signs, you can‟t be as direct with
them like you can with fire or air signs. Water signs also tend to love the ocean and
other forms of water.
Compatibility between the elements
Signs within any of the elements mix well with others within that same element; like
attracts like. Fire and air signs are also compatible with each other, as are earth and
water signs.

The Qualities

Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac also falls under one of three qualities (also
known as quadruplicities because there are four signs in each quality) that confer
additional characteristics on the sign.

The signs that fall under the cardinal quality are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and
Capricorn. Webster‟s New Collegiate Dictionary defines the word “cardinal” as “of
basic importance: main, chief, primary” and that is exactly the trait these signs
exhibit. These signs are the leaders of the zodiac, the signs most likely to take the
initiative and get things done.

The signs that fall under the fixed quality are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.
The word “fixed” is fairly easy to define, even without a dictionary. An object that is
fixed is fastened in place, immovable, and that‟s exactly how someone in a fixed
Love by the Signs
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sign operates. They are the resolute, or even downright stubborn, signs of the
zodiac, but they are also the most stable.

The signs that fall under the mutable quality are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and
Pisces. The word “mutable” means changeable, and these are the signs of the
zodiac that are most adaptable and the most able to just “go with the flow.”
Compatibility between the qualities
Unlike with elements, signs within the same quality aren‟t generally compatible with
each other, at least not without a great deal of effort. Imagine, for example, two
fixed signs out-stubborning each other or two cardinal signs each trying to be the
Love by the Signs
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How to seduce the Signs

Aries [
Sun in Aries occurs from March 21 to April 20. As a fire sign, Aries is most
compatible with itself as well as with the other fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius) and
air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). As a cardinal sign, Aries people are born
Let them chase you
Aries people are very passionate. They love the chase, and turning down an
Aries is like putting a lit match to lighter fluid: sparks and flames fly. The more
you turn them down, the more they will chase you. You have to flirt really heavy
one day, and then act aloof and distant the next. It will grab their interest. It‟s all
about the conquest.
When you become aloof to inflame them, make sure you don‟t make them feel
put down. That will just hurt them. Instead, find the occasion to just act as if you
don‟t see them. If it is a co-worker, go past their office looking straight, with an
absent smile on your face; or go past them in the hallway with a friend, chatting
and not looking in their direction at all. If you do happen to lock eyes, just say a
simple, friendly “Hi!” and continue on with what you were doing. A day later go
back to them and show intense interest in what they do and what they say. Smile
and laugh at their jokes. Then leave and the next day become aloof again.
When they start showing interest back, continue the game but change it slightly.
When they approach you, respond with interest for a few minutes then find an
Love by the Signs
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excuse to disappear and leave them hanging. Be careful to do this graciously
and not appear impolite. You have to prepare your reasons carefully such that
they are real. Don‟t excuse yourself. Just look at your watch and say smiling
“Time to go!”. No “see you later”, no “nice talking to you”, no “hope to see you
later”. Just be charming while you listen to them then leave with grace. Give them
a couple of days and if they don‟t come back again, go inflame them again.
Continue this game until things get to a boiling point. You‟ll be able to spot it
easily: if you played the game correctly up to this point, an Aries will eventually
get impatient, will take the initiative and invite you on a date. At a minimum, being
confused by your behavior, they will say things and ask questions to probe for
your availability. Let them know the answer. Continue the game with patience
until they make their move.
The best thing to do when you meet an Aries is brag about yourself and your
accomplishments – they find that very attractive. But don‟t make your
accomplishments bigger than theirs; rather, ensure that you point out that in spite
of your achievements, you will probably never achieve as much as them. They
will respect you as having a similar personality to theirs, but not feel threatened
by you in their leadership.
Let them lead
Once you‟ve let them catch you (and before you lead them on the chase again),
let them do what they do best, lead. They want to be in charge. Take a
secondary position to them and help them shine in front of a crowd. They will
appreciate that.
If the Aries you want to attract is a coworker, help them get in a position where
they can initiate a project. Starting new projects is their strength.
Love by the Signs
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What to say to an Aries
They are obstinately independent, determined and proud. With your words,
gently caress their ego. Compliment their leadership abilities and their initiative.
What to avoid say to an Aries
Never take the initiative of asking out a male Aries. It will work with a female, but
the male Aries wants to be the one making the invitation. So just follow the game
of inflaming them and keep that up until the invitation comes. And then, accept
the invitation.
Never say something that makes you show more initiative than them.
What to wear
Clothes with the color red. If you are a woman, wear a red dress. If you are a
man, wear a red tie. Dress nicely. That will give them the ability to picture
themselves with you at their side: their pride dictates them to have well dressed
partners. If you are a woman, wear skirts and dresses. If you are a man, and
want to attract a female Aries, don‟t wear casual clothing around her unless you
go camping.
Show interest in your body. Mention your gym membership or sports you play.
That will give you points towards winning a long term relationship with an Aries,
even if they themselves are not interested in sports. But your interest in athletic
activities will reassure them that they will be proud having a good looking partner
in you.
Aries colors and birthstones
Mars is the ruling star of Aries and the Sun is exalted in Aries. The metal ruled by
Mars is Iron and the metal ruled by the sun is Gold. The colors which best vibrate
Love by the Signs
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with the energies of an Aries person are red, white and indigo. Aries birthstones
include: Boulder Opal, Ametrine, Black Onyx, Herkimer Diamond, Rhodochrosite,
Sodalite, Nuumite, Pink Aventurine, Red Tiger Eye.
An Aries woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should wear a
pendant with a piece of Rhodochrosite set in Silver and Copper. The best suited
engagement ring for an Aries woman is a Boulder Opal set in Red Gold (Gold
and Copper Alloy).
Aries as a spouse
If your spouse is an Aries and your relationship is not where you want it to be,
you may be doing things that Aries doesn‟t like. Don‟t try to change an Aries,
instead consider changing a few of your behaviors.
Even if it feels difficult at first, stick to the tips below and your relationship will
improve greatly.
Let your Aries speak about themselves, about their day, about their problems. Do
not interrupt them unless it is to ask further questions. Show honest interest in
what they say. Most likely their story will end with a solution they found, an
initiative they took, or an idea they had. Sometimes they will be very excited
about a project they just started. Remember Aries is an initiator. When they are
done talking, praise them for what they did. Use grandiose words such as
„genius‟. If this feels uncomfortable for you, realize that this is what keeps your
relationship from growing.
Other times, their story will be about how boring and tedious a project they work
on has become. That is because Aries only like to start projects. Tell them that
they are right to feel bored and that it is time to move on to a new project. They‟ll
think you read their mind, because that is exactly what they want as well. That
Love by the Signs
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will make them feel close to you and after a while, they start paying back the
favors and do things you like as well.
In intimacy, let them lead. If they get excited enough, they‟ll like you to be a
passionate lover.

Taurus _
Sun in Taurus occurs from April 21 to May 21. As an earth sign, Taurus is most
compatible with itself as well as with the other earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn) and
water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). As a fixed sign, Taurus is the most
stubborn sign. (Its symbol isn‟t a bull for nothing.)
They are very grounded and serious, though they also have a great love and zest
for life and all that life has to offer – good food, beautiful surroundings, fine wine,
fresh flowers. They also love music and often have excellent singing voices.
Taurus people can be very possessive. They‟ll treat you like you belong to them.
They don‟t share and they can get very jealous. They‟re less likely to be open to a
brief fling than they would be for a longer-term relationship, but they are also
intensely loyal.
Plan a romantic event
Taurus people are very sensual. They love food; they love sex; they love
everything to do with the senses. Touch, taste, smell – they love it all. Dinner
near the fire, with candlelight, good food, and chocolate-covered strawberries,
can lead to great things.
Taurus people generally prefer to take things slowly, and they don't like to be
rushed when it comes to love. They'd rather get to know their lover well before
Love by the Signs
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taking any steps towards a long-term commitment. They are thorough and
pragmatic; they like to think things through before taking action. On the one hand
Taurus people are sensual but on the other hand conservative and down to
earth. Taurus people tend to be reserved and not too talkative; but food, soft
music and candlelight can open their heart and mind. When choosing a suitable
setting for your first date with a Taurus person, your best bet would be a quiet
romantic place surrounded by nature: a rustic restaurant in the country, a coffee
shop by the sea, etc. Taurus people are very musical and have a keen taste for
high class music. So remember to have good music on around them and that will
greatly improve their mood for romance.
Be home-centric
Taurus people take great pride in their homes. They usually choose to live in
rural surroundings. Green is their favorite color and they definitely prefer to live in
a house with a garden. When a Taurus person invites you over for a meal, then
bring them a nice bouquet or a potted plant. Also, in conversations, talk about
your home, ask about theirs. Invite them over to your place for a coffee. During
courtship, you would be well advised to invite your Taurus lover over for a
romantic meal at your home (but make sure that you don‟t do this too soon).
Take special care to make your home look inviting with beautiful decorations,
sweet scents and soft romantic music. Make sure that the table is arranged
luxuriously with your best crockery. Decorate the table with flowers and candles.
Flowers best suited for Taurus people are red roses, daisies, lilies, and daffodils.
What to cook for a Taurus
The way to a Taurus person's heart is through their stomach. Taurus people
naturally appreciate good and tasty food. However they have a tendency to put
on weight, thus a low-calorie meal would be the best. Fish, eggs, liver, kidney
beans and fresh fruit and green salads should be part of a Taurus diet. You can
Love by the Signs
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prepare a delicious low calorie meal with baked trout and fresh green salads. For
desert you can serve sorbet ice cream together with fresh fruit.
Taurus people savor a meal full of fine flavors. When preparing a dish for your
Taurus lover, the best spices for seasoning are cinnamon, nutmeg, parsley and
mint. Besides full-bodied Chardonnay, Taurus people love to drink aromatic
coffee and Mexican hot chocolate.
What to say to a Taurus
First of all it's important to be a good and patient listener. Also, you would be well
advised not to mention past relationships. Instead assure your Taurus lover that
they are the only one who has your heart. Taurus people are extremely romantic
and appreciate beautiful words uttered in a soft voice. Make sure you use refined
speech without any vulgar expressions. Taurus people have an innate love for
nature; therefore this would be a perfect topic for conversation. They also are
artistic with an intuitive appreciation for fine art. In conversation you can ask their
opinion on anything to do with art, music and fashion; they will be happy to
What to wear
Taurus people usually have a refined sense of aesthetics. Therefore it's
especially important you invest in your appearance. Taurus people like a clean
and tidy look.
If you are a woman wear pretty feminine clothes; preferably dresses, or skirts
and blouses, which are not too revealing or flashy. Also choose a soft perfume
with a floral scent to go with your clothes.
If you are a man wear stylish suits and elegant shoes coupled with a tidy haircut.
Love by the Signs
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Taurus colors and birt-hstones
Venus is the ruling star of Taurus and the Moon is exalted in Taurus. The metal
ruled by Venus is Copper and the metal ruled by the Moon is Silver. The colors
which best vibrate with the energies of a Taurus person are green, turquoise,
pink, brown and russet. Taurus birthstones include: Diamond, Moss Agate,
Aventurine, Dioptase, Red Jasper, Red Calcite, Rhodonite, Morganite.
A Taurus woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should wear
a pendant with a piece of Morganite set in Silver and Copper. The best suited
engagement ring for a Taurus woman is a Diamond set in Red Gold (Gold and
Copper Alloy).
Taurus as a spouse
Taurus people value possessions especially expensive items. Therefore it's
important to show your affection by giving a posh gift on special occasions
(birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.).
Taurus people have a basic need for stability and a sense of security. They tend
to be set in their ways and find it difficult to adapt to changes. Whenever major
changes occur during a marriage, such as the birth of a child or moving into a
new home, remember that your Taurus spouse is finding it particularly difficult to
adjust. Therefore you should be supportive, patient and show empathy for your
spouse's feelings.
Most Taurus people choose to live in rural surroundings and they usually prefer
to spend their vacations at home. They enjoy gardening and taking walks in quiet
places with rich vegetation. However if you feel the need to go away for your
vacation then choose a romantic holiday in the country in a place where there are
good restaurants.
Love by the Signs
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Financial security is extremely important for Taurus people. They will plan their
spending very carefully and always take care to put some money aside for a
rainy day. Before making a major expenditure, always consult with your Taurus
partner and make sure they agree to this financial venture. Bear in mind that
most major marital crises with a Taurus spouse revolve around money.
Taurus people are notorious for being possessive and they expect their spouses
to spend most of their time together with them. But they are also known to be by
nature extremely faithful. They are patient and usually calm, but when roused
they can go into an awful rage, so try not to provoke them.
Since Taurus people have a great appreciation of beauty, it's important always to
look nice and act lovingly. Marriages with Taurus people are usually for life.
However it's important to invest in the home and family if you want to keep your
Taurus spouse happy and content.
Gemini }
Sun in Gemini occurs from May 22 to June 21. As an air sign, Gemini is most
compatible with itself as well as with the other air signs (Libra and Aquarius) and fire
signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).
Gemini people are intellectual and have a need for subtle control. They are also
unpredictable. For Gemini people, Libra is a good match to counter that tendency to
be all over the place.
Use words to enchant your lover
Words, words and again words, is what you need to conquer the heart of a
Gemini lover. Gemini people are extremely articulate and they possess a natural
love for the beauty of words. Composing a love letter or even a love song for
your Gemini lover will work wonders. Conversely, if a Gemini presents you with a
Love by the Signs
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poem especially written for you, make sure you show full appreciation for this
gesture. Gemini people put all their effort and pride into their literary work. In
conversation, try to use literate language – Gemini people appreciate educated
individuals. Don't hesitate to show off your knowledge as well as your wit and
sense of humor. Gemini people naturally enjoy a mind-stimulating conversation
as well as a good laugh.
On the other hand, Gemini people love to be given the opportunity to put their
knowledge and wisdom on display. Therefore, your Gemini lover would be
flattered if you picked their brains on almost any subject you can think of. The
main thing with a Gemini lover is to verbalize your feelings; express your love
and appreciation in words more than anything else. Be also a good listener and
show interest in what your Gemini lover has to say. Gemini people like to engage
in all forms of verbal interaction: heart-to-heart conversations, sms text
messaging, emailing, internet chatting, active participation in online discussion
groups and above all interacting with people on online social networks. When
courting a Gemini person, you would be well advised to sign up with all the online
groups your lover is on. Written correspondence is an important part of building
up a long-term relationship with a Gemini person. Gemini people instinctively
tend to focus more on the written word. They'll often keep a diary.
Remember, Gemini people are put off by anybody who is boring, tongue-tied and
illiterate. To seduce a Gemini lover you'll have to get your grey cells working.
Curiosity and inquisitiveness are basic characteristics of any Gemini person. In
conversation with a Gemini person, try and capture their curiosity and let it hang,
because they love the challenge of puzzles and riddles. When talking to a Gemini
person, try and create suspension and frequently change topics; this will keep
them listening.
Love by the Signs
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What to cook for a Gemini
Gemini people prefer fast foods, snacks, appetizers and hors d'oeuvres that are
both tasty and provocative. They'll always be curious to try new dishes. Orange-
colored foods such as oranges, pink grapefruits, peaches, apricots, carrots,
pumpkin, and lentils, should be a central part of a Gemini person's diet.
Whenever it's cold you can brew your Gemini lover a hot cup of Earl Grey or
plain mint tea.
Gemini people are by nature multi-taskers and more often than not you'll see
them eating whilst doing something else at the same time. Therefore if you plan a
meal together with a Gemini lover, you should opt for a picnic or a barbecue
outdoors, rather than a candle-lit dinner at home. Make sure you prepare a
variety of salads with a selection of dressings as well as different snacks to
nibble on. And finally don't forget the drinks – Gemini people favor fizzy drinks in
a variety of flavors, such as cream soda, cola and beer. As for alcohol, you'd best
serve your Gemini lover a glass of lively Pinot Grigio.
What to wear
Gemini people like exclusive clothes with a lot of color and frills. They can
combine a frilly old-fashioned blouse with faded blue jeans and high-heeled
evening shoes. The more diverse, the better; they just love to mix styles and
fashions. In general, Gemini people like an unconventional look.
If you are a woman wear a mixture of casual and elegant pieces of clothing
together with bracelets, bangles and rings. Use lavender scented perfume to
match your outfit.
If you are a man wear a sporty outfit with a touch of elegance.
Love by the Signs
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Gemini colors and birthstones
Mercury is the ruling star of Gemini. The metal ruled by Mercury is Quicksilver.
The colors which best vibrate with the energies of a Gemini person are orange,
yellow and light blue. Gemini birthstones include: Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Pyrope
Garnet, Watermelon Tourmaline, Infinite Stone, Super Seven crystal, Dalmation
Jasper, Optical Calcite, Loadstone, Green Jade.
A Gemini woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should wear
a pendant with a piece of Pyrope Garnet set in Silver and Copper. The best
suited engagement ring for a Gemini woman is a Blue Sapphire set in Red Gold
(Gold and Copper Alloy).
Gemini as a spouse
The greatest challenge in a marriage with a Gemini spouse is to keep the flame
burning in your relationship. On the one hand Gemini people are easily
stimulated, but on the other hand they also get bored very fast. Gemini people
are versatile, dynamic, open-minded, quick on the uptake and love plenty of
variety. You must be free-spirited, intellectual and most of all a perfect
conversationalist to keep your relationship alive with a Gemini spouse.
Gemini people are notorious for their mood swings. If you marry a Gemini, you'll
never know when the weather changes. One moment the sun will shine and the
next moment the clouds will start to overshadow their good mood. To make your
relationship long-term, you'll have to learn to adapt to these sudden changes.
Being married to a Gemini person, means living on a race-track so to speak.
Gemini people have no patience for slowness and they love novelties. Therefore
it's important to keep up-to-date, avoid routines and constantly extend your
intellectual horizons, if you want to keep your Gemini spouse committed to you
and make your marriage last. Also beware of being jealous and possessive!
Love by the Signs
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Restlessness and unpredictably are perfect key terms for describing a Gemini
person. One day your Gemini spouse will cling to you and the next day they'll
forget that you exist. From time to time, try and surprise your Gemini spouse with
a day out, for a special meal or with an unusual gift.
Gemini people love books – they love to read them and also write them. They
usually have a private study in their home which serves as their personal
sanctuary. Whenever your Gemini spouse retreats to their study, make sure you
don't intrude, because they resent being interrupted in the middle of reading a
good book or working on a writing project.
Cancer C
Sun in Cancer occurs from June 22 to July 22. As a water sign, Cancer is most
compatible with itself as well as with the other water signs (Pisces and Scorpio) and
earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).
They are very much homebodies. The best way to get to them is to come across as
a buddy, who wants to stay home all the time, watch movies, and talk about your
Mom, your pets, and your memories of childhood. They love nostalgia. They also
are very sensitive. It will take a while.
Let your lover feel part of your family
Cancer people are very family minded. Their home is their fortress. A Cancer
person feels at home like a king, and outdoors feels like a waif. They naturally
prefer to work at home and tend to choose domestic professions.
Cancer people like their homes to look cozy and welcoming. They are extremely
hospitable by nature and love to pamper their guests. Indeed they love to have
guests – the more the better, and as often as possible. The most important place
in a Cancerian's home is naturally the kitchen. The kitchen is the Cancerian's
Love by the Signs
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private sanctuary and it's usually combined with the dining hall. If you are looking
for a special gift for your Cancer lover than go and look around at a kitchen
accessories store.
The best tactic for wooing a Cancer lover is to nurture them and make them feel
part of your family. Cancer people in general seek long-term relationships. A love
affair is not enough for them; they want to fill their nest with a family of their own.
They'll always scrutinize the person they're dating to see what kind of spouse
and parent they'll be. It's especially important for them to observe their lover's
relationship with family members (parents and siblings). It's also important for
them to be accepted by their lover's family. So if you're seeking a long-term
relationship with a Cancerian then make sure your family makes your sweetheart
feel at home. Never forget to invite them to family events.
What to cook for a Cancer
Cancer people love cooking and feeding their nearest and dearest; if it was up to
them they'd spend all day in the kitchen. For a Cancer person food is a way to
express one's love and affection. They're eager to pamper their loved-ones with
a good meal. When planning a meal with your Cancer lover, you'd best let them
cook it together with you. Preparing a meal together with your Cancer lover
creates a special kind of intimacy between you which will last a long time.
Cancer people prefer mild and soothing foods; they usually crave for milk
products like cream cakes, ice-creams and milkshakes. When preparing a meal
for a Cancer person, you should use as your main ingredients violet-colored
foods like grapes, blueberries, blackberries, black currents, black cherries,
plums, beetroots, purple cabbage, aubergines, or buckwheat. After the desert
you can serve your Cancer lover a mug of hot Turkish coffee brewed together
with cardamom, or a cup of herbal tea with jasmine and chamomile topped with a
slice of lemon. Cancer people should avoid beer, but a glass of luscious
Grenache would be a perfect substitute.
Love by the Signs
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When setting the table for a meal with your Cancer sweetheart, preferably use
old-fashioned crockery set on a vintage style tablecloth. Place some white roses,
irises, carnations and magnolia in a porcelain vase on the table. Also don't forget
to light some candles, when serving the meal. Last but not least, put on some
soft romantic and old-fashioned music in the background – this will open the
heart and soul of any Cancerian.
What to say to a Cancer
Cancerians love to talk about the past: childhood memories and family history
are two of their favorite topics. They also like to talk about their nearest and
dearest – their family and pets. When engaged in a conversation with a Cancer
lover speak in a soft and soothing voice, avoid using any vulgar language and
show them you're listening. Although Cancerians aren't usually very talkative,
when it comes to speaking about something which arouses their emotions, like
their pet or younger sibling, then they can become quite eloquent. Try to make
them feel you're sharing their enthusiasm. Tell them also about your family, pets
and childhood memories – they'll be eager to hear what you have to say.
What to wear
Cancer people prefer clothes that hold sentimental value for them: they have a
special liking for vintage clothes and old-fashioned styles in general. They favor
soft colors, such as white and shimmery pastels. And they just love soft, cozy
fabrics like flannel, velour and terry cloth.
If you are a woman wear pretty, soft, feminine and vintage clothes together with
silver jewelry and jasmine scented perfume.
If you are a man wear an old-fashioned style suit with matching shoes and a tie.
Love by the Signs
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Cancer colors and birthstones
Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. The metal ruled by
the Moon is Silver and the metal ruled by Jupiter is Tin. The colors which best
vibrate with the energies of a Cancer person are white, silver, pale yellow, green,
violet and russet. Cancer birthstones include: Moonstone, Pearl, Beryl, Banded
Agate, Rainbow Obsidian, Green Fluorite, Grossular Garnet, Green Spinel,
Brecciated Jasper, Shungit.
A Cancer woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should wear
a pendant with a piece of Grossular Garnet set in Silver and Copper. The best
suited engagement ring for a Cancer woman is a Beryl set in Red Gold (Gold and
Copper Alloy).
Cancer as a spouse
Cancer people often forget that they're not their spouse's parent. They
subconsciously tend to assume the role of a parent rather than a marriage
partner. They are very sentimental, nostalgic and family minded. Being married
means for them to be the head of a family. The best way to earn the devotion
and long-term commitment of your Cancer spouse is to raise a large family.
Cancer people prefer to spend their free time together with the whole family.
Once the first child is born they'll usually only do things as a family rather than as
a couple. Many Cancer people love pets. So if you marry a Cancerian you'll
probably find yourself not only raising children but also several pets.

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Leo p
Sun in Leo occurs from July 23 to August 21. As a fire sign, Leo is most compatible
with itself as well as with the other fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius) and air signs
(Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). As a fixed sign, Leo people tend to be quite
Make your lover the center of attention
Leo people are born actors; they adore dramas and try to create them whenever
they have the opportunity to do so. They thrive when they are at the center of
attention. They feel, think and act like a super-star standing at the front of a stage
before a large audience. Many people consider Leos to be pompous and
extravagant. Indeed they crave for attention and always need to be in the center
of it. Their charisma, charm and joie de vivre is what earns them their popularity.
When dating a Leo make sure you give them all the attention you can and
incessantly complement them, thank them, and tell them how much you adore
them, admire them and appreciate them. If a Leo person is ignored they'll go into
a depression. A Leo person by nature needs to feel appreciated and loved. Leo
people are social creatures who love large crowds. They generally choose public
places for dating. More often than not a Leo person will prefer to go out on a date
as a group rather than as a couple; that is, they'll choose to spend the day out
together with other couples from their circle of friends. During courtship a Leo
person will scrutinize their partner to see if they get along in society. A Leo
person's public image and reputation will always be their first priority. Therefore if
you want to conquer the heart of your Leo lover make sure you know how to
behave in public. No matter what, make sure you don't embarrass your Leo
sweetheart in public, because this could be a fatal blow to your relationship.
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What to cook for a Leo
Leo people love everything which is big, pompous and noisy. There is no
exception to this rule when it comes to food. Leo people never miss a chance to
go out; especially on a wine and culinary adventure in fashionable places –
expensive restaurants, exclusive dance bars or extravagant parties, to list a few.
For a Leo person to enjoy their meal, the food doesn't only have to taste good but
look good as well. Therefore, when planning a meal for your Leo sweetheart,
make sure the dishes you prepare look flamboyant and grandiose. The table
should be set like for a banquet with the most expensive bone china, silver
cutlery and crystal glasses.
A Leo's diet should include a lot of vegetables and fruit rather than meat. For
example, you can serve your Leo lover Foie Gras followed by a flambé dish
accompanied with green salads. It would also be a good idea to add sunflower
seeds, nuts and dried berries to the salad dressing. For desert serve your Leo
sweetheart a glass of classic, well-aged Bordeaux together with a piece of
lemon-lime or poppy seed cake seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.
What to wear
Leo people have a special liking for impressive, luxurious and expensive looking
clothes. They just love exclusive designs which catch the eye of every passerby.
When going out on a date, they want to feel they can show off their partner. They
have a fetish for glitter and bold colors. Designer labels mean a lot to them and
they'll spend a great deal of money on clothes. They also have a taste for
expensive jewelry, especially gold jewelry set with diamonds.
If you are a woman wear your best designer clothes and most expensive gold
jewelry, because going out with a Leo male is like going to an audition for one of
the top modeling agencies. Make sure you put on a large amount of Musk
scented perfume.
Love by the Signs
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If you are a man wear a deluxe suit with all the accessories (belt, hat, etc.) and
matching shoes. Remember, your Leo girlfriend wants to feel she's dating a
Leo colors and birthstones
Leo is ruled by the Sun. The metal ruled by the Sun is Yellow Gold. The colors
which best vibrate with the energies of a Leo person are gold, royal blue and red.
Leo birthstones include: Kunzite, Gold Calcite, Desert Rose, Citrine, Almandine
Garnet, African Blue Opal, Black Kyanite, Sunstone, Star Rose Quartz,
Chrysanthemum Stone.
A Leo woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should wear a
pendant with a piece of Kunzite set in Silver and Copper. The best suited
engagement ring for a Leo woman is an African Blue Opal set in Red Gold (Gold
and Copper Alloy).
Leo as a spouse
In essence, Leo's make excellent marriage partners and parents. They have a
strong sense of honor and integrity. They are by nature monogamous and
devoted parents. However they demand respect, devotion and above all loyalty
from their spouse. Leo people are generous and caring, but they also have a
tendency to smother their nearest and dearest with their overbearing love and
care. Their attitude towards their beloved ones is: "I know better than you, what's
good for you". Therefore many people will see a Leo as bossy and domineering.
Therefore if you want your marriage with a Leo spouse to succeed you have to
accept that they'll always have the last word in everything. On the other hand
they'll reward an obedient spouse with their generosity and genuine love.
Another thing to be considered when marrying a Leo partner is their need for an
intensive social life. Leo people thrive in society and wither in privacy. For Leo
Love by the Signs
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people the boundaries between home and the public domain is only virtual. They
love to have people around them and privacy holds no value for them. Leo
people are excellent hosts and they'll always look to entertain guests in their
home. Therefore Leo people will expect their spouse to be the perfect host and
always be ready to entertain guests in their home. This means that whoever
marries a Leo inevitably forfeits their privacy but also gains a rich social life with a
lot of fun.

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Virgo ]
Sun in Virgo occurs from August 22 to September 23. As an earth sign, Virgo is
most compatible with itself as well as with the other earth signs (Capricorn and
Taurus) and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).
Strive for perfection and pay attention to the details
The devil lies in the details. Virgo people are known to be pedantic and prude.
They'll notice every detail, for better or for worse. Therefore when dating a Virgo,
make sure you're ready on time and no matter what don't ever be late for your
date. Also take care to look neat and tidy and display your best manners. In
conversation use literary English and try not to make any grammatical mistakes;
and most important avoid profane and rude language. Virgo's are perfectionists
and hard-working. Therefore don't be surprised when a Virgo person starts
asking on your first date about your work. They have not tolerance for idleness
and unproductiveness. Virgo people are not very talkative and they like to get to
the point without beating about the bush. When they ask a question they prefer to
get a short answer. Virgo people tend to take a long time to open up in a love
relationship. They can't be rushed into anything. However once they form an
emotional attachment, it's usually life-long. They dislike light headed flirtations
and in most cases they'll only opt for a long term relationship. When courting a
Virgo person let your relationship grow from friendship to love.
What to cook for a Virgo
When it comes to food the most important thing for a Virgo is hygiene and health.
When inviting your Virgo lover over for a meal, make sure you only prepare
healthy and fresh food. A Virgo person will usually buy his food at a health store.
When shopping at the local supermarket, a Virgo person will always check the
Love by the Signs
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ingredients and sell by date before placing the item in his cart. Virgo people are
very perceptive and they tend to notice things others usually don't. So before you
bring your Virgo lover to your home, make sure it's spick and span. Set the table
to give it a simple, clean and tidy look; preferably use a white cotton table cloth
and white crockery.
"Waste not, want not" is the mantra of a Virgo when it comes to eating a meal.
They generally prefer small portions and you'll rarely see them fill their plates.
Virgo people also prefer mild and bland flavors, as well as low-fat and low-calorie
meals. Therefore you'd best prepare a buffet with as selection of fresh salads,
marinated fish, mild cheeses and cooked grains placed in small dishes. Also
serve them freshly baked whole-wheat roles with homemade butter and honey.
At the end of the meal brew them a herbal tea with lavender and fennel.
Preferably let them eat their meal in silence; there's enough time for an intimate
conversation after the meal. If, during the meal, you choose to put on a CD then
turn the volume down as much as you can. Only play soft and quiet music.
What to wear
Virgos will always look perfectly tidy and neat. They value order and hygiene
above everything else. They also notice every little detail and will be put off by
someone looking messy and wearing dirty, creased and torn clothes. They
expect their lover always to look clean and well kept. Before you date a Virgo,
make sure no button is missing and that everything you're wearing matches.
If you are a woman wear tailored suits. Choose docile colors, preferably shades
of blue, which don't stand out too much. Also don't overdo it with jewelry and put
on a small amount of patchouli scented perfume.
If you are a man wear conservative and polished outfits. Avoid anything flashy
and unusual. Also keep your hair cropped short.
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Virgo colors and birthstones
Mercury is the ruling star of Virgo. The metal ruled by Mercury is Quicksilver. The
colors which best vibrate with the energies of a Virgo person are blue, navy blue,
yellow, grey, tan and lilac. Virgo birthstones include: Eilat Stone, Apache Tear,
Mangano Calcite, Angelite, Agate Botswana, Axinite, Tiger Iron, Howlite,
A Virgo woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should wear a
pendant with a piece of Eilat Stone set in Silver and Copper. The best suited
engagement ring for a Virgo woman is an Iolite set in Red Gold (Gold and
Copper Alloy).
Virgo as a spouse
Virgo people make devoted, conscientious, faithful and loyal spouses. They are
known to have high standards of morals and integrity; however they expect the
same of their spouse. They are rational and calculated and they don't like
surprises. So if you're married to a Virgo, then make sure you don't keep any
secrets from them. Also beware of doing anything behind your spouse's back;
always let them know about your plans and discuss with your spouse what you
intend to do before you do it. Virgo people are meticulous and thorough and they
like to plan and think everything through before taking action. On the other hand,
Virgo people are fair and will set themselves the same standards they set others;
they practice what they preach. Therefore Virgo people make honest and fair
Virgo people dislike spendthrifts. So if you're married to a Virgo and you want to
make your marriage last, beware of spending money without discussing it with
your spouse beforehand. As a rule Virgo people don't like extravagance,
sloppiness and laziness. When married to a Virgo make sure you take care of
your health, be modest in your demands and don't sit around idly – at least not
Love by the Signs
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when they're at home. Hygiene and order are a prerequisite for making a
marriage with a Virgo work. Virgo people can't stand seeing dirty dishes,
unironed clothes and a full garbage bin around the house. So if you don't want
your Virgo spouse to nag you, then make sure you don't leave anything lying
Libra -
Sun in Libra occurs from September 24 to October 23. As an air sign, Libra is most
compatible with itself as well as with the other air signs (Gemini and Aquarius) and
fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).
Use music to enchant your lover
Libra people are by nature very artistic. They love music, poetry and dance.
When courting a Libra person be as romantic as you can. Walk together hand in
hand along the seashore at sunset. Sit together and sing. Go out for the evening
to a dance bar and let the music guide you across the dance floor. When
choosing a gift for your Libra lover, pick something beautiful and personalized.
Two's company; three's a crowd. As a rule Libra people like intimacy and they
dislike intruders. Therefore when courting a Libra person, don't try and suggest
going out together with friends as a group. Try to spend the time together alone.
In general be gentle and loving. Avoid any arguments or conflict. Libra people run
a mile from quarrelsome individuals. Show your Libra lover that you are a
peaceful person and have a positive attitude to people. Never rant and rave
about anything. Libra people usually don't like politics; so don't try and discuss
anything to do with politics. Just talk about love, music and poetry; these are the
topics which your Libra sweetheart will like to hear.
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What to cook for a Libra
Libra people are notorious for having a sweet tooth. They like to add sugar to
almost everything they eat and drink. However in general they savor balanced
flavors and aesthetic tastes. You can add rose-water, vanilla and cinnamon to
their puddings, cakes and stewed fruit. Meat is bad for them, but lean poultry
boiled into a clear broth or cocked with vegetables and rice is a perfect
substitute. The best herbs to add to a Libra person's food are thyme, spearmint,
cloves, dill and fennel. For desert serve your Libra sweetheart vanilla ice-cream
with strawberries and cream accompanied by a glass of vintage white Burgundy.
When preparing a romantic meal together at your house, make sure you set the
scene to fit the occasion. Libra people are generally incurable romantics; they
can get quite sentimental about such events – so don't miss your golden
opportunity to capture their heart. If it's summer, then place the dining table in the
garden – there's nothing more romantic than a midnight feast under the starlit sky
next to the flowerbeds. But if it's winter, then chose a cozy spot by the hearth –
sitting at the dinner table with the sound of the crackling amber in the background
is the perfect setting for a romantic meal on a cold winter's night. When setting
the table, choose soft, pastel colors for your tablecloth, crockery, vase and
candles. A linen cloth with lacey trimming would be just perfect for covering your
dining table. Preferably use bone china with a floral design to match the bouquet
of roses, daisies, violets, asters, geraniums and orchids, in colors ranging from
white to shades of pink and purple. And finally don't forget to put on a CD with
romantic classical music, like for example a sentimental piano recital by Chopin.
What to wear
Romantic, artistic and airy-fairy are synonymous with Libra people. Libra people
value clothes very much. They are fashion-conscious and invest a lot of effort,
time and money in their clothes. They are known to have a superb dress sense
and excellent taste. Libra people definitely know how to dress with style. .
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If you are a woman wear romantic looking clothes. Choose lacy blouses, pretty
skirts and dresses in soft colors, preferably with a floral pattern. Use a sweet
vanilla scented perfume to match your clothing.
If you are a man wear perfectly tailored suits with pastel colored shirts and a silk
tie. Make sure everything matches and beware of looking to gaudy or flashy.
Libra colors and birthstones
Venus is the ruling star of Libra and Saturn is exalted in Libra. The metal ruled by
Venus is Copper and the metal ruled by Saturn is Lead. The colors which best
vibrate with the energies of a Libra person are blue, pale green, ivory, pink and
rose. Libra birthstones include: Emerald, Fancy Japer, Black Tourmaline,
Indicolite (Blue Tourmaline), Moldavite, Fire Opal, Mookaite, Fire Agate, Violet
Spinel, Uvavorite.
A Libra woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should wear a
pendant with a piece of Fire Agate set in Silver and Copper. The best suited
engagement ring for a Libra woman is an Emerald set in Red Gold (Gold and
Copper Alloy).
Libra as a spouse
Libra people by nature need a spouse; they can't stand being on their own. Also
in marriage they need to feel companionship with their spouse. They prefer to do
things together as a team. Libra people value peace and harmony above all and
will at all costs avoid any arguments and quarrels. If you want to criticize your
Libra spouse about anything, then try to explain what's bothering you in a
diplomatic and calm manner.
Libra people are notorious for their indecisiveness. Even when they finally make
a decision about anything, they'll rethink it again and again. Therefore if you
marry a Libra person, it will be your responsibility to make the final decision about
Love by the Signs
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things. However it's extremely important to discuss everything with your Libra
spouse before you make the final decision. Although Libra people don't like to
take the responsibility of deciding, they do want to be given a chance to express
their opinion. Also, it's important for a Libra person to feel that they are working
together with their spouse as a team.
When it comes to children, Libra people tend to be lax on discipline. Their
aversion for any kind of conflict inhibits them from telling their child off when he
misbehaves. Libra parents tend to let their children run wild. Thus if you marry a
Libra person it will most probably be your responsibility to place law and order in
the household.
Scorpio ]
Sun in Scorpio occurs from October 24 to November 22. As a water sign, Scorpio is
most compatible with itself as well as with the other water signs (Pisces and
Cancer) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).
Create mystery for your lover
Scorpio people love mysteries. They'll always create a smoke screen and hide
behind it. Never expect a Scorpio person to be frank about them self, because
they won't. Also they're drawn to people who have an aura of mystery around
them. Scorpios don't find people they can see through interesting. They like the
challenge of trying to decipher an enigmatic person. This really appeals to them.
Therefore be subtle and patient.
"You‟re my lover, undercover, you‟re my secret passion and I have no other" –
the words of this song perfectly describe a Scorpio lover's attitude to love. As a
rule they'll always keep their love affairs secret. In fact they make a point of
keeping everything about themselves secret.
Love by the Signs
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"You‟re delicious, so capricious, If I find out you don‟t want me I‟ll be vicious" –
indeed if a Scorpio's love is not reciprocated they can become quite vengeful.
Scorpio's feelings are always intense, passionate and deep like a volcano at the
bottom of the ocean. They'll never be light hearted about anything. They're by
nature obsessive when it comes to love and can be an exceedingly jealous lover.
No love affair with a Scorpio person can ever be easy.
Scorpio people have powerful intuition and they can sense what a person feels
and thinks. They don't like to talk to their lover; they like to feel their lover. And
they expect their lover to feel them. Thus bear in mind never to ask them about
their feelings. Instead try to feel what's going on in their heart.
What to cook for a Scorpio
Scorpio people are intense and have powerful senses. They are extremely
sensitive to odors, which can trigger off in them either a deep passion or a
profound aversion for a person. Their favorite aromas are Black pepper,
cardamom, coffee, cacao, vodka, ginger and thyme. Anything spicy, with an
intense and pungent flavor, such as Roquefort cheese, will appeal to their palate.
Their favorite vegetables and fruit are Asparagus, beetroots, radishes and cress,
onions and garlic, figs, almonds, walnuts, coconut, citrus fruit, sour berries and
Scorpio people would be well advised to avoid fatty, rich and intoxicating foods
and drinks. For a Scorpio's health, a vegetarian diet would be the best. Their
meals should include green ray foods like brown rice, millet, wheat grass,
spinach, lettuce, celery and cucumbers.
Scorpio people tend to be susceptible to diseases, therefore when planning a
sexy meal together with your Scorpio lover you have to strike a balance between
what's tasty and what's healthy. Herb spiced mustard chicken or example, would
be a good dish to cook for your main course. Also prepare a mixture of green
Love by the Signs
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salads with the overpowering flavors of Gorgonzola cheese and roasted Garlic
Dressing to go with the main dish. For hors d'oeuvres you can serve smoked
Salmon Tartar with Capers and Dill. And for desert serve spicy Créme Brûlée
together with a powerful aromatic Malbec.
The best setting for an enchanted feast with your Scorpio lover would be in a
secluded dark corner, with only candle light. In the background play Leonard
Cohen style low key slow music accompanied by heavy drum beats. And finally
don't forget to decorate your dinner table with a bouquet of anemones, heather,
geraniums, rhododendrons, honeysuckle and gardenias.
What to wear
Scorpio people are famous for their sex-appeal. They prefer to wear black, but
they also like burgundy and deep midnight purple. They like any clothes which
enhance a person's sex-appeal; high heels, thigh high boots, low-cut tight jeans,
glossy shirts, with a low neckline, miniskirts worn over a pair of sexy stockings,
just to name a few.
If you are a woman wear leather; Scorpio men just love leather. Try to look
enticing when choosing what to wear. Scorpio people have a highly developed
sense of smell and they are very sensitive to odors. So make sure you put on a
lavish amount of perfume – your best choice is pine scented perfume.
If you are a man try and look both sexy and mysterious. Scorpio women like
strong masculine men. Dark sunglasses, hair gel and cowboy boots are just
perfect for catching the eye of a Scorpio lady. A stubble beard or a mustache will
enhance your sex appeal in the eyes of any Scorpio woman.
Scorpio colors and birthstones
Mars and Pluto are the ruling stars of Scorpio. The metal ruled by Mars is Iron
and the metal ruled by Pluto is Plutonium. The colors which best vibrate with the
Love by the Signs
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energies of a Scorpio person are emerald green, red, black, violet and midnight
blue. Scorpio birthstones include: Golden Topaz, Peruvian Pink Opal, Picasso
Jasper, Pink Heulandite, Star Ruby, Dravite (Brown Tourmaline), Magnesite,
Andradite Garnet, Spessartite Garnet, Nephrite Jade.
A Scorpio woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should wear
a pendant with a piece of Peruvian Pink Opal set in Silver and Copper. The best
suited engagement ring for a Scorpio woman is a Golden Topaz set in Red Gold
(Gold and Copper Alloy).
Scorpio as a spouse
When married to a Scorpio person, you'll have to live with the fact that you'll
never really know whom you've married. A Scorpio person doesn't like to be
asked questions. So if you try and ask your spouse where they've been or what
they've done, you'll only get their back up. If you decide to make enquiries about
your Scorpio spouse then make sure they don't find out, because if they do they'll
be extremely resentful.
Scorpio people have strong opinions about everything. They don't know what
indifference is. And, they don't believe in equality. They always feel they need to
be in control and can become quite manipulative and scheming. If you marry a
Scorpio bear in mind that they will always want to have the upper hand in
marriage. If their spouse goes along with their whims then they can be very
generous and caring. But if their spouse double crosses them then they can get
quite vengeful.
In general, Scorpio people are strong-willed, unbending and extremely
persevering when it comes to having their own way. They have the ability to
control themselves with an iron hand. If they've set themselves a goal they'll
never give up until they've got what they wanted. They never tire. Therefore if
Love by the Signs
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you want your marriage to a Scorpio to be long-term, let your spouse feel that
they're in control without asking questions.

Sagittarius ×
Sun in Sagittarius occurs from November 23 to December 22. As a fire sign,
Sagittarius is most compatible with itself as well as with the other fire signs (Aries
and Leo) and air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). As a mutable sign, Sagittarius
people tend to get along with pretty much everyone.
Be absolutely honest and frank
Sagittarius people have a very strong sense of right and wrong. When aroused
they can get quite zealous about what they believe in. They don't believe in
compromise when it comes to moral principles or faith and they are prepared to
fight for their ideals. Many freedom fighters throughout history were born under
this sign.
Sagittarius people appreciate honesty, high morals, frankness and open-
mindedness in a person. They are also born philosophers and intellectuals. A
good conversation about philosophy, religion and politics will always go down
well with them. However they don't like to take advice – they prefer to give it.
Anything exotic arouses the interest of a Sagittarius person. They love to travel to
distant countries and meet people from diverse cultures.
Sagittarius people are light-hearted and optimistic by nature. They love freedom
and open horizons. And they're forever eager to gain new experiences. If you
want a long term relationship with a Sagittarius person, never try and limit their
freedom. During courtship always be happy and jolly. Sagittarius people don't like
Love by the Signs
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to be in the company of individuals who tend to complain about their troubles and
What to cook for a Sagittarius
Sagittarius people eat like wolves; they are by nature meat eaters and they
devour their food with speed. They are basically outdoor people, and their idea of
a good meal is a simple barbecue with steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, shish-
kebabs, red pepperoni, onions and tomatoes, out in the open amid the green
When you invite your Sagittarius sweetheart over for a meal, your best choice
would be to prepare the barbecue in your backyard sometime in the afternoon.
Cover your garden table with a red checkered cotton cloth and place a bouquet
of calendula, hydrangeas, rosemary, carnations, dahlias and peonies in the
center. If you or your lover plays the guitar, then you can sing together a few folk
songs whilst watching the meat roast on the grid above the crackling embers. If
neither of you play any musical instrument, then put on a CD with some folk
tunes. Choose an invigorating red Côtes-du-Rhône to go with the juicy roasted
meat. If there's still any room left after all that meat, finish off the meal with some
cooling citrus fruits and berries.
What to wear
Sagittarius people love freedom. They like clothes which make one look fresh
and casual. They don't follow fashion and like to experiment at creating their own
personal style. They favor sporty and casual clothes. Their favorite colors for
clothes are khaki, cream and tan. Faded jeans, sweatshirts, loose T-shirts,
jackets, tennis shoes and flannel shorts are the type of clothes they like. .
Love by the Signs
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If you are a woman wear casual clothes with a classic twist. Combine
sophistication with freedom. Sagittarius men love educated and free-spirited
women. Also use bergamot scented perfume to go with your clothes.
If you are a man wear a sporty outfit with a touch of elegance. Military style
fashion also looks appealing to Sagittarius women. Your general look should
both be sporty and elegant.
Sagittarius colors and birthstones
Jupiter is the ruling star of Sagittarius. The metal ruled by Jupiter is Tin. The
colors which best vibrate with the energies of a Sagittarius person are orange,
yellow and light blue. Sagittarius birthstones include: Gaspeite, Diopside, Blue-
Lace Agate, Paraiba (Blue) Tourmaline, Hemimorphite, Lapis Lazuli, Picture
Jasper, Yellow Calcite, Unakite, Sardonyx.
A Sagittarius woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should
wear a pendant with a piece of Lapis Lazuli set in Silver and Copper. The best
suited engagement ring for a Sagittarius woman is a Diopside set in Red Gold
(Gold and Copper Alloy).
Sagittarius as a spouse
If you marry a Sagittarius, you'll never have a dull moment. On the one hand,
Sagittarius people are knowledgeable and interesting. They also are optimistic,
fun-loving and have a great sense of humor. But on the other hand, they can be
quite scatterbrained and sloppy. It's important you're always jolly and smile,
because your Sagittarius spouse will run a mile if you go around with a long face.
Sagittarius people are always on the hunt. They love to see new places, new
people and new cultures. If you want your marriage to succeed, don't try and
domesticate your Sagittarius spouse, because they'll never agree to surrender
Love by the Signs
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their freedom. Just accept frequent trips to foreign countries as part of your
married life.
Sagittarius people are hunters by nature and they love sport. They enjoy
competing. As a rule they prefer to spend their time outdoors rather than at
home. So anybody marrying a Sagittarian will have to accept the fact that their
spouse is hardly ever at home.
In general Sagittarius people have many friends and an extremely active social
life. They love learning and meeting new people. If you're married to a
Sagittarian, then it would be a good idea to take part in your spouse's social life.
Go together to lectures, workshops, courses etc. This not only gives your spouse
the feeling that you're their friend but also it will widen your own horizons.
Remember, a Sagittarian wants a spouse with whom they can hold an interesting
conversation every now and then.
Sagittarius people are very committed to what they believe in. As far as their faith
is concerned, Sagittarian people are uncompromising and expect their spouse to
adhere to the precepts of their faith. So there's no point in even trying to argue
with your Sagittarius spouse about anything to do with their faith. Also as parents
they'll insist on raising their children to follow in their footsteps.
Finally the most important thing in making your marriage last, is honesty and
frankness. If a Sagittarius person catches their spouse lying or trying to deceive
them, they'll find it very difficult to forgive.
Love by the Signs
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Capricorn _
Sun in Capricorn occurs from December 23 to January 20. As an earth sign,
Capricorn is most compatible with itself as well as with the other earth signs (Virgo
and Taurus) and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).
Be down to earth and grounded
Whenever you are in the company of a Capricorn, the golden rule is: act normal,
act sane, act down to Earth. Capricorn people dislike any type of innovation; they
by nature cling to what is familiar and commonplace. Anything which is different
or unusual is deemed by them as weird. "Weird" for a Capricorn person is
synonymous to "repugnant". Take care to use your best manners when dating a
Capricorn person. They have no tolerance for bad manners.
As a rule they like anything which reminds them of the past and when it comes to
going out on a date they'll prefer to visit a museum or the opera, rather than
watch a movie at the local cinema. When going out for a meal, they'll choose a
solid, bourgeoisie type of place. Also Capricorn people are very reserved and
they'll shy away from places like noisy discos.
Capricorn people have an affinity with history, archeology or any subject dealing
with the past. In fact they love talking about any topic dealing with the past. So in
conversation don't try to talk about the local gossip or any other small talk. Try to
hold a conversation about history, archeology or politics. It would also be a good
idea to speak about the books you've read on these subjects. Capricorn people
tend to be very status minded and they want to feel that they're dating an
educated and literate person. Make sure you use literary English with perfect
grammar and a rich vocabulary to show that you've read many books. Don't use
slang or dirty language.
Love by the Signs
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What to cook for a Capricorn
Capricorn people have a big appreciation for tradition and will cling to family
customs which have been passed down from generation to generation. They are
set in their ways and dislike change and instability. In general, Capricorn people
are habitual creatures – there's no exception to this rule when it comes to food.
When eating out they'll always go to the same restaurants and bars. And at home
their fridge will always be filled with the same groceries. Therefore when you're
planning a meal together, try to find out to which restaurants your Capricorn lover
goes. This will help you decide what to cook.
Capricorn people generally prefer good solid food; nothing exotic or unusual.
Capricorn people, like Sagittarius people, are by nature carnivores and they just
love to get their teeth into a juicy piece of meat. For their health, they need heat
producing foods, such as rye bread, almonds, eggs, fish, coconuts, spinach,
beetroot, kale, leeks and onions. Therefore when inviting your Capricorn lover
over for a meal you'd do best to cook a classic Beef Stroganoff with steamed
kale, leek and other mixed greens mildly seasoned with oregano, paprika, and
celery salt. .
Arrange the table to make it look chic and upper-class. Cover the table with a
white linen cloth and set it with expensive looking crockery. And don't forget the
flowers – place a vase in the center of the table, filled with a bouquet of
camellias, orange blossoms, pansies, honeysuckles, ivy and magnolias. Try and
make the meal look as festive as you can. You can begin the meal with a warm
asparagus and grapefruit salad and end it with stewed quinces and a vanilla cake
served together with a glass of tannic Napa Cabernet. Bon Apetit!
What to wear.
Capricorn people are both serious and meticulous about everything they do.
They appreciate good quality and tend to choose clothes that last long. Their
Love by the Signs
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favorite style is both classic and formal. Tailored business suits, ironed shirts and
elegant shoes are the type of gear they like. For accessories they chose
expensive briefcases and wallets to give them status.
If you are a woman wear classical and sophisticated styles. It's important to show
your Capricorn lover that you have status. Wear stylish jewelry and use patchouli
scented perfume to go with your attire. However avoid anything flashy and cheap
looking. Capricorn men like class.
If you are a man wear solid and respectable looking clothes. Elegant suits with a
matching silk tie and leather shoes are the style which will appeal to a Capricorn
woman. Also crop your hair short and don't wear any jewelry except for classy
silver cufflinks.
Capricorn colors and birthstones
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Mars is exalted in Capricorn. The metal ruled by
Saturn is Lead and the metal ruled by Mars is Iron. The colors which best vibrate
with the energies of a Capricorn person are magenta, chocolate brown, royal and
navy blue, dark green and charcoal grey. Capricorn birthstones include:
Chrysocolla, Yellow-Green Chrysolite (Peridot), Erytherite (Cobalt), Red Spinel,
Black Opal, Purple Fluorite, Serpentine, Bloodstone, Leopard-Skin Jasper,
A Capricorn woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should
wear a pendant with a piece of Chrysocolla set in Silver and Copper. The best
suited engagement ring for a Capricorn woman is a Red Spinel set in Red Gold
(Gold and Copper Alloy).
Capricorn as a spouse
Capricorn people lay great value on tradition and formalities. If you marry a
Capricorn person, you'll have to adhere to a strict code of behavior. Capricorn
Love by the Signs
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people tend to be workaholics. More often than not there won't be any room in
their overloaded timetables for going out or even vacations. They are extremely
ambitious and value their careers above anything else. Capricorn people are
prepared to sacrifice a great deal for the sake of their career and they expect
their spouses to cooperate. In many cases a Capricorn person will marry late in
life. As parents they tend to be strict in disciplining their children and they will
insist on good manners and obedience.
On the other hand Capricorn people make very loyal and stable spouses. They'll
keep law and order in the house. A Capricorn spouse is very predictable and has
a fixed pattern of behavior. Therefore if you're married to a Capricorn person you
won't have to deal with the unknown. However don't expect any excitements or
Aquarius ´
Sun in Aquarius occurs from January 21 to February 18. As an air sign, Aquarius is
most compatible with itself as well as with the other air signs (Gemini and Libra) and
fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius). Aquarius people are intellectual and very
Be unique, be unconventional and go against the tide
Aquarius people are born individualists and non-conformists. Anything out of the
ordinary goes down well with an Aquarian. They love innovation and technology.
Most Aquarians are computer fads. Aquarius people tend to be detached and
liberal in their attitude. For them love means rather friendship and
companionship. When dating an Aquarius person, don't expect it to be like all
other dates. Your Aquarius lover considers regular dates too boring and
uninspiring. So always be prepared for the unexpected.
Love by the Signs
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Aquarius people enjoy discussing controversial issues; in fact they love to break
every taboo in the book. They also like to hear new ideas, especially
extraordinary ideas. Therefore in conversation, show that you are a free thinker
and don't hesitate to express some non-conventional and even outrageous ideas;
the more bizarre the better.
As a rule, Aquarius people value their independence and don't like to be tied
down; not by work, not by family and not by anybody. They usually prefer to be
self-employed and tend to work odd hours. If you don't want your Aquarius lover
to drift away, you must give them a feeling of personal freedom. Never try to bind
them to any rules or regulations and make sure your family and friends don't
What to cook for a Aquarius
Aquarian people never follow rules; they construct their own laws and
regulations. This is also true when it comes to food. They'll experiment and
create their own dishes, rather than using a recipe book. I remember, many
years ago when I spent the weekend at a hotel, this guy shared a table with me
in the dining room. People stared at him when he put chocolate spread on his
bread and placed some pickled herring with a slice of onion on it. He ate this
weird concoction with gusto. It turned out that he was an Aquarian – I could have
guessed it!
Aquarius people should include in their diet red colored foods, such as beetroot,
radishes, peperoni, strawberries, saffron, chilli and cayenne peppers, and also
wheat grass, oats and barley.
Aquarian people love everything that's unusual and they're always open to trying
out a new food. Whenever a new exotic fruit comes onto the market, they'll be
the first to try it out. Therefore when planning an intimate meal together with your
Aquarian sweetheart, try to create an exotic dish; mix and blend different flavors,
Love by the Signs
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textures and colors until you come up with the desired result. The best herbs to
use, when cocking a meal for an Aquarian, are verbena, parsley, allspice and
aniseed. For example, prepare for the first course an assortment of green salad
and herbs mixed with a creamy wasabi dressing. For the second course serve
roast veal with fresh and dried fruit marinated, seasoned with saffron, chilli and
cayenne pepper. And for desert serve fresh pineapple and lemon sorbet together
with a hot glass of herbal tea made with a blend of hibiscus, elderberry, papaya
leaves, and lavender. .
What to wear
Aquarius people always choose to go against the tide. They'll never follow the
fashion but create their own personal style. "Unconventional" is the perfect
keyword for describing an Aquarius. They love breaking rules, especially fashion
rules, the crazier the better. Aquarius people are individualists and it's important
for them to create their own unique style of dress.
If you are a woman mix and match your clothes to look different. The main thing
is: don't dress like everybody else. Wear artistic and unusual looking Jewelry.
Choose an exclusive hairstyle with make-up to go with it. And finally, lavishly
spray yourself with lavender and patchouli scented perfume.
If you are a man choose unconventional clothes and accessories. Ask your local
hair stylist to arrange an exclusive hairstyle for you. Just let your imagination take
over when choosing what to wear for a date with an Aquarius woman.
Aquarius colors and birthstones
Saturn and Uranus are the ruling stars of Aquarius. The metal ruled by Saturn is
Lead and the metal ruled by Uranus is Uranium. The colors which best vibrate
with the energies of an Aquarius person are red, silver, aqua, purple, as well as
the new neon shades of pink and blue. Aquarius birthstones include: Lavender
Love by the Signs
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Sapphire, White Sapphire, Blue Chalcedony, Pietersite (Tempest Stone), Blue
Apatite, Tiger-Eye, Rose Quartz, Buddstone, Ulexite, Dumortierite.
An Aquarius woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should
wear a pendant with a piece of Rose Quartz set in Silver and Copper. The best
suited engagement ring for an Aquarius woman is a Lavender Sapphire set in
Red Gold (Gold and Copper Alloy).
Aquarius as a spouse
Aquarians go by the rule of "live and let live". If you marry an Aquarius, they will
allow you as much personal freedom as you wish, but will also expect you to
allow them an unlimited amount of personal independence. Liberty holds the
highest value in the eyes of an Aquarius person. On the one hand your Aquarius
spouse will be very easy going, open-minded and generally a good friend. But,
on the other hand don't expect your Aquarius spouse to develop a deep
emotional attachment, because they're not capable of it. They have their head in
the clouds and find it difficult to adjust to a down to earth way of life.
As parents Aquarius people tend to let their children develop in their own way.
Aquarius people have an inborn aversion for any formalized institutional setup;
especially educational institutions. Therefore many Aquarius parents choose
homeschooling for raising their children. Since Aquarius people are very
innovative and have a knack for any type of technology, most children raised by
an Aquarius parent will be computer savvy at a relatively young age. Indeed
many gifted adults with above average intelligence were raised by an Aquarius

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Pisces )
Sun in Pisces occurs from February 19 to March 20. As a water sign, Pisces is most
compatible with itself as well as with the other water signs (Cancer and Scorpio)
and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn). Because it is a mutable sign,
though, people with a Pisces sun sign can mold their personalities, chameleon-like,
to be compatible with practically any other sign.
Pisces people are very intuitive. They are the psychics of the zodiac. They also tend
to be timid and are not very fond of going out. They just go to work and then come
home. They are stuck in a rut, but it‟s a rut they enjoy. They want that grounding.
Once upon a dream
Galloping on his white stallion, the prince chanted:
I know you
I walked with you once upon a dream.
I know you
The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
Yes, I know it's true
that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you'll do
You'll love me at once
the way you did once upon a dream
Pisces people yearn for their soul mate. They need to feel a deep spiritual
connection to their lover. Indeed many Pisceans have had a vision of their soul
mate in a dream before they met them for the first time. And all Pisceans have
experienced a deep telepathic connection with their second half.
Love by the Signs
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Pisceans tend to be tongue tied and prefer to express their feelings in alternative
ways. More often than not they'll prefer to silently walk hand in hand with their
lover in a secluded place outdoors. They have a very deep emotional connection
to the sea and will prefer to live near the sea side, or at least to walk on the
beach regularly.
Usually Pisces people are shy and they'll avoid large crowds. When dating your
Pisces sweetheart, choose a quiet place to go to, preferably by the sea, or river
or lake.
Pisceans are dreamers and find it difficult to focus in a conversation. In general
they only like to speak about things which interest them: spirituality, religion, and
other such topics. When it comes to spiritual subjects, Piscean people will
become very active in conversation.
Make them feel needed
Pisces people want to feel like they are needed, like they‟re doing something to
help you. Come across like you‟ve lost your best friend. Cry about your long lost
Let things get you down
The more down you are (or, rather, the more down you seem to be), the more a
Pisces will want you. This goes straight back to their need to be needed. They
might feel so bad about your situation that they‟ll wind up taking you to bed. They
may be timid but once they are behind closed doors, look out!
Show your sensitive side
Pisces people are very caring individuals who are attracted to other caring
individuals. If you like animals, that‟s a great start. The more caring, gentle, and
sensitive you appear, the more into you they‟ll be. Don‟t brag about yourself;
Love by the Signs
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show that you‟re interested in something other than yourself. Talk about your
long lost pet or your current one.
What to cook for a Pisces
Pisces love food and find it exceedingly difficult to set themselves boundaries
when it comes to eating. When they lose control they literally become addicted to
food, especially sugar. A high percentage of obese people are Pisceans. It's
important for Pisces people to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Naturally
they should cut down on their sugar intake and try to eat only low-calorie foods.
Their daily diet should include fish, citrus fruits, cranberries, apples, brown rice,
and quinoa. Therefore when you invite your Pisces lover over for a meal, make
sure the food is both tasty and healthy. Substitute sugar with cinnamon and
honey and cut down on the amount of fat you use. For example, serve spicy
pumpkin soup for the first course. For the second course serve grilled pink
salmon seasoned with green peppercorns, nutmeg and cloves together with
green salads, watercress, pumpkin seeds, quinoa and. And for desert serve
vanilla flavored cheese cake made with low-fat cheese and topped with raspberry
sauce. Brew a glass of herbal tea made from a blend of jasmine, sage and
cardamom to go with the cheese cake.
What to wear
Pisces rules the feet and that's why Pisces people tend to consider their shoes
the most important part of their wardrobe. Pisces people are incurable romantics
and daydreamers. They prefer airy-fairy sentimental style of clothes. Usually
they'll buy their clothes in boutiques and bazaars which import their stock from
the Far East. Pisceans love gemstones, copper, silver and gold and they'll
lavishly adorn themselves with various kinds of jewelry. They choose their
jewelry intuitively and match each piece of jewelry to fit their mood.
Love by the Signs
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If you are a woman wear loose flowing blouses, skirts, dresses or sharwal pants.
Let your hair fall loosely over your shoulders. Choose soft pastel colors,
especially shades of blue, turquoise, green and lilac for your clothes, jewelry and
make-up. If it's summer paint your toe nails with a soft color and wear open
sandals. And finally don't forget to perfume yourself with a generous amount of
ylang-ylang, sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla scent.
If you are a man wear flowing and loose clothes made with soft fabrics. Choose a
pair of sharwal pants with a loose tunic style of shirt from the Far East. Wear your
birthstone set in silver to match your outfit.
Pisces colors and birthstones
Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, and Venus is exalted in Pisces. The
metal ruled by Jupiter is Tin, the metal ruled by Neptune is Platinum and the
metal ruled by Venus is Copper. The colors which best vibrate with the energies
of a Pisces person are yellow, pale green, purple, rose and grey-blue. Pisces
birthstones include: Aquamarine, Hessonite, Turquoise, Dendritic Agate,
Lavender Smithsonite, Green Fluorite, Blue Kyanite, Green Kyanite, Ocean
Jasper, Carnelian.
A Pisces woman who wants to enhance her power of enchantment should wear
a pendant with a piece of Turquoise set in Silver and Copper. The best suited
engagement ring for a Pisces woman is an Aquamarine set in Red Gold (Gold
and Copper Alloy).
Pisces as a spouse
In general Pisceans make very caring and compassionate spouses. They are by
nature devoted to the people they love. Love holds the highest value for a
Piscean in a relationship and therefore they'll only agree to marry someone they
truly love.
Love by the Signs
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Pisces parents dote on their children and are prepared to sacrifice themselves for
them. A typical Piscean father will "mother" his children: prepare them food, get
up for them in the night and nurse them when they're sick.
However, Pisceans know no boundaries and are easy prey for exploitation.
Therefore if you marry a Pisces spouse, you'll have to act as a watchdog and
chase away anybody trying to abuse your spouse's soft heart. Remember a
typical Piscean is in many ways naïve and helpless. Therefore as a spouse it's
your duty to protect them from the big bad world.