Broken Wrist Recovery

This is a video about a broken wrist, which for most people, might be just about the most
boring kind of video they can ever watch. However if you other kind of passion enjoying
activities like this and in one day, when doing something like this, you go over the hand of
boss? us resulting in an injury like this, which makes you feel like this. Then this must be
exactly the kind of video you watch in order to get an idea of how other people’s recoveries
have gone, which might give you an indication of how your recovery might go. I broke the
elbow elmet? and radius bones in my left forearm and basically I broke the inch of them all
and then also broke the scaleforebone which is a smallish bone between the risp? And the
thumb. So the former? of this video is to formerly a serious attempt of clips taken a various
time during my recovery and hopefully if you have a summary topely driven what I suffered
this video would be of interest to you. Here we go.
So right now, what’s happening is the scar is healing, is looking not too bad and the sweating
twerking? Tweeting is going down. When I twist, took the cast over? Of the surgery which was
about two weeks ago of the surgery. And the arm was almost * like it is right now. And as you
can see it is sweating, but the * has come down a lot the last two weeks. The castdemal?
That a thing is a muscle seen some bleeding, here in the forearm and the reason for that is
because for the last three weeks or so I broke as I hit around? And hold the arm in this position
the whole time to allow the sweating to get down like is some of blood up and down in the
butt in the form and in here. Yeah, * teapot which was for a visit.
The arm that was more alarming was my forearm lost some of the muscle bowl two of it to
tell, the left arm lost strength compared to the right and the texture changes, the lost of blood
looks spendless, but now now that I can move this thing and use this muscles again but the rub
forearm always has leasly firm but the left let me lost a lot of density because someone of the
consen. I don’t think is the range of motion. The right arm obviously has the motion that she
always had had but the left about two weeks ago + about that they can now touch the hand
but cannot reach to the middle of the hand so that range of motion is still coming back and as I
tried to close them it of course causes a kind of pain, didn’t show up the forearm over here.
That one is the thumb, I use the right hand and do things always good. The left one is
improved but a lot in the recent days, every day might be seen improvements.
This joint now is able of flex other not to pole instinct, and the one range of motion that I lost
which is probably the most alarming was the ability to wrist the hand backwards at the wrist
and the left one it wont work at all, kind of just locks at that point ah… you might think Im not
trying to move it but I am, I want though bring it way back like the hand right now what is
quite alarming because I then get them back, I cannot ride a byciclye do a lot kind of things… I
guess. So the other range of motion which too pretty loose is the one left to right the hand and
as you can see that’s quite a long way ago and twisting range of motion that’s not too bad its
coming back a little bit and the interesting thing its when I do this motion the area hurst most
is that one here which this way under the elbow flight up.
Am… so I think that’s pretty much what I’ve to show til this point.

So it has gone two months since I placed my librus and I gonna carriage then.
So the left brush is still a little bit swilying sweating? compared to the right and the range of
motion is kind of coming back, is improved.
I still is having trouble maybe at that direction but as you can see is much improved at two
months market is able back that forth whereas the one month mark was only able to istinct
about that point. So that has improved about a lot, the left to right range of motion is still was
up standly reduced compared to the right. But it is improving as well and in the bending down
range of motion as well is too reduced but as you can see is coming on.
The ability to bomb like this, is pretty much attempt to normal so Im able to squeeze it fully
and in the thumb as well is pretty much back to normal, so that’s it.
One thing I didn’t mention at one month mark, was that at that point in time, left hand was
almost permanently warm to touch, notice the swift side compared to the right, but now, the
left hand is pretty much attentional to * except the month of the cold. Then the left hand
attempts to stay warmer while the right one, I guess the blood storm and the skin is cold to
touch. So that’s pretty much what we have to say about the two months mark.
The scar is slowly getting better although it still is a bit more over daily amount of light we can
actually feel it is actually under the skin this quite a bit scared tissue, the scar is almost
something you wrote on your hand, but that how it is right now.

The sweating has pretty much come down, the problem with the older motion was on the
camera but the left wrist is still a little bit swealing compared to the right and I told them that I
took me about a year when the sweating is again in talic, so the seem to be in track for that.
Most important is the range of motion is pretty much back, it still seems to * soft to the injure
when I move it through the full range of motion, and the range of motion most causing back
was bending the wrist backwards you can see if I try bind it back. Just with the muscular
movement of the wrist, is painful, but then if I give it assistance by pushing it and not relying
just on the muscles is looking not too bad.
Just still have two ways to cover? From the range of motion point of view and.. but it is
improving hopefully but seasons of movements, even in a couple of months and the scar is still
quite a problem. Kind of pink raised, its kind of rounded and that’s its all quite *. But with the
strap on, cover with this bandage. And that actually seems to be, and the chris since activity.
What I wear I mean shorts , twerk and the back, I jog for the curb. On my road bike, ok me the
bike I should say and it was a little bit painful but not too bad, so that’s a good sign, its
improving and told me to stretch in like this.
Pushing it down on a table and holding it back, basically improve the range of motion and
hopefully back them all.
Ok, today its October 18/2011 just a year since I broke my wrist, actually repair the broke, it is
also a couple of days ago, which I go for a second surgery. Do a few things, number 1 do a
remove of the scar that it has gone behind for the second surgery and the scar is almost non
existent at one point along this line, * just bear in mind the scaring, down the bottom here the
scaring is better significant.
And I believe that from where it doesn’t stitch properly down to the pitch of surgery it opened
the avant of the scar and then automatically form the significant scar and I don’t really came
what it looks like but its really skim there to touch and then I get the scar colon decipher, when
go on the desk or accidentally brush it. When I open the car with box, its really quite insistant
removing the scar was one of the main reasons why Im coming up this week. Second reason is
apparently inside is a little broom it of bom. Which might be resistance marriage of motion and
they resist the range of motion was proof slightly.
The picking they gonna do is remove the hot this plate on the end of the bones right here and
still here painly behind the scale for stay and they wont remove the bones here.
And these are the main issues actually the scar hopefully once it is removed because right now
it seems too sensitive that were a watch. Update of range of motion, its actually there hasn’t
been too much improvement since the former months. Much noticeable on the camera but
the left is still slightly sweating. Open to the right and the range of motion is still reduced, the
significant range of motion, there a content about it, the wide with the arm backwards.
Its because if you wanna push up, if you fall down to the grown, or got yourself, importantly
the downward flexibility is not so reduced but Im not too concerned about that. They still
seems activity and pain at the steam of the range of motion and other kind somewhat amusing
thing is if for example you wash your hands and you are shaking them dry, the movement on
the sleeves still woods like it always has.
But the left hand acons take on my manage is painful, and just its really warming just shake in
that in that way. Its kind of amusing to do like. Someone is cognate or whatever, its painful and
it just flexibility, do that. Obviously it has improved through surgery, and it also gave some
additional break and its kind a soft tissue spreading ankle type pain, which I guess may never
go away.
Than, but overall, the result is not too bad but to doing kiteboard or do other things that I did
before I broke it. But it will be good to have a look to the range of motion and a tattoo to give
on the scar.
The hopeful outcome guess in the next days will be taking place.
2.5. YEARS
Ok its now 2 and a half years since I operated my wrist and about one and a half years, since I
have a second surgery. In a second surgery they insert a plate into the radius in a position and
they leave behind a little pin, that was unescapable? another reason for the second surgery
was to remove a lot the scar that up to then would be quite a lot smaller and important that
was in decade and the scar up to the second surgery was alike the same size and up to the
same activities in terms of the suggestivity problem.
Up the scar, since then I did have a range of course and injections, I have three sets of
injections spaced in two weeks into all. And over the injections were a pair painful, they did
improve both sides and attempts to the scar.
And I show a lot of chasis from the camera, and is smaller than it was up to the third surgery,
and it stored were in a risk watch in a link wrist that’s now not that less watched that I wanted
to, in terms of day to day functionality is pretty much backwards, before I broke my wrist Im
unable to mountainbike and roadbike and druposhop and this kind of *.
I tend to do this frame, is probably about * the 80% of what it was in the left when I broke it,
the strength was come back and is not * invisible and but the left wrist is strength upon 90,
95% before I broke it. And it is not really noticeable that the left wrist from a strength point of
Range of motion is something, that is dough degrees in the left compared to the right, you can
see that I am able to leave the right * more than I can the left. Im hold this to left both up
towards my shoulders and this also slight strays deep strain of motion, the left as compared to
the right although is not too bad, the other ranges of motion are fine the left wrist is only, the
main kiddings upon the left arm that I could do before. The trick is too shake my hand strike,
the left wrist is just do it comfortably before I broke it and that is actually one of the things
that causes pain in the rest which is not that big a problem just is a tow towards my hand.
So, this overall recovery is about nine to fifteen months, how it was before I broke it, which is
not too bad given in terms of * it is probably the worst injury I ever had in fifteen to twenty
years of doing these sports and I guess these kind of sports. It is not too bad overall but it is
not recovered the level it was before I broke it.
Alright hopefully that was helpful for you if you have had stuff like this and I hope that your
recovery is under the scent, is better than mine and it wasn’t hard to listen. OK.