Troll-- fearsome member of anthropomorphic race, found mostly in Scandinavia(Norway).

fiendish giants, other times devious human like folks. ive in underground hills, caves or mounds
(depends on whether its a forest or mountain troll). The forest sometimes hide or hibernate in deep
springs or rivers. !ountain mostly like to live in mounds or hills. "ften look like the aboriginal race,
only with oversi#ed ears and noses.
Trauco-- (Trauko, Thrauco) a humanoid creature of small stature, with legs without feet, similar to a
dwarf or goblin, lives in the forests of $hilo% (island south of $hile). &as powerful magnetism that
attracts young and middle ages women.. The Trauco's wife is wicked and ugly, called (iura. Trauco
carries a small stone-headed hatchet that he uses to strike tress to symboli#e se)ual potency. *hoever
the Trauco choses will go to him, even if she is sleeping, and fall enraptured at his feet. No woman can
resist him, all will have se) with him. &is ga#e can be deadly to men. Single pregnant women, who no
one as stepped forward as the father of the child for, are assumed to have the Trauco's child. Since he is
irresistible, the woman is blameless. The Trauco can be invoked to e)plain sudden or unwanted
pregnancies, especially for married women.
+remlin-- commonly depicted as mischievous and mechanically oriented. ,specially likes aircrafts.
ike to damage or dismantle machinery.
-mp-- similar to a fairy or demon, is a small lesser demon, demons in +ermanic folklore (where this is
found) are not always considered evil. .re often small and not very attractive creatures. /ehavior is
wild and uncontrollable, same as with fairies. &ave a sense of free spirit and en0oy anything fun. (ond
of pranks and misleading people. 1sually the pranks are harmless and fun, but some could be harmful
or upsetting. They are lonely creatures and often seek human attention. Though even with it's friends it
would still play pranks and 0okes on them. They en0oy playing with temperatures.
2nockers-- (2nacker, /wca (*elsh) /ucca ($ornish) or Tommyknocker (1S)) much like a leprechaun
or brownie. .bout 3 feet tall and gri##led, but not misshapen. &as disproportionately large head, long
beard and weathered and wrinkled skin. ong arms that almost touch the ground. ive beneath ground.
*ear tiny versions of standard miner's garb and commit random mischief. *ill steal unattended tools
and food of miner's. *ill knock on walls 0ust before a cave in, where they get their name. Some
thought knockers were malevolent and they were the ones causing the cave ins. "thers saw them as
well-meaning pranksters, warning the miners of a collapse. Some thought 2nockers were the spirits of
people who had died in previous accidents, which is why the warn miners of impending accidents.
$asting the last bite of a pastry into a mine is a way to thank the 2nockers and keep on their good side.
The bucca will live among fishermen, helping them or causing trouble when neglected.
4i)ie-- 1sually depicted with pointed ears and wearing green outfits with pointed hats. .re
uncommonly beautiful, some are distorted though. &ave heart shaped faces, can be hard to tell the
difference between male and female. &ave a short stocky build, especially in the earth and tree kinds.
Slender build in water and air kinds. $an be anywhere from child si#ed to tiny tree dwelling si#e. .re
drawn to horses, riding them for fun, do make tangled ringlets in the manes of the horses they ride. *ill
also help those in need if they are worthy.
Seelie $ourt and 1nseelie $ourt 5 The two categories in which fairies are usually divided, including
any fairy like creatures. Seelie -- is seen as more beneficent towards humans. !eans blessed or holy.
2nown to seek help from humans, warn those who accidentally offended them, and return human
kindness with favors. *ill avenge insults and can be prone to mischief. !ost commonly seen around
twilight. !ost common types are hobgoblins. .lso common are /rownies, (errishyn, Selkies, and
eprechauns. 1nseelie 5 $onsists of the malicious and evil-inclined fairies. No offense is needed to
bring their assaults. .ppear at night and will assault travelers, carrying them through the air, beating
them, and forcing them to commit crimes. Not all the fairies are evil though. *hen forced to chose,
though, they will prefer to harm, rather than help, humans. !ost common are /ogies, /ogles, /oggars,
.bbylubbers and /uttery spirits.
Spriggan 5 grotes6uely ugly, found in old ruins and barrows, usually guarding buried treasure. 1sed as
fairy body guards. Thieves, usually small but could swell to enormous si#e. $aused mischief to those
that offended them. .mong the most ugly and wicked. .re accomplished and notorious child snatchers,
can bring bad weather to ruin crops. Short and goblin-like, develop long beards and have spindly limbs
and large feet. "utfits usually ornamented with bits of stone.
7ana 5 always female, e)traordinary beauty, lives in fountains, rivers, waterfalls or forested areas with
pure water. Small or slender, long blonde or light brown hair, usually curly. *ill e)change human
children for their own. 4romise treasure and can be disenchanted. Sometimes will attack people and
steal their food. $an be beneficial, offering water and rewards to those found worthy. &ypnotic voices
can be hear during spring and summer nights. Those with pure souls will be filled with a sense of peace
and love when hearing the song, while those not pure of soul will feel like they are being suffocated
and may go insane. &ave children called )aninos, but can't take care of them since they don't produce
milk. *ill switch a human child out for those, )aninos only take a few months to grow.
+oblin-- evil or mischievous illiterate creature, usually only a few inches tall, sometimes as tall as a
dwarf. 1sually have various magical abilities. Some reside in mines, others chose human homes.
!ischief in homes include banging of pots and pans, rearranging furniture, removing clothing from
sleeping humans and knocking on doors and walls. "thers prefer grottos, will reside in one for entire
.srai 5 .6uatic fairy, looks like a beautiful maiden, sometimes as youthful as children. ive to be
hundreds of years old. 1sually have webbed hands and feet. -f caught or touched by sunlight, they die.
*hen they die they melt into a pool of water. -f they touch your skin, where you were touched will
remain cold. Timid and shy, between 3 and 8 feet tall
2obolds 5 usually invisible, can materiali#e into animal, fire or a mundane ob0ect's form. &umanlike
figures the si#e of small children. "nes who live in human homes wear peasant clothing, ones in mines
are hunched and ugly, ones who live on ships smoke pipes and wear sailor clothing. "nes in house and
ships are helpful if not neglected. "nes in the mines tend to be a tad meaner.
"rcs 5 Tough warlike humanoid creatures, large, misshapen, have green skin.
Sprites 5 9a##ling in color and about the si#e of large insects. &ave glistening membranous wings.
$onsidered the most common type of fairy. ive in deep woods. $an make home in high branches of
trees or near ponds and streams. ,n0oy forests inhabited by treefolk. Travel in swarms and will bite in
provoked. 4layful and at times obno)ious. ,n0oy pestering butterflies. $an fly faster and go farther
without rest than butterflies. 1sually no butterflies are in0ured. &ave short attention spans. They need
constant change and surprises but nothing to challenging or they will fly off. ,at pests that can cause
damage to plants in their area. ,ach type has a different specialty. Tree are responsible for helping trees
shake off winter snow, budding leaves, bearing fruit (which they snack on) and turning the leaves and
dropping them. +o deep into the trees and sing to the roots to keep them company during winter. -f the
sprites aren't there, they trees sometimes don't make it to spring. .t night their bodies give off a faint
glow, wrap themselves in foliage or silky blooms at night. *ater sprites will sometimes sleep on lily
pads, oyster shells, or on seaweed.
(airy 5 spirit or supernatural being. .s a specific creature they are usually humanoid in appearance and
can fly, cast spells and influence or foresee the future. Some have wings, some are short females while
others are tall angelic beings or short wi#ened trolls, depending on where they are located.
/oggart 5 bogey hobgoblin. &as poltergeist habits. $an be helpful, more often is mischievous,
annoying and frightening. $an physically attack people. They inhabit a house, churchyard, filed or even
can live in another body (i.e. cat or dog). (rightened of automobiles. 4ossibly brownies that have gone
bad. .lways male. (avorite food is smooth wood and they will pick homes that offer protection and
food. ove to steal the food of children and try to smother them at night. .n e)orcism may be needed
to get rid of them will some are dumb enough to be tricked into leaving. "nce removed from a home
they cannot enter again.
Treefolk 5 can take on humanoid shape and move short distances from their trees. $an sometimes
uproot entire tree and use roots as a shuffling form of movement. -n human form they still resemble
their tress. ikely to grow in the center of fairy ring, be a lone tree on a hillside, oldest tree in a grove,
growing by a welling spring or one of two trees intertwined. 2notholes, odd permutations of the bark
is a sign there might be a spirit. :oots above ground, loose dirt and overturned moss are also signs.
&ate anyone who cuts down tress. 9ie if cut down, some can linger as spirits haunting those that cut
them dow. &ave a fear of fire. "ak, .sh, Single thorn and female &olly are protective. "ak are sacred
to fairies and have best likely hood of sentience. !ost powerful is !ountain .sh (:owan). &olly
treemen are slightly malevolent. &awthorns that are in groups of three or more are also dangerous.
,lder are protective, behave ambivalently. &a#el are wise and give wisdom to those who eat their nuts.
.pple give power and youth to those who eat their apples. Sleeping under an apple tree is dangerous
could by carried away by fairies.
$hangeling 5 replacements of human children who have been stolen away. "ffspring of a fairy, elf,
troll, or other fae like creatures. Sometimes is a stock or piece of wood, that would soon appear to grow
sick and die. Skilled shape shifters. &ave long life spans (;<<s of years). /urning is only know way to
kill one. =oracious appetites, malicious tempers, difficulty in moving. &ave an unusual green tint to
their skin or are very pale.
Slyphs 5 Small race, very beautiful. ong lived, hundreds of years old, yet never seem to age. $an
shape shift and may take human form. 1sually reside on mountaintops, have a hierarchy system. 2ind
of nature, helpful with wishes involving air. *ill assist with any positive desire. &elp inspire human
Trows 5 4osses many traits similar to their northern brothers, the trolls. (ear sunlight, only fro#en in
place until sunset rather than turned to stone. .lso called creepers and nightstealers. 2nown to kidnap
humans babies and leave changelings in place. (iddlers have also been taken to play for the trows.
1sually s6uat, round and misshapen faeries lacking lets. !ovement is achieved by bouncing on their
bottoms. Not necessarily wicked in nature, but are mischievous and like hiding from people in the dark.
4hookas 5 -rish goblin. Typically choose a horse body, is a shapeshifter and will become a goat, a bull,
a dog, or an eagle (along with other animals). &ead is that of a human male, are pranksters like most
goblins. .ppear to weary travelers as docile ponies. "nce on a horse 4hookas will take the travelers
across the wettest and most loamy country before dumping him in a ditch or mire. ,agle form will do
similar tricks. .re pack animals and fre6uent fights break out among the creatures. *on't enter a human
home. They will steal children if they get a chance. They also destroy crops or kill herd animals (if
crops are harvested after Samhain). 4hookas love potatoes and will take them from unattended fields at
night. /etween !idsummer and Samhain humans are safe since the 4hookas hibernate at this time.
(achan 5 also called 4eg-eg->ack, has only one leg, head, eye, are, tone, finger. "ne of each feature.
.ll are perfectly centered on a body covered in hair and feathers. $oloring is pitch black, dark blue
mane of feathers which ruffled as a prelude to an attack. Sight of one could cause heart attacks. &as a
spiked club used to chase away living things. 9islikes fairies and is 0ealous of the gift of flight. $an be
found on the highest of Scottish mountains.
eprechauns 5 Typical habitat is wild areas with large grassy hills in -reland. 1sually look like old
men. :ace of cobblers whose craftsmanship is beyond compare. *ares go for a lot of money when
makes most of them very wealthy. -nfamous hoarders, don't like spending any money. 4romises of gold
are always hollow, uses clever trick in granting any wishes, which usually result in embarrassment or
in0ury for the wisher. +reen seems to be the color of choice, clothing is never e)travagant. (ootwear is
a source of pride and every one posses the very finest he can make. $lientele is e)clusively fairy. :ace
is e)clusively male currently, no females have ever been seen. $luricauns are the ones that belong to
the 1nseelie court. They raid wine cellars and revel drunkenly after dark riding on the back of sheep
and dogs. They are the dark members of the family and favor red color to set them apart from the Seelie
/rownies 5 ocated mainly in Scotland. 9omestic fairies, offering aid to mortals. (or any services they
e)pects rewards of milk and bread (if displeased they will turn into /oggarts and harass they residents.)
-f offered clothing in return for work, they will disappear forever. Some will guard the corn yard during
the winter. &ave a generous nature, hate misers and cheats. *ill not tolerate lying and detest
pretentiousness. .re nocturnal, can appear in sunlight if they wish. Some will perish is e)posed to
sunlight, usually those who are not from Scotland. The rooster is its familiar, crows at sunlight to warn
the brownie to go to bed. Small and usually male, tend towards the hairy side, have slightly pointed
ears, long fingers and dress in blue, green, or usually brown. ,)tremely cautious of cats and any
humans they assist must not have the animal in their home. !ost are intelligent.
+nomes 5 ? times stronger than humans, found in Scandinavia and Scotland. .lways born as twins, are
nocturnal, rarely come in contact with humans. =ery widespread, known to a number of human
cultures. The domain of the female gnome is the home. They usually wear gray or khaki colored
clothing consisting of a blouse, an ankle length skirt, knee socks and high shoes or slippers. 4rior to
marriage the outfit is complemented by a green cap and braids which later disappear under a scarf
while the cap is replaced by more somber colors. !ales wear red caps and blue smocks complemented
by green pants and footwear. (air of face though have rosy red cheeks. ong beards adorn their face
and turn gray far sooner than their hair. !ales are the guardians of animal kin and show littler
preference for animals, though avoid cats both wild and domesticated. 2nown for freeing wildlife from
traps and operating on farm animals who have been neglected or whose owners are too poor to afford a
vet. There are a number of different types. !ost common is forest gnomes who rarely come contact
with humans. +arden gnomes live in old gardens and like telling melancholy tales. 9une gnomes are
slightly larger than the forest ones, and wear drab clothing. &ouse gnomes have the most knowledge of
man, often speaking their language, -t is from &ouse gnomes that the 2ing +nome is chosen. (arm
+nomes are much the the &ouse gnomes but more conservative in dress and manner. Siberian +nomes
are more interbred than others and associate with trolls freely. They are much larger than other types
and tend towards a more nasty nature.
*ill'o'*isp 5 Typically appear as a grouping of tiny flickering lights. (lickering and wavering, the
glowing orbs move through marshes, meadows, and grassy hills as the hours 0ust after sundown. -t is
not certain whether the glow comes from the fairies themselves or torches and lamps they carry. .ny
human who glimpse and follow the lights e)perience something like tag, as they disappear if the human
get too close. .ny who follow them successfully can witness the gatherings of fairies at their nightly
/allybogs 5 typical habitat@ peat bogs and mud holes, mostly found in -reland. .ppearance is of a small
creature, covered in mud, almost completely round bodies, supporting heads without a neck. .rms and
leg are long and spindly. 4ossess no language, communicate by grunts and slobbering. (ocus most of
its ill temper on those who are la#y or guilty of crimes. ike leading travelers astray. .re guardian
spirits of bogs.
9warfs 5 !ystical metal workers, home in the mountain forges. 2nowledge of metal properties is
legendary. *ork sell for a lot of money. *ealth is best left untouched by humans. Those who steal from
are cursed with the gold turning into worthless things. "nes who reside in mines have a worst temper
than those in the mountains. 1nless they receive offering they will sabotage any work done in the
mines. Short in stature, posses incredible strength. 4refer residing in communities to solitary life.
!ountain dwarves are organi#ed into tribes or kingdoms. (avorite indulgence is mead. :arely seen
during the daytime.
Trolls 5 argest of fairies, found in +ermany, Scandinavia, Scotland and -taly. =ulgar race, bipedal,
hairy and grotes6ue in appearance. &arbor hatred for all fairies and humans alike. Notoriously stupid.
$arnivorous creatures who love mutton and goat best.
1ndines 5 ,)ist within water itself and cannot be seen with normal human vision. &omes are typically
within the coral caves in lakes and upon banks of rivers. .ppearance is similar to humans, in most
cases. $lothing is shimmery, reflecting the colors of water, though green is most common. (ound in
every body of water.
!ermaids 5 &alf fish half woman. =ery beautiful from torso up. !en find their songs irresistible and
will follow them into the sea willingly. $an be caught and held in e)change for wishes. !ale of the
species are very vicious and usually are the cause of sinking ships. -f successfully courted by human
men, the offspring with have great healing powers from their mothers.
Selkies 5 Shapeshifter, occupy the seas around "rkney isles, Shetland isles, (aroe -slands, -celand,
-reland, and Scotland. Not sure the e)act nature of their undersea nature. True forms are those of fairies
or humans. Take the form of large seals when traveling through the ocean, usually +reat seals and +rey
seals. Sometimes will become the mates of humans. . human male can take a female selkie as his wife
if he finds her seal skin on the beach and hides it from her. .lways ends up getting skin back and
returning to the sea, will watch human family from the waves. . human woman may bear the child of a
male selkie if she weeps seven tears or seven drops of blood into the nighttime sea. Such relationships
are short lived, Seven years later, the selkie returns for the child and offers the mother a fee for nursing
her own babe.
(ir 9arrig 5 4ronounced (ear dearg, an -rish fairy, mean red man. &ave dark hairy skin, long snouts,
skinny tails and are rather fat. Their clothing looks like it was taken from the garbage, e)tremely torn
and shabby. The revel in cruel and gruesome pratical 0okes, which they play upon those who irritate
them. $arrion is their main staple. !ost active in winter and found along polluted coastlines, in
swamps, marshes and coastal ruins. *ill occasionally venture into lands of humans, delight in startling
people by knocking upon their doors in the dead of night and asking to warm themselves by the fire.
Never refuse a re6uest, .lways be polite.
/eansidhe 5 9readed and best known of -rish fairies. ,)tremely beautiful with long flowing hair, red
eyes (due to crying) and light comple)ions. 1sually wear green dresses with gray cloaks, Their wailing
foretells of a death nearby, never causes a death. (re6uently appears as a washerwoman at the banks of
a stream. Sometimes she washes burial shrouds, bloodstained clothing. Sometimes she is e)tremely
ugly, sometimes having a single nostril, one large buck tooth, webbed feet, and e)tremely long breasts,
long stringy hair covered with a hood and a white gown is her main wardrobe. The Skin is often wet
and slimy. Said to be the ghosts of women who died in childbirth, who will continue washing until the
day they were supposed to die.
eanan Sidhe 5 !use possessing a dark unearthly beauty, :esides under the -rish Sea around the
eastern coast, sometimes roam out the the -sle of !an at night searching for a new lover. overs are
usually artists, all who fall under her spell suffer a keen longing in her absence. -n return for the depth
of emotion she receives, she inspires genius in her lovers. They e)pire very 6uickly, usually as a result
of heartbreak and sorrow when she leaves, rather than malicious intent. Some believe she is evil, since
her past lovers suffer greatly after she leaves. She is invisible to all but her lover, so beautiful that to
those that can see her, all other mortals become lifeless and dull looking.
2elpies 5 (ound in Scotland, -reland, around the /ritish -sles and Scandinavia. (oul-tempered, rarely
seen. &umans are among the favorite meal of 2elpies, -f other fairies or humans are unavailable they
will eat deer. *eb-footed water sprits, possess manes and tails of horses and bodies of women, hide is
black or white. Skin is like seal, smooth but cold. .lways dripping water in whatever form they take.
.ppear as friendly seahorses in Scotland, allowing humans to mount them only to drown them once
they are away from shore. .ble to shape change, occasionally appearing as humans though they have
seaweed hair in this form. $an be capture by placing a bridle over their heads, though it is difficult to
do, if done the kelpie is forced to serve the one who bridled it.
Salamanders 5 $an be mischievous, slighted ones may cause fires to burn out of control, don't full
comprehend results of their actions. 1sually seen in li#ard form, or small balls of light. /eing smeared
with their blood can make one immune to fire for a short time.
(ire 9rakes 5 Smallish cousins to dragons, breathe fire. =ery smelly, are benevolent, residing in human
homes will keep firewood dry and bless the hearth. ,)pect their kindness returned and react negatively
to human neglect. -f not in a human home, found in wood piles or deep in ancient forests, 1sually
nocturnal, most active from nightfall until shortly after dawn.