Liquid-Liquid Extraction in HYSYS

In this tutorial, you will be walked through a simple liquid-liquid extraction process in
HYSYS. A liquid stream containing ! mol percent water and "! mol percent acetone
entering at #$ %, & atm, and 'lowing at a rate o' & kgmol(s will be extracted with a pure
)I*+ stream at the same exact conditions as the 'eed.
Initial Setup:
&. Star Start a new case in HYSYS
#. Select Acetone ,ater and )I*+ 'or the components.
-. .se the /012 3luid 4ackage.
". 3or 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction cases, the binary coe''icients o' the components ha6e to
be checked. I' some o' the coe''icients are not speci'ied by HYSYS, a 'atal error will
occur, and the process can not be simulated. 1o check the *inary %oe''icients, simply
click the 7*inary %oe''s8 tab.
$. Some o' the coe''icients are not speci'ied, since some o' the tabs are le't blank.
1here are a number o' ways to 'ix this. 3irst the coe''icients can either be looked up
or experimentally determined, and then entered straight into the appropriate box. 9r,
HYSYS can estimate the unknown coe''icients using equilibrium relationships. 1o
do that select either 7./I3A% :258 or 7./I3A% 2258 and then clicking on the tab
7.nknowns 9nly8. In 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction processes, ./I3A% 225 is the
appropriate estimation to use. %lose the *inary %oe''icient window, and enter the
simulation en6ironment.
Setting up the Liquid-Liquid Extraction Process:
/ow that the components and 'luids packages are selected, HYSYS is now ready to start
simulating the 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction process.
&. Since this is a simple 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction case, " process streams are needed;
the 'eed, the sol6ent, the extracted product and the bottoms.
#. 0ename the streams to 3eed, Sol6ent, 5xtracted 4roduct, and 7*ottoms8.
-. /ow that the process streams are in place and named, place a 2iquid-2iquid
5xtraction column. %lick on the 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction column button in the
Simulation 1oolbar, and then place it on the simulation window.
". <ouble click on the 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction column to bring up the 72iquid-2iquid
5xtractor Input 5xpert8. Hook up the 'eed stream to the 71op Stage Inlet8, the
sol6ent stream to the 7*ottom Stage Inlet8, the 5xtracted 4roduct to 796hd 2ight
2iquid8, and the *ottoms stream to the 7*ottoms Hea6y 2iquid8 then click 7/ext =8.
$. Speci'y a constant pressure o' &!&.- k4a by typing it in to the pressure columns.
. 3inally, HYSYS prompts 'or optional temperature estimates 'or the top and bottom
stages. 1hese estimates can be ignored and HYSYS will calculate them when the
simulation is run. %lick 7<one>8 to complete the 2iquid-2iquid 5xtractor Input
?. %licking done brings up a window displaying all o' the data and options o' the
2iquid-2iquid 5xtractor. <ue to the properties o' this system, &! trays are not needed
to extract the acetone. Approximately " trays are needed to extract @@A o' the
acetone. Since &! trays are speci'ied by de'ault, trays need to be remo6ed.
Note: *y de'ault HYSYS numbers the trays in numerically ascending order, with
tray & being at the top.
B. 1o remo6e the extra trays, click on 7n C 8 tab under 7/um o' Stages8 on the drawing
o' the column, and simply enter in ".
Specification of the Feed and Solvent Streas:
A'ter completing the steps abo6e, the 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction column should be 'ully
speci'ied 'or most simple extraction cases. 1o complete and run the simulation, the 'eed
and sol6ent streams need to be speci'ied.
&. <ouble click on the 3eed stream, opening the speci'ication menu. 1ype in the desired
'eed properties; a temperature o' #$ %, a pressure o' &!&.- k4a, a 'low rate o' & kg-
mol(sec, and a 'eed with a "! mol A acetone and ! mol A water
#. 1he sol6ent stream contains pure )I*+ entering at #$ %, &!& k4a and 'lowing at &
!unning the Siulation "ith a Liquid-Liquid Extractor:
/ow the 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction column, and the 'eed and sol6ent streams are properly
speci'ied and the simulation is ready to run.
&. %lick the green light in the upper toolbar to get HYSYS to start acti6ely sol6ing
'or unknowns.
#. ,hene6er a 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction column is present in a simulation, it must be
started separately. <ouble click on the colum and click 70un8. %lose the window
and see that the 5xtracted 4roduct and *ottoms streams ha6e turned 'rom turquoise to
dark blue, signi'ying that HYSYS has success'ully sol6ed 'or those streams unknown
Note: A'ter this stage, i' any o' the speci'ications on the 2iquid-2iquid 5xtraction
column are changed, the 70eset8 button must be pressed, and then the 70un8 button
pressed again to rerun the distillation simulation with the new speci'ications.
-. I' the simulation is success'ul, the workbook should look like thisD