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We extend a special welcome to our guests, visitors and all who join us in worship today. Please let us know of your
presence or any prayer requests you have by filling out one of the cards in the pew rack and placing them in the offering
plate. We hope that our church home becomes your church home and the spiritual place where you grow through the
Word of God.
Nursery care for children up to three years old is located on the main floor of the Welcome enter across from the
library. !lder children attending the church service are encouraged to borrow a "oddler "ote filled with activities as you enter
the #anctuary.
Coceri! t"e #acramet of t"e $ltar
We believe that $esus offers %imself to us in the #acrament & %is true body and blood, for the forgiveness of sins. We also
share the scriptural concern for those who participate in the 'ord(s supper that they recogni)e what they are receiving
*+ orinthians ++,-./. "herefore, we ask that all who desire to receive the 'ord(s #upper please carefully examine
themselves using the communion information card found in the pew rack.
ommunion is celebrated on the +
and 0
#undays at both services.
For those who desire, we offer gluten-free wafers (please indicate your desire to the Pastor or Elder) and
non-alcoholic wine (located in the inner circle of the individual cup tray).
%&' ($)$*+'#: #'C)'%# ,- %&' ./N01,2
The Parable of the Hidden Treasure
1ugust +2, -2+3
,('N/N0 #,N0
4,22 am 3, Wors"i4 t"e .i!5 '#5 423 v. +6-, 768
+2,37 am 3$fter $ll 6&oly75
3&ow 1ee4 t"e -at"er8s +o9e -or :s5
*$(%/#2 <ack 2ic"ael +i=er
P: od!s "ord tells us #$s you come to him, a living stone re%ected &y men &ut in the sight of od chosen and precious,
you yourselves like living stones are &eing &uilt up as a spiritual house, to &e a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual
sacrifices accepta&le to od through 'esus (hrist.) *ou who fear the +ord, praise him,
C: *ut we =o8t always li9e our li9es as 4recious to 0o=.
P: "e don!t always see how special we are to him and how special our calling is to &e a holy priesthood, a royal
priesthood, chosen &y od to &e his own and to proclaim the e-cellencies of his holiness and lives.
C: We "a9e sie= a!aist you> , 0o= our .i!> ?y w"at we "a9e =oe a= ?y w"at we "a9e ot =oe.
P: .o, let us come &efore the throne of od, and &ring our confession to /im.
1'C+$)$%/,N ,- 0)$C'
#,N0 ,- ()$/#'
4,22 am 92y <esus> / +o9e %"ee5 #ee screens
+2,37 am 3&ere8s 2y &eart5
,+1 %'#%$2'N% )'$1/N0 /saia" @2:1AB 5ible page 8-+
0,#('+ )'$1/N0 2att"ew 13:44A4@ 5ible page 4+:
#%$%'2'N% ,- -$/%& 2
$rticle of $4ostle8s Cree= wit" 'C4laatio
C: ; believe in $esus hrist, %is only #on, our 'ord, who was conceived by the %oly #pirit, born of the <irgin =ary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried. %e descended into hell. "he third day %e rose again
from the dead. %e ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God the >ather 1lmighty. >rom thence %e will come to
judge the living and the dead.
P: "hat does this mean0
C: ; believe that $esus hrist, true God, begotten of the >ather from eternity, and also true man, born of the <irgin =ary, is
my 'ord, who has redeemed me, a lost and condemned person, purchased and won me from all sins, from death, and from
the power of the devil? not with gold or silver, but with %is holy, precious blood and with %is innocent suffering and death,
that ; may be %is own and live under %im in %is kingdom and serve %im in everlasting righteousness, innocence, and
blessedness, just as %e is risen from the dead, lives, and reigns to all eternity. "his is most certainly true.
,--')/N0 #,N0
4,22 am 3+a9is" +o9e $?u=at *eauty5 #ee screens
+2,37 am 32a of #orrows5
#')2,N Pastor $ohn @avis
#,N0 ,- )'#(,N#' 4,22 am 3&ow 1ee4 t"e -at"er8s +o9e for :s5 #ee screens
+,)18# ()$D') '#5 back cover
C+,#/N0 #,N0
4,22 am 90o> 2y C"il=re> Wit" 2y *lessi!5 '#5 :--
+2,37 am 3Dour +o9e is #tro!5
1he altar flowers are given to the glory of od &y
.tephen and 'anet 2ain in cele&ration of the &irthdays of (hris asperoni and 'anet!s mother, Elsie
lenn and retchen /ansen in cele&ration of their 34
anniversary and 5yle!s 36
1/#C/(+'#&/( #%:1D ,((,)%:N/%/'#
-amilies a= C"il=re 9:30 am: Family Discipleship *Aursery 6 +-th grade B parents/ (+oomis (enter)

$=ults 9:30 am: The Sacraments: Mysterious and Miraculous ;ntended for adults seeking instruction as well as those
interested in expandingCrefreshing their understanding. Pastor @avis will lead the discussions. (+oomis (enter 7
/N ,:) &'$)%# E ()$D')#
2em?ers: Dlsie alafell? =ike )ina? Dli)abeth @rescher? #am Dngman? Ersula >it)ner? George B Faren Garland? "oni
Greason? $ennie Grisbee? Priscilla $ohansen? =arie 'au? =aribel 'iGan? 5etty Pampell? $ohn Pierce? Phyllis Hadcliff? @ennis
Hiske? =ary #mith? @orothy #wain? @on B athie "homas? 1ddison <arner.
/N ,:) &'$)%# E ()$D')#
2ilitary -rie=s E -amily: Fyle 1ppelt *Feith B 'aura Dvans( nephew/, E#1> 1cademy, olorado? #tephen 1ppelt
*Feith B 'aura Dvans( nephew/, E#=, amp Pendleton, 1? $oel @avidson *son6in6law of Hon B @ebby >erguson/,
W!, E# 1rmy, 1fghanistan? and $effrey Gruet)macher, E#A.
-rie=s E -amily: Gene B $oan 5ach *$ody ook(s parents/? =elinda ies)inski *#tephen 'effingwell(s sister/? $oe @alton
*@ave Graesser(s nephew/? #u)an @ohty *Pastor B Dlva =usgrove(s daughter/? $eff >alk *5ob Plaut)(s brother6in6law/? 5ob
>ay *Drika $ohnson(s father/? $an >rye *#ue %arrison(s friend/? @onnie %einrich *'eslie #andifer(s father/? 1udrey %ansen
*Glenn %ansen(s mother/? 5rendan %usfeld *Hich B 'inda %usfeld(s nephew/? $ohn 'andry *"om B $oanne #tory(s son6in6
law/? =ike 'ightle *$udy(s husband/? 5etty =aeker *5renda @avis( mother/? 5obby Aorris *Hobin #tankus( uncle/? $oanna
!dham *preschool teacher/? Fatie !ndrias *%olly =artine)(s friend/? =aycel Plaut) *5ob Plaut)(s mother/? andace
Hichardson *"im B =arilyn Gandre(s friend/? Hyan Hichardson *"im B =arilyn Gandre(s friend/? Gilbert Hippe *$oyce
1dams( brother/? Hoger B !lga #egura *Hachel Peckenpaugh(s parents/? 5ryce? and Wayne "oye *$ennifer Pergande(s
,:) %&$N.# %, %&,#' #');/N0 %,1$D
$colytes 4,22 am, "ori Whillock
+2,37 am, 1llison Pergande
$ltar 0uil= =ildred 5retting? #usan %ooper? 'i) =c@aniel? Hachel Peckenpaugh? <i "arpey
$u=io 4,22 am, $ason ummons? Fristina %ansen
+2,37 am, @avid Dlmore? hris 'afferty
'l=er 4,22 am, $ames 5retting
'l=er +2,37 am, @avid Pergande
0reeters 4,22 am, Pat and "eresa roll? Hicky and =ildred Aietsche
+2,37 am, #tuart and indy =ichalk? "ony and Waldean Hylander
Nursery 4,22 am, %eather Pugnetti
+2,37 am, 1shley 5retting? =eredith 5retting
:s"ers 4,22 am, @ean 1rldt? raig 5attle? 'eroy 5retting, @ick Pursley? 5ob "hiele
+2,37 am, 5ill 5lum? @avid Dlmore? Paul Goerner? #tuart =ichalk? "ravis #chul)e
2'2,)/$+ $% $ 0+$NC'
$u!ust 10 A 17> 2014
#unday I +2
4,22 1= Worship #ervice
9:1B $2 0+C *$.' #$+'
:,02 1= 5ible #tudies
+2,37 1= Worship #ervice
+,22 P= #ervicios en DspaGol
8,22 P= %igh #chool Jouth
=onday I ++
.,22 P= %andbells
.,22 P= Women ;n =ission
Wednesday I +0
7,22 P= Preschool 5oard =eeting
7,22 & 4,22 P= hurch Picnic *>aith West(s lake/
"hursday I .
8,02 P= Praise "eam
#unday I +.
4,22 1= Worship #ervice with ommunion
:,02 1= 5ible #tudies
+2,37 1= Worship #ervice with ommunion
+,22 P= #ervicios en DspaGol
8,22 P= %igh #chool Jouth Pool Party
%reasurer8s Weekly )e4ort
8A3A14 DearAtoA=ate
!fferings K -0,220.24 K7+8,428.:3
!fferings expected in budget 3:3,3::.03
Dxpenses *3:.,0-8.24/
+ifeAtoA=ate total
Hise Ep and 5uild ;ncome K 0,487.-2 K447,280.-.
Hise Ep and 5uild Dxpenses * 7+,8-3.+-/
1ny questions or concerns may be addressed to the "reasurer, Aelson #croggins.
0'N'),#/%D %/( ,- %&' 2,N%& F $:0:#%
Practical suggestions to aid @isciples of $esus in taking on the character of $esus,
especially the character attribute of generosity.
%ave you ever considered all you haveL %ave you ever taken an inventory of everything with which you have blessedMnot
just in generali)ations, but also in detailL >or instance, many people are grateful for their health, for their body working as it
should. 5ut have you ever stopped to give thanks for your eyes *and each part of them/ and the marvel of creation they are to
see all you see? for your ears and the ama)ing way in which they work? for your brain that processes all it receivesL We usually
don(t think about all the different parts of our body until something isn(t working, and then, when we are healed, we are grateful.
;f we tried to count all the blessings of body and soul, they would perhaps be too numerous to count. 1nd, that is just one area
of blessingN 1dd in our family, house, work, country, and all the things 'uther describes in the explanation to the first article of
the 1postle(s creed, and counting our blessings becomes a major projectMone in which we would probably never get done.
5ut it doesn(t hurt to dive in and begin to consider a few of the countless blessingsN Dven more importantly, it is essential for
us to consider our incredibly generous God who has blessed us with all of these blessings, purely out of fatherly, divine
goodness and mercy without any merit or worthiness in us. 1nd for all of this, it is our duty to thank and praise, serve and
obey %im, and live generously with all that we have &een given,
%/( ,- %&' 2,N%&: Count Your Blessings
+. "his month, take some time each week to start counting your blessingsN
-. Feep a journal in a notebook or make an ongoing list on your computer or tablet.
0. Work on a different category of blessings each time. Jou can use 'uther(s list found in the >irst 1rticle explanation
or the 'ord(s Prayer 7
petition *What is @aily 5readL/ to help you get started.
3. >inally, each week, as you conclude your list of, come up with a way to generously give back based on the blessings
receivedMboth counted and not countedN Hecord the generosity idea as well as how it was implemented. Jou might
even add to your notes the further blessings you received from your generosityN
-:%:)' %/(#:
• !"hat can # do$ %s& !"hat can # 'eep$