“Growing urbanization can be a plus for the environment, because people who live in

dense cities drive less, their living spaces use less energy, and they require fewer
Urbanization was the process of creating large cities from rural communities and it
has already started in the ancient times. In my opinion its results were beneficial
for the communities at that time; the people living there, had prosperous lives, due
to the economic growth, which was the result of mutual cooperation.
However this process was operable only until the industrial revolution, which
resulted in overproduction, and the appearance of electrification. As a consequence
of maintaining factories and manufacturing goods, pollution of air and waters also
started at this period. It seems to me that this was the disadvantageous
consequence of urbanization. In my view appearance of dense cities was also a
deteriorative result of urbanization, which has its own disastrous consequences for
today’s people as well. An example for this can be that in present-day China,
concentration of smog in the air is so high that people must wear masks in order to
avoid diseases caused by air pollution. In dense cities, people use more energy as
well, and as the result of large amount of people being in little place, these cities are
crowded and not comfortable at all.
It’s another question that nowadays, life without these huge metropolises is
unimaginable. Due to the fact that these large cities have the most factories and
manufactures, the economy of the countries is fed by them. Countries have to take
part in the circulation of world market, as recently most of the income of a country
is ensured by its import and export. Moreover, through these factories, workplaces
are also provided for the people of the country. Citizens from surrounding villages
often enter employment in these large cities as in their home place there is not so
much work. As I can see, positive effect of urbanization can be a growth of tourism
as well. It can also serve as the income for a country. Eventually, the field of science
is also encouraged to develop due to the need of new methods to produce goods and
bring on the living standards.
All in all, I have observed that urbanization has firstly its disadvantages for example
in the field of air and water pollution, besides it has disastrous consequences for
social life of people and can result in medical problems for many. On the other
hand, as advantage of urbanization, it ensures the economic prosperity for a
country, it creates the base for tourism, and last but least, it creates jobs. Scientific
field is also encouraged to develop by it.