Electrical Engineer
Moile No! "#"4"4$##%&
' I am very persistent in problem solving--I goes an extra mile to find
solution..... I will not take short cuts in my code as that just leads to more
problems latter.”
To work at the peak of my potential in a dynamic environment
with capitalize on opportunities and enhancing my professional skills with learning that I can
contribute most for the development of organization and my career growth.
Pro.e//ional Pro.ile
• bility to !uickly adapt with work environment and pressure situation.
• "elicate team member with passion for electrical engineering and its industrial
• #atient and creative problem solver $trying to give my hundred percent each times
• %ommitment to excellence and delivering work ahead of schedule.
1ear Degree )oard2Uni3er/it4 College2/chool Percentage
&''( to
*.Tech. in +lectrical
*.#.,.T. #.-..%.+
%.# / 0.10
&''( )'2& %.3.4.+.$ 5rissa #anchyat %ollege
&''8 )'
*.4.+.$ 5rissa .eorge 3igh
4chool *argarh
Comp0ter /5ill/
• So.t /5ill ! %$ %22 6 "atabase 9anagement
• (perating /4/tem ! :indows ;ista$ :indows <#$ :indows =1$:indows 1
• Data a/e !>elational database$ 94 ccess
+raining and Pro7ect/
• +raining/ ! 5ne month training on Industrial utomation from
%TT% *hubaneswar.
+he training program mainl4 .oc0/ed on the /07ect/?-
3ardwired logic control and >elay logic application$ programming #@% application$
#rogramming logic controller$ "rives A%B"%C
• Academic Pro7ect ! 4imulation of power system under machine environment
Ao0t +he Pro7ect ! the project deals with the control of active and reactive power in
order to keep the system in steady state and development of an effective control
mechanism for automatic generation control A.%C in power system operation with
reference to tie-line power control under normal condition.

Personal Details

• Mother’s name; Reena Pradhan
• Father’s name; Makardhwaj Pradhan
• Address: Bhatli road,Tangar para
Bargarh ,W.No.-1,Dist-bagarh
State- disha!Pin-"#$%&$)
• Gender: Male
• Date of birth' 1(-)pril-1**%
• Age(as on:01-05-1): &+
• Marital stat!s: Single
• "obbies: sol,ing p-..le ga/es, swi//ing
• #ang!ages $no%n: 0nglish,1indi,ri2a
• Mother tong!e: ri2a
• &ational: 3ndian
• 'eligion: 1ind-
3 hereb2 4erti52 that in5or/ation en-/erated abo,e are ha,e to
the best o5 /2 knowledge and belie5.
Date' 1(-1&-&%1+
Pla4e' Bargarh