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HSBC (The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is one of the largest
baning and financial ser!ices organi"ations in the #orld. HSBC international net#or
com$rises around %&''' offices in %% countries and territories in (uro$e& the Asia)*acific
region& the Americas& the +iddle (ast and Africa.
HSBC North America Holdings (a subsidiar, of the British HSBC Holdings $lc) #as
established in -''.. It com$osed of all of HSBC/s 0.S. and Canadian o$erations not to
mention HSBC 1inance Cor$oration and HSBC Bank 0SA& N.A. as it still does toda,.
HBSC North America Holdings Inc. is one of the largest financial ser!ice grou$s in the
0SA to date& #ith total assets of 2334 billion& ser!ing nearl, 5% million customers.
History of the HSBC Bank Group
• 67%' ) The Hongong and Shanghai Cor$oration (established 6%53) ac8uired 369
of shares of the +arine +idland Ban of Ne# :or. B, 67%4& the Hongong and
Shanghai Cor$oration full, o#ned the +arine +idland Ban of Ne# :or.
• 677% ) +arine +idland #as rebranded as HSBC.
• 6777 ; HBSC Ban ac8uired the Re$ublic National Ban& Ne# :or& resulting in
the HSBC Head <ffice being relocated to .3- 1ifth A!enue from the HSBC
centre in Buffalo.
• -''= ; HSBC Ban ac8uired Household International& due to a merger #as
renamed HSBC 1inance Cor$oration.
Funder name:
Sir Thomas Sutherland (6 >anuar, 67--) #as a Scottish baner and ?iberal $olitician.
He founded the The Hongong and Shanghai Baning Cor$oration #hich #as the
founder member of HSBC @rou$ and directed the * A < Com$an,.
HSBC& S main head8uarters are situated in ?ondon& 0nited Bingdom.

The follo#ing
countries #here HSBC ban situated are gi!en belo#.
Bangladesh& India& *aistan& Australia& China& Ital,& >a$an& 0SA& +eCicoA
so man, countries.
This is the main ma$ of HSBC.

(m$lo,ee Culture:
HSBC is a strong culture. Because there rules A regulations are !er, strength.
(m$lo,ees are al#a,s maintains there rules. 1rom *ersonal 1inancial Ser!ices to
Cor$orate Baning& an International +anagerDs assignments can be in an, $art of
business& an,#here in the #orld.
They maintains three rules.
Business Banking:
The, assist #ith e!er,thing from starting a business to managing cash and trade
flo#s. The, also $ro!ide a range of online solutions for small and large businesses&
$ro!iding a number of benefits& including -.)hour access and ease of use& as #ell as
cost sa!ings. Such as&
 Business Ban Accounts.
 Business Credit Card.
 <nline Baning.
 Tele$hone Baning.
 A full range of Business Insurances.
 Cash +anagement.
 Trade 1inance.
 Sa!ings and In!estments.
Corporate Banking:
To full, understand ,our cor$orate re8uirements& The, #ill assign ,ou a dedicated
Cor$orate Baning +anager.
 1inancing.
 1oreign (Cchange.
 In!estments.
 Ris +anagement.
International Serices:
The, belie!e that itDs our no#ledge& eC$ertise and eC$erience that set us a$art from
the rest and #ill hel$ ,ou to achie!e ,our business goals. Real local insight and
understanding comes from Relationshi$ +anagers and Business S$ecialists on the
ground in o!er 5' countries and territories.
In conclusion #e can sa,& HSBC Ban $ro!ides a range of financial management and
ad!isor, ser!ices for high net #orth indi!iduals and families. And it is #orld baning