Interactive Student Notebook

Your Key to Success
in Science
Have you ever heard
yourself say . . .
Get it together with your
What is an Interactive
• A personalized textbook
• A working portfolio – all of your
notes, class work, quizzes – in one
convenient spot.
• Be a creative, independent and
reflective thinker and writer
throughout the year.
• Express your own ideas and process
and or apply the information and
skills learned in this class.
You will need to
have a table of
contents that
matches mine. This
is kept in the front
of class.
Date Title

Student Responses

Pg #

Teacher Information

Right Side
• The Right side belongs to Ms. McCoy
• The Right side has all “testable” information
– Unit Organizers
– Title and Unit pages
– Vocabulary
– Class, reading, and discussion notes
– Worksheets
– Table of Contents
– Study Guides
– Quizzes
– Content and Other relevant information
Right Side
• 1. Should be completely done.
• 2. Should clearly have both the title of the assignment at
the top and the date. The page should be numbered in the
top right-hand corner.
• 3. All assignments should be in chronological order by the
times they were assigned. Check the table of contents!
• 4. All right side assignments should be done only on right
sides unless other instructed by me.
• 5. Each fully completed and correct right side assignment
earns a grade.
Any missing part (date, title, incomplete, etc.) will cause
points to be deduced.
Examples of Right Side
• Articles
• Notes
• Graphic Organizers / Thinking Maps
• In-class Assignments
• Lab/Recording Sheets
• Other relevant information
Left Side
• Left Side is to record your thinking, reflections,
questions, thoughts, impressions, connections, and
• The Left side belongs to YOU!
– Apply skills learned in class
– Use graphs, charts, Venn Diagrams, research from
– Make connections between new and old learning
– Questions
– Thinking Maps
– Poems
– Songs
– Homework
– Classwork
– Brainstorming
• Sketches related to learning
– Other relevant information
Examples of Left Side

Things to keep in mind
when doing left side pages
(Highlighters, map colors, colored
pens, markers!)
• Color helps your brain remember.
You must use at least 2 different
colors on left side pages for a
Counts for I’m done now what?
As well
• Fill page with output exercises:
• Brainstorming
• Concept Maps
• Graphic Organizers
• Questions you have or don’t understand about the
• Describe the process in your own words with
• Flow Charts, Sequence Charts
• Compare/Contrast Chart
• Venn Diagram
• KLEW Chart, KWL Chart
• Cartoons,Comic Strip
• Newspaper or Magazine Articles
• Poems, Songs, Raps, Limericks
• Create a Story about topic using the unit vocab
• Create a Foldable
• Charts, Graphs, Tables

• Lab Reflections (How could I have done that
• Mnemonic Devices
• Create flash cards for topic
• What’s the best way to remember this topic?
• Create and solve problems using this information
• What do you already know about topic?
• Make a visual illustration(drawing) explaining topic
• How does this topic relate to your life?
• What are the important details to remember?
• Weird, bizarre thoughts, ideas or suggestions
• Outcome Sentences:
• I learned... I was surprised to find... This reminds
me of... I wonder what would happen if... I now
understand..., because…The important thing about...
• Say it in a Sentence (summarize the entire lesson in
• sentence)
• Here I Stand (tell me how you feel personally about
this topic)
• Costas Level Questions

You can always do more than 1 thing on the left side.
All of these can be done for the left
side of each right side page. Every
individual right side page (even for
many pages of the same assignment)
must have an accompanying left side
Student Materials
• 3 prong folder(STAYS IN CLASS)
• Colored pencils
• Highlighters
• Glue stick
• Maybe tape
Maintaining the
Interactive Notebook
• No papers in pockets. Your notebook
will not be graded if you have papers
in pockets. If it is not in the prongs,
it is not graded!!!
• No doodling that doesn’t relate to
notes. Color on left side pages.
• Date, title and number each page
• Everyone’s ISN must MATCH!
Deductions for Lateness and
Lack of Chronological Order
• 1. If a student has forgotten to bring their notebook for
that particular class when a notebook check is announced,
they may bring it by the very next calendar day, but 30%
will be deducted from their notebook score for that check.
No more than 1 day late.
• 2. Any right side assignment that is found to be out of
chronological order will cause a 10% reduction in the overall
score of a notebook evaluation.
• 3. Pages that are not in prongs will not be graded!

Each time the notebook is
evaluated it will constitute a test
grade and a ISN class assignment
grade. Notebook checks are
announced and unannounced and can
occur at any random time during
the school year.
How long should it take
to work on my notebook?
• Normally class time is given to work on right side
assignments and sometimes this includes time to
work on a left side. The expectation is that you
will revisit left and right side pages if you finish
early . You can also take notebook home that
evening or the next to review the material by
completing a left side activity of your own
choosing. Once you have a good understanding
of the kinds of left side activities that can be
done, it should take you about 15 minutes to
complete a quality left side. (I’m done now what)
Setting up the
Interactive Student
Setting up the Interactive Student Notebook

Initial Set Up
• 1. The notebook should have been set up following
the directions given by Ms. McCoy in class (a copy
of these can be found on our class website).
• 2. The table of contents at the front of the
notebook and on the Unit Organizer must be
updated regularly and will be checked during each
notebook check.
• 3. Any missing or incomplete part of these
directions will cause a 25% deduction in the
overall evaluation grade each time the notebook is