Metal Bellow Seals


The metal bellow seals are basically the type of seals that get
compressed when there is pressure applied from the outside of the container
and can be expanded when there is vacuum available in the outer atmosphere.
The bellow will return to its original shape when the external environment
returns to its normal conditions (i.e.) the pressure or the vacuum is released.
Normally these metal bellow seals consist of a ring made of rubber which forms
the main component of the working. These metal bellow seals are generally
used in offshore platforms, oil refineries, petrochemicals, marine engineering
and various other industries. These metal bellow seals are used to prevent the
contamination of any particular liquid from the external environment and
especially in heat transfer liquids. The metal bellow seal manufacturers
usually manufacture them such as they are highly resistant to abrasion and are
durable. We are not only into metal bellow seal manufacturers but also have
ourselves involved into metal bellow seal suppliers and metal bellow seal

The metal bellow seals basically perform a lot of functions. Some of
them are as follows:
 The metal bellow seals are used for removing the rubber like substance
called as the elastomers in the chemical processing industries. As
chemical industries involve a lot of danger in it they must use good
quality metal bellow seals to prevent accidents from happening.
 Metal bellows are particularly used for this purpose because of their high
temperature resistance. The metal bellows are used to seal elastomers
because they have temperature limits and hence these can be used in
sealing many hot liquids like resins, cryogenic applications and polymers.

Our metal bellow seals can be used in various applications such as the
 Diary industries for containers for milk, processed milk and cream
 Beverages industries for beer, fruit juices and fruit syrups
 Water industries for containing RO water and purified water
 Dying and pigmenting industries
 Textile industry
 Water proofing industry
 Water treatment plants etc.

Our metal bellow seals are known for
 Long life
 Durability
 Abrasive resistance
 Slip free
 Stick free
 Simple installation
 High static and dynamic sealing
 Extrusion free
 Withstanding a very high range of temperature and pressure

The range of metal bellow seals provided by us is used in various industries
such as polymer, chemical, refining, petroleum, textile and water treatment
plants. Our seals are well known for their durability and high withstanding
strength under high pressure and temperature ranges. Our metal bellow seals
are manufactures using superior fabrication techniques that make them more
dependable and durable. We also offer a wide range of metal bellow seals based
on the customer’s industry specifications.