Tags: Ambitions, Dreams, Struggle, Challenge, Confdence, Success

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through
experience of trial and sufering can the soul be strengthened,
ambition inspired, and success achieved.” – Helen Keller
There is no one in this world without an ambition, a dream Some as!ire to
be rich, some han"er a#ter name and #ame and some cra$e #or !ower,
!osition and social status in the societ% &e are #amiliar with the !ro$erb
“Hitch %our wagon to a star” The logic behind is sim!le '# we do not
as!ire #or something, we shall not stri$e #or it and conse(uentl% lead a
meaningless li#e o# disa!!ointment Howe$er small or howe$er big
someone)s ambitions and dreams are, the% are there, which is "ee!ing the
world running
Ha$ing ambitions do not merel% mean to “build castles in the air” but to
actuall% get u!, go out and #ace the real world, its challenges, struggle
against its u!s and downs and ha$e confdence in the #ulflment o# %our
dreams This is confrmed b% &illiam Sha"es!eare in his (uote: “Ambition
should be made o# sterner stu*” Thus dreaming won)t su+ce, but actuall%
li$ing them will ' ha$e an ambition o# becoming a success#ul doctor one
da% and though ' realise the road to it will not be eas% and sim!le but ' will
still struggle and lea$e no stone unturned in order to li$e m% dream
Human histor% is ,am-!ac"ed with !eo!le who had ambitions, dreams,
as!irations the% wanted to achie$e ma"ing their names li$e e$en %ears
and %ears a#ter the% are gone
“' ha$e a dream,” was the #amous s!eech deli$ered b% .artin /uther King,
who is best "nown #or his role in the ad$ancement o# ci$il rights b% using
non-$iolence ci$il disobedience His ambitions and dreams to rule out
racial ine(ualit% that !lagued 0S strengthened him to fght and struggle,
#ail and rise, #ail again and rise again until he achie$ed the ultimate
success which ine$itabl% #ollows e$er% constant struggle Confdence is the
"e% to e$er% success Confdence gi$es us the much needed dri$e to carr%
on and to li$e our dreams 1ther sel#-made men in histor% such as
Abraham /incoln, who was almost entirel% sel#-educated and ama2ingl%
became the frst !resident o# 0S, and all-#a$ourite &alt Disne% are #rom
those #ew who had confdence in their dreams and actuall% wor"ed in
order to li$e them, as is said b% &alt Disne%: “The wa% to get started is to
(uite tal"ing and begin doing”
Howe$er, there are certain sel#-centred ambitions, such as some men o#
great militar% and !olitical sources ha$ing an ambition o# “wading through
slaughter to a throne” resulting in de$astating conse(uences, is what we
should a$oid Histor% is #ull o# such t%rannical dictators eg Adol# Hitler
and 3enghis Khan &e should !rogramme our minds into dreaming #or
goals that do not !a$e wa% #or miser% #or others That is trul% success
'n conclusion, we should ne$er gi$e u! ho!ing, dreaming, struggling and
nourishing our ambitions #or surel%, success comes to those who sincerel%