Crockpot Shampoo Bar ecipe
Crock Pot Shampoo Bar Recipe(light hair version)

• 3oz Canola Oil
• 12oz Castor Oil
• 14oz Coconut Oil
• 2oz empsee! Oil
• 2oz "o#o$a Oil
• 11oz Olive Oil
• 1%oz li&ui! (chamomile tea is a goo! choice 'or light hair)
• %oz l(e
• )*oz eo (+ use! lemongrass, lavan!in, a touch o' neroli an! lemon m(rtle an!
some eucal(ptus)
+ use! *oz -ater to mi. -ith the l(e, then #uice 1 lemon, toppe! an! toppe! it up to 1/3
cup -ith ci!er vinegar, then a!!e! chamomile tea to e&ual another * oz o' li&ui! to $e
a!!e! a'ter the soap cooke! in the crock pot)

0i. the l(e into the -ater an! let sit in a sa'e place) 0elt the oils in
the crockpot (hol! $ack the hemp until a'ter it1s cooke!))

0i. the l(e -ater -ith the oils) Cover an! cook 'or a$out an hour) Stir as nee!e!)

+ a!! the hemp near the en! o' the cook) Shortl( a'ter + !o a tongue test an! -hen the
zing is gone, remove 'rom heat) (note2 !on1t !o this until (ou are reasona$l( sure that
the soap is cooke!) 3alking aroun! the house -ith (our $urnt tongue hanging out o'
(our mouth isn1t ver( appealing no matter ho- $eauti'ul (our skin is) (-ell, ma($e to
4i!o) 25)

Slop into -hatever mol! (ou are using) 6ou can use this right a-a( $ut i' (ou let it sit a
'e- !a(s to a -eek it -ill $ecome &uite har! an! last -ell)

!ry "air: Replace a percentage o' the #o#o$a or hemp -ith a $it o' shea $utter or other
$utter) 6ou coul! also tr( a little less coconut an! a little more olive)

#ily "air: 7emon #uice ($lon!e hair) or ci!er vinegar (!ark hair) can $e
use! in place o' some o' the -ater as -ell as chamomile tea ($lon!e hair) or rosemar(
tea (!ark hair) an! peppermint tea coul! $e nice 'or either)

6ou can also up the coconut an! !ecrease the hemp or #o#o$a, $ut (ou1! have to
recalculate the l(e)

$e%eral: Olive oil coul! $e in'use! -ith an( her$ that (ou1! like to use)

&loral 'aters can also $e a!!e! at the en! o' the cook)

(sse%tial #ils: + use rosemar( eo along -ith peppermint an!/or lavan!in) 7emongrass
an! peppermint coul! $e nice also) (8i! (ou kno- that rosemar( tea apparentl( -ill
cover gre( -ith regular

Comme%ts: + coul!n1t -ait to tr( a shampoo $ar an! + haven1t $een at all !issapointe!, +
-oul! never $u( shampoo again) :o- ho- !o (ou make a natural con!itioner9 + have
$een putting a $it #o#o$a -ith rosemar( on m( hair at night sometimes an! -ashing it
out in the morning -ith no resi!ue $ut it is notica$l( so'ter)

+ also like to spra( m( hair -ith rosemar( h(!rosol -hile it1s -et a'ter + -ash it, it also
seems to give me so'tness an! shine)

)*!+,( 200-: +1ve $een using all o' m( $asic $ars 'or shampoo 'or &uite a-hile no-)
Since +1ve starte! !esigning m( o-n, as a rule + onl( use 1oz o' palm) + hear!
some-here that palm is -hat causes the pro$lem o' resi!ue an! 'ilm, + !on1t kno- i' it1s
true, $ut + am &uite happ( using all o' m( $ars -ith lo- palm 'or shampoo (as a rule +
!on1t use it much in an( recipes an! have no soap scum on the tu$))

+ have short hair, $ut + haven1t use! con!itioner 'or a long time an! it1s per'ectl( health()

+ use the coconut recipe (link $elo-) 'or shampoo as -ell, it is e.cellent 'or oil( hair
($oth m( ki!s commente! that it makes their hair s&ueak 25))

)*!+,( 2007: + ran out o' m( shampoo $ar an! haven1t ma!e more, $o( !o + miss it;
4ar too man( shampoo $ottles l(ing aroun!, too e.pensive an! + al-a(s nee!
con!itioner) 4irst thing on m( soapmaking list is to !ig out the crockpot shampoo $ar

Body Butter Recipes
Poste! on Octo$er 35, 2515
Recipes an! o- <o=
3hen 'ormulating $o!( $utter recipes, the possi$ilities are en!less -hen (ou consi!er the num$er o'
oils an! $utters , essential oils an! a!!itives that (ou can use)
+t>s min! $oggling an! ver( e.citing to get starte! on tr(ing them all;
+ 'in! that o'ten -hen + create a recipe, it is too tempting too tr( a slightl( !i''erent ingre!ient to make
something completel( !i''erent to $e use! 'or a slightl( !i''erent use or even to suit m( moo! as 'ar as
scent or consistenc( go)
<he 'ollo-ing $o!( $utter recipes are all variations o' the same $o!( $utter recipe to give (ou some
i!ea o' the ease an! en!less possi$ilities (ou>ll 'in! in making (our o-n natural $o!( care pro!ucts)
<his site has a recipe calle! Bliss'ul Bo!( Butter that inclu!es a 'e- suggestions 'or making an her$
in'use! $o!( $utter)
?sing choice ingre!ients such as shea $utter, cocoa $utter an! select nutritive carrier oils an! essential
oils, (ou can make it per'ectl( suite! to (our o-n liking)
@ll it takes is one goo! i!ea an! some time to pla()
ere are a 'e- reasons to make (our o-n $o!( $utter an! a recipe i!ea at eo-)
Splendor in the Grass Body Butter
+>ve liste! a 'e- variations o' essential oils that (ou can a!! to scent this $o!( $utter recipe, unscente!
it has a ver( su$tle AgreenA smell to it !ue to the $ase oils use!) <he essential oils +>ve liste! -ill give
(ou a slight variation on this theme) +' (ou aren>t intereste! in o$taining this scent, (ou can su$ other
$ase an! essential oils)
<his $o!( $utter, in m( min! is ma!e to or!er 'or an(one -ho is heavil( into natural an! AgreenA) +
a!!e! li&ui! choroph(l to o$tain a !eeper green, (ou can make it -ithout 'or a ver( light green/gol!en
colour, -hich ma( $e more attractive to some 25)
)B oz carnau$a or $ees-a.
1 oz re'ine! cocoa $utter
)B oz unre'ine! shea
1 oz unre'ine! hempsee! oil
1 oz #o#o$a oil (or 2oz hempsee!)
1 tsp natrasor$
a 'e- !rops vitamin e
Bronze Goddess Body Butter
1oz ?nre'ine! Cocoa Butter
)Boz shea $utter
)Boz natural $ees-a.
2oz gol!en #o#o$a oil
3/4 tsp natrasor$
smi!gen o' $ronze mica
a 'e- !rops vitamin e
Golden Goddess Body Butter
1oz Re'ine! Cocoa Butter
)Boz shea $utter
)Boz -hite $ees-a. $ea!s
2oz gol!en #o#o$a or kukui oil
a 'e- !rops vitamin e
3/4 tsp natrasor$ (optional, gives a smoother less greas( 'eel)
smi!gen o' gol! mica
Dnglish Chamomile Dssential Oil (+ kno- this oil ma( not $e eas( to come $(, Roman Chamomile can
$e su$stitute!) +>m hoping to have some in stock soon, it>s e.pensive $ut a$solute heaven i' (ou like
Pure Goddess Body Butter – You Glow Girl!
)*oz Re'ine! Cocoa Butter
)Boz ultra re'ine! shea
)4oz -hite $ees-a. $ea!s
1)2oz virgin coconut !e creme
1)1oz coconut nutri oil (or emu or 'ractionate! coconut oil E an( 'airl( emollient light coloure! oil -ill
a 'e- !rops vitamin e
3/4 tsp natrasor$ (optional)
smi!gen o' iri!escent glitter to taste 25) + sprinkle it !irectl( onto the parts o' the mol! that + -ant the
lotion $ar to have, it -orks $eauti'ull()
<his $o!( $utter recipe is e.cellent 'or those -ho !on>t like a!!e! scent, it smells great all $( itsel')
@nother variation is to use all or part ?nre'ine! Cocoa Butter an! Fol!en Bees-a.) +>m
e.perimenting -ith complimentar( eo>s) +>! love to hear an( suggestions)
ere are a 'e- notes that + kept -hile making the $utters that (ou ma( 'in! help'ul)
+ 'in! $ees-a. easier to -ork -ith 'or these $o!( $utter recipes $ecause + like to keep the temps as
lo- as possi$le although either one can $e su$stitute!) + have $een -orking on $utters that !on>t
contain an( -a.) <he( are easier to make an! a ver( light consistenc()
+ haven>t trie! it (et $ut + -as also tol! $( a relia$le source that it is $est to melt (our $utters
separatel( then com$ine them) +t -oul! $e something -orth e.perimenting -ith, + 'in! that + !o pre'er
to a!! the less sta$le oils last -hen making an(thing to protect the $ene'icial elements o' the oil as
$est as possi$le 'rom the heat) Some oils stan! up $etter to it than others)
Oils an! $utters can $e su$stitute! an! percentages change! to $etter suit (oursel') + like to use oils
that a$sor$ &uickl( (#o#o$a an! 'ractionate! coconut are m( 'avourites $ecause the( are light an!
e''ective, nut oils are heavenl( 'or something -ith a little more oomph) $ut an( oil can $e use! an!
even pre'erre! !epen!ing on the e''ect (our looking 'or) Girgin Coconut !e Creme is one o' m(
'avourites !ue to the 'resh coconut scent, (ou #ust can>t get that naturall( an(-here else (that + kno-
S"(+ B),,(S:
+>m no- carr(ing an assortment o' unre'ine! shea $utter as -ell as ultra re'ine! shea $utter, there is
something to suit ever( taste an! ever( $o!( $utter recipe; <he $est -a( to 'in! out -hich (ou like is
to or!er a sample pack an! t-eak the recipes to (our o-n pre'erence)
8epen!ing on the 'inal e''ect (ou are looking 'or, onl( a small amount o' gl(cerin is nee!e! (+ use
more 'or 'oot $utters)) +t ma( not even $e necessar( to get the smoothness, + haven>t trie! it -ithout
(et, the trick is possi$l( the temps an! -hipping an! the cornstarch helps consistenc( as -ell)
@n(-a(, the gl(cerin can $e trick( sometimes, 'ar $etter to mi. it -hen the temps are as cool as
possi$le, a'ter the $utter is starting to look like $utter, $ut not so soli! that (ou can>t mi. it) 6ou -ill
see -hat + mean 25) +>ve 'oun! some sitting at the $ottom o' the $o-l once in a-hile that !i!n>t mi.)
<he top portion -as 'ine though) "ust to let (ou kno- 25)
+ -as using cornstarch until + trie! :atrasor$) +t is much lighter an! more e''ective) 6ou can use
cornstarch i' (ou !on>t have an( natrasor$ to give a thicker constanc( an! less greas( 'eel, it>s optional
an! can $e a!#uste! to (our o-n pre'erence)
@lthough as a rule to m( kno-le!ge $utters an! lotion $ars !on>t nee! s(nthetic preservation, + have
ha! one $utter gro- mol!) + ma!e man( more at the same time -ith no pro$lem so 'ar, $ut the 'act is
that one o' them !i! go $a!) + -as re using a #ar, so ma($e + !i!n>t sterilize it properl(, or m( ki!s
-here using it too, it>s possi$le some $acteria -as intro!uce! that -a(, + !on>t reall( kno-) But it>s
important to stress the importance o' stringent cleanliness -hen making an! using pro!ucts -ith no
s(nthetic preservatives) @lso it>s important to keep an( -ater out o' the mi., !on>t use it -ith -et
han!s etc) +' (our giving (our pro!ucts a-a( $e sure to pass this in'o on)
6ou ma( 'in! that accor!ing to (our climate that (ou ma( -ant to a!#ust proportions so + -oul!
recommen! a small $atch 'irst) 6ou can also remelt an! a!! -hat ever (ou nee!) + am 'in!ing as the
-inter is coming on here, that + think + -ill start -ith a slightl( higher proportion o' oil as our
house is a touch cool (unless m( hus$an! has a 'e- too man( co''ees an! gets carrie! a-a( -ith the
-oo! stove;)
<hese $o!( $utter recipes take a $it longer to soak in than a lotion $ut the( are $( 'ar m( 'avourite
choice 'or supreme skin so'tening capa$ilities, especiall( on reall( rough spots like 'eet an! el$o-s)
<he( are great 'or 'ingernails an! to use as a skin $arrier -hen -ashing !ishes or s-imming too)

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