TM Legacy Plus

Legacy Planning About Us
Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore is part of the Tokio
Marine Holdings Inc. which has over 130 years of history.
As at March 2013, Tokio Marine Holdings Inc. has a market
capitalisation of close to US$22 billion and total assets of
around US$191 billion. With its presence spreading over 456
cities in 37 countries, Tokio Marine is indisputably one of the
largest insurance groups in the world.
Our reputation in Singapore as a leading life insurer has
been gained through our strong historical investment returns,
disciplined underwriting, and careful expense management.
We are committed to bring meaningful product solutions to
meet your individual and corporate insurance needs.
Driven by Customer-focus, Integrity and Excellence as our
core values, we endeavour to be your preferred insurance
partner for life.
This information is accurate as at August 2014.
(Company Reg. No.: 194800055D)
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#07-01 Tokio Marine Centre
Singapore 069046
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F: 6223 9120
The MB factor is determined based on age next birthday at entry. The MB is derived by multiplying the
MB factor to the basic sum assured. MB covers until age 70 next birthday. Thereafter, the death and TI
benefit reverts to the basic sum assured plus any attaching bonuses.
These bonuses are based on a projected investment rate of return of 4.75% p.a. on the Participating
Fund. As these bonuses are not guaranteed, the actual amount payable may vary according to the future
performance of the Participating Fund.
TPD Benefit is provided until the policy anniversary on which the Life Assured is age 65 next birthday.
Premium rates for DD Accelerator Rider and EarlyCare Rider are not guaranteed. Tokio Marine Life
Insurance Singapore Ltd. reserves the right to change the premium rate by giving 30 days written notice.
This plan is underwritten by Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd. All benefits and features mentioned
herein are subject to terms and conditions of the policy. You must refer to the policy contract for the precise
terms and conditions of this insurance plan. The information shown in this brochure is for reference only
and is accurate as at 1 November 2013.
Note: Buying a life insurance policy can be a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy
usually involves high costs and the surrender value payable may be less than the total premiums paid.
Life may be unpredictable but financial security
does not have to be.
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Minimum Benefit Feature
TM Legacy Plus gives you the financial
security when you need it most. The
plan guarantees an immediate insurance
cover of up to 2.5 times the sum assured
till age 70
. Thereafter, the policy with its
value building up over time, pays the sum
assured plus any attaching bonuses
Here’s what it means:
Financial Security
TM Legacy Plus provides financial security
in the event of Death, Total & Permanent
Disability (TPD)
or Terminal Illness (TI).
To further enhance your cover, simply
add on a Dread Disease (DD)
Rider to have financial security if one of the
30 dread diseases strikes. Alternatively,
add on an EarlyCare Rider
for financial
security over an even wider coverage of
up to 91 medical conditions / procedures
arising from Special Conditions and dread
diseases at different stages of severity.
A Lifetime of Security Without a
Lifetime of Premiums
TM Legacy Plus has a limited premium
payment feature. This frees you from long
-term premium obligations to focus on
your loved ones and other more important
things in your life.
Choose premium payment periods of 5,
10, 15, 20, or 25 years. Whichever way,
you will enjoy lifetime peace of mind.
Benefits of the Plan
TM Legacy Plus
Showering your family with love.
Giving them security and peace of mind.
TM Legacy Plus is designed as a solution to income replacement or legacy planning needs
by providing a guaranteed Minimum Benefit
(MB). This Minimum Benefit guarantees
you additional insurance coverage while your policy builds up its value over time.
Here’s the Plan
1 - 31 S$100,000 2.50 S$250,000
32 - 34 S$100,000 2.40 S$240,000
35 - 39 S$100,000 2.30 S$230,000
40 - 44 S$100,000 2.00 S$200,000
45 - 49 S$100,000 1.75 S$175,000
50 and
S$100,000 1.45 S$145,000
At Age
(based on MB
(Guaranteed Surrender
Value + Bonuses
40 S$250,000 S$16,665
50 S$250,000 S$48,613
60 S$250,000 S$82,195
70 S$250,000 S$123,383
Life Assured Andrew
Profile Age 30, male and non-smoker
Sum Assured S$100,000
MB factor for age 30 next birthday 2.50
Guaranteed Minimum Benefit S$250,000
Annual Premium S$2,535
Premium Payment Term 20 years
Policy Term Whole Life