Possible Solutions for the Horse Carriage Industry

1. Central Park Equestrian Center: Create equestrian center, education facility, carriage
tours and a therapeutic riding center. This would be a true win-win for everyone

2. Create a Horse and Carriage Commission that can be housed within the TLC that would
regulate the industry. There are 68 carriage medallions.

3. Give The Rental Horse Advisory Board for the City of NY a broad platform that can
initiate some of the solutions below.

4. Sanctuary Stables: There are over 100,000 horses slaughtered in the United States every
year. The industry could adopt a policy to buy or adopt horses in need of sanctuary that
meet the criteria for working in the city. Many of the carriages owners already engage in
this practice.

5. Eliminate Street Work: Drivers are currently permitted to work south of 59
street in the
evenings. The carriages could exclusively work around the park.

6. City Comptroller’s Office should immediately perform an economic impact study before
any decision is made to eliminate the industry.

7. DOT Study: Commission a study to look at traffic patterns around the stables to the park
and ask for recommendations e.g. a dedicated lanes, or a lane to share with buses.

8. Carriage Buffer Zone: The carriage buffer zone could be an agreed-upon distance (20ft,
50ft etc) that would be "motorized-vehicle-free" both in front of and behind a carriage.
We could get new signage for both the rear axles of the carriages and the street signs.

9. Disaster Plan: Work with NYPD Mounted police on equine illness and accident
protocols. The National Guard will help us draw up a total disaster plan with evacuation
strategies etc. Additionally, veterinarian Diane Simoncini has offered to give Equine
First Aid classes to ALL our drivers. Schedule annual trainings for all drivers.

10. NYPD traffic enforcement to ensure that all vehicles abide by the law and work toward
lowing speed limits in Manhattan to ensure pedestrian, bicyclist, carriage and motor

11. Professionalize the industry: Work with the Central Park Conservancy and NYC
Landmarks and Preservation departments to install hitching posts, carriage stands,
uniformity with blankets, uniforms and make other improvements for the industry around
the park.

**Any issues surrounding the industry in the future must be managed through the
agencies that have oversight or through the advisory board.