EUCO 147/14 1


European Council

Brussels, 16 July 2014
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EUCO 147/14

CO!C" #

General Secretariat of the Council
Subject: Special meeting of the European Council (16 Jul !"1#$
% Conclusions

Delegations will find attached the conclusions adopted by the European Council at the above

Conclusions - 16 July 2014

EUCO 147/14 !


1 "ollowing the election by the European #arliament of the #resident of the European
Commission$ the European Council had an e%change of views with the #resident&elect$
'r (ean&Claude (unc)er$ relating in particular to the priorities set out in the *trategic +genda
for the Union in times of change agreed on !7 (une !,14 -t calls on all -nstitutions to
concentrate their activities on areas where the Union can ma)e a real difference .he
European Council reiterated its commitment to ensure regular monitoring of these strategic
! .he #resident of the European Council reported on the consultations he conducted$ in
accordance with the .reaties$ on other appointments for the ne%t institutional cycle .he
European Council held a first debate in that respect and agreed to come bac) to it for a final
decision at a special meeting on /, +ugust
/ .he new Commission will be appointed by the European Council following a vote of consent
by the European #arliament on the #resident$ the 0igh 1epresentative of the Union for
"oreign +ffairs and *ecurity #olicy and the other members of the Commission as a body
4 1ecalling the statements of the 0eads of *tate or 2overnment on U)raine of 3 'arch and
!7 'ay and its conclusions of !1 'arch and !7 (une$ the European Council once again
stresses its support for a peaceful settlement of the crisis in U)raine$ notably the urgent need
to agree on a genuine and sustainable cease&fire by all parties to create the necessary
conditions for the implementation of #resident #oroshen)o4s peace plan .he European
Council supports the diplomatic efforts by U)raine$ the 1ussian "ederation$ "rance and
2ermany$ as well as the 5oint 6erlin Declaration of ! (uly
Conclusions - 16 July 2014

EUCO 147/14 /


7 .he European Council condemns the continuation of illegal activities by armed militants in
Eastern U)raine$ including the occupation of public buildings$ hostage&ta)ing and armed
attac)s on U)rainian law enforcers and border guards .he European Council urges the
1ussian "ederation to actively use its influence over the illegally armed groups and to stop the
flow of weapons and militants across the border$ in order to achieve a rapid de&escalation -n
this conte%t$ the European Council recalls the decision of 11 (uly to e%pand the travel ban and
asset free8e within the European Union to 11 new individuals for actions undermining
U)raine4s territorial integrity$ sovereignty and independence 'ember *tates also agreed to
discontinue the application of their agreement of !, "ebruary !,14 on e%port licences
3 .he European Council regrets that the re9uested steps it set out in its !7 (une conclusions
have not been ade9uately ta)en +s a result$ the European Council agrees to e%pand the
restrictive measures$ with a view to targeting entities$ including from the 1ussian "ederation$
that are materially or financially supporting actions undermining or threatening U)raine4s
sovereignty$ territorial integrity and independence -t tas)s the Council to adopt the necessary
legal instruments and to decide by the end of (uly on a first list of entities and persons$
including from the 1ussian "ederation$ to be listed under the enhanced criteria -t also as)s to
consider the possibility of targeting individuals or entities who actively provide material or
financial support to the 1ussian decision&ma)ers responsible for the anne%ation of Crimea or
the destabilisation of Eastern&U)raine .he European Council re9uests the E-6 to suspend the
signature of new financing operations in the 1ussian "ederation European Union 'ember
*tates will coordinate their positions within the E61D 6oard of Directors with a view to also
suspending financing of new operations "inally$ the European Council invites the
Commission to re&assess EU&1ussia cooperation programmes with a view to ta)ing a
decision$ on a case by case basis$ on the suspension of the implementation of EU bilateral and
regional cooperation programmes 0owever$ pro5ects dealing e%clusively with cross&border
cooperation and civil society will be maintained
Conclusions - 16 July 2014

EUCO 147/14 4


.he European Council recalls that the Commission$ the EE+* and the 'ember *tates have
been underta)ing preparatory wor) on targeted measures$ as it re9uested in 'arch$ so that
further steps can be ta)en without delay .he European Council remains committed to
reconvene at any time should events so re9uire
-n line with the policy of non&recognition of the illegal anne%ation of Crimea and *evastopol$
the European Council re9uests the Commission and the EE+* to present proposals for
additional measures in particular on restricting investments in Crimea and *evastopol .he
European Council also e%pects the -nternational "inancial -nstitutions to refrain from
financing any pro5ects that e%plicitly or implicitly recognise the illegal anne%ation of Crimea
and *evastopol
7 .he European Council commends the efforts of the O*CE and its Chairmanship in Office$
particularly in facilitating meetings of the Contact 2roup in U)raine$ and its readiness to
establish a border&monitoring mission$ to which the European Union and its 'ember *tates
stand ready to consider a substantial contribution
: .he European Council stresses the European Union4s commitment to pursue trilateral tal)s on
the conditions of gas supply from the 1ussian "ederation to U)raine and commends the
efforts of the Commission in that regard "inding a swift agreement is important for
safeguarding the security of supply and transit of natural gas through U)raine to EU 'ember
*tates and for the stabilisation of U)raine4s economy
Conclusions - 16 July 2014

EUCO 147/14 7


; .he European Council stresses the importance of U)raine ratifying the +ssociation
+greement with a view to its early provisional application -t welcomes the holding of
trilateral consultations at ministerial level between U)raine$ the 1ussian "ederation and the
European Union on 11 (uly on the implementation of the +ssociation +greement -n this
conte%t$ it also welcomes the setting up of a consultation mechanism to address potential
difficulties resulting from the effects of the implementation of the Deep and Comprehensive
"ree .rade +rea on the implementation of the "ree .rade +greement of the Commonwealth
of -ndependent *tates
1, .he European Council is following with great concern the continued violence in -srael and
2a8a .he European Council condemns the firing of roc)ets from 2a8a into -srael and the
indiscriminate targeting of civilians -srael has the right to protect its population from this
)ind of attac)s -n doing so$ it must act proportionately and ensure the protection of civilians
at all times -t deeply deplores the loss of innocent lives and the high number of wounded
civilians in the 2a8a *trip as a result of -sraeli military operations and is deeply concerned
about the rapid and dramatic deterioration of the humanitarian situation .he European
Council calls on both sides to de&escalate the situation$ to end the violence$ to end the
suffering of the civilian populations notably by allowing access to humanitarian assistance$
and return to calm .he European Council welcomes on&going efforts by regional partners$
and in particular the initiative launched by Egypt$ to establish a cease&fire and calls on 0amas
to agree on such cease&fire .he European Union stands ready to provide the necessary
support to this end .he European Union continues to call for the full implementation of
United <ations *ecurity Council 1esolution 1:3, =!,,;>
Conclusions - 16 July 2014

EUCO 147/14 3


11 .he tragic events of the past days highlight the urgent need for all parties to wor) towards a
resumption of the diplomatic process and to pursue a two&state solution to the -sraeli&
#alestinian conflict .he European Union reiterates its offer to both parties of a pac)age of
European political and economic support and of a *pecial #rivileged #artnership with the
European Union in the event of a final peace agreement
1! -sraelis and #alestinians need to ma)e the strategic choice of peace in order to allow their
future generations to live lives freed from past conflicts and to en5oy the stability$ security and
prosperity which they are currently being denied