Savannah Adventist Christian School

Classroom Syllabus
7-8 Classroom
Jerson J. Malaguit

Welcome to the 7/8 classroom! This is a syllabus that will go over expectations and guidelines for our
classroom to run smoothly this year. Things may change a little from what's said here as the year goes on if we
find instances that need to be fixed.
I have three goals for this year:
Religious Goal
We will grow in our knowledge and relationship with Christ. We will learn more about Christ's love and the
way He has guided others in the past and continues to guide us today. We will learn what we can do for
ourselves and for others to truly “go and teach all nations”.
Academic Goal
You will increase your knowledge of math, social studies, literature, grammar, Bible and science. You will also
learn how this knowledge can be applied in real life.
Social Goal
OK, I cheated. I slipped in two goals under this =D
1. You will practice responsibility and ownership for your own
schoolwork, as well as your own behavior and actions.
2. You will practice how to appropriately behave, act, and manage
yourself in a Christian manner with your peers, classmates, schoolmates,
teachers, and ultimately society at large. Essentially, you must learn and
practice how to be an effective and productive Christian citizen in the 21


• My number one expectation is that you give me your best. I’ll give you my best and make
this year fun and <gasp> educational for all of us! Don’t be afraid to ask questions; understanding
the material is more important than covering a lot of material.
• There is an absolute ZERO TOLERANCE policy on plagiarism. Plagiarism includes but is
not limited to copy and pasting website information as well as copying someone else’s homework
for your own. Any discovery or reasonable suspicion of such will earn a zero for the assignment and
other applicable consequences.
• All opinions, comments and the integrity of each individual in the classroom are to be
respected and honored without any fear of personal criticism.
• All policies and regulations in the SACS Handbook are to be followed.
Happiness Peace Stress Frustration
Homework Results
No Late Homework Late Homework
Homework Late Policy
I subtract 20% the first day
homework is late. The student then
has until the next day to turn in the
late assignment. After that, the
assignment goes to zero. PLEASE
 Assignments for all classes
will always be on the whiteboard. Assignments are
always due the next day, unless I tell you otherwise.
 Late homework will earn you a negative disciplinary
point for your weekly total.
 Homework is a daily way of making sure you understand what is being taught. Only on the rarest of
occasions will you head into an assignment that I haven't prepared you for.

Math Curriculum
Math is often worrisome and stressful, but with diligent practice, you can learn to conquer the math instead of
letting it control you! Math should be practiced and tested regularly.

There are three components to your math grade:
(1) [45%]Math Homework: This is what we do in-class and whatever you bring home
(2) [45%]Quizzes/Exams: You will have tests/quizzes covering only the material we've gone over that
week. You will never get a test/quiz with material you've never seen.
(3) [10%]IXL: This is an online math program that you log into at either school or home to do grade-
appropriate math supplements. You are required to earn mastery in the assigned IXL section for each

Electronics Policy
As per the SACS Handbook, Cell Phones, iPods, video games and other electronic devices are not allowed
during school hours. If a student gets their phone/electronic device confiscated at school it will be logged in
and locked up. The student can retrieve the item the following day and will be required to sign for it. Parents
are allowed to retrieve the phone/electronic device for their student on the same day, but the parent must
report to Mr. Malaguit in person and sign for the item.

 Graded homework and a copy of grades/missing work will go home every Thursday. Please keep graded
homework until the end of each quarter in case there are any variances on the missing work/report card.
 My email is I will try to reasonably answer emails within the same day.

Disciplinary Policies
Classroom policies and behavior is rooted in what I call
“The Three Basics”. A breach of one of these three basics
will earn you an interaction, which is recorded on our
online classroom app “Class Dojo”. A weekly summary of
your behavior is posted in the classroom, emailed and sent
home each week, and your weekly total points will dictate
the type of classroom privileges you have. We will go over
different scenarios involving the Three Basics and
navigating how to interact with each other throughout the
course of the year.

Serious or repeat offenses are recorded and are subject to the disciplinary guidelines of the
SACS Handbook, myself, and the school principal.

• Eye Contact
• Say "Yes" or "OK"
• Control Your Voice
& Emotions
• Eye Contact
• Say "Yes" or "OK"
• Do the Task
• Eye Contact
• Say "Yes" or "OK"
• Control Your