The total number of subjects participated in the study were siteen !"#$ indi%iduals comin& from
the Polytechnic 'ni%ersity of the Philippines( )lmost all subjects !*+(,-$ were their
summer classes and the rest were just han&in& around enjoyin& themsel%es !"/(,-$( The subjects
were di%ided e0ually as to men and women( )ll of the subjects !both male and female$ are
students of different courses and of different year le%els(
1e approached e%ery person that seems to be a%ailable( To di&uise our eperiment2s true purpose3
we used a co%er story( Thus3 we as.ed our prospect subject to be the fifth participant !because we
only need fi%e4 $ of the aptitude test that we2re conductin& so we can determine how he5she will
percei%ed different objects that we are &oin& to show to him5her( 6f he or she a&rees3 we2ll &o to
our set7up place !in the table near the bi& screen in P'P3 not far away from the entrance &ate$
where the four other participants3/ male and / female students3 !confederates$ were seated
The &roup of eperimenter presented a total of !"8$ ten different 0uestion fi&ures includin&
number5ima&e se0uences and shapes with !9$three or !:$four lettered choices to the participant and
to the confederates( They were &i%en "8 pieces of paper !9/ inches$ thus they pro%ide their own
pen but sometimes we pro%ide if they as. for it(
The study conducted used a mied desi&ns 77combination of between7subjects desi&n and within7
subjects desi&n(
)ll of the subjects !both male and female$ were eposed to both control and eperimental
condition( The subject and confederates were instructed to write their preferred answer to the
0uestions on the piece of paper pro%ided for them( Thus3it is the control condition whereas the
subjects decides for his5her own(
On the other hand3 the subjects !both female and male$ were &i%en a chance to chan&e their
answers in case they doubted their written answers( Howe%er3 the eperimenter only allowed that
to attest the subjects consistency of their answers when the confederates ha%e wron& uniformed
answers e%en thou&h the 0uestion as.ed is a %ery easy one!e(&(3"9;7/9, which is e0ual to 7;#$( 6t
is the eperimental condition where the subjects !both male and female$ were called last to .now
whether they will conform alon& with the majority or not(
The &roup of eperimenter were to measure if women subjects will conform more compare to men