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Criticizing without knowing is not the way I want to teach and educate my own students.
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GS Hưng,

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Subject: Re: TDTU's feedback for the Letter of Dr N.D.Hung to the Board
Date: Fri, 09 May 2014 16:21:57 +0200
From: Jean-Philippe Ponthot <JP.Ponthot@ulg.ac.be>
To: Stephane BORDAS <stephane.bordas@gmail.com>, Géry de Saxcé
CC: Le Vinh danh <levinhdanh@tdt.edu.vn>, alavi@msu.edu, ah_alavi@hotmail.com,
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<bernhard.schrefler@unipd.it>, ag72@zips.uakron.edu, Nguyen Xuan Hung
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guy.bonnet@univ-paris-est.fr, Guy.Bonnet@univ-mlv.fr, pdchinh@imech.ac.vn, alain
combescure <Alain.Combescure@insa-lyon.fr>, matthieu.domaszewski@utbm.fr,
domaszewski@utbm.fr, Klaus Hackl <klaus.hackl@rub.de>,
vvhoang2002@yahoo.com, sergio@cimne.upc.edu, dangvan@lms.polytechnique.fr,
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<Alexander.Korsunsky@eng.ox.ac.uk>, ladeveze@lmt.ens-cachan.fr,
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vvtoi@hcmiu.edu.vn, lvcanh@hcmiu.edu.vn, CanhLe <lecanh1111@gmail.com>,
Giang Nguyen <giang.nguyen@sydney.edu.au>, S.HoangVanLong@ulg.ac.be,
hvlongnd@yahoo.com, thanh.tran@uni-due.de, chdthanh@hcmute.edu.vn, Thanh Chau
Dinh <chdthanh@yahoo.com>, truong.dovan@hust.vn, dovantruong@yahoo.com,
nhotuyet@yahoo.com, han.td@vgu.edu.vn, hieunv@yahoo.com,
nguyenvantuan@tdt.edu.vn, hubertus.riedesel@springer.com,
Harmen.vanParadijs@springer.com, ramesh.premnath@springer.com,

Dear All,

As a matter of fact "special PhD" ("These de doctorat special" in French) is a title that only very
few people among PhD, and even among Academics, obtain in Belgium.

I can testify that Prof. Nguyen Dang Hung DID receive this title from the University of Liege,
Belgium, on October 22, 1984 (Manuscript ISSN0075-9333, Collection des publications de la
Faculte des Sciences appliquees N° 98).

This fact seemed to be ignored by the Authorities of Ton Duc Thang University when they
started to write against Prof. Nguyen Dang Hung and this appears to be very clumsy.

Criticizing without knowing is not the way I want to teach and educate my own students.

I also have full trust and undivided confidence in Prof. Nguyen Dang Hung and will stand by my

Best regards,

J.P. Ponthot
Professor of Computational Mechanics
University of Liege, Belgium.

Le 9/05/2014 15:50, Stephane BORDAS a écrit :
Dear President of Ton Duc Thang University,
Dear Editor-In-Chief of APJCEN,

This letter is to react to the series of letters sent by yourself and your staff to the editorial board
of our journal APJCEN.
I have been, for almost a year, the Editor of “Advanced in Applied Mechanics” published by
Elsevier and have been also discussing with Springer the creation of a new journal, in a very
similar way to what Prof. Nguyen-Dang Hung did.

I believe it is extremely important to make sure that the following is clear. The journal(s) for
which an Editor in Chief is working is (are) not the property of the Editor, nor that of the
University employing him or her. This has never been an issue in any of the five institutions I
worked for. I have never heard of such claims and allegations before. The University where the
Editor works usually is content with increased visibility, recognition and prestige associated with
the Journal.

I take this opportunity to mention here that I was surprised and even shocked by the accusations
which Prof. Nguyen-Dang Hung (whom I have known for over 10 years) has been the subject of
by Ton Duc Thang University. Most people in our field know of the work which Prof. Nguyen-
Dang Hung has done for his country in helping young people receive a reputable education in
Computational Mechanics (e.g. the EMMC Programme). Prof Hung’s reputation and that of the
Editorial Board Members are certainly two of the main reasons why Springer believed there was
a market for the Journal Prof. Nguyen-Dang Hung created.

Moreover, all publishers in the world will testify that the position of Editor-in-Chief is not the
matter of the University employing the Editor in Chief, but the matter of the Editorial Board and
of the Publisher, such that no external authority has the power to nominate him.

Finally, I cannot understand the difficulties voiced concerning the “Special PhD” which is a
well-known degree in many European Countries, although it wears different guises and is known
by different names.

I have full trust and undivided confidence in Prof. Nguyen-Dang Hung and will stand by my

Stéphane P.A. Bordas

Professor of Computational Mechanics at Luxembourg University, Luxembourg & Cardiff
University, UK
Editor, Advances in Applied Mechanics, Elsevier
ERC Fellow

Publications in open access: http://orbilu.uni.lu/simple-search?query=bordas

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On 09.05.2014, at 12:24, Géry de Saxcé <gery.desaxce@univ-lille1.fr> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

I am deeply shocked by the groundless allegations of the Rector of Ton Duc
Thang University casting doubt upon the quality and authenticity of Professor
Nguyen Dang Hung's special PhD.

He is a scientist of outstanding qualification who has made significant
contributions to the computational mechanics widely recognized by the word
scientific community. Taking into account his international scientific
reputation, this controversy about his special PhD is derisory and futile.

As founder of the APJCEN, Professor Nguyen Dang Hung has the indisputable
qualities to go on leading this journal and I keep my full confidence in him for
carrying out this task as the editor-in-chief of APJCEN.

With Best Regards,

Gery de Saxce
Distinguished Professor at the University of Lille 1 (France)
President of the Committee of AUM, Academic group of the French Association
of Mechanics (AFM)
Member of the National Council of Universities (CNU, committee carrying out
the evaluation of Academics)

-------- Original Message --------
May 5, 2014: Letter from TDTU to the Editorial Board of APJCEN
Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 08:21:27 +0700 (ICT)
Phòng Tổ Chức Hành Chính <phongtchc@tdt.edu.vn>
To: alavi@msu.edu, ah alavi <ah_alavi@hotmail.com>, a h
gandomi <a.h.gandomi@gmail.com>, ag72@uakron.edu, nhan@nus.edu.sg, BordasS@car
diff.ac.uk, stephane bordas <stephane.bordas@gmail.com>, liugr@ucmail.uc.edu, w-
liu@northwestern.edu, bernhard
schrefler <bernhard.schrefler@unipd.it>, ag72@zips.uakron.edu, h
nguyenxuan <h.nguyenxuan@gmail.com>, nhan12@gmail.com, sofia
alisjahbana <sofia.alisjahbana@bakrie.ac.id>, guy bonnet <guy.bonnet@univ-paris-
est.fr>, Guy Bonnet <Guy.Bonnet@univ-mlv.fr>, pdchinh@imech.ac.vn, Alain
Combescure <Alain.Combescure@insa-lyon.fr>, matthieu
domaszewski <matthieu.domaszewski@utbm.fr>, domaszewski@utbm.fr, klaus
hackl <klaus.hackl@rub.de>, vvhoang2002@yahoo.com, sergio@cimne.upc.edu,dangvan
@lms.polytechnique.fr, ky dang-van <ky.dang-van@wanadoo.fr>, Alexander
Korsunsky <Alexander.Korsunsky@eng.ox.ac.uk>, ladeveze@lmt.ens-cachan.fr, giulio
maier <giulio.maier@polimi.it>, E A W
Maunder <E.A.W.Maunder@exeter.ac.uk>, fmm@unina.it, mpapadra@central.ntua.gr,
Joseph Pastor <Joseph.Pastor@univ-savoie.fr>, dong qian <dong.qian@utdallas.edu>,
dongqian work <dongqian.work@gmail.com>, timon rabczuk <timon.rabczuk@uni-
weimar.de>, gery desaxce <gery.desaxce@univ-lille1.fr>, rolf
stenberg <rolf.stenberg@aalto.fi>, son@lms.polytechnique.fr, nqskt@yahoo.fr, f
tinloi <f.tinloi@unsw.edu.au>, thanh tran-cong <thanh.tran-
cong@usq.edu.au>, Zhangwh@nwpu.edu.cn, JM
Beckers <JM.Beckers@ulg.ac.be>, ra@ilsb.tuwien.ac.at, tei@civil.tohoku.ac.jp,nguyenthi
entong@yahoo.com, Toan Vu-Khanh <Toan.Vu-Khanh@etsmtl.ca>, JP
Ponthot <JP.Ponthot@ulg.ac.be>, Licht@lmgc.univ-montp2.fr, Patrick
Dular <Patrick.Dular@ulg.ac.be>, sankar@ufl.edu, C H
Le <C.H.Le@gre.ac.uk>, droymahapatra@aero.iisc.ernet.in, vvtoi@hcmiu.edu.vn, lvcanh
@hcmiu.edu.vn, lecanh1111@gmail.com, giang nguyen <giang.nguyen@sydney.edu.au>,
S HoangVanLong <S.HoangVanLong@ulg.ac.be>, hvlongnd@yahoo.com, thanh
tran <thanh.tran@uni-due.de>, chdthanh@hcmute.edu.vn, chdthanh@yahoo.com, truong
dovan <truong.dovan@hust.vn>, dovantruong@yahoo.com, nhotuyet@yahoo.com, han
td <han.td@vgu.edu.vn>, hieunv@yahoo.com, nguyenvantuan@tdt.edu.vn, hubertus
riedesel <hubertus.riedesel@springer.com>, Harmen
vanParadijs<Harmen.vanParadijs@springer.com>, ramesh
premnath <ramesh.premnath@springer.com>, christoph
baumann <christoph.baumann@springer.com>
CC: h.nguyendang@ulg.ac.be

Dear All,

My name is Nguyen Minh Quang, Deputy head of the Administrative Department of
the Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU). I am writing this letter on behalf of Dr
Le Vinh Danh, Rector of TDTU, in response to the letter that Dr Nguyen Dang
Hung has sent to you a few hours ago.

I could not fully understand Dr Hung’s email and attachment, because some
English expressions are either odd or wrong, and they are populated with
distracting comments. I also note that Dr Hung still could not control his
emotion as he keeps using emotional words throughout the letter.

Regarding the relationship between TDTU and APJCEN, let me state our points
of view as follows:

1. APJCEN was originally a project of TDTU in its effort to promote science
and engineering. At the time of development of the Journal, Dr Nguyen Dang
Hung was a paid employee of TDTU. When Dr Nguyen Dang Hung signed the
contract with Springer he was also an employee of TDTU. The University has
invested resources and provided financial support to the formation of the
Journal. We want the University’s effort and credit to be appropriately and
properly recognized in the first issue of APJCEN.

2. Dr Hung claims that the editorial board appoints him as the editor-in-
chief of APJCEN. This is not true. Dr Hung was nominated by TDTU as the
editor-in-chief of the Journal.

3. Dr Hung claims that the Rector of TDTU demanded the right to appoint
editorial members. This claim is a total fabrication. The fact is that the
Rector has never demanded the right to appoint editorial board members. Any
claim to that effect is simply false.

4. In his email to you, Dr Hung attached a PERSONAL letter that he sent to
the Rector of TDTU, and I think that this action again reflects his lack of
professionalism. Nevertheless, I would like to set the record straight as
follows: due to performance problem, the Ton Duc Thang University has
terminated the employment contract of Dr Hung with TDTU from April 1, 2014.

Other notes:

5. In an email to the editorial board earlier, Dr Hung asserted that the
Rector of TDTU was an “arrogant” man. In his latest letter, Dr Hung again
tried to undermine the Rector of TDTU by using offensive words. I think that
Dr Hung’s behavior and conduct are rather emotional and unprofessional. He
will have to take responsibility for his behavior and conduct.

6. In Dr. Le Vinh Danh’s previous letter, he mentioned that he could not
understand the “Special PhD”, and that was not in any way a questioning of Dr
Hung’s academic credential. I appreciate that Dr. Hung has taken time to
explain his “Special PhD”, which I now understand as equivalent to a
habilitation degree. However, I do note that although the “Special PhD” is
equivalent to, it is NOT the same as, the habilitation degree. As far as I am
concerned, Dr Nguyen Dang Hung does NOT officially have a habilitation
degree. That is a fact.

Once again, I am sorry for having disturbed you with these matters. Please
understand that for the honor of my University and TDTU staff, I must set the
record straight. Also, I thought you should know the truth. I propose that we
stop here.

Yours sincerely,

Nguyen Minh Quang

Deputy head of the Administrative Department of the Ton Duc Thang University

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