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The Rare Aging Disease, Progeria, Linked to Aging in the General
Study Results Demonstrate Progerin Increases in Blood Vessels as we Age
BOSTO, MA !Septe"#er $, %&'&( – Proeria! also "no#n as Hutchinson-
$il%or& Proeria '(n&rome (H$P')! is a rare! %atal enetic &isease characteri)e& *(
an appearance o% accelerate& ain in chil&ren. +ll chil&ren #ith Proeria &ie o%
the same heart &isease that a,ects millions o% normal ain a&ults
(atherosclerosis)! *ut instea& o% occurrin at 60 or -0 (ears o% ae! these chil&ren
ma( su,er heart attac"s an& stro"es e.en *e%ore ae /0! an& the a.erae ae o%
&eath is /0 (ears. 1in&in treatments an& a cure %or Proeria ma( pro.i&e clues to
pre.entin or treatin heart &isease in the eneral population.
2n +uust 26! 20/0! Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
electronicall( pu*lishe&! ahea& o% print! the results o% a stu&( comparin Proeria
an& t(pical car&io.ascular ain! entitle& 3Car&io.ascular Patholo( in Hutchinson-
$il%or& Proeria: Correlation 4ith the 5ascular Patholo( o% +in6. 7he stu&( %oun&
that proerin! the a*normal protein that causes Proeria! is also present in the
.asculature o% the eneral population an& increases #ith ae.
8esearchers e9amine& car&io.ascular autopsies an& proerin &istri*ution in t#o
patients #ith Proeria! alon #ith a roup o% 29 in&i.i&uals #ithout Proeria
*et#een the aes o% one month an& 9- (ears. 8esearchers %oun& that proerin in
in&i.i&uals #ithout Proeria increase& an a.erae o% 0.0 percent per (ear in the
coronar( arteries.
34e %oun& similarities *et#een man( aspects o% car&io.ascular &isease in *oth
Proeria an& the atherosclerosis that a,ects millions o% people throuhout the
#orl&6 sai& :r. Leslie $or&on! senior author o% the stu&( an& ;e&ical :irector o% 7he
Proeria 8esearch 1oun&ation. 34e also %oun& proerin in car&iac *loo& .essels o%
people #ithout Proeria. 7he %act that proerin is present at all tells us that there
ma( *e a tie *et#een the heart &isease o% Proeria an& the heart &isease that
a,ects us all as #e ae. 6
7his stu&( supports the possi*ilit( that proerin is a contri*utor to the ris" o%
atherosclerosis in the eneral population! an& merits e9amination as a potential
ne# element in<uencin .ascular health #ith ain.
3=( e9aminin one o% the rarest &iseases in the #orl&! #e are ainin crucial insiht
into a &isease that a,ects millions o% people #orl&#i&e. 2noin research has the
potential to ha.e a sini>cant impact on our un&erstan&in o% heart &isease an&
ain!6 sai& :r. $or&on
The Progeria Resear)h Foundation !PRF( #as esta*lishe& in /999 to >n& the
cause! treatment an& cure %or Proeria – a rapi& ain &isease that causes chil&ren
to &ie %rom heart &isease or stro"e at an a.erae ae o% /0. ?n the past /0 (ears!
research con&ucte& in partnership #ith P81 has i&enti>e& the ene that causes
Proeria an& possi*le treatments. P81 is no# %un&in > Proeria clinical
&ru trials! currentl( un&er#a( at Chil&ren@s Hospital =oston. 7o learn more a*out
Proeria an& #hat (ou can &o to help! please .isit proeriaresearch.or