NESST Technical Rules 2014

1! A""#$%e& '$&els an& ($&ies
a! All NESST racecars must be a rear wheel drive, American made 4
passanger car,maximum of 10! wheelbase with a minimum of
101!wheelbase" No convertibles or station wagons will be permitted"
(! #ord and $hr%sler from production %ears 1&'()000 with 10! wheelbase
or longer are permitted* +owever, the wheelbase must be shortened to 10!
b% cutting the center section of the frame rails e,uall% on both sides"
c! -nl% 1&. or newer /0 cars with a /(bod% frames and $amaros are
&! The bod% must be stoc1 for the frame being used" All bod% parts must
remain stoc1 appearing" Steel or aluminum side panels onl%"
2! R$$) *+(e#,lass #$$)s will be -nl% stoc1 or stoc1 replacement
.! /$$& +oods ma% be 2berglass, but must la% 3at at the stoc1 angle with no
rear opening" +ood must be secured with a minimum of 4 hood pins at all times- .
ac#$ss 0he )#$n0-
4! Bu'"e#s an& (u'"e# c$%e#s
a! All bumpers must be standard for the ma1e and model being used" 0odel
%rs from 1&.0()000" #ront and rear covers manditor%"
1! Ma2i'u' %en0 3in&$3 The vent window must measure maximum .!
from the base of the A pillar" 5ent window ma% not be tapered bac1* 0ust go
straight up the pillar"

4!5lass A full windshield is re,uired" 6uarter windows are allowed, but must be
made of clear pol%carbonate material onl%" 7ear windows allowed"
6! B$&7 s"$ile#s 8od% Spoilers Side s1irts are allowed between wheel
openings" The% must follow the contour of the bod% and ma% not be stepped or
angled" Side s1irts must ma1e ride height
8! Rea# s"$ile#s A rear,solid mounted spoiler ma% be used" 0ust not exceed
4! tall and ma% not extend be%ond the bod% panels of the car" An& (e clea#
le2an9 n$ si&es $n #ea# s"$ile#-
:! Ne#) Ba#s Nerf 8ars ma% be used between wheel openings at hub height"
The bars must be round or s,uare tubing, maximum one inch b% 0"1)4!, and s1in
tight to the bod% with no sharp edges, angles or points" Nerf bar ends must be
tapered or capped" $arriage t%pe bolts must mount inward" 9ol%carbonate rub rails
are allowed-
10! In0e#i$# Shee0 Me0al
a! All interior sheet metal must be a minimum 0"0))! steel" :rivers must be
separated from the engine and the trun1 area" #irewalls must be welded"
(! The front 2rewall must be in stoc1 location" No foot boxes"
c! The rear 2rewall must full% separate driver from trun1, and ma% go to rear
crossbar of rollcage, behind driver"
&! A full, stoc1 appearing 3oor pan must be used"
e! A 2ller panel must be used between the 2rewall ;roll cage upright< and the
right door" This panel must be straight to the frame rail = no bends or curves
11! ;#a'e < Chassis
a! All frames>chassis must be Stoc1 -E0" No repositioning, elongating, or
oversi?ing of an% mounting holes in the frame"
(! Two ;)< inch b% three ;@< inch b% 0"0@! magnetic steel tubing ma% be
used to replace the frame rails from the rear spring poc1et to the rear
bumper" The tubing must follow stoc1 dimensions of the frame being used"
Tubing must maintain a minimum ground clearance of 11!"
c! Anibod% cars must connect sub(frames with two ;)< inch b% three ;@< inch
b% 0"1)0! magnetic steel tubing"
&! The center section of the frame ma% insert tubing to form an BC"!
e! The Dohnson and +ammEs C(F(/ 0etric chassis and front clip are allowed"
The chassis and front clip must remain as manufactured and must retain all
factor% -E0 speci2cations including, but not limited to, mounting locations
for the following componentsG -E0 upper and lower A(frames, shoc1s, rear
trailing arms, steering components and engine mounts"
12! No oHset cages allowed"
1.! ;uel Cell C#ash Ba# A reinforcement bar, made of minimum one and
one half ;1 1>)< b% 0"0@!, must extend below the rear frame section behind the
fuel cell" This bar must be as wide as the rear frame rails and extend as low as the
bottom of the fuel cell with two ;)< vertical uprights evenl% spaced between the
frame rails and attached to the rear cross member" Two ;)< support bars, one ;1<
located on each corner, must angle upwards and be welded to the rear frame rails"
14! ;uel Cell an& /ei,h0 The fuel cell must be a minimum of 10! oH the
ground, and must be centered between rear frame rails"
11! Ballas0 =ei,h0
a< Added weight ma% be mounted under the car, providing that it is securel%
bolted to the 3oor pan and up as high as possible" The weight ma% not bloc1
the area behind the left front tire and the area in front of the left rear tire in
order to allow for chassis height to be chec1ed"
b< Added weight must be magnetic steel or lead onl%, in bloc1 form, and
weighing no less than 2ve ;4< lbs" per bloc1 ;no pellets<" Added weight must
be securel% bolted to the frame rail and painted white with the car number
stenciled in blac1" No added weight will be permitted inside the driverEs
compartment" Ieight must be welded in a box or attached with two ;)< or
more .>1'! minimum diameter, grade bolts and loc1ing nuts"
c< An% car loosing ballast weight or found with unmar1ed weight is subJect to
a 2ne" d< The mounting of ballast weight is subJect to the
approval of NESST -Kcials"
14! 5#$un& Clea#ance 1> 'ini'u' ($&79 chassis an& all
(a#s an& (#ac?e0s-
16! Ca# =ei,h0
a< All speci2ed weight re,uirements will be with the driver in drivers seat with
helmet in lap"
b< The minimum total weight at all times will be @000 lbs"
c< 0aximum left side weight is 44"0L of total weight"
d< $ars found under the minimum total weight rule after ,ualif%ing will be
placed to last in that event" $ars found under the minimum total weight rule
after the feature event will be penali?ed one ;1< position per pound under"
18! 5M 402 C#a0e En,ine@ Ca# =ei,h0
a< All speci2ed weight re,uirements will be with the driver in the drivers seat,
helmet in lap"
b< The minimum total weight at all times will be )&.4 lbs"
c< 0aximum left side weight of crate engine cars is 44"0L of total weight"
1:! AA;#a'es
a< Apper and lower A(frames must remain stoc1 ;as manufactured< and
unaltered" b< A(frames ma% not be changed from side(
c< Screw(in ball Joints are allowed"
d< No oHset upper control arm shafts allowed"
e< Apper A(frame bolts ma% be replaced for added camber" Apper and lower
A(frame bushings ma% be replaced with pol%urethane bushings, but hole
location ma% not be altered"

20!Tu(ula# U""e# an& L$3e# c$n0#$l a#'s@
a< aftermar1et tubular control arms allowed, no adJustable control arms
b< The onl% chassis allowed to use tubular lower control arms are the +ammMs x(%(g
chassis>snout" 9art B
21! S3a7 Ba#
a< The front end swa% bar must be stoc1 1 pc -E0 or a stoc1 -E0
replacement" No rear swa% bars" N-NE"
b< Nin1 pins ma% be replaced with threaded rod
c< Of e,uiped with a stoc1 panhard bar, it 0AST be in stoc1 location and N-N(
A:DASTA8NE" No modi2cations"
22! S"in&le*/u(
a< Spindle ma% be changed to heav% dut% -E0 units" The% must be bolt on
units and not be altered in an% wa% except for the lower ball Joint hole ma%
be reamed or tapered to 2t the lower ball Joint pin" No aluminum spindles"
b< Tread width must remain stoc1"
c< Trac1 supplied spindles must 2t the car"
d< +ub>7otor must be stoc1 -E0" $oleman safet% hub will be allowed on both
2.! Bea#in,s
a< All bearings= wheel ;front and rear<, diHerential, and transmission =must be
of stoc1 -E0 design" 8earings ma% be either angle(t%pe cone, straight barrel(
t%pe or ball bearing" All bearings, including the rollers, must be magnetic
steel onl%"
24! B#a?es
a< 8ra1e s%stems must be stoc1 -E0 h%draulic s%stems" No aluminum
calipers, All four ;4< bra1es must be in wor1ing order"
b< 7ear disc allowed, if rear disc is used No aluminum rear calipers allowed,
onl% stoc1 st%le -E0 calipers allowed"
c< No drilling or lightening of an% bra1e parts including bac1ing plates, shoes
and pads" d< Aftermar1et master c%linders>pedals are
allowed" e< AdJustable
proportioning valves are allowed = front to rear adJustment onl%-
f< /0 ma% use an aftermar1et caliper produced b% +owe ;part P+-I@@. or
+-I@@'4<" That part must have the +owe logo" -n front onl%"

21! B#a?e Lines
Steel bra1e lines manditor%""

24! S0ee#in,
a< The steering lin1age and steering box ;including turning ratio< must be
stoc1 -E0 for the chassis being used" The steering shaft ma% be removed
from the column and securel% reinstalled with +eim Joints"
b<Stoc1 tie rode EN:S must be used" AdJusters ma% be aftermar1et"
c<No rac1 and pinion unless the model used is ST-$Q on the chassis from
manufacturer" d< no steering ,uic1eners
26! C$il S"#in,s
a< #ront and rear steel racing springs are allowed" The% must measure
minimum 2ve ;4< inches in diameter" Springs ma% use spring spacers and
adJusting cups" 7ear Jac1ing bolts are allowed"
b< The onl% modi2cation permitted to the spring poc1et is the installation of a
Jac1ing bolt" On all other wa%s, the spring poc1et must remain stoc1 -E0" No
front Dac1ing bolts"
28! Lea) S"#in,s
-nl% steel leaf springs are permitted" Neafs ma% be added on both sides" All
leafs must be the same width" Stoc1(appearing, adJustable shac1les and
lowering bloc1s are allowed" No other modi2cations allowed" 7acing leaf
springs are allowed"
2:! Sh$c?s
An% stoc1 mounted shoc1 not exceeding the value of R.4"00 per shoc1" N-
+EO0 Doint shoc1s"
.0! T#ailin, A#'s
a< 0ust be stoc1 for the %ear, ma1e and model being used" Nower trailing
arms must be stoc1 -E0 and unaltered" Apper trailing arms ma% be slotted
or cut and welded and must be within one ;1< inch of stoc1 length, and must
be centered" 0ounting holes and locations must remain Stoc1 -E0" /0
metric cars ma% use Dohnson $hassis upper and lower trailing arms ;part
PD$O(0&(0@(04 S D$O(0&(0@(0@8<"
.1! Sus"ensi$n Tie D$3ns
No tie downs or travel limiting devices permitted on the front suspension"
7ear suspension devices must allow the frame rail to be raised a minimum
four ;4< inches before the rear tires come oH the ground"
.2! =heels
An% 14x. inch steel racing wheels allowed" 0inimum T inch studs with 1
inch lug nuts are re,uired"
..! =heel s"ace#s
0aximum wheel spacer approved for use is T inch and must be one solid
piece" A maximum of U .)! tread width will be allowed, outer bulge to outer bulge
at hub height"
.4! Cal%e s0e's
No Bbleed oHG t%pe valve stems permitted"
.1! Ti#es
An% .(inch American 7acing tire with .04 compound rubber will be
permitted" Absolutel% no treating or soa1ing of the tires will be permitted"
NESST oKcials reserve the right to con2scate an% tire at an% time for
.4! ! C#a0e En,ine@ 5ene#al En,ine ReDui#e'en0s
a< The onl% approved engines for $rate use are the /0 9erformance #actor%
Sealed $ircle Trac1 '0) ;9art P&4'0)<" Engines must be purchased
directl% through /eneral 0otors or an authori?ed service center" All crate
engines must be serviced through an authori?ed NESST service center"
b< #-7: crate engine option, the @4.Jr #ord crate engine ma% be used"
N-TEG All engines must be sealed and documented to compete in the NESST"
A completed crate engine registration form must be completed and
submitted to NESST -Kcials" Engine seals are onl% good for two ;)< %ears"
.6! 5ene#al En,ine ReDui#e'en0s
a< Stoc1 -E0 engines for %ear, ma1e and model of the car must be used"
Engine must be -E0 cast iron 5 production bloc1 with cast iron heads" The
onl% approved engine bloc1s are the followingG
$hevroletG @40
#ordG @0);4"0< @41I
$hr%slerG @40 and @'0
b< The engine bloc1 must retain all -E0 speci2cations with the exception of
the c%linder overbore and the surfacing of the bloc1 dec1" $%linders ma% be
bored a maximum of 0"040! from the standard si?e"
c< Stoc1 appearing, aftermar1et -E0(t%pe magnetic steel main bearing caps
are allowed" d< No splade caps are allowed"
e< -nl% stoc1 -E0(t%pe engine bearings will be permitted* no roller cam t%pe
bearings" f< The following head modi2cations are not permitted,
including, but not limited toG angle cutting of the bloc1s, port matching, 3ow
wor1, grinding, polishing, beading or chemical ;acid< milling" No welding or
sectioning" No internal modi2cations of an% 1ind, including painting or Te3on
g< -nl% normal -E0(t%pe engine balancing is permitted"
.8! C$'"#essi$n
a< 0aximum compression is &"4 to 1 for non(#ord engines"
b< 0aximum compression for the #ord engine is 10"0 to 1"
c< $ompression will be chec1ed with the BIhistler"! 14
d< The two(most forward bolts on both sides of the inta1e must be drilled to
accept a seal
.:! En,ine L$ca0i$n
a< The engine must be in the stoc1 location, centered in the chassis"
b< Steel replacement motor mounts are permitted"
c< The minimum cran1shaft height is 1@ T!, measured from the centerline of
the cran1shaft to the ground"
40! ! C#an?sha)0
a< -nl% stoc1 -E0 production cran1shafts are allowed" The maximum stro1e
on a $hevrolet will be @"4&4!" The maximum allowable stro1e tolerance will
be V>( "014W" 7egrinding of the rod and main Journals to a maximum of 0"0@0!
under standard si?e is permitted" b< The
following are exceptions for the $hevroletG
i< $hevrolet must use the large Journal cran1"
ii< $hevrolet ma% use the following S$AT $ran1shaftsG
;1< -ne(9ieceG 9art P&(104)' or 9art P4@4010N
;)< Two(pieceG 9art P&(1044) or P4@4010
c< The rod Journals ma% be drilled to obtain the minimum cran1shaft weight"
d< No machining or polishing of the cran1shaft allowed" Standard engine
balancing is the onl% acceptable modi2cation that can be performed on this
component" No painting or Te3on coating"
e< 0inimum cran1shaft weights areG /0 engines 40 lbs", #ord and $hr%sler 44
41! /a#'$nic Balance# -nl% a stoc1 -E0 or exact replacement will be
allowed" No #luid dampers"
42! Pis0$ns < R$&s
a< An% 3at(top three ;@< ring aluminum piston is permitted" All three rings
must be magnetic steel" No portion of the piston ma% protrude above the top
of the bloc1" The minimum ring thic1ness is as followsG
compression 7ingsG 0"4@ inches
-il 7ing Assembl%G @"0 mm
b< -nl% stoc1 t%pe steel rods will be permitted" All aftermar1et connecting
rods must be steel sportsman rods with a steel pin" 7od length must be stoc1"
All rods must be the same length" No + beam rods"
c< 0inimum weight for piston, pin, rings, bearing and rod assembl% is 10.4
grams" d< $hevrolet must use 4". inch rod"
4.! Oil Pan
a< Stoc1(appearing, steel, aftermar1et oil pans are permitted" -NNF stoc1
appearing pans"
b< 8aXes ma% be installed in the -E0 oil pan onl%"

44! C7lin&e# /ea&s
a< -nl% -E0(t%pe cast iron c%linder heads will be permitted"
b< $%linder +eads must have stoc1 casting numbers visible
i< All factor% $hevrolet heads must be factor% listed for .0$$Es or greater"
$hevrolet ma% use the following -E0(replacement aftermar1et headsG
Iorld 9roduct Stoc1 7eplacement Series
8are $asting ;9art P04@'008 and 04@'108<
:A7T ;9art P100)4@'1(1'4$$ 7unner '.$$ $hamber S 9art P 100)4@'0(
1'4$$ 7unner .'$$ $hamber<
c< 0aximum 5alve Si?e permitted is as followsG0aximum Onta1e )"0) Exhaust
1"'0 d< +ead studs are not allowed on an%
c%linder heads" E<
All cast lines and insignias must be clearl% visible and complete Angle milling,
changing the angle of the head gas1et surface in relationship to the rest of
the head, f<
Angle milling, changing the angle of the head gas1et surface in relationship
to the rest of the head, not permitted" Additionall% altering the position or
angle of the valve guide is not permitted" The addition of screw(in studs,
guide(plates, valve spring seats, option valve seals" 9ol%(loc1s, or Jam nut
devices are permitted" The machining of valve guide bosses allowed is for
seals onl%" $oolant return lines are allowed to be placed on the ends of the
heads" The following head modi2cations are not permitted" Oncluding but not
limited toG port machining, 3ow wor1, grinding, polishing, beading or chemical
;acid< milling," No welding of sectioning" No internal modi2cations of an%
1ind, including painting or Te3on coating" No more than than two inta1e
mounting holes ma% have helicoils" Onta1e or exhaust manifold mounting
holes ma% not be added or relocated" +oles must ta1e standard inta1e
manifold bolts" No stud girdles or oil de3ectors
All valves must be identical in appearance and construction as an -E0 t%pe
valve" No air directional devices ;9ro#lo, Tulip, Altra Nite, or Titanium, etc"< will
be permitted on an% of the valve surfaces" An% valve stem with an undercut
of 0"014! or more will not be permitted"
44! Cal%e S"#in,s < Re0aine#s
a< The valve springsE maximum outside diameter must measure no larger
than 1"44! b< :ouble springs are permitted"
c< -nl% steel valve spring retainers are allowed"
d< onl% 1"4 ratio roc1er arms will be allowed, %ou ma% use stoc1, aluminum
roller, or roller tip"
46! Cal%e J$(
a< 0ulti(angle valve Jobs are permitted"
48! Ca'sha)0
-nl% h%draulic or solid camshafts will be permitted" No roller camshafts or
lifters are allowed" 0ust 1eep stoc1 2ring order"
4:! Ti'in, Chain
U a< An% timing chain and gears will be allowed" /ear drive or belt drive(t%pe
timing chains are not permitted"
b< :egree buttons and oHset cran1 1e%s will be allowed"
10! Li)0e#s
-nl% stoc1 diameter lifters allowed" No roller lifters"
11! In0a?e Mani)$l&
-nl% the latest Edelbroc1 9erformer inta1e, with the Edelbroc1(applied
American #lag, allowed" A stoc1, trac1(supplied inta1e, including gas1ets,
must 2t the engine" The inta1e must remain as manufactured" No alterations,
adding bolt holes, painting, or coating of the inta1e will be permitted" The
approved part numbers are as followsG
$hevrolet )101
#ord )11, )''4, ).40 1.
$hr%sler .1.'
NoteG NESST, at an% time, reserves the right to con2scate a competitorEs
inta1e manifold and re,uire them to compete with a stoc1 manifold provided
b% the NESST" A failure to compl% will result in :6, and %ou will not be
allowed to compete"
12! C#a0e En,ine an& 5ene#al En,ine Ca#(u#e0$#
a< +olle% two(barrel model P441) carburetor must be used" The bod%, base
plate, metering bloc1, and bowl must be a standard +olle% 441) part" +9
parts are not permitted" $arburetors and>or carburetor components machined
from billet materials are not permitted" b< -E0 t%pe
gas1ets, Jets and power valve must be used"
c< The diameter of ever% hole in the carburetor must pass the standard
NESST pin and tooling gauges as part of our routine inspection process"
d< The onl% changes that will be allowed are as followsG
i< The cho1e plate and shaft ma% be removed, but must be permanentl%
sealed" ii< Throttle plate screws ma% be trimmed
3ush with shaft e< 8od% of
carburetor and metering bloc1G No polishing, grinding or reshaping of an%
part" :rilling of additional holes or plugging holes is not permitted"
f< $ho1e horn ma% not be removed"
g< 8oosters ma% not be changed" Si?e or shape must not be altered" +eight
must remain standard"
h< 5enturi area must not be altered in an% manner" $asting ring must not be
removed" i< Alterations to allow additional air to be pic1ed up below
the opening of the venturi such as altered gas1ets, base plates, and drilling
holes into the carburetor will not be permitted" J< 8ase plate must
not be altered in shape or si?e"
1< The stoc1 +olle% 441) or Stainless Steel +oll% part P@4' butter3ies must
be used" The% ma% not be thinned or tapered" The 8utter3ies must remain as
manufactured, and must maintain the +olle% production tolerance thic1ness
of "04@! to "0@&!" Odle holes ma% be drilled in butter3ies" Screw ends ma%
be cut even with the shaft but screw heads must remain standard" l< Throttle
shaft must remain standard and must not be thinned or cut in an% manner"
m< See B$rate EngineG $arburetor! section for speci2c rules for cars with a
crate engine"
result in penalties"
1.! Ca#(u#e0$# S"ace#
a< -ne space>adapter, made of solid material, is allowed" 0aximum height of
one ;1< inch will be permitted"
b< No wedge shape spacers>adapters will be allowed" 8oth the top and
bottom surfaces must be parallel"
c< 9ortholes must be vertical to the top and bottom" 8eveling, tapering,
3aring, opening, or radiusing of porthole;s< is not permitted" -nl% one 0"0.4!
gas1et per side of the spacer will be allowed" The spacer ma% not be stepped
or undercut"
d< No additional openings for air induction will be allowed"

14! Ai# Cleane#*;il0e#
a<-nl% a round, paper, maximum four ;4< inch high air 2lter element is
allowed" The air cleaner top and bottom must be solid metal, measuring 1)(
14 b< Air 2lter ma%
not be spra%ed or soa1ed with chemicals"
c< No ducts, baXes or an%thing that ma% control air3ow is allowed on, or in,
the air cleaner assembl%" All air entering the carburetor must pass through
the air 2lter d< No air boxes are
e< A shield ma% be used on the front outer half of the element if it is on the
element" Air cleaners must remain under the hood"
f< All air cleaners are subJect to NESST approval
11! E2haus0
a< An% stoc1 2tting manifold permitted"
b< +eaders will be permitted, 1 4> tubes max, no 10Y or over the top
c< 0aximum exhaust and collector diameter, @! id
d< Exhaust must have &' db muXers ;)< muXers 0AST be used" 0in 1)! long
14! I,ni0i$n
a< -nl% Stoc1 -E0(t%pe +EO distributors, using factor% production 2ring order,
are permitted, unless noted in letter b below" The 2ring order is as followsG
/0 S $hr%sler 1((4(@('(4(.()
#ord 1(@(.()('(4(4(
b< -nl% exact stoc1 replacement distributors allowed, no 0S: boxes no rev(
c< -nl% stoc1 coils are permitted" /0 must have the coil in the cap" No 0S:
or super coil(t%pe, gm coil 0AST be in the cap"
d< The onl% aftermar1et part allowed in, or on, the complete distributor will be
advance springs"

NoteG The NESST, at an% time, reserves the right to con2scate a competitorEs
distributor and re,uire them to compete with a stoc1 component provided b%
the tour" A failure to compl% will result in penalties"
16! Ba00e#7
a< -nl% a single 1)(volt -E0 automotive t%pe or an automotive t%pe gel(
batter% is permitted" b< The batter% must be located inside of the frame
rails, forward of the rear end" The batter% ma% not be inside the driverEs
compartment" The batter% and>or box ma% not extend below the frame rails
where it is mounted"
c< The positive cable of the batter% must be inside of the frame rails"
18! En,ine C$$lin, S7s0e'
7adiators must remain in the stoc1 -E0 location" All cars must be e,uipped
with a minimum one ;1< gallon over3ow container" -nl% water or Iater
Ietter(t%pe additives ma% be used in the cooling s%stems" No antifree?e
1:! =a0e# Pu'"
a< -nl% stoc1 -E0 water pumps are allowed"
b< The $hevrolet must use the stoc1 steel or aluminum water pump
40! Ra&ia0$# ;an
An electric radiator fan is permitted"
41! ;uel Shu0 OE S3i0ch
a< A Z(turn fuel shut oH valve is re,uired in the fuel line"
b< The fuel shut oH valveEs -N and -## positions must be clearl% labeled"
c< The valve must be open when the handle is aiming front to bac1, and the
valve must be closed when the handle is aiming left to right"
d< No fuel shut oHs permitted on the driverEs side" The switch must be easil%
accessible to emergenc% wor1ers"
42! ;uel
-nl% automotive fuel, pump gas or racing fuel allowed, no nitro, alcohol or
octane additives"
4.! Clu0ch < ;l73heelG No Mini clutches !!
a< The clutch and pressure plate must be stoc1 -E0 steel" No modi2cations
of an% 1ind are permitted" The minimum diameter for the clutch and the
pressure plate is 10"4!" b< An% steel 3%wheel for the ma1e
and model of the car ma% be used" Ot must have come with a 10"4! or larger
clutch and pressure plate"
c< 0inimum weights are as followsG
i< #l%wheelG )0 lbs"
ii< 9ressure 9lateG 1@ lbs"
iii< $lutch :iscG @"0 lbs"
d< #ords must compl% with the following regulationsG
i< The 3%wheel must be steel, have a Stoc1 -E0 part number, and weigh )0
lbs" ii< The clutch and pressure plate must be
-E0 steel" The minimum diameter is 10"0!" " The minimum total weight for
the clutch and pressure plate is 1."0 lbs"
U YY See B$rate EngineG $lutch S #l%wheel! section for additional, more speci2c
rules for cars with a crate engine"
44! C#a0e En,ine@ Clu0ch < ;l73heel
The crate engine must use the /0 3%wheel ;9art P 140'4'<, and weigh at
least 14"40 lbs" #ord crate must conform to ford clutch rules
41! T#ans'issi$n
a< -nl% -E0 production stoc1 @ S 4 speed transmissions will be permitted" All
internal parts must be stoc1" /ear ratio must be of stoc1 -E0 production"
b< 0achining or lightening of an% internal rotating or non(rotating parts
including gears, shafts and case is not permitted" /un drilled transmission
shafts are not be permitted" Ielding on an% internal not permitted"
c< Auxiliar%, over or under drive transmissions are not permitted" +igh gear
must have a ratio of 1 to 1 "
d< Aluminum transmissions are permitted"
e< Thermal coatings are not allowed"
f< Aftermar1et stoc1(t%pe shifters are allowed"
AAT- T7ANS -9TO-NG A ST-$Q th@40 AAT- T7ANS 0AF 8E ASE:, no mini
converters, if an auto trans is used, NESST will allow a )4lb, weight brea1"
44! Rea# En&s
Stoc1 rears for chassis being used, rears ma% be loc1ed" #ord &! option no
3oater or wide 4 rears" No ,uic1 change rears" 0AST 0EET .)! IO:T+ 7ANE"

46! A2le Sha)0s
a< Solid steel, aftermar1et axles are allowed" Axles must retain all stoc1
dimensions" b< A c(clip eliminator is strongl%
c< A heav% dut% axle must be used in the right rear" -n /0 rears"