LightEdge Solutions Case Study

KVC Behavioral HealthCare Kansas, Inc.
Company Overview
KVC Behavioral HealthCare Kansas, Inc. is a division of KVC Health Systems, a
private not-for-proft organization providing a continuum of medical and
behavioral healthcare, education and social services to children and families.
KVC Health Systems has established itself as a leading organization for human
services across the state. KVC Kansas is a private child welfare provider to Kansas
Department for Children and Families. In addition, they provide a wide array of
services for children and families throughout the state including foster care,
adoption, outpatient and inpatient behavioral health care.
Business Challenge
In the summer of 2012 KVC was awarded a contract with the state of Kentucky
to provide child welfare services. In order to fulfll this contract, KVC needed to
stand up ofces in a very short time frame and required rapid deployment of
their network and phone services. With limited staf in Kentucky, they knew
they would need a provider that could not only quickly provide these services,
but that could ofer them premier support.
KVC’s previous WAN contract was coming to an end for their Kansas locations
shortly after the successful launch of their Kentucky ofces. The organization
was ready to fnd a provider that could bring all of their ofces into the same
uniform connectivity method to streamline billing.
Because KVC trusted LightEdge, due in large part to the successful launch of
their phone system in Kentucky, they decided to evaluate LightEdge as an
alternative to their previous provider for their Kansas locations. KVC evaluated
LightEdge’s WAN ofering and discovered that while the price point may not
have been much diferent than their previous provider, LightEdge ofered
additional value that other providers simply could not.

By ofoading pieces of their work to LightEdge, KVC can now better utilize
their in-house staf while maintaining control of their data. Instead of having
to hire new staf for their Kentucky ofces they are able to utilize LightEdge’s
premier support group, giving them access to a responsive team of Network
We can help you too if...
• You prefer to keep your staff in-house
• You need a fexible confguration of your phone system
• Centralized billing will help you save time
• Your needs aren’t off the shelf
“Traditional carriers ofer you their
standard solution and require you
to conform to their confguration,
regardless of your unique business
needs. At LightEdge, they build
you a custom solution based on
your needs, allowing your
business to utilize the products
and services of your choice, when
and how you need them.”
- Christopher Campbell
Director of IT, KVC
KVC Behavioral HealthCare
Kansas, Inc. 877-771-3343