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Chapter 1 & 2 Internal Test (Max. Marks 40)

Q.1 Differentiate Green Field vs Brown Field Projects
(2 Marks)

Q.2 Give any 4 Facets of Project Analysis (4 Marks)

Q.3 What is DRP (2 Mark)

Q.4 Give brief on SWOT Analysis (2 Marks)

Q.5 What is Fixed Capital Investment in Project
(2 Marks)

Q.6 What is Working Capital Investment (2 Marks)

Q.7 Define Porter Model (2 Marks)

Q.8 Importance of Credit Rating of Project (2 Marks)

Q.9 Define Customer, Consumer & Influencer
(2 Marks)

Q.10 Role of Own Analysis vs Outside Agencies in
Product Demand Analysis (4 Marks)

Q.11 Define Schedule of Project Implementation
(2 Marks)

Q.12 What is Project Feasibility Analysis (2Marks)

Q.13 What is Discount Rate (2 Marks)

Q.14 What is Internal Rate of Return (IRR) ( 2Marks)

Q.15 A project has initial Investment of Rs. 267 Crore. It
yields cash Flow as- After 1 Year Rs.50 Cr. After 2 Yr
Rs.85, After 3 Yr. 144 Cr. After 4 Year Rs. 180 Cr. What is
Cash Payback Period. Show Calculation (2 Marks)

Q.16 What is Economic IRR (2 Marks)

Q.17 Project A has Present Value of Future Cash Flows
Rs.19 Crore, Its Initial Investment is Rs. 20 Crore. Project
B has Present Value of Future Cash Flows Rs. 20 Crore
and its Initial Investment is 19 Crore. Which is more
financially attractive project using Profitability Index .
Show Calculation. (2 Marks)

Q.18 Rate of Interest is 10%. Project X gives Rs. 121
Return after 1 Year. What is NPV (2 Marks)

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Make a Project Report on Reliance setting up New Refinery. Analyze base on:
(i) Refining Industry Potential Globally & Domestically
(ii) SWOT Analysis of Reliance Petro
(iii) Means of Financing Project
(iv) Refining Process
(v) Project Implementation Schedule

(Hint :: Refer Reliance Petroleum Limited Public Issue DRHP/ RHP)