Name: Anisah Jane L.

Manuel Date: January 20, 2014
Year/Course/Section: 3
/BS Business Administration/E Distribution Management

Chosen retail store: Rose Pharmacy (Drug Store)
Observed Problem: Lack of Competence among Sales Personnel (Incompetence)
Nowadays, it is just not enough to make sales. Sales personnel should be aware of what they are selling
in the market. Information about the product they’re selling will also help them build rapport with their
customers. Knowing that some of the customers are not knowledgeable enough about the medical
terms and etc., they must show their expertise since they are engaged in that certain activity.
Remember showing the sales personnel’s competence or expertise about the product could also build
trust and give the sense of assurance in the buyers’ point of view.
Recommended Solutions:
Improvement of recruitment process. Since this is said to be the starting point of everything when it
comes to employees’ involvement, human resource management of drug stores should see to it that
they hired right people in the right position together with suited qualifications and abilities.
Conducting trainings and seminars. This will help the employees get updated with what field they are in
and it will also help them to improve their skills and abilities. Through this, they will become more
efficient and productive at work.
Conducting Employees’ Performance Appraisals. This will serve as a control action in order to evaluate
the performance of the employees. Without assessing the employees, trainings and seminars will be
useless. Performance appraisals may result to promotion, demotion, transfer, etc.