What is Umrah?

Umrah is a visit to the house of Allah and this journey can be undertaken during any time of the year. Umrah
means visiting a populated place, originally. Umrah involves entering state of Ihram, performing Tawaf of the
Kaaba and then running between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah. This is a deeply spiritual journey and unlike Hajj is a
voluntary journey made out of devotion and love for Allah to help visit the sacred places in Makkah. Umrah is
most commonly done with Hajj, but can be done during other time of the year as well.
Umrah packages from Dubai
Many tour companies in Dubai are now offering a range of Umrah packages, including everything from 5-star
deals to budget tours. People can choose a package that best fits in their anticipated budget and preferences.
Most tour planners endeavor to present every traveler with the comfort, safety and religious and practical advice
which can help any person dedicate fully to the task they wish to perform while on this spiritual journey.

Umrah package
Common Umrah packages
The two most common types of Umrah packages, which people can choose when going from Dubai, are
package by bus and package by air, then there are package for individuals as well.
Package by bus
This tour package is an 8 night package, with 4 nights at Makkah and 4 nights stay at Madinah.
 The tour begins on Wednesday from Sharjah and on Thursday reaches the Tahif Meeqat mosque to wear
 On Thursday the tour reaches Makkah to perform Umrah for 4 nights.
 On Friday its Juma prayer and Thawaf
 On Tuesday the bus tours the other holy places in Makkah like Jabal Noor, Arafath, Muna, Muzdalifa
and more
 On the same day, the bus departs for Madinah and visit to Masjid Nabi is done followed by 3 nights stay
 On Friday the bus tours the other holy places in Madinah like Quba mosque, Jabal Uhaud and more.
 On Friday after attending Juma prayer the bus returns to Dubai
An experienced guide is always there to accompany the group for any help or guidance.
Package by Air
It’s a 5 night’s package with 3 nights at Makkah and 2 nights at Madinah
 The tour starts on Thursday with departure at Dubai to Jeddah
 From Jeddah airport to Makkah transportation is done on a luxury bus
 Thursday night reaches Makkah for Umrah and 3 nights stay
 On Friday after Juma prayer do Thawaf and other ibada
 On Sunday depart to Madinah on a luxury bus and reach Madinah to first visit the Masjid Nabi
 On Monday early morning visit to other tourist places in Madinah like Quba mosque, Jabal Uhaud and
 On Tuesday afternoon departure to Madinah airport to fly back to Dubai and reach by night here
The tour comprises of a guide always accompanying to help any tourist with information and guidance.
Visa requirements
Before applying for an Umrah visa a travel package must be booked. This requires submitting a valid passport
along with the fees required for clearance from the ministry for issuance of an Umrah Visa. After approval
necessary documents are required. Before passport, a return airline or bus ticket and hotel package must be
booked. After visa stamping information must be sent to the Saudi agent and Saudi Hajj ministry.
After approval, upto 5 working days may be needed for stamp on the visa. So, make sure you follow all the
guidelines and submit all the necessary documents on time to save from any delay or hassles later on.
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