Soccer Rules

Consist of 11 players, but may vary in the PE setting to accommodate the class.

Start of Play:
 A kick off is taken at the beginning of the game, start of the second half, and after a goal is
scored by the team losing the goal.
 All players must be in their own half of the field and the ball is played forward into the
opponents half of the field and cannot be touched by the kicker until another player has
touched it.

 When the whole of the ball has passed over the goal line between the goal posts and under the

Fouls and Misconduct:
A direct free kick is awarded if a player intentionally:
 Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
 Trips an opponent
 Charges an opponent violently
 Charges an opponent from behind
 Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
 Holds an opponent
 Pushes an opponent
 Handles the ball in any way
The kick is taken from where the infringement occurred and a goal can be scored directly from the kick.

Penalty kick is awarded if a player commits any of the previously mentioned offences within the penalty
area. It is taken from the 12 yard spot and all other players must be outside of the penalty area.

Goal Kick is if an attacker plays the ball over the goal line and a goal kick is taken by a defender (usually
the goalkeeper, but not necessarily) from within the half of the goal area where the ball when out. The
ball must be kicked beyond the penalty area, a goal cannot be scored directly and the keeper is not
permitted to kick the ball to themselves.

Corner kick is when a defender plays the ball over their own goal line a corner kicks is then taken by an
attacker from the nearest corner where the ball when out. A goal can be scored from a corner kick.

Throw in is when the ball goes completely over the sideline and it is thrown in by a player on the other
team. The player taking the throw must:
 Face the field
 Keep both feet on the ground and outside the line
 Use both hands
 Throw the ball from above the head
 Not touch the ball until another player has touched it
o If the throw is taken incorrectly a throw in is awarded to the other team.

Offside is when a player is closer to their opponent’s goal line than the ball at the moment the ball has
been played, unless:
 In their own half of the field
 There are two or more opponent closer to the goal line
 The ball was last touched by an opponent or them
 The ball is received directly from a goal kick, corner kick, or throw in